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  2. In a similar vein, collecting all 7 factions.
  3. If the aces can manage to draw the beef list away from its corner, then well flown aces absolutly can handle the matchup. It becomes more of an issue when the beef player crab-walks along the board edge and denies the ace player a flank. Then the aces have a very uphill battle on their hands. I don't think there is a major NPE or rules breaking in the list. I think the only issue is that at current price points, the Rebel Beef player doesn't seem to have many hard choices in list building. They get to have high hit points, excellent action effeciency, high initative with choices for a medium base low initative blocker, damage spread, and lots of red dice with built in mods. If they had to make difficult choices about which of those elements they wanted to include, I think the archetype could still be solid without being such an obviously "correct" choice to take to a tournament. I don't want to see this archetype disappear. I just think that some of the standard elements of these lists need some small adjustments.
  4. @LTD @Matt3412 CP9-J: Unfortunately we are unable to do all the things we want to do, which involves defense of the "A" system and elimination of the Bug menace, among other things. We believe the bugs to be the highest priority for elimination, and defense of our current holdings to be of relatively equal weight. [Confused Wookie howling] CP9-J: Yes, yes, I am getting to that. We request from BOTH sides a moratorium on fighting for at least a turn, so that we can determine our best course of action with regards to the "A" question. As you may have noticed, 4 out of the 5 bug hideouts are currently within striking distance of our territory. This is concerning to us for exactly the reasons you would expect. @GhostofNobodyInParticular CP9-J: Bad Luck with bug hunting. I hope you find H2 to your liking. If you can hit H1 this turn, please feel free to hold on to my ship for another turn. If not, return to G1.
  5. Technically you didn't get to negotiate the first one. Taka said hello and Yoshi said nope. Kisada is gonna be pissed when he finds out that "jade" he got from Yoritomo is just colored rocks.
  6. Thanks you Norsehound for your help. Final cost for now will be 63 (same difference as between Support and Escort) making it higher then Pelta and same cost as Torpedo MC30. Maybe the price difference will cut at the end to choose Escort if you need those few points to finish your fleet. Final design for now until play tested (feel free to try it and comment!): http://v1.kdyards.com/ships.view.php?id=9639 Thanks you all. (Think I revived that thread, which I find beautiful and full of good peoples working to make that game so great.)
  7. Build allies with rocks around range 1 wide. Point arc down said alley. Bullseye likely achieved as opponent enters it.
  8. Not sure which edition is the current one, but the last one I got was 4th Edition by AEG. Now I see that FFG has it. Is this the current edition? How different is the FFG edition compared to 4th Edition? I remember playing L5R back when it was 1st Edition way back in the late 90's...good times Doug
  9. I would love to make Sunday 5/26 but I won’t be free until 5:30-6:00pm.
  10. Getting bullseye Not saying it's easy to do, but it happens 3 or 4 times a game even when neither player is trying to get it
  11. CP9-J: Agreed, those that have been paying attention should know where not to tread.
  12. CP9-J: D1 is a Wookie colony, or at least it was until you illegally siezed it from us. We chose not to make a big deal out of it at the time, as giant bugs started popping out of hyperspace and slamming into everyone and everything. [Frustrated Wookie yelling] CP9-J: Do not mistake our delay in retaking what is ours for acceptance of current conditions. The larger threat still needs to be dealt with, but we will be back sooner rather than later.
  13. I do have 2 points to add tactical officer. I won’t have a bid but I feel this list probably doesn’t need one.
  14. There is a lion card that relies on lower bid, and I found I got one turn surprise low bid and then honour dials just matched. I like the idea of composure but expect it will take awhile before its useful.
  15. What are the rules for having a painted army at the NA championship at Gen Con? Dose my army have to be 100% painted so I can play?
  16. It is my fondest wish to one day play a jetpack-using character who gets to deliver the line "I am a jet trooper, like my father before me."
  17. We haven't even started negotiating a new trade deal yet...
  18. Hmm. Y1 is acceptable. Thank you. We claim Y1-3 along with B3, C2 and D1
  19. That is a fresh take. Lol Seriously though, love the idea.
  20. Today
  21. I think that point has already come...
  22. Tell that to the foals who will grow up without their mares.
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