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  2. I'd recommend looking at other games like 40k and boltaction for example. Every table is different and if s store is lacking terrain they ask you to bring some pieces or they use very generic terrain for a table. Not flat cardboard.
  3. So HoTE is coming out in 2 weeks? Or is there one more preview article to come out?
  4. So you pick which of your figures take the damge or which of the opponents figures take damage with this trio of cards (Balancing/Corrupting/Chaotic Force)? Can the emperor use his Emperor ability on figures in the opponents' list, or is this like Jabba's Ordered Hit where you don't control the other figure?
  5. TIE Punisher does all those things except PS10. I think that needs to change. Of course Firespray can do those things except the system slot. Oops. Sorry Imps, can’t let you guys have the OP Bombers like scums and rebs. And I say why not? Don’t nerf, buff!
  6. @defkhan1 Warning: Lots of Uninformed Statements below....just observations from a newb whose been trying to pay attention and been using RAC. Is Nym really whats keeping Imps out of the Meta? RAC/Palp/Kylo + Cruise Vader is hands down the imps best list and it legite laughs off Miranda/Nym....its a very favorable match for RAC. I mean **** RAC and a Firespray can destroy that list. Miranda + Biggs/Low is definitely harder mainly because Biggs and Miranda Regen adds a few extra rounds that wouldnt otherwise occur. Trip Jumps is tough on RAC. So is FSR2 but thats losing popularity fast. 4x TLT ends the game and is probably RAC/Kylo + Vaders worst match up. Trip Cruise Imp Aces is more than a bit scary for RAC without key blinds. Bomblets are tough but RAC doesnt care much. Any janky list with more than 3 ships causes trouble. The best Imp Lists right now appear to be the following: 1. RAC/Palp/Kylo + Cruise Vader 2. 4x TLT Aggressors 3. Palp Aces still probably? I dont count cruise aces since its literally hit or miss. Curious what the experts think on this....since im definitely not one of those. Imps are poorly represented sure...but I have a hard time understanding how the meta specifically is causing problems for the imps two best ships and two best cards..... Seems like its biggest problem is kinda all the weird stuff thats not really meta at all, and all the alpha stuff Imp players are using instead of RAC...
  7. What those stories are actually about is a person learning the values of other cultures and learning to identify more with those than the values they were raised with. While this is definitely a common (some would say overused based on their preference) trope, it actually has a good message, IMO. But considering the main character is a white guy, it's a vilified arc. The message is simultaneously "white people are culturally ignorant" and "who does this white guy think he is, saving other cultures?" There's little film makers can do other than simply stop casting white people in these roles--which in some cases they definitely should (The Great Wall starring Matt Damon????). But in the case of, say, district 9. Would the message be more wholesome if the lead was black instead of white? I don't think so. It's often a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. The "ignorant white guy" is an accepted villain because he's prejudiced. The "culturally evolving white guy" has become a villain because white people are supposed to be ignorant and aren't being portrayed that way uniformly in the story.
  8. And all of those shuttles look neater than the utilitarian DX-9... Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the DX-9 because of it's relationship to the flight sims. It's dead simple to imagine it with an upgrade card that says: Discard, drop a mine, and this Mine has range 1-3 attack with two dice and an agility of 3, hull 2. Because these things DID drop mines in addition to all the other crap they did. They turned like a bus, and they were very slow. Anything faster and it would have been unfair for your first B-Wing mission when project shantipole got compromised by an Imperial spy. Maybe this could be the first bullseye arc for the Empire? But someone else had some rightful criticism for the DX_9: It looks like a Star Trek shuttlecraft. It doesn't have big sexy wings like either of those other shuttles, nor does it have a long history of being in a cartoon or being onscreen. The DX-9 had a thankless utility role in all of the old flight sims that we love it for, but what also dooms it to obscurity.
  9. Given the Core 2.0 is coming soonish, I made some changes to the deck again any and all advice is welcome and appreciated. Run Maxx Run (45 cards) MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock -- event (19 cards) 3 Day Job 3 Dirty Laundry 3 Interdiction 1 Levy AR Lab Access 3 Making an Entrance 3 Run Amok 3 Sure Gamble -- hardware (4 cards) 2 EMP Device 2 Şifr -- program (8 cards) 2 Black Orchestra 2 Datasucker 2 MKUltra 2 Paperclip -- resource (14 cards) 3 Daily Casts 3 Liberated Account 3 Same Old Thing 3 Street Peddler 2 Temüjin Contract
  10. Realistic: - Darth, Tarkin and Leia all reduced to 30 points. - Something to reduce marek-jendon without drastically messing up the squadron war More fanciful - Some expanded terrain/objective play - being able to pick up command tokens or something from stations etc.
  11. Here's a hybrid: TIE Aggressor: Sienar Specialist (17) Cruise Missiles (3) Guidance Chips (0) TIE Aggressor: Sienar Specialist (17) Cruise Missiles (3) Guidance Chips (0) TIE Aggressor: Sienar Specialist (17) Cruise Missiles (3) Guidance Chips (0) TIE Bomber: Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16) XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1) Cruise Missiles (3) Guidance Chips (0) TIE Bomber: Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16) XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1) Cruise Missiles (3) Guidance Chips (0) -- TOTAL ------- 100p. --
  12. We have indeed, soon after arriving at the base, during the patrol and flight back to base.
  13. Nu class attack shuttle Theta class shuttle Delta class shuttle come on guys we gots lots more to go!
  14. Dood the DX-9 would have Att 3, dial like a Y-wing with a little more red, cannon, two torps, system, more hull and shields than the lambda, and probably a boarding action that causes stress and crits for ships at range one or maybe touching. we can make this ship so cool.
  15. Warrior, maybe. I'd hope for Cathar, but as they are Legends, it's a low chance. For Mystic, I'm cool with Thisspiasian, Tholothian, and Vurk. Or Sith, if that happens. I'd hope Kaleesh (Grievous' species) and Talz. Cathar would be nice, though see above. I'm not sure what else.
  16. I'm all for custom specs and stuff. In concept, I think you could be on to something, but here are my suggestions: a. As said before, the talents indicate a fencer, the name and skills indicate a swashbuckler. Charm and coercion could get swapped out for athletics and coordination if you want fencer, while throw in some social stuff if you want those current career skills. Adding a description like the books do would also help clarify this. b. Add custom rules for fencing. The swashbuckler should be allowed regular combat, of course, but I think it might nice to use opposed melee or something special in order to better indicate the nature of fencing as a sport. c. Figure out a career to go with. For Edge, Hired Gun might be the obvious choice, while it also has the "flashiness" of a smuggler. Likewise, Soldier is the obvious choice with Age of Rebellion, but the "civilized" sort of archetype and social skill might make diplomat a nice fit. In Force and Destiny, Guardian and Warrior are the best options, although Mystic could be a possibility. d. Make that talent tree look a little nicer. Use an image or spreadsheet.
  17. Right now there's three things regarding bombs that are keeping many Imp ships out the meta: Nym being PS10, Nym having access to Adv Sensors, and Bomblet Generator existing in its current form (being able to drop a Bomblet every round is just lazy). I think the following erratas would make bombing a lot more balanced (still competitive, but not forcing low health ships at PS <10 