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  2. Comedy relief or light moments are necessary I agree. But I'm talking about mismatching elements to a bad end. The battle droids are not a threat to the heroes, they really serve no purpose but to make the jedi look like they are awesome when we know they aren't by the time Ep III happens. They die pretty much like normal people would when ambushed by clones, but battle droids are so ineffective base don what we see in the movies that at a certain point everyone is rolling their eyes when they attack the jedi characters. Then they gave them stupid voices and they speak in a lame pidgin for some reason. You have all these ingredients for the main and primary form of media, the movies. So all the comic books and novel writing apologists are fine but the movies are the number one source of the story. The battle droids are basically a terrible device for doing what was needed, basically a droid army to make the Jedi look tough while also allowing them to dispatch enemies without having a morality problem. I don't know if George was just looking for a new philosophical justification for a "Fun" war, but in the end it was just dumb. If the B1's were going to be that bad they should have completely disappeared after Ep. I as complete failures that were recognized as such. Maybe the point was to weaken the Jedi by sending them against such feeble foes, but if so that is a really stupid idea. Comedy is something that will dominate the dish if it is used too heavily. I like comedic elements and they are certainly a part of the setting, but things like Boba Fett slapstick or Stormtrooper Dance routines (if actually included in the world not just in external media) are just fans and writers hitting the bottom of the barrel. There is a certain amount of 4th wall busting there which to me is too heavy a price to pay in lost immersion.
  3. What is taking them so long? I finally want some new content!!! I collect Empire, First Order, Rebels, Resistance and of all these factions only Resistance got some new toys in a LONG time. Really killing my enthusiasm. I dont even want new ships. New Pilots for existing ships would be great. Come on FFG....
  4. Yeah, he was basically the architect behind the whole thing. I see him paired off with Master Yoda for the Republic. I can also see him being a commander for the Republic. His Republic commander would be cheaper and have more of a support role, where his CIS commander would be more like a mixture of Vader and the Emperor for the Empire. They could be called Emperor Palpatine - Empire Chancellor Palpatine - Republic Darth Sidious - CIS
  5. I have found it to be useful in combination with Uona
  6. New edition is far from great, but yeah, they really didn't help with the one shot they did... It was pretty meh and clearly their GM did not have experience or understanding of the game. Still weird they didn't decide to go with a cleaner, leaner, adjusted version of their Genesys ruleset instead of that weird overly complicated new system. Though, stay with me here; there is a LOT to love with the new lot5r game, and with the right GMing it can be a great, edgy narrative game!! Unfortunately no video/podcast yet nailed how I imagine the game needs to be played (each narrative moment needs to be a hard choice, and just don't have rolls or checks for anything that isn't a defining decision. Basically, this game isn't about details, it is about a story that goes on and the downtime or narrative actions should be almost done in a structured way and dramatically affect the story. After all, this is a game in which a character can roll a melee check to dispatch a group of minions in one roll) Oh well, maybe you will one day change your mind and listen to something that can sell you this game!
  7. Seeing the developer response does make me sort of wonder if generic aren't meant to be good in standard play... Frank talked about them as being forced to be good in special game modes where the named pilots are illegal, and Max sort of talked about removing broken combos, such as juke on Phantoms. I guess the ultimate question we needed answered was the "what does a fun squad look like to you". Technically all pilots do have a name, so generics vs. named becomes less relevant once you add more pilots... I think there was a thread back in 2017 about "why do generics even need to exist". My own answer was talking about how I really like getting to craft my own story for them and not be annoyed by the theme of the battle not making sense, but I think a lot more things are (and should be) dictated by balance than theme. There's always a question of is the game is healthy when generic spam is good, and I wonder if the answer we're getting from the devs is "no". I still continue to play generics and enjoy them, I don't think they're really all that horribly below the power curve, but yeah, I do think pretty much anything generics can do named pilots can do better. #justiceforthetieocho I leave you with a picture. doesn't this look fun?
  8. Agree that flipping a Destiny Point just to use pips is really silly. If this seems overpowered to you, attach a 1 or 2 strain cost to activating any Force Power (and still spend 1 strain per dark point flipped). I also think Conflict should be attached to actual powers (harm, unleash, choke) and what they do, rather than every time you flip a pip, but that's just a quibble with the Morality system.
  9. VaderSoontirRedlne (65) Darth Vader [TIE Advanced x1] (6) Afterburners Points: 71 (52) Soontir Fel [TIE Interceptor] (2) Predator Points: 54 (52) "Redline" [TIE/ca Punisher] (10) Advanced Sensors (6) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (5) Cluster Missiles Points: 73 Total points: 198 I like afterburners on Vader, FCS I could live without. Or swap in FCS and get more of a bid...
