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  2. (As an aside... my god, I've missed this. )
  3. So what would you think motivated the use of excuses that are both lame and make the Empire look weak? Putting aside Taka's subjective perceptions- The guy brought a tessen to a courtly interview to make his position clear from the outset. Implies that Taka should play the oh-so-dignified mouth harp. States that the Empire cannot safeguard marine troop transports from a pack of pirates if "but a single Mantis craft" sighted them. Implies that he doesn't want the Crab getting weapons because he's pretty sure the Crab would use them on the Crane and doesn't want the weapons the Empire cannot keep safe from Mantis at sea from falling into their hands. (This one, at least, is excusable, if you buy the thesis of a pathetically inept Imperial maritime endeavor, and is, at least, justifiable) And how are those interests served by making the claim that their ships are so ineffectual that a bunch of either ronin or minor clan pirates can completely interdict any coastal shipment above a certain size? Beg your pardon, but what do you think he's trying to achieve here that isn't pointless folly? Look, I loathe the Crane, but when the Phoenix made boneheaded moves in the old story, I called them on it with far more vehemence than I'm using here. To the guy you just told you were scared the Mantis would ravage any ships you sent. Going by Yoshi's words? It's definitely not the former. Moreover, given a chance to mend fences by saying no nicely at a time when his Clan is not exactly doing well, and when they're embroiled in bloodshed with the Lion on one front, this was not a smart play by Yoshi. Guy's a fool.
  4. My Lion assessment was off, but my Scorpion assessment was on. So far, 3/4 correct. I wonder who the 5-cost Dragon will be?
  5. I solemnly swear I am up to no good not going to debate if star fighters should actually exist. I am going to say they are Extremely Fun and Cool though. And it's fun to rationalise the absurd stuff they do. (One person rationalised that Star Wars fighters bank when they turn to get a better field of view in the direction of their banking. That only makes sense with ships with large transparent overhead canopies, like the X,B and A wings, but I like it)
  6. I am quite amused by the flavour text on the seals we have seen to date: Crane and Scorpion get long flowery signatures. On the other hand the Crab have "Hida Kisada, Defender of the Wall." As far as they are concerned, nothing more need be said!
  7. I used to play this: Chiraneau + Lone Wolf + Engine Upgrade Oicunn + Tick Shot + Darth Vader + Rebel Captive Today, I would exchange Vader for Kylo Ren.
  8. As per Dave on facebook, the Lion/Crane dispute is not technically a war- hence the pressure on Toturi to actually declare war instead of just... killing each other in army-sized chunks as a "limited police action."
  9. What is this about?
  10. I've had that debate a thousand times and I still believe Fighters have a **** of a role they can fill. Craft like that simply aren't worthless. Not useful for attacking larger ships, typically, no. That's pure fiction unless we're talking very heavily armed and well defended "bomber" platforms that, eventually, aren't exactly fighters anymore.
  11. One thing I do want to do, is to work out how to add section/chapter/story markers so that you can browse to a certain point via the 'Go To' function/indexing on a device. Will obviously update once implemented.
  12. I too have two, and though I don't fly them together regularly, they can be very fun. Getting one at half price is awesome! I'd do it for a third, but I have other ships that I have none or one of, so shan't for a while.
  13. Epic, is the word I would use to describe it. Especially if you have mainly large or medium bases.
  14. This is a pbp with lots of horror elements... Its in three mini stories with an interlude, that are parts of the campaign. First is zombie/alien (the movie) like mobster hoards of rakghoul like creatures. Second is gore and carnage in an abandoned mall. Third is going to korriban with dark vergences and body horror.
  15. I'd agree that if you want some ally/villain packs stick to ones released with either Core or the Expansion box youre getting. some of the non-unique packs are also usable with core, such as Hired Guns, Alliamce Smuggler, Wookie Warriors and Stormtroopers. Also Jawa, Hera & Chopper and Bt-1 and 0-0-0. in the end, it's really up to you which figures you want to see in play. even if they require a map tile not from core/your expansion, you could just house rule them as available without the need to play their mission...
  16. Whatever is abbreviated EtU:52
  17. It lowered down to 1 koku/person/month by the end of the 4th edition timeline.
  18. Come to giga we have beer in store no need to even leave the threshold 😜🎉🎉🎉
  19. "Fighters, coming in!" I seem to recall in Legends the ejection mechanism in the seat projected some sort of temporary atmospheric bubble, but that's from years old use of google, so might not be true. Presumably there's still some contingency in Canon too, otherwise Bigg's advice to Porkins to eject when he was having issues with his X-Wing is pretty dark (in both Legend and Canon, IIRC, Biggs is relatively experienced by this point, so it's likely not a rookie error). Tbh, the Imperial doctrine of 'lets save money by having our pilots in sealed flight suits rather than install life support in our snub fighters' is one of the few things they get really right. The number of time an X-Wing crashes and I think "you are SO lucky that you are crashing on a planet with a breathable atmosphere", especially when it's some totally uncharted world like Dagobah. I know, in terms of film making, the rebel helmets are for character reasons and to evoke that WWII feel, but I'd definitely want to go into space combat looking more like a TIE pilot. While I'm geeking out about space suits, FWIW, I strongly suggest this webpage: (and the rest of the site, if you like falling down Hard Sci-Fi rabbit holes. Just, if you've any attachment to X-Wings...skip over the bits where they talk about the practicality of space fighters)
  20. I don't. I feel there is so much good ideas that are simply made clucky and slow and complicated for the sake of using the special dice and fails because of it.
  21. Call me that Cold-hearted Killer, but... A character gets shot at by a TIE Fighter and for whatever reason it deals 7 Vehicle scale damage. You want to reflect? Sure. Convert (7 Vehicle becomes 70 Character), reflect for an ungodly amount of 10. Hmmmm. That still leaves us with 60 damage to apply to Soak, and then Wounds. In this case, the Destiny point shouldn't be spent to become a god-level baseball player bouncing beams back that are as wide as the lightsaber, including handle, is long, but it should be spent to get the freak out of there, to 'not be where the beams wills be momentarily'. I am in no way willing to start a 'reality' discussion, but I consider some of the (fun, but very futile) cartoon ways of handling matters way off the charts. Other than not having a lightsaber yet, there is a reason why Rey and Finn ran from the TIE Fighters on Jakku. They blow up quad jumpers with a salvo of deadly fire. Even in such a magical place such as the Star Wars universe there are natural laws to prevent people from surviving a hit that blows a hole in their chest twice as wide as that chest...
  22. Today
  23. I have glanced at the thing and I'm looking forward to running it. At first glance, it seems a bit ambitious and complex, but I'll give it a og when I can find the time (Perhaps you'd like to playtest some of my homemade missions too at some point?)
  24. Just thought of one that would tempt me to play Shadowlands (just for funsies of course): Corrupted Ground (Shadowlands Province) Province Strength: 3 Reaction: When this province is revealed, choose one - remove 1 fate from each participating non-Shadowlands character, or discard a participating character with printed cost 3 or less which has no fate on it. Maybe paired with: Corrupted Dead Cost: 2 2/0/0 Shadowlands. Corrupted. Undead. Reaction: When an opponent's character is discarded by one of your card abilities - put this character into play from a province or your discard pile.
  25. True dat. However, I think the only difference then, between you and me, is that your movers and shakers are established NPCs from the computer games, while mine are all custom-made for the setting. One character aspired to be like one of the few Jedi Masters at the Tython academy (an empty shadow of what it once was, with all the literally empty rooms and halls), and they got a nice Sith Lady to fear, loathe and defeat (who also lured the brother of one of the characters to the Dark Side).
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