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  2. If I remember well, you resolve and then discard them as usual. Then you can pick the objective as soon as you can (or want), because it has no encounter card attached to it
  3. We took Swarm Fenn and a Recruit as our AS Guri wingmates this wknd. The Fang duo is a favourite of ours and a solid chunk of a list. If points are tighter, Teroch stands in for Fenn. The I1 can block or face up a joust and then Swarm tactics insures he gets to shoot. Obviously it's a hairy way to play but that's Fangs. Guri flanks but it's a cagey game, you have to get her into R1 too. Flanking too hard gets the Fangs isolated, since that's where any joust will head. She has to be nearby to present the necessary questions to your opponent. A bid around 10pt is pretty much essential to get Guri where she needs to be. The alternative for us is Boba, Teroch and a Recruit. More tanky, less need of a bid, more room for error.
  4. azeronbloodmoone


    no, the best way to explain it is is each card requires a rally step and each unit can only rally once per round
  5. Apologies if this has been answered before: When I set up Escape from Dol Guldur and add encounter cards to the Objectives. Do Treachery cards that have 'when revealed' on them have no effect because I'm just 'attaching' the encounter cards rather than 'revealing' them? Or do they resolve normally and have an effect? Many thanks for help
  6. Looks very cool, but (at least for me) the like doesn't work. Also, this probably shouldn't be in the painting forum, maybe the off topic or the main thing. Unless, of course, there is a model in the link. EDIT: never mind, missed the part where you said you were going to print the model. *facepalm
  7. Obviously you'd account for any changes with a points increase. Nobody's suggesting the B-wing needs buffs for nothing. It's already a top performer. The problem is the B-wing doesn't do anything interesting. It's just a tanky 3-attack dice fighter. They rarely run any meaningful upgrades. I'd prefer if it was the Rebel's control ship with it's ion cannons, but the Y-wing with Ion turret and Veteran turret gunner does that way better atm. The Y-wing doesn't need to sacrifice damage for control effects like the B-wing currently does.
  8. Yeah cause of positioning you kinda need it to cascade the initiative 6 across the board. You can get away with it if you want, but redundancy matters IMHO.
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  10. Disagree actually. Autoblasters don’t go out to R3 so sufficient cost for the upgrade would probably work. I expect it would need a condition or something to keep it balanced, along the lines of “if you are not stressed” or “If you are focused” or something.
  11. Battlelore figures look great, but unfortunately are far too small.
  12. Good point. I don't know how long the game has been going or if it just started. If the GM did that in midstream then I agree it was not cool. The players should be informed ahead of time if it is a slow XP or no XP situation. My thing is that if it's not your type of game and you can't accept that the GM is the boss then there are many other games to join out there.
  13. When I was GMing, I asked the table for suggestions all the time. Now that I am playing, the GM that was in my previous game does the same thing. There are plenty of things for the GM in this system to juggle already, also needing to come up with every Threat, Triumph, Advantage and Despair is too much on one person. If I have something in mind, I will go with it. Otherwise, the table is open to suggestions and the GM gets to choose what they like. What tends to get suggested for threats is things that make sense in context, things that harm the PCs chance of success and things that are (funny isn't the right word) dramatic irony. We have an agreement at the table that we are all playing together, GM and players, and that we are all responsible to drive the game along. Everyone narrating threats and the GM choosing what they want to happen is part of that.
  14. Then it's probably time to kill the campaign and start over. I've been in campaigns where the GM slowed progression too much, and it wasn't that fun and was euthanized after the first story arc. If the GM has a legit reason to keep the pacing of the game slow, then he should have been up front and made sure all the players were on board before kicking it off. This is the sort of thing all that session 0 pregame stuff exists to sort out. But it sounds like it wasn't.
  15. Well one thing is for sure. An adult conversation needs to happen between the players and the GM. Otherwise the game will die because of dissatisfied players is just as deadly to a game as an upset GM.
  16. This is a very interesting interview. The highlights to me so far (I am 40 mins) are Crab are getting a new playstyle in cycle 3 (only 6 months for the cycle to develop...ugh), Crab have had no good cards made for them in ages which is why the best Crab decks have not changed, Tyler admits he was too conservative with Children of the Empire and can see some cards that would need just small tweaks to become viable. That last part, about Children missing the mark, is actual heartening for me to hear. Children was disappointing to my playgroup for its lack of impact but I am glad to hear a designer admit that it didn't go to plan.
  17. Oh. Actually, could i use rebellion ships in conjunction with the imps and vice versa?
  18. I've given up on keeping track of the picture ID inserts. I have a pile of v1 numbers which fit nicely in the dial upgrades, so I just match the number I'm using for the ship ID and done.
  19. Descent has a wraith group(left) in manor of ravens and a shade group(right) in Shards of the Everdark
  20. One possibility is maybe a talent that perhaps makes another career a little cheaper.
  21. Relby doesn't have an official price, appeared in the jewel of yavin I think on the cloud guard officer Another +1 for the dragoon, it's the go to for a good not horribly expensive pistol
  22. Ran into a Dengar, Torani, Seevor, and Jostero list at CAC. Seevor is kind of a punk when he gets swarm tactics up to a 6. Reminds me of HotCop Fenn or a Rex in Fair Ship Rebels.
  23. Has anybody looked at Battlelore? If the scale is reasonable there's a lot of relevant plastic
  24. This advice is more likely to make the GM hate the PCs and throw his game into a power level he does not want. Pushing the GM to run a game that is more cheesy than the GM wants is a good way to get the whole game to die.
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