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  2. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Well, Thweek beat Nym/Miranda in Colorado so?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Ship art

    I dont like the new like system so; If I could waken to some wonderfully cute as heck A-Wings I will be quite happy Besides, I got an A-Wing to snuggle with
  4. Is table top sim worth it?

    How many peeps have played Legion on table sim? Is there a strong community? How do I get a game going and is there peeps ready to play any time I jump on?
  5. Final Moment and win conditions

    Final Moment, best card ever when you need to run to the bathroom.
  6. I still feel like this would have a hard time against a 134 yavaris bombing fleet. I think you can down an AF in one turn? 7 shields + 6 hull + 2 damage braced: 15 dmg to one shot an AF. B wing averages about 2.25 - 2.5 damage per attack with a single BCC reroll (not adding toryn). 15/2.5 = 6.6 ish Bwing attacks to down in one turn. ish. probably around 8 attacks should do it. which is pretty easy if you have 9-10 squads, + yavaris.
  7. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    @BackgildBRO! Thanks for the compliment! I woke up the next day to realize if we had played that last turn, there was a firing solution that MAYBE I could have KOed your liberty for a much bigger win. But that clutch last second blinded gunners when that lone upgraded flotilla was dead in your sights, which would have flipped that game by TWO points, OMG the insanity. Very satisfied with the game and the result. Nice to see you in the forums.
  8. I like Greedo and want to have him in a deck but going by price.... he's near the bottom. It is what it is.
  9. Metal Dice?

    Yes, any files would be greatly appreciated!
  10. "I'm out!" - Dealing with Ammo in Genesys

    The thing is though, that crunch on numbers? It's totally within the game's structure to have you decide when the players are low on ammo, or out entirely. I mean, using Click Click is one thing, and I will damned well use it because it's awesome, but - "OK, so that last fight left you guys really depleted on ammo. You could probably only make it through a maximum of 3 rounds of combat before your weapons are out of ammo, barring any despairs" is a legitimately easy way to cover it without crunchy numeric values for each weapon type. That way it's at GM discretion, and more importantly, it's very aligned to the narrative structure.
  11. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    @ArdaedhelSwap out the enhanced armaments for literally anything else. They were cute, they were good on one out of four games, they sorta did what they were supposed to in terms of changing how people navigate around them, but are other wise completely useless. Like, H9s would have been better even. Then dive both 30s into attack range on the same turn in one target. I completely halved a MC80 in one shot. It worked really well. Space shotguns FTW.
  12. How to beat Ugnaught

    One word: Vader. And pray you dont play Reigning Freight on Nal Hutta 😁
  13. Max number for a functional game.

    Might not necessarily be the answer you want to hear: if I got 6-8 people I'd just split it into 2 group and have 5 of us play IA + 3 other people play something else 5 is the perfect number Anything more than 5 means there'll be more downtime (I've come to notice that I prefer 1v1 nowadays: me Imperial vs. someone else controlling all 4 heroes, everything goes super fast) and no guarantee on mission balance 6: you can try to have 2 Imperial players discussing Imp strategies 7: same as 6, but throw in an extra Rebel ally (and give Imp the corresponding threats) 8: not sure Again like I said, I would just cap it to no more than 5 people, but those are some of the houserules I've seen for 5+
  14. "I'm out!" - Dealing with Ammo in Genesys

    I know it's easy to think about ammo, but i'm not sure if it is fine in Genesys... I guess the ammo as a stat is something that the players can manage, and i'm not sure it's the feeling in games like this. Well, in some games ok, but in other games i don't know the characters really know how much ammo still has. It's something that finish during the scene, which makes more sense using the threaths to be done, by the GM, you know?
  15. I don't have the board but have the terrain, I'll see what I can do
  16. I jest I jest... I'd love to see Zeb, Mara or anyone who's already featured on art in the game!
  17. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Given the Braha'tok's presence in the films and Rebels, I'd say it was a given for a future wave. Hopefully wave 8. I'd like to think they'd exhaust existing capital ships from the films before moving onto the more obscure ships. Perhaps they'll package it with U-Wings.
  18. NPC Creation

    Greetings Community, I am a fairly new tabletop player (<2 years) and an even newer GM. I am about to go into my second system with my players and I hoped to get some feedback from some folks. What is the process that you (as other GMs) go through when creating NPCs? I have a fairly substantial narrative backbone for the characters that my players will interact with but I struggle with where to start and how to create the minions/rivals/nemesis characters. I have been using OggDudes character generator and am I am investigating a link between the Power Level of NPCS to the amount of XP a PC has. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts!
  19. The good news is that Rebels can't field both Sabine and the Nym necessary for a TS+Genius combo in 45 points, but she's certainly beatable with a PS 9+ heavy-hitter, or a stronger turret than a TLT. Poe's more difficult - any target locks simply don't exist, and he can reliably get 1.5 evade results, plus shrug off one hit with R2-D2. You're right though; Kestal with an Ion turret would murderise him, since he can't regen off the ion move.
  20. Neutral character question?

    If it worked the way everyone is trying to say then they would say that an all neutral team could choose to use either Hero or Villian cards. If I had a blue, yellow and grey character that were natural. Then I added a blue hero, two of the 4 characters could use blue hero cards that said spot a blue character. If any of those cards said spot a blue hero character then only 1 out of the 4 could use it. It isn't a license to convert all characters on your team to hero. No where does it say that.
  21. "I'm out!" - Dealing with Ammo in Genesys

    Remember how languages worked? I use that as my "how not to" for Genesys!
  22. I’ll be Overlord for this one next week. (Minor Spoilers ahead.) I could use Elementals as one of the open groups (Encounter II). If an Elemental picks up the Dragon Skull for one action and uses the Air skill for its second, what is to stop it from keeping the skull indefinitely, provided it always uses the Air skill as one of its actions? Provided it could do 1) Air 2) Move (and can find a way through the heroes), couldn’t it just walk out the entrance that way? Tombel could use Caltrops, I suppose, to slow it down? Anything else that the Heroes could do to put damage on it without attacking it? ...Or am I overlooking something more obvious? Sure, I want to win, but if that’s the way to breeze through it (ha!), I just won’t recruit them.
  23. Han shot first, listbuilding help

    What were your matchups?
  24. What logic are you referring to? someone mentioned something about Zebs art or him being hard to make and I simply said we've already seen his character art appear on a card. Grays on jumping to conclusions though
  25. Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    “I am one of the exiles, you have me. It seems that I am not a good lier. Either that or you two are very perceptive. Well done. The only thing you have wrong is about the task force, officially the Jedi under the Revanchinist were a task force. It was the only way the council would approve of the Jedi going to war.” Tiberius says, “Is there anything else you need before setting down your blasters?” Karabast.
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