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  2. I’m convinced you guys have actually time traveled the entire country a short way in to the future.
  3. hello and welcome! please don't apologize for asking questions. the search function on these forums leaves a lot to be desired. engine upgrade and tactical officer requires you to have a red boost action and a red coordinate action on you action bar, respectively. please note that there might be other ways to add these actions to you action bar. currently, there is no way to add a boost action (and i hope it stays that way, for balance). there is, how ever, a way to add a red coordinate - the squad leader upgrade. so unless you have a red coordinate or have squad leader equipped, you cannot equip the tactical officer upgrade. and unless you have a red boost action on your action bar, you cannot equip engine upgrade. the requirements for equipping an upgrade are listed on the bottom left of the card. actions added to the action bar are listed on the far right of the card. in other words, equipping engine upgrade requires a red boost on the action bar and adds a white boost to the action bar. it's the same for tactical officer, but with coordinate. squad leader has no requirements, other than that you need an upgrade slot for a talent, since squad leader is a talent upgrade. now, guess what the expert handling upgrade does. red actions gives you stress when you perform them (or fail to perform them). stress is undesirable for almost all ships. some ships have beneficial abilities related to stress, though (l'ulo l'ampar, ten numb, braylen stram). having stress means you cannot perform actions, which is very limiting indeed. to clear stress, you need to perform a blue maneuver or use som other effect to get rid of it (cassian andor). the starviper has linked actions. they have an arrow in between them. linked actions are very good, because they let you perform more than one action during the same timing window (normally during the perform action step of a ships activation). not all linked actions are red (i'm looking at you Tie/SF or attack shuttle with debris gambit equipped). not all starvipers have a focus action. guri, for example, has coordinate instead (she cannot focus, because she's a droid, she can still get a focus focus token from her pilot ability though, since she's an exceptional and super sexy droid). like all other starvipers, she has linked actions on her action bar. she can barrel roll (following the rules for microthrusters, which is the ship ability printed on the starviper pilot cards) and then perform a red calculate (focus for the others), or boost and then perform a red calculate (again, the others can focus instead, because they're puny life forms instead of superior machines. ehrm. focus is better than calculate, but still, calculate is cooler). the starviper har no coordinate action what so ever. it can get a red coordinate action if it has squad leader equipped, but that's a red coordinate action. since the ship doesn't have a crew slot, it cannot equip tactical officer in order to make the red coordinate gained from squad leader white. i highly recommend finding a group to play with. there should be one or more, but of course, that depends on where you live. you can find the current rules reference here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/be/e0/bee0c351-8d22-4f77-b6f4-101e6fa8ca8e/swzrulesreference_v103-compressed.pdf that should provide you with a bit of reading and hopefully all of the answers you need. do not hesitate to ask if there is anything else that's not clear to you, though! i highly recommend an app for iOS and android called LaunchBayNext to build squads. if you're on PC, just go for yet another squad builder 2.0. https://raithos.github.io much love - and fly casual. pew pew pew!
  4. Some scrolling will be required
  5. Just passing by with a tidbit of info: I've been given a hint Padme is set to be 44 points. Source: Dude, trust me - I'm from Poland. You know we spoil these things like crazy. This article? We had it all ready posted last week.
  6. So it's been a long time since I've played this game and I forget how obstacles work. The rule reference says: "Before a ship moves, if it is at range 0 of an obstacle, it does not suffer the effects of that obstacle unless it moves through or overlaps that obstacle again." This wording seem to imply that the most common case is that a ship will be on an obstacle, and be able to exit that obstacle WITHOUT moving through it. (otherwise one would expect the two clauses before and after unless to be inverted). This makes me doubt my interpretation of the rule, as I would expect the opposite to be at least as common. So I'd just like to confirm: I'm sitting on a debris cloud, with my nose dead center in the middle of it. I've already suffered a stress and rolled a die. Now it's my turn again, and because the way the front of my ship is positioned, there's no way I can not have the maneuver template make contact with the debris cloud. Does that mean I'm "moving through" the obstacle, and once again suffer a stress and roll a die?
  7. When I call in sick I still get paid.
  8. A spreadsheet ti help me run tournaments
  9. I think so. The only thing I've heard people bemoaning if they should bring "broken stuff" was quad phantoms to an extended event. Like, they didn't really want to, but felt they should. No one is doing that anything else, that I've heard. In 1.0, there was a lot of gnashing of teeth over feeling forced into some broken nonsense. Again, I don't really have a problem with most of the "broken" stuff being played. It's just when someone wins with it, I kinda roll my eyes and think, "Well, yeah...one of you with list X was probably going to win."
  10. I like Juke price scaling by an absurd and complicated spreadsheet, if only because Juke is so utterly trash on almost every ship other than Phantoms and Defenders and maybe N-1s that I don't want to over-punish folks who make the mistake of playing it.
