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  2. You can, but you likely won't if you don't build for it. But if I wanted to I could play down a Longbeard Sentry and empty my deck in a couple turns. And of course Erestor decks are quite good at running through the whole deck. And in a way, there was an "errata" introduced to the rules that makes the quests more beatable. Easy mode.
  3. It's really funny you wrote that today. Just this morning I looked at my bookshelf, saw Dance of Dragons, and thought "crap, have I missed the next one. . .that was years ago." Googled it this AM. . .nah, probably another 1-2 years to go. TBH, I'm not reading anything more by him til he's done. I'm not having a Wheel of Time fiasco.
  4. I would say in Skirmishes of 100 points, have a 40 point hero isn't always the best Idea I'm more of an imbed a hero to get more bang for your buck. Also try 125 point skirmishes that extra 25 points makes a huge difference.
  5. I know that it was a small one and it still doesn't put Phoenix on the same page as Lion, Scorpion and Crane, but there was also the Smokeless Fire as a Phoenix-POV fiction.
  6. I must agree this article gave me a better understanding of what I think they are doing with this system. Not to say that they needed to sell it to me (since I already preordered the book). But I can see here that this is a system that I can use with all of my gaming needs. Much like I did with Hero system in the 90s. I feel more comfortable though being able to rope my players into this system now. Most of them are already playing EotE or AoR. And they believe it is the best Star Wars system they have ever played. BTW some like me have been playing Star Wars Games ever since WEG.
  7. I vaguely resemble that remark! I have been using a RAC - EI - Expose - Palp - Rebel Captive build with a backdraft tie/sf. If you can get RAC in range 1, the 5 dice with a focus, Palp, and his ability, getting 4-5 hits with lots of crits is a thing of beauty. It really catches people off guard, however it biggest weakness is the lack of green on his dial, meaning you mainly end up circling around on his green two banks, making you somewhat predictable.
  8. I think they do things, but very very slowly....
  9. @penpenpen, nailed it. Wound damage is actual physical damage, albeit minor. This includes nicks, minor cuts, scrapes and bruises.
  10. They're all vague in nature, which is why I think it's by design. I have to say though I love that even though it looks like a sci-fi power-armour suit in the picture, that it's a superhero landing in an article about supers is just brilliant. Love FFG for things like that.
  11. Prior to the gunboat reveal, I thought so. Now we have the reload action, which gives a different approach to consider
  12. I will play it 2 times just to keep shoju or someone else when I need them
  13. Without your efforts greenknight, the armada world would be a smaller one. Thank you fornyour contributions.
  14. I think a lot of it is simply the fact that they wanted to tell this new (sort of) story, and are focusing a lot on that. They'll get back to the Clone Wars eventually; they just want to focus on the newest stuff before fleshing out more of the older stuff.
  15. It’s probably never been built because it uses Synced Turret and Guidance Chips instead of LWF. With Deadeye though it ain’t bad. I’d test it out, before thinking it may be bad or good.
  16. Thank you for being a genuine voice of reason, Kris.
  17. Probably good for Bayushi Liars! They're always worth recasting for 1. I really didn't like the card at first, but I could see it growing on me. Getting to reuse a character's not bad.
  18. Looks fun! Welcome to the forums! Punishers are pretty tough, they're generally considered one of the worst ships in the game. I think you might see better results if you really take advantage of that system slot with Fire Control System. You might also want to look out for the TIE Silencer when it's released so you can get some Autothrusters for Vader. Both of those will cost points, but I'm not sure what I'd cut out. You could look at replacing the Upsilon with a Lambda (Jendon, for example). Also, another thing, Cruise Missiles or Harpoon Missiles might be better than Plasma Torps on the Punisher, but it's up to you. Finally, you might get more replies if you post this in the Squad Lists subforum:
  19. The big difference here is 4th edition is a finished produced. Its not going to change so to fix it house-rules are necessary. 5th is a Beta, if there is an issues it can be fix before we get to the final produced stage. House-ruling it doesn't help with that. While I don't think I was snarky an in way, I am sorry for being so blunt.
  20. The problem that I was talking about with the 9 hit B attack is pretty serious, and dropping the TIEs to run away isn't gonna help much. 9 Bwing attacks is going to do an average of 15/16 damage. Possibly more if the first 3 activations were from something with a BCC. Follow that up with another 2 damage from Yavaris and you could see your ISD pop before you get a chance to use RBD or deploy the TIEs. You're facing off against over 30 potential damage before you can respond. At that is only from 130 points of their fleet. I really don't like RLB as Imps. It just doesn't seem like a good way to spend points as an Imperial player. But....if you really want to use it, how about something like this: 2x ISD w/RLB, RBD, and 4 TIEs each. Gozanti and 2x TIE advanced. Activations and deployments helped. On top of that, your TIEs will live longer. Drop the TIEs, then the Gozanti pushes the TIE-As into position to cover them. Or use the Gozanti and TIE-As to keep the enemy from being able to last/first a squadron ball of bombers in the first place. Gozanti can also activate TIEs to keep the damage up and move in to flak squads. Cuts into the ISD offense, but keeps the rabble off you better. 2 ISDs is fun, but you have to be efficient for it to really work. And 76 points of RLB TIEs isn't very efficient.
  21. As much as I would like Clone Wars in the game (and, I have to admit, it is boosted by the fact that I am watching the Disney Channel Clone Wars cartoons for the very first time just now), I guess I have to say that you might be right. Everything is based on the OT right now, including the current trilogy of films in the works. The only thing I would say, is that if FFG continues to use the current model of pushing CW designs into the GCW, it needs to be done evenly for all factions. If Rebels get the ARC and N1, then the Imperials should get V-Wings and a Sith Infiltrator, and S&V gets their stuff. I think it would be unfair to favor one faction as the "used to be in the Clone Wars" faction. Maybe someday, many moons from now, FFG might get around to making CiS and Republic actual factions, and introduce the Jedi and Sith into the game as Force powers.
  22. Thanks for that. Wasn't aware of the outright inability to play into a conflict, OR that you have to pay full asking price for the guy. Not really digging this card now lol. Maybe when there are some dirty enter into play effects to really rinse. In the meantime, I don't think I have space in my life for this bad boy.
  23. This is awesome! Thanks everyone for your input! I've shared this with my friends and my LGS and they are all scrambling to come up with 32 point builds. These are all fantastic builds and I love the balance of factions represented here. Also, lone wolf should always be allowed. There's already a point restriction, so why not allow for it?
  24. See? And yeah it's kinda surprised me but from what I've seen in XWMG, The First Order is RIDICULOUSLY aggressive.
  25. You can? I don't think I've ever come anywhere close to emptying my deck. Maybe in "Riddles in the Dark." This goes back to the point that it makes little sense to design errata around the needs of a handful of hardcore power gamers in a co-op game that is mostly played solo and has zero organized-play/competitive play element. I'd like to see errata that "fixes" some of the most frustrating quests that seem nigh impossible to beat for my single-handed solo decks.
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