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  2. Sunny vs Sensor Jammer

    Here is a little scenario: Sunny rolls 2 natural hits against a Ghost equipped with Sensor Jammer. Normally, the defender modifies the dice first. However, when reading Sunny's ability from the FAQ, we find this: "Sunny Bounder's ability triggers before the effect of Heavy Laser Cannon resolves." Since a heavy laser cannon triggers before Sensor jammer (which means a naturally rolled crit can be transformed into a hit by the HLC and into a focus by sensor jammer), am I correct in assuming that even though the Ghost can change one of Sunny's hit into a focus, that her ability was still triggered and that she can therefore still add a hit result to her roll? The argument could also be made that even if the timing is different, 2 hits were indeed rolled (and later transformed into a hit and focus) and that therefore, the ability was triggered anyway? The Ghost is really popular of late, so I might as well clarify that up before I start experimenting with Sunny.
  3. Decimator swarm

    It's like I'm not even here.....
  4. Shara Bey with Missile Z-95s

    I know that with so much HotShot Co-Pilot flying around these days this might not be the best time for a list like this, but barring that what do you think of this? Norra + Rey and Shara means Norra can have two TLs per turn and two focus tokens, all stress-free (@ficklegreendice). That's some nice offense and defense. Also, the flexibility for the Z's to use Shara's PS 8 TL as an alternative (or for initial engagement preferably) is nice. PS 2 Harpoons sucks, but if it draws agro off of Norra and helps her survive to endgame that's fantastic. Shara Bey — ARC-170 28 Veteran Instincts 1 Bodhi Rook 1 Alliance Overhaul 0 Ship Total: 30 Norra Wexley — ARC-170 29 Veteran Instincts 1 Rey 2 R2-D2 4 Vectored Thrusters 2 Alliance Overhaul 0 Ship Total: 38 Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 12 Harpoon Missiles 4 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 16 Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 12 Harpoon Missiles 4 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 16
  5. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    IIRC, metawing was part of MJ's thesis and really only started collecting serious data the past 2 years (even though it goes back 3+ years, it took awhile to catch on and establish a database), which correlates why the dominant lists of the past 2 years are all the top lists. So to get an accurate estimate, you'd have to account for the population variances. And the fact that they all got nerfed is exactly my point - FFG is much more open to shuffling up the meta by errataing things to keep it fresh, which is not the way it should be done. If that's how they want to conduct it, then they should have a rotating list of eligible ships/upgrades - at least that way there would be a rationale to why all of a sudden a ship that was previously dominant just disappeared. Or, we can move the meta ourselves like we used to by counter building for a dominant list, until people started counter building for the counter build. And obviously FFG can assist with new releases that help shake things up - because that's how they should be shaking it up, not by massive nerfs.
  6. Regionals data Feb 17

    If you copied a table out of your wonderful charts, it would be even better than simply stating your disagreement. Then, also, we can read what you're looking at and assess if that conclusion makes sense for us also. Or if its not sound. Here I'd ask: Where are you seeing lists do well between 70 and 90 points? What about between 90 and 120? As I believe 75% of the last few fleets were 121-134. Are you talking top4? Top8? Winners? There's another big assumption: You said that they perform as expected: afaik, what you mean is that based on the numbers taken, they have the same percentage going into the upper top8 top4 and winners brackets with no significant difference (I assume perhaps some sort of standard deviation on top8 and top4, and a bit of uncertainty due to small sample size). However, if a fleet archetype is not taken (here we assess between 70-90 squads, or 70-120) in the first place, it can also generally mean that most people don't expect it to be very good. I'd have to see some numerical proof for the assumption that people simply take ANYTHING at random to a tournament and that some amount of the data is "garbage fleets" by players who literally have zero ability to choose a list they think will perform well. If you make this assumption, I would want to see data backing that up. Do you mind copying the graphs you inferred your conclusions from? -- Past that, I'm also extremely disappointed and curious that someone said that they don't feel its even necessary or right to even collect what the data is for 4 5 and 6 flotillas. I mean, of course if its hard to code, that's understandable. But intentionally dismissing the query and not collecting the data if possible???
  7. Regionals data Feb 17

    @UndeadguyThat is not an overload list. You are taking 4 real ships and a flotilla. There is a huge difference between taking that, and taking an ISD and 4-5 Flotillas put in the list only to increase the activation count.
  8. "~Trainers hate him for developing these top 10 Starwars Legion Tips~" Click the link above to find out how^
  9. Regionals data Feb 17

