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  2. "You'll see" is pretty much the Story Team catchphrase. I can tell you, based upon some personal interactions I've had with Shawn Carman (who was the story lead pretty much the entire time I was involved in the CCG), Robert Denton, Chris Hand, and and Maxime Lemaire that they generally put a brave face on it, but the carping from the fanbase, if persistent and grating enough, can get under their skin pretty badly. So, y'know, fellow commenters, let's all have a care... (I have been quite, quite guilty of this in my time, so...)
  3. People who advocate that partisans are scum are straight up wrong. There is no other way to put it. They are citizens who rebel against the system. They wish to destroy the empire. They are not out for the money and the fame. They don't care about being rich or having power. They care about destroying tyranny the legitimate government. Fighting dirty and using every available tool does not make you scum. They are desperate rebels. They are not pirates with a goal. It baffles me how can people go through this much mental gymnastics to make something happen, and not realize that they are trying too hard.
  4. Combination of their industrialization and orbital bombardment by the CIS. The bombardment wrecked their waste storage facilities and factories, which caused all that crap to spread into the atmosphere together with whatever nasty stuff the CIS might have used. So less greenhouse effect and industrial pollution, which they had under control, and more of a global nuclear holocaust with all the radiation that entails. Which is a bit harder than just jumpstarting greenhouse gas production on a planet that could support an atmosphere. Rampant global warming is not that big of a problem in Star Wars, otherwise Ord Mantell would not be a habitable planet. Since their industry is dirty enough to have melted both of the polar ice-caps and they have a huge wasteland filled with scrap alongside acid lakes, downed star ships with stuff leaking into the ground and huge trash fires burning constantly. That place is still habitable and a popular tourist destination for gamblers and big game hunters.
  5. Gladiator should have been on medium base
  6. I had hundreds of games when, (even in military vs military matchups) alone defender was making some attricion games and sacrificed himself for saving a Province (to have Presence and play some kill, bow or sendhome at least one card or unit). I don't know what's more thematic that really SACRIFICE your life to defend your land. And playing passive decks was all about tower defense mechanic where sacrificing your guys to save provinces was just their main playstyle.
  7. I'm in Rochester, I come out to Dave and Adams for all the armada tourneys. too far for a weeknight, but let me know if a tourney comes up. I'll definitely make it to that
  8. I like how your house rule sounds. I'm going to test it with my group in our next game.
  9. thanks for the replies!
  10. You're missing that the next deploy/reinforce step is during this round. The next round starts after the next status phase. Scouted Enemies can thus guarantee that the group you just defeated must sit on the bench for one round (unless a mission event or ability allows a mid-round deployment).
  11. There are three forms for three deployment cards. (Note that the announcement article said 3 hero and 13 other figures, so there had to be 16 figures in the box.)
  12. Leia can use Battlefield Leadership even if she doesn't have a valid target for her attack. When she tries to perform the attack, she is unable to declare target, so the attack does not get performed. She can still choose another friendly figure within 3 spaces to perform an attack. (It would have include "if you do," to require that she actually performed an attack. "if you do" is used in some later abilities.) 0-0-0 can use Invasive Procedure without an adjacent figure. Let's just say this has come up in previous discussions with the designers and the tech editor.
  13. I have considered dropping Hotaru as well. The big chars are too big a target for i can swim, noble, way of the crab etc plus are either not bought due to lack of fate to make the purchase worthwhile or 'dealt' with by the opposition in some cunning way. I think my ideal prices are 3 and 1. 3's the deck workhorses and 1 for help chars that I dont mind forcing the assasination.
  14. As he was only the second from the front of the group crawling inside the vents, Anler manages to slide fairly gracefully from the collapsing structure, unlike some of his companions. Ignoring the enemy clones struck by the debris, he ignites his lightsaber and propels himself forward, towards a group of clones that have lost several members from the collapse. There is little finesse in his maneuvers, but he swings his lightsaber too fast for the clone closest to him to dodge, striking the trooper in his leg. Stunned from the blow, the clone has no chance of getting out of the way when the lightsaber descends on his helmet, knocking him out. Anler immediately spins around, swinging wide at another enemy clone. He manages to step back, but the Padawan follows up his attack just like his master had taught him and thrusts at the trooper's chest. The blow would have impaled the man had it been struck with an actual lightsaber, but he gets a nasty shock from the blow and falls down.
  15. I really wanted to re-create for my players the feeling and atmosphere that I got from SWG.... That's why I make my players stand in line at the space port for 30min before every session so they can get buffed just so then they can wear their armor, and THEN they get to go on adventures! In all seriousness. I loved SWG so Hard! But I've yet to incorporate anything really. Though I have always liked the Tusken Raider angle combined with KOTOR that actually makes Tusken Raiders semi sympathetic. No idea how I would incorporate that in a game though.
  16. The thing I think with Kylo and 2 Gunboats is that Kylo and 2 x7 Deltas is almost certainly Just Better.
  17. It wouldn't be nice from me to spoil the ending for you... have you learned nothing?
  18. Yes, that's why I removed the roll and increased Deadliness. Overall, with this change, crits should be slightly higher in average, unless you have lacquered armor or better.
  19. Today
  20. I run lion without toturi or ujiaki, and have played unicorn without altansarnai. Both viable decks i think.
  21. That is still quite a bit of movement. Also I don't think reposistioning actions fit as well with ship movement. Maybe an engine burn which adds a 1 straight after a move but that is about as far as I think you could push it without having near decloak levels of movement. Though that is a good question. How would you cloak a huge ship? Heck we don't even have rules for cloaking a large ship.
  22. I don't hate it, it just doesn't seem like Vader. He doesn't strike me as being particularly concerned about protecting other fighter units from what we have seen in various sources.
  23. Ok, I put the changes to he rolls back in, they still only affect @Edgehawk and @SHADOWGUARD CHAMPION, once @Stneu73 has a chance to roll up, @Kymrel you're free to start things off. If it turns out the combat system here doesn't work, we will try floating initiative next combat scenario. All sounds good with you guys?
  24. The Isawa in our game is cool as a cucumber Thank you for your posts. I too am torn on the Strife thing because as you noted it is every roll, so it can be kind of random and weird. In the game I don't tend to like to have my guy do a check for simple things or things that require thinking, so I tended to roll very few checks with my Shiba Bushi, while the player who was playing an Ikoma Courtier was wanting a check to see if it was time for lunch. The Strife system can be good in that it mechanically discourages overuse of the dice, but it also discourages use of the dice at the same time.
  25. I miss this too. I plan on having this incorporated in to the game but maybe without the tiki torches lol. I loved the sense of the world in that game with rain falling and wildlife to encounter as well as the little things like seeing starships flit across the sky.
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