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  2. This had slipped my mind, but it seems relevant. With Lieutenant Sai, FFG has ruled that only the initial action is covered by the effect. While AP-5 or Ciena Ree weren't mentioned in that specific response, it stands to reason that the effect of their abilities is also confined to the initial action.
  3. The way I see it, the Jedi should have at least one non-combat focused spec. Looking at Padawan and Knight, the only real overlap with my idea for Archivist is Well Rounded and Valuable Facts, which could be traded out for something else. And to me, Archivist opens up a ton of possibility for story. Archivists don't just sit in the Jedi Archives and pass on knowledge. They travel the galaxy and gather that knowledge. Reclaiming stolen Jedi artifacts, studying long-forgotten Jedi temples, there's all manner of stories that could be told with what is essentially a Jedi archaeologist.
  4. Back in the old WEG days, Luke’s stats from Empire were also labled “as of the battle of Hoth,” but represented him by the end of the film, post-training with Yoda 😊
  5. Exactly. It was likely a product selling point. Kaminoans likely knew this from testing and developed the chip, then also got paid by palps to include a few features.
  6. Reminds me of the Transformer movie version of Laserbeak.
  7. I like Maul with tractor beam. He can take his shot with the T-beam to set up the Vultures and shoot at another target too.
  8. There were several options for FFG to have a more orderly dispersal of these extremely limited models. This was unprofessional in every way. This is not the fans' fault - the company was incredibly disorganized.
  9. Also in Fire in the Night one of the side quests makes shadow cards dealt to Dagnir immune to player cards effects and their effects cannot be canceled.
  10. "Slowly get on your feet and relinquish your weapons to my fellow Jedi." Zoroku says calmly in a serious tone while ushering in his compatriots to come forward to pick up the Mandalorian's remaining weapons. "Cooperate, and we can recommend the Republic go easy on your sentencing for your murder of an Admiral." He says as he keeps the blade close to the assassin's neck.
  11. I wonder if he is going to design more OP cards now that he can just relegate them to the list if they become problematic.
  12. It's probably very matchup specific, but in most situations I think I prefer 5 ships to 4 and I was using Luminara non-stop to keep those troopers alive. I'm admittedly biased in that I lean more into the higher ship count as my preferred archetype than acey builds. Anakin is amazing to have, and if you have a 10 point bid very few things are moving after him. But there's just some things you can do with 5 bodies/firing arcs you can't do with 4.
  13. EXPENSIVE for one ship (SNR = SuperNatural Reflexes right?). I would love to try it, but I would be afraid of messing up and losing Anakin. Still if you can keep Anakin alive (and preferably above half HP) and his wingmen do their part (i.e. kill more points then they are worth), this could work. It definitely meets the requirement of FUN! And with the ARC wingmen you suggested, purdy! ARCs are a COOL looking ships! I use my Rebel ARCs as Republic. You can field 3 unique pilots without proxies on 1 expansion pack that way! Yep, these all look fun. Tried this one and it was pretty awesome, Anakin and Ansoka just will not die! V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper - 25 Gold Squadron Trooper - (25) Delta-7 Aethersprite - •Anakin Skywalker - 86 •Anakin Skywalker - Hero of the Republic (60) R5 Astromech (4) Predictive Shot (4) Delta-7B (18) Delta-7 Aethersprite - •Ahsoka Tano - 61 •Ahsoka Tano - “Snips" (47) R5 Astromech (4) Brilliant Evasion (6) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper - 25 Gold Squadron Trooper - (25) Total: 197/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  14. As I'm learning more about these "internets", I guess I should have a dissingcord? Join SWAE on Discord - https://discord.gg/RATKqSX
  15. Hummm, just wondered, are you using both daggers to attack at the same time? Is that allowed? If not, how is like you are getting so much hits with just 3 Wit?
  16. @EliasWindrider Meaning that all the LAATs should be Sil 4, like you initially suggested. If I get time, I'll try to stat the "i" and "c" as Sil 4 and see how that works (using either the bike rack or hangar for the "i" to see which is a better fit). 😊
  17. I think the SSD and the new campaign will be released almost at the same time somewhere around autumn... tending to christmas the two „sizeable“ ships will pop up!
  18. So work on this project was stopped for a bit as I looked at the possibility of converting from pathfinder 2. While it hasn't been released yet it might prove easier to convert. That said I will finish up the core rule book of the 1st edition pathfinder before considering converting from 2nd edition.
  19. Would you recommend this over Ani, Mace and 2 gold's? I have really been enjoying using the gold's to block and get pot shots in.
  20. Perfectly legal only with the express permission of the owners, whose survey craft you destroyed. As of yet they are not, but an expeditionary force has been dispatched to remedy that situation, and I don't want them passing through you by mistake.
  21. Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE) Interviews 2019 Worlds 6th Place Ryan aka @Rikash
  22. Yeah, I've gotten new audio equipment and I've been adjusting settings on my OBS. It's a fine tuning process that I work on with each video, you will find that as I progress with my knowledge on this stuff, it'll get better. Thank you for your patience as I experiment.
  23. I've not had a lot of experience with the AT-ST, but running one with General Weiss and all the guns can dish out a lot of suppression to many different units at once. And the new Hammer Pilot sounds cool too The 74-Z bikes can be deadly, but they're also fragile, and you need 2 or 3 of them.
  24. That is beautiful. I'd hope that the Republic gets this as the refit model used in the Clone Wars, and not the Big Red version as seen in the Phantom Menace...
  25. Amazon has a sale today on Legacies and WotF boxes. Definitely worth checking out. And both sets have solid cards, with Yoda and Snoke being meta staples currently.
  26. Mildly off topic. Is there a site out there that shares Oggdude characters? I have several characters that I've created that I'd like to share the xml file.
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