  10. *squints eyes* Well played... but then you've played yourself if your going that committed...
  11. I'm coming more in line with these opinions Rather than lower Arc costs (other than the generic I 3...wtf), I would rather see the rest of the game brought up to this kind of point scaling. Named pilots with powerful abilities oughta be costed appropriately Other than the Torrents, of course. We have to exercise some flexibility with a.) poor/fodder ship chassis and b.) bad/highly situational pilot abilities Well, that and Oddball in general.
  12. Sure thing, I’ve got some upcoming stuff to do anyway. How much time would you like?
  13. I think Lothal Rebel is supposed to be Chopper
  14. No bullseye requirement would make her ability ridiculous Just hand out free force to whomever with no action requirement or counterplay whatsoever! Balanced!
  15. Today
  16. Jesus Christ wall of text But I do agree with central point of high initiative + "best" (re: action-indepent die modification abilities) abilities being a problem, and a holdover from first Ed. Mixing the highest initiative pilot with the best pilot ability across the shop type is a recipe for disaster that FFG seems to have utterly ignored until the prequel factions (oddball is a joke, Anakin is situationally great but doesn't mod dice contrst with Snips; maul is super situational whole Dooku is nutty) So yeah, time to jack up the points on high initiative OT pilots with clearly cream of the crop abilities! Basically, follow the Republic model (other than the baffling, unnecessary 4/5 point jump from I 2 generic to I 3) and then add extra to high I with the CLEARLY best abilities. Then fix the Republic model, and lower the cost on named pilots with clearly BLEH abilities (hi, Torrents!) especially on ships with crap/fodder chassis (hi, Torrents...again!)
  17. Heh. An app to AH 2nd edition would be most usefull in 3rd there is Little reason for it. There would be very limited game speed increase by using app.
  18. You know, I don't fully agree. But I think it is extremely valuable that you keep doing this.
  19. With the recent clarification of Gimli's ability, it's clear that Gimli's main strength lies in attacking, possibly more so than any other hero thus far. Gimli is someone it's best to build your team around, since his role is so clearly combat-oriented. With that in mind, I've come up with some potential "best builds" in terms of roles and equipment: Guardian/Striker: Essential role cards: Ready Defense (Guardian), On the Hunt (Hunter) Optional Role Cards: Guarded Strike (Guardian), Master Tactician (Captain) Starting Equipment: Sword, Banner, Travel Garb The idea with this is to be able to prepare lots of cards using the upgraded travel garb, and fight as often as possible in order to strike and guard as often as possible. The banner gives inspiration for guarding and Guarded Strike gives inspiration for striking. I put it as optional because there's a lot of other good options for 7 exp cards in the Hunter pool, especially if you want a certain modifier, like lethal. Master Tactician really helps preparing and scouting for successful attacks, although it works just as well on another team member. On the Hunt is the best card to have for attacking, since it will give an inspiration every turn you or someone nearby attacks, and can always be discarded for 2 hits when really needed. Ready Defense is the best card for defense, and its 7-exp cost seals the deal. The upgraded banner also provides cleave and extra hits, not to mention the upgraded sword providing an extra card on the attack. This combo, along with the inspiration gained, makes it far better than the axe in this build. They also upgrade sooner, and the maximum damage is only slightly lower (11 hits versus 13 hits). more builds to come...
  20. For those trying to recreate the red a-wing (lulo) what citadel colors are you using for the red outer/grey middle? Thanks!
  21. Forgot what is arguably the most important piece of x-wing equipment, my dials. Had to borrow some from an incredibly nice fella, but his had custom dial covers and were therefore lose. It ended up costing me the finals when I flew wedge off the board, because the dial was loose enough that picking it up was enough to spin it to a different manuver.
  22. Baby boba would be stupid. Tactical Commander droid feom the cartoons would be cool. What about the insect people? Didn't they have aome hierarchy? Why no Republic or Merc faction talk or speculation?
  23. Sandrem has said when this sort of stuff happens, you need to stop the game and send him the game file report. It's the only way he can investigate the issue. I am putting this here because I have seen a lot of people post screen shots and Sandrem has had the same reply each time. I cannot for the life of me remember the root path to the file, maybe someone can put it here for me. It's 0330 and I am feeding a new born, help a fella out....
  24. I've played that scenario twice now: first time it wasn't the dwarf, second time it was
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