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  2. Which ships would benefit the most from passive sensors?
  3. According to the rules for Cloak in the Rules Reference (1.0.4) an page 8 you must spend a Cloak token to decloak. Since Remove ≠ Spend I would definitely say you do not do not perform a decloak move.
  4. 1.0 had epic. It was also newer then and 2.0 is still playing catch-up and having communication/distribution issues. In terms of gameplay quality though, I don't think there's anything 1.0 did better.
  5. Kieransi

    Aphra's Ship

    Saw a new picture of this thing in Outer Rim. what will this ship do when it comes to the game?
  6. Exactly this. Either a ship is worth its points or it isn't. There are exceptions for force multiplier like Juke and Howlrunner where the second and 3rd give you more value than the first. I wouldn't mind seeing Juke erratated to be limited, honestly, because the effect of multiple juking ships is extremely powerful but a single Juke isn't really worth 5 points. But for ships in general, I fear the "Drop prices and limit" approach because then it makes it a better value than it's worth and becomes autoinclude unless there's a substantial reason not to have it.
  7. Then I'll take you the ship. Just follow me. He then lead jexal to the jedi star.
  8. The config or pilot ability? Letting her use blues preemptively and get a little extra mileage out of them doesn't seem terribly busted to me, but what do I know? I will be extremely disappointed if the B-Wing never gets a config or at least a title for the B-6 prototype. I was astonished that it didn't have a ship ability as it's the one rebel ship most fit for one. Linked battery is a match made in heaven, though naturally they'd have to up the cost (another change that I would welcome with open arms). As is, the B-Wing is a slow and heavy jouster that doesn't feel thematic as a cannon-based ship (it literally never sees anything but Jamming Beam used and that's free). She has the same ability (and subtitle) on the VCX and Attack Shuttle because it represents her as Spectre 2. If we're going to see her as Phoenix Leader, I would fully expect her to have the same ability between the two chassis. Of course, I'm probably getting too invested here, and I know deep down that I'll likely be happy with whatever the devs decide on.
  9. Wave 1 veteran reporting in. The one thing I miss from 1.0 is the prize cards. I really dislike the 2.0 OP cards (the pilot cards are the wrong orientation, the upgrade cards get obscured) and cannot see myself ever using them but I used the 1.0 OP cards a lot.
  10. Pretty sure i played a E-Wing with Chewie. Had no idea about double tapping Corran so went with a lesser E-Wing pilot and got trounced by a name defender I think. Still was a lot of fun.
  11. Dude, you just cast SUMMON DARTH MEANIE!!! I liked the 1.0 dials better, I liked the challenge coins and dice bags, I liked the firespray being available in Empire. That's about all I can think of though, once I saw medium bases I was hooked on 2.0 and it's pretty much been uphill from there.
  12. I’ve played against chewie and 3 A and it’s good. Chewie hits like a truck. While you chase chewie the A’s pepper you down. And if you Chase the A’s chewie punishes you for it.
  13. Hand up who has been here since version 1.0, WAVE 1? [i have] What did 1.0 do better than 2.0? Wave releases were more exciting in 1.0. Why? Lots of reasons.... 1) Points were printed on the cards themselves so you got the points for everything the moment you opened the product. 2) It was possible to play with the new ships on the day of its official release. This meant that you could play the final round of a tournament with new ships that had been released THAT day. I did this in one local tourney after making the top2 with triple firespray squad for imperials. I got to use Chewie in a squad with new rebel ships. Your turn. What did 1.0 do better than 2.0?
  14. I'm fine with them, and still take other obstacles as needed. They're not as much of a no-brainer choice as people think, as they can do just as much for your opponent as they do for you.
  15. There's one caveat with this: since FFG dropped official play support, local games may well allow proxies of cards now, so paying extra for a few cards may no longer be needed. Does the Midwest League allow proxies or not? That's about as official as play is at the moment.
  16. Given the question that Yoda's statement was in response to (context matters!), a de-Yodaized version would be "Assess the situation before you act, because it might not be what it appears." It's good advice in either form, but it doesn't actually prohibit Jedi from going on the offensive. It does mean that they should do their due diligence first. Non-Jedi light siders may or may not fully agree with that but they'll probably stick somewhere close to the spirit of it.
  17. Today
  18. Selfishness, or at least a disregard for others, and a lust for some kind of power tend to be common denominators.
  19. Hey, that's me! I ran Bastian (M9-G8), Tallie (Heroic, Crackshot) and Vennie (Traj Sim, Seismics, Protons, Prerceptive Copilot, Rey, Veteran Turret Gunner). Biggest issues: self bombing with Traj Sim, lack of actions on red maneuvers, and over reliance on Vennie in general. I modified the list since, but have yet to run it. Dropped Traj Sim and the mines. Added Pattern Analyzer in. Swapped Bastian for Nien. New concerns: weakness to swarms without bombs, still weak against aces, losing Bastian's ability (it works so well with M9!). My suggestions: try something with the bomber; it's a tank. Try some "Resistance 5" lists. Put Poe out there with a couple of friends. Experiment with different ships to figure out what you like. Oh, and never, ever, replace Heroic with a different talent. The day you do is the day you roll nothing but blanks.
  20. No. Defeating the Harbinger gives you no benefit beyond preventing it from showing up in the future. It's generally better to let it live, thanks to its insane Vengeance value, unless you're able to finish it off in Boundary Beyond.
  21. WARNING: Frustration Ramble to follow... as far as i can tell here is a typical timeline for new release of material 1) FFG let article drop for new content (no points)... official release date for ships is announced (Spoiler Alert: expect delays) 2) We will likely see some ships hitting stores at different times/different locations (still no points) 3) Points updates finally released (horay! now I can decide how much if things to buy) Wave4 release date was delayed... not a big surprise based on previous releases... Australia got Wave4 on time. Official App might actually be last to get updates... YASB is my go to for squad building and they are great and updating points when they are actually released... tbh its hard to get excited with articles revealing new content without the official points costs. everything depends on how much it costs. pre-ordering is also influenced by how much things cost.
  22. IMO, gas cloud are trickier to use than most people give them credit for. I think that most people that bring gas cloud do so because they think : ''Hey, there are the easiest obstacle to use, they punish way less than asteroids or debris. I'll bring all three!'' The problem is that often, you don't want to bring gas cloud if they end up benefiting your opponents more than you. For example if you play Kylo + quickdraw + Tavson. You think ''Hey, i'll bring gas cloud, that way tavson won't have to bother with obstacles!'' But then you play against Rebel beef, who actually want to take a large cube space and advance slowly. Breaking their formation became that much harder to do because now they effectively can go anywhere without repercussion. So instead of advantaging you, your gas cloud actually help you opponent. So you have to really think if gas cloud are worth it to your list to really make the most out of them, IMO.
  23. I've heard a lot of talk about them. Seems like a lot of hot air to me.
  24. Yeah. I will be buying them 1 at a time as fast (or slow) as I can paint them, no matter when they're released.
  25. If B&N has them, that would mean that either they received them directly (And were never told by FFG to hold them) or the distributor they get them from was never told to hold them by FFG.
  26. I don’t like the trend, because I feel it’s just too easy a choice to make unless it’s specifically a part of your strategy to use something else (trick shot, fishing for stress control with debris, Scum Han, Mining Guild Ties, etc) I like the world of choices.
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