  11. Well, Instinctive Aim, if baby-Ani has a Force Talent. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.
  12. The problem is just the lack of new content for the non-prequel factions. We were told that you can now be a single-faction player because upgrades will not be faction locked. Great, no more Starviper issues! Now imagine telling that to a First Order only player with a straight face. As primarily an Imperial player there isn't a whole lot of more plastic left on my wishlist, but what I really want is new content for my existing plastic. I would love to get cardboard only packs for all of my existing ships. Where is my Maarek Stele card pack? Where is my Interceptor card pack? Where is my Black Squadron card pack? Give me more pilots and more upgrades! Not only have they failed to do this, but all of the usable new content that they have produced is faction locked, with no signs of getting any imperial release in the near future. If FFG wants to abandon the old factions to churn out prequel stuff then they've lost me as an xwing customer. I give negative ****s about the prequels, and I'm still just sitting here waiting for rereleased 1.0 content to be brought back, let alone fresh new content.
  13. I enjoyed the episode, but that specifically had me chuckle. I think composure on Jake is amazing. I had tried that before wave 2 was released, when composure found another home with Temmin. So far Sabine, Jake and Temmin are the only reasonable carriers - but I'd say they are quite reasonable!
  14. Interestingly, on a recent episode of our podcast, I asked my co-hosts exactly the opposite question: "Is it just me, or does it seem like people are bringing more of what they find fun to play that they did in 1E?" Despite Rebel Beef, despite Habba the Cut ( ... it's never gonna happen, is it?), I'm still having more fun playing that I did in the whole last quarter of 1E, and my question still stands ... albeit with the caveat that I don't travel to play in the big tournaments.
  15. Further to my previous post, I managed to find an image that I could Photoshop into an art-style more consistent with the other cards, here you go!
  16. Which is one of the reasons I love Lost Stars, it shows people in the Empire who have good intentions, how they have to logically twist things to preserve their loyalty at times, and all in all showed some good characterization of non-straight up evil Imperials. Its effectively a Star Wars version of Romeo and Juliet but has been one of the strongest pieces I've seen in the new canon. And for those who haven't read it, they even made a comic/manga adaption of it.
  17. A 200 point squad ball of Sloane would hurt, but remember that rebels have 2 turns that they can close in and flak to deal with imperial squads breaking thru to protect the deathstar. 3 hull squads die fast. Also forgot to add that the deathstar has to have Centicores ability more or less.
  18. Ugh this would be such a mess in practice. I seriously hope they don't start doing this. Initiative or base-size scaling makes sense, but adding this on top would just be the last straw...
  19. I’m not sure I agree. I just think what they should have been doing is have a card pack every other wave, consisting of the new generic upgrades from the wave. So the first one would have landed with wave 4 and have passive sensor, plasma torps etc. Wave 5-6 would have a set, etc. every single wave probably doesn’t have enough content to justify it.
  20. Man, I really hope they don't increase Juke. It's already only remotely viable on ships that get to evade for free. I'd like to be able to fly a Juking N-1, but they can't abuse it like Phantoms can so 7 points would be pretty yeesh. Here are some ways to fix Juke, which is only a problem in the quad Phantoms list because you can run multiple copies of it on ships with 3 attack dice and free evades: Sigma +1 means you can't fit a third Juke into a four Sigmas list Also bumping Imdaar +2 means you can't fit three Jukes into any four Phantom list Drop the price of both generic Phantoms and just take away the Sigma's talent slot Make Juke pay a tax for multiple copies in a list (first one costs 4, second one costs 6, third costs 8, etc) Errata Juke to be unique or 2x limited (note: I know this won't actually happen) There's lots of stuff you could do to fix the problem without breaking Juke for everyone just because of Phantoms.
  21. I’m thinking 3 to have 2 Handmaidens guarding a 3rd N-1.
  22. If they're going to do that for faction flavor, they should be labeled "Republic or Separatist only". There's no reason for us not to use them if they're fair game. They have to make up their minds whether the TIE Bomber can use Diamond-Boron or not, or whether the Y-Wing is allowed to have Delayed Fuses, or whether Darth Vader is allowed to have Hate. If not, restrict it. If so, permit it and let us have it. As is, it's just a mess.
  23. Wait, who said that they're jacking up juke again? Only two ships like it, and while the Phantom is in a good spot, the Defender isn't good even with Juke. Juke needs to go down so that I can fly quad juke phantoms again.
  24. Both are actually acceptable, but alphabet actually tends to be more common. Alphabet (in Universe) stems from Tionese (our Greek alphabet) and works its way into the High Galactic alphabet (which we are reading now). Aurebesh is its own system and is more commonly used throughout the galaxy, but it has also been described in-Universe as an alphabet - as have other writing systems. Regarding the Alphabet Squadron, the name moves fairly naturally from our writing systems. We call this Latin alphabet an alphabet (from Greek, not Latin), rather than The AyBee or something derived from the names of the Latin letters. This is a holdover from The Latin writing system's derivation from the Greek. Similarly, the High Galactic writing system stemmed from Tionese and the name alphabet carried with it. So even though all of the X-/A-/Y-Wing fighters have names from the High Galactic alphabet, the Tionese name for writing system sticks around and works fairly naturally. Just like we can reference the Latin Alphabet even though it contains neither an Alpha nor a Beta. I remember this actual article from when it came out, I wish it were still up. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/The_Written_Word:_A_Brief_Introduction_to_the_Writing_Systems_of_Galactic_Basic
  25. Right but as first player with PS, you shoot first and also get to reposition last if you want. Hence, screw the bid and take the iniative, you get the best of both worlds.
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