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  2. Watched the sneak peek and behind the scenes. Looks great.... One thought: If it's 5 years after endor, then someone of age 50 was born in 41BBY.
  3. My replacement cards came today! 🤩 Just went through the cards and had to replace every card (i think i had 1st printing of everything!) So next time i go through Dunwich it will be... Return to Dunwich!
  4. Every time I see the number 73, I think Victory I Class Star Destroyer.
  5. Ive had success with him on a Gladiator before. Its always interesting.
  6. What an enticing thread title.
  7. "I'm not a slave trader, I'm a talent scout!" "Why don't you have a picture of the emperor in this room?" "I guess, I just stay on the ship and watch Holo-TV." "Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Talon the Twi'lek Sith? I thought not. It's not a Story the humans would tell you. It's a Twi'lek legend. She had lekku so firm and so thicc, when she entered a ship, it became an Interdictor Cruiser... Her lekku were so luxurious, that they grew to be her own gravity well projectors. She became so powerful... the only thing she was afraid of was losing her power, which eventually, of course, she did. Unfortunately, she taught her apprentice everything she knew, then her apprentice kicked her out of the airlock, while in hyperspace. It's ironic... she could pull starship out of hyperspace, but not herself."
  8. FFG has tried (and for the most part succeeded) for world-wide simultaneous releases on all Legion products. The Spanish release tends to be the Friday after the US release (only exception being the landspeeder so far). It's been more accurate in some ways than the very vague English site's upcoming page, and since it's a real date, is likely only updated when FFG has a proper release date rather than "X number of weeks after this update is posted, maybe." I'm not taking it as an absolute, simply providing information. It's at least as accurate as all the upcoming pages saying 2Q.
  9. Wild idea: pair it with U-Wing so that even if you fail to miss the coordination range, you can coordinate yourself back? Cassian could help Hera if she chooses to perform red-manoeuvre-based shenanigans
  10. It does it all.... Well except turning. Haha it's going to be a ship that takes some skill to fly, in my opinion. No one has one yet so we don't really know but I think it is on vessels so some people have done play testing. Some people think it won't be competative. Some think it will be too powerful. I think FFG has put enough time into developing this thing that it will be balanced. They have done a great job balancing this game. Definitely gonna be a fun ship to fly.
  11. I am still working on the spreadsheet, generating links to pictures, etc. When I am done, I will post it here.
  12. Road to Euros 2019 Some thoughts on the Extended Meta, points changes, and how I choose my list https://greendragoon.home.blog/2019/05/27/road-to-euros-2019/
  13. Well, never tried to check US release date with spanish info, could serve as a non-intencioned combo... But if Spanish site is the only one in which the info appears, you shouldn't trust it...
  14. This doesn't really seem to solve anything and it wouldn't let you play interesting but not OP two or three ship lists like Guri/friend, Anakin/Obi-Wan, Imperial Aces etc. Also some factions have much better access to great buffs for generics (Howlrunner, Drea, Sinker) while other factions would be pretty much unplayable (Resistance comes to mind). But it could be interesting as a sort-of side format I guess. Although with the controversy generated by Hyperspace I don't think we'll see such novelties from FFG in the foreseeable future.
  15. Indubitably. Carrier, even though this is way after the fact. Welcome back to the Imperial navy!
  16. I now see where your stance comes from but I still argue with it. Looking at Kannan [Crew] card's text: Is there really a logical way to interpret paying the force tax as a trigger condition for anything when it is very visible to be a part of the effect itself ( pay [cost] to [do something] )? As such, you'd have to assume that the ability begins resolving completely by-passing the rules of the queue up to the point where its owner chooses whether or not to spend a force token (this is what you believe to be the "trigger" of the ability after all). The flowchart would approximately be: [meet timing] -> [pay the cost, on order to...] -> [suspense, because you're entering the queue here] -> [actually resolve what you've paid for]. BUT, per RR. Golden Rules: So, how could you possibly determine whether or not the cost for Kannan's ability can be paid before it even reaches the queue (and we determine through the resolution of the abilities in the queue if the ship will still be stressed later on, or whether it even will still be in the game)? It's much more consistent with the rule above to put Kannan's ability simply after a friendly ship has moved, resolve the queue and when this ability gets to resolve, see if you can obtain the desired effect and - by extension - whether or not you can pay the cost. Now, I know this is not explicitly in-line with what FFG wrote in the clarification thread but this might be a mind-shortcut, as in "if you'll pay, both abilities actually are doing something meaningful with both of them, so let's see how we shall resolve them". And, again, there is no indication in the RR that "a trigger" is a thing in the game. All references to this word "trigger" inherit the meaning of "to trigger". So, if you're to blame us any further we do not base our opinion on RR text, mind that your approach of treating it as a keyword isn't supported by the same text either. Cheers.
  17. Today
  18. This isn't an optimal solution, because this allows/encourages for the disparity in effectiveness per-point to continue, or even expand.
  19. The Spanish site has been fairly accurate for the week of the release in the US at least so far. And FFG's news announcement pages still say 2Q, so that misinformation isn't unique to the Spanish Upcoming pages.
  20. I'd question his usefulness on a platform that only maxes out at Speed 2. I think his intent was to be a Hunt enabler... Putting him on something like a Gladiator or Raider, in which you could basically Blow-Past the enemy at Maximum speed to avoid their deadliest arcs, and then use their changes in speed to swing into their rears in a tighter curve than your initial speed would allow... And stop you over-shooting. But its one of those things where, indeed, Maneuver is awesome and cannot be overrated, but at the same time, you're basically reliant on the enemy doing things for you to get your bonus... So its very touchy, very twicky.
  21. Not even chess is balanced. If you don’t want a broken meta, don’t break the meta.
  22. @prauxim - you're looking for things that are not there. there is no definition of "trigger" or "resolve" in the rules. you're trying to extrapolate their meaning by piecing together parts of text from the rules reference using the terms. what i'm saying is that these terms are not defined in the rules reference and that they can easily replace one another or be replaced by several other terms. there is no clear distinction, no. it's just language, not game terms. effects generally trigger and have a specific timing. there is nothing stopping a player from triggering a specific effect at that effects timing. that's enough information to put that effect or ability into the ability queue. if the effect or ability will actually work to it's full potential, or work at all, is another matter all together. timing and triggers are integral. nothing ever triggers outside of a specific timing and timings are only there for effects to trigger and resolve. there is no indication anakins pilot ability would be prevented from entering the ability queue after the timing and trigger of the ability (for all intents and purposes, they are still the same thing in this context), "after you fully execute a maneuver,". now, the next sentance of his ability is more of a trigger than a timing, but that part isn't relevant until his ability is being resolved. there is no clear answer to what constitues a trigger. a trigger requires an ability or effect that it triggers. it also requires a condition or several conditions and a timing. the timing can be the required condition in and of itself, but that's not always the case. since it's not a game term, i don't think it requires more of a description than that. certainly, other things than a timing could be considered triggers. that doesn't mean anything, though. it's just a word, not a game term.
  23. 33 if you drop one of the Torrents and equip 5 of those remaining with Hull Upgrade. 6 Y-Wings can carry 30 damage cards before one of them dies. Add Hull Upgrades on 4 of them and they can carry 34.
  24. Thanks for all the links and suggestions. Table Top Admiral and Legion HQ seem to be what I'm looking for, I would prefer them as apps, but it's not really a major issue.
  25. Hello! Please enjoy this next episode in the JIME painting series which hopefully gives you some useful ideas you might like to try when tackling the Hill Troll
  26. Super secret modelling technique(tm) Used to do antenna on battlemechs a lot and a friend of mine suggested it since the danged things kept breaking off. There’s very few X-Wing models this will work for and still look ok, without a bit of extra effort to improve the appearance. The scale would look odd... Kwing and HWK turret though should be ok though.
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