    I mean, how do you know what mental work anyone is going through? How do you know that without automatic dice rolls (a la sw7 CR90s) that the last-first is going to do what you want? There are blanks on black dice you know. Relatedly, knowing close range IS mental work, AND you need to activate other ships first, so, no, there is mental work involved in all activations, it's not just an easy win. See now you just sound like a conceited jerk. "It's not hard to do this thing (subtle comment implying I should git gud) as compared to this other thing that I have determined (through unstated means) to be the easy button to win."
  10. I personally don't love the idea of a restricted list because there's very few card combinations that are truly problematic. Kanjo District with Satoshi and Charge with Iron Mine/Reprieve/FGG are the only actual problems of card iterations that I can think of. But there's a lot of cards that are unhealthy for the game and need either a ban or errata. Miromoto's Fury, Charge, Rap Battle, Forged Edict, and AFWTD need to be looked at first. Dynasty card and Provinces can also be looked at, but conflict decks are where most people's complaints lie.
  11. LET'S BUILD: B-Wing

    Use Linked Battery instead of Fire Control System on your Blues. For the same points as FCS you get a reroll that doesn’t care who the target is. You can use Collision Detector for free in the system slot to use Debris to your advantage. I have nothing but contempt for Lowhhrick. It’s nothing more than the Rebel’s latest Biggs crutch. Abilities like theirs will always limit the design potential of infinitely more interesting amd deserving Rebel ships and pilots. Real Rebels leave their damage nannies at home (or don’t buy them in the first place.)
  12. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Lol. Ooh that. I forgot that part of the card.
  13. Regionals data Feb 17

    This is the list that I used to abuse activations. Tell me how this list is incorrectly built? I have 5 combat ships and no squads. A single flotilla. No bid. My opponent gets to look at my list before choosing if they want first or second. Do you have Vassal? I'll show you how hard this fleet is to fly and you can bring whatever fleet you want. Faction: Imperial Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Assault: Most Wanted Defense: Hyperspace Assault Navigation: Solar Corona Gladiator I (56) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Demolisher (10) = 75 Points Gladiator I (56) • Chart Officer (2) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Insidious (3) = 70 Points Victory II (85) • Moff Jerjerrod (23) • Minister Tua (2) • Gunnery Team (7) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Leading Shots (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 134 Points Raider I (44) • External Racks (3) = 47 Points Raider I (44) • External Racks (3) = 47 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) • Hondo Ohnaka (2) • Comms Net (2) = 27 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 400
  14. Rebel Cry Baby

    I figure that if you can get all three shots off in one round, whatever is on the receiving end isn't gonna like it too much.
  15. @RiddleMeBats There is a story that a man and not a man Saw and did not see a bird and not a bird Perched on a branch and not a branch And hit him and did not hit him with a rock and not a rock.
  16. Saving the (Imperial) Swarm

    I believe @Parakitor has flown 5 Striker lists to good effect. The Bombers though... it’s just too easy to lose that focus for Unguided Rockets although I’ve only flown a pair in that configuration a few times. I’ve been pondering 5 TIE/FOs with Advanced Optics and Crack Shot but I’m too busy having fun with my SFs and Silencer to try it!
  17. Green Squadron Ghost Busters

    The answer is No. I love A-Wings. I love A-Wing SO MUCH! and I beg the world for them to be relevant again... but they just get one shotted too quickly. the Z's are fine because they are more efficient use of points.... but when your 25 point A-wing dies before it gets a shot off... baby jebus sheds a tear.
  18. I've hot the snowy terrain for my Hoth boards. It's great stuff. The mouspad material is great and the corners are perfect! Here's the mat all by itself: Here it is in action covered with terrain and miniatures.
  19. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Metawing which is pulling in all the listjuggler data which has the lists for all major events for the games entire history Set the filters to pull in data from all time, not just recent. You can muck about with it to only count regionals/system opens or only look at swiss ranks or cut ranks. But all those variations still have it within the top 10 and sometimes pop it up to 3rd. The above list is using the default settings counting all tourneys and both pre and post cut. There hasn't been a nationals or worlds since it popped up and those are heavily weighted so I expect it will be ranked higher in a couple months.
  20. Whats your bid ?

    PS11 Poe w/ B1 Which is what I ran with a 2pt bid at the Portland System Open. That was enough to get me the choice of initiative in 6 out of 7 games.
  21. Decimator swarm

    I thought it was 33% that would be 132 points, 6 decimators are 132 points
  22. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    This is nothing like Fel. With Fel he was boosting at PS9, at best. This is at PS11. Fel couldn't boost off a rock. He couldn't boost if he was bumping. He also was giving up some other token or positioning to do it. Plus he only got one 3 or 4 dice attack with that boost. With the ghost it's likely boosting out of your arc, or into a better position for him where he is tossing a highly accurate 4/5 dice from a primary and then following up with a hyper accurate TLT attack at the end of the round. It's not really like Fel at all in that regard.
  23. Regionals data Feb 17

    Nobody's telling you that if you voluntarily take a *** fleet that you're not going to have a hard time. We're telling you to stop telling everybody else they're immoral for not opting to do so.
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