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  2. You can tell I've not played for a while (err about a year or so.....) if I'm making silly mistakes like that! 😛
  3. Thanks mate, but please don't forget that alternate force traditions (DoH, counselor splat) remains undone (if you plan to do that).
  4. I guess he pointed out the way the solved. It must be worded in a way you prevent unique like Lando/Han but doesn't mess with regular fighters not aces flying non-unique fighters either like Mithel/Howl. Anything too hard but something to be aware of. The easiest way would be to provide bullets on fighters names also but that would require errata. However, since the only named ships are the Millennium Falcon and Hera's it woui be a big deal. The Millennium Falcon is already been released again in that expansion so sneaking in an errated Han wouldn't be that hard. Hera should be wait I guess.
  5. I'd probably remove environmental gear from the Death Troopers and HQ uplink from the Scouts if it were me. If you end up with spare points again then frag grenades are awesome on snowtroopers.
  6. I've had luck with Sol Sixxa w/ Proxies & Protons. I haven't tried Nym; he seems too expensive, and his 2.0 ability is tougher to leverage. Jostero underperforms. With the 2.0 mine drop timing, his bonus shots are rarely modified. Double-tap Y-wings are definitely good for the price, but they still have trouble pushing damage through unless they're at Range 1 or named Kavil. On generics, Ion turrets may even cause more damage than Dorsals on average simply due to rolling 3 dice. Both named G-1As are fun. Captain Seevor is nasty. Moralo Eval is tricksy. Combo with Nashtah Pup for added annoyance.
  7. The issue is the law on un-intended consequences ...What I'm saying is depending on how its (a possible rules addition) worded then it could affect other cards that it was supposed to.
  8. I agree that predetermined flights/squadrons would make sense. Otherwise it gets crazy complicated and/or extremely broken. We see in the example a very thematic Advanced flanked by two fighters, but that Talon roll is nuts in terms of those fighters. Now imagine a swarm of TIE fighters with an Interceptor or Defender leading. There has to be some limitation on either the ships that make a wing or the maneuvers/actions a wing can make.
  9. If Naboo becomes its own faction, would we see Qui-Gon? I could see FFG having enough source material to do Theed & Gungans as their own unified force later down the line.
  10. Iwasaki pupil is pretty amazing. For one cost we see the effect lion pay 4 for in Kage. Also regret would cost 2 if it were lion. We have Tsuko now so all events must cost 2 more fate, it’s the FFG way.
  11. Would be a challenge to win with at a tournament, but in the hands of a truely skilled pilot?: after dabbling a bit in Mining Guilds (no longer now, with clouds out) and other stuff (e.g. Kavil, Genesis Tractor) I am still flying my learn to fly list: Sol Sixxa (46) [Ion Cannon Turret (4), Qi'ra (2), Skilled Bombardier (2), Proximity Mines (6), Seismic Charges (3)] Captain Jostero (43) 2x Cartel Executioner (44)+Marksmanship (1) Rest to taste, e.g. shield upgrade, or R3 astro on one etc Trains flying medium bases with their fat a55es, trains flying before aces, trains getting bullseye with stiff ships, trains flying Jostero so that he procs without getting damaged self. Sixxa flinging the devices that far out often catches people and their aces by surprise. Although, lately I tried the glory of 4 Arc170s (gotta use that medium base flying experience!). Waiting and hoping for a slight point decrease for the M3A Scyk pilots (or points up on quite some others!).
  12. You had me at the use of the term "Bleed" lol. I am usually also not too fussy about the phones thing as a GM mainly because the players are always looking up aliens I mention so that they can get a visual. But I agree with your sentiments here.
  13. Issue with what exactly? You mean they can't manage to make a rule, say relating how squadron names are formatted?
  14. Last time I painted a set of 5 for someone it was Power Rangers - does that count?
  15. correct: if you green dice well soontir usually die at the first shoot. you do not have alternatives:fly well or die soontir it is just 1 example of the tipical empire's ship (high cealing high rewards) i'm tired of it i'm not a competitive player.... i usually play between 6 and 8 games in a month. i always played empire but now i' m startining to think that fragile ships are not for me. probably i'm not good enough. i think to pass to rebels as other friends. They forgive you a lot more than imperials
  16. Wurms, Nice to hear from a well respected member of the Forum. I played a similar list prior to the points change was 22 wins vs 6 losses 78% win rate. Wedge Luke Thane prottorps droids R2/R3 and running variations of various talents Outmaneuver Wedge, Swarm Wedge, Marksmanship, crack shot, Predator. Since the points change had to rethink the list and the meta changed as well. Lots of i3's out there nowadays. With that in mind swarm tactics and my meager bid are wasted playing the i3's and vs i4's although it has some use I feel the points are better used elsewhere. Crack is a onetime use and I feel that marksmanship with the same trigger has more legs. I know I am not pushing more damage but can push more crits and we all know that crits are more unforgiving in 2.0 than in 1.0. I may however switch marksmanship for predator on Thane as Darlighter suggested. I can see where i5's and 6's could be a problem especially for Dutch however as I constantly tell the guys at my FLGS list building is not the be all end all, more importantly flying well has to be the number one thing to concentrate on, Range control, Rule of 13, who moves when, blocking, self bumping (not always a bad thing), arc dodging, planning your next move when your planning your current move and having the flexibility to change that plan as needed, much like chess. Dice variance aside the best lists can be defeated by lesser lists if the better list is flown incorrectly/badly. What was the list you played against and what list did you fly if I might ask? What were the decisive factors, well flown, own mistakes, bad engagement or just dumb luck (dice variance)? Thank you for your suggestions and would like to hear back from you. If you like I can also provide you with an update on how I performed at my first HS tourney. Live long and ???????? may the force be with you.
  17. I had barricada's installed for passenger safety 😛
  18. Easy to play and a max of fun by shedding some green blood. The game play should only be a bit shorter something around 45 min.
  19. Defeating both figures of one group eliminates the group and thus the Imperial Player cannot reinforce the group again but instead has to deploy the whole squad. That might make a difference in certain plays, since the imperial player may not have enough threat to deploy the entire group again but enough for a single figure to keep the pressure up. Especially with hired guns as that means you (almost) definitely get one shot in for your reinforce cost.
  20. The question is why do you need stats? is someone going to be shooting at it?
  21. When playing at any given event, you could be playing armies that may not have any reason to face each other in a 'realistic' setting that neither army would have set foot in. To take an example from another game, in Middle-Earth SBG you could take your Gondorian army to fight Hobbits at the foot of the Lonely Mountain. Crazy, right? But you get on with the game, you have fun and maybe share a laugh about the mismatched setting.
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