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  2. Atrusino

    Star Trek LUG Conversion

    Hey, thanks guys! Forgive the delayed response. I never got a notification that there replies to the topic. sfRattan, you can't discourage me lol. This is definitely a pet project. I've done some reading on STA, haven't really looked into it, though. The driving force for this (a side from just wanting to play around in Genesys) was actually getting a comprehensive starship design system ported in. This is fully inspired by Steve Long's Spacedock. Admittedly, I'm a bit stuck on talents. I have all 3 of the Star Wars core books as well as Genesys, but I have yet to decide if I want a straightforward career path or Career/Specialization like in the Star Wars games.
  3. Rune Taq

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    Honestly, 1.5 waves a year is fine by me but just tell us what the @$"#+*!=!!!!!!! is going on. Give us a little article here and there to let us know you have plans for the game. Total radio silence is really pissing off the community. And if FFG is done with armada, then stop playing games and tell us that no more products are coming. SAY SOMETHING FFG!!!!!
  4. Lukez

    There And Back Again

    The alt art cards are a big draw for me but I don't want anything else
  5. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    I would argue that pheromones should upgrade Charm checks, as in that case, they do exactly the same thing as Falleen pheromones: make the PC more likable. I guess I can see what you mean with the Deception and Negotiation, though. I still feel that the exact benefits of knowing emotions are circumstantial and may vary based on situation. It probably makes them harder to target via social check, but the extent to which it does that isn't set in stone. Also, you really like bold.
  6. Iron Citadel 1 cost attachment Spell Mahō Black Scroll Can only attach to a shugenja Action: While this character is participating in a conflict, dishonor it and lose 2 honor - Give a province +x strength where X is equal to the combined skills of the attached character.
  7. RynoZero

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    save them the math and place them out like this
  8. Tramp Graphics

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    Very true. As I said, it is simply a preference given the theme of the campaign, and the "limitations" and purpose of this ship. It's why, even if I were to be able or inclined to add a Retrofitted Hangar, it would really only be suitable for Speeder bikes. The rules may say a Sil 5 ship could hold a Sil 3 starfighter, but that assumes a capital ship the size of a Corellian Corvette, not a two deck medium transport the length of a 747 jumbo jet. At least you're not trying to fit an Aihwa on the ship. Simply put, the Jedi Star is not a carrier, it's a mobile Jedi Academy in the vein of the Crucible and Master Arca Jeth's Sungem. In fact, the Sungem was the inspiration for the Jedi Star. Regardless, That's really a bridge that doesn't need to be crossed until we get there. I'd rather not derail the thread anymore for now.
  9. punkUser

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Oh god, please keep this experiment up There's so little in the dice app that inspires confidence in using it for anything competitive and everything new I learn about it it goes further in that direction. Ignoring the entire question of how easy it would be to just make an app that "looks enough like the official dice app to fool your opponent", if it's relatively easy to just hack the official one all bets are off really...
  10. BVRCH

    [1.0] How are the new x-wings doing?

    I flew 3 FFA Crack Shot Zealots and Magva Yarro in the U-wing against 4 Zealots and an A-wing bumper car. I lost but it was glorious. The U-wing is still a 1.0 U-wing so it wasn't great, but I see the potential for Magva curbing ordnance carriers a bit. The X-wings though were fantastic to fly. Crackshot for free really gives the babies some bite. I'm keen to try out some of the aces with their new tech now.
  11. Yes but using Maho has a steep price
  12. Norsehound

    Custom card/ship yard: Star Trek (Armada)

    Have you tested any of this yet?
  13. MAZZA

    Need more content

    I asked when they will be releasing new content for Legends of the Alliance.
  14. player2072913

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

  15. Crabbok

    Double Check Saw's T-65

    No Ship That Small Has a Cloaking Device! (Sorry I had to say it!)
  16. mazz0

    Double Check Saw's T-65

    Mine was a joke by the way, in case that wasn’t clear.
  17. Ccwebb

    Double Check Saw's T-65

    Omg wow. Lol (sorry for laughing)
  18. Crabbok

    Star Wars Armada Episode III

    The Corvus, the Purgil, and his new Ghost crew for Legion, and then from another shop I got some Spaceball heads for Legion as well.
  19. Ikka

    Ikka's scrapyard

    Just got in a Jumpmaster 5000, another HWK, a Scurrg H-1, and am waiting for a Quadjumper, third M3-A, and a second Kimogila to arrive. So quite a few repaints coming up shortly. Jumpmaster, HWK, and Quadjumper will be in CMS crimson and bronze, with the others getting various scummie paints. In the meantime, here's a converted TIE Shuttle that I finally got around to building (it had been sitting in pieces for six months) before ot gets a new coat of paint more appropriate to carrying VIPs.
  20. Makaze

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

  21. If I can keep on this after commandeering fuzziewookies thread, we'll see! But it also depends on community involvement. Unlike many other customs out there, I want to see some quality by getting people to test it and try to break the additions. We'll go from there.
  22. gwaynebarber

    Double Check Saw's T-65

    You win!
  23. Ni Fang

    Warriors rejoice

    Is there antything in terms of Jar'Kai ? The Art of Two Sabers basically ? Its appasrently a smaller form of Niman
  24. So three groups say on one floor but separate rooms that can yell stuff back and forth would work? It's timed?
  25. WOH where does it say we have to be together to spend the clues to move? Ooopsie!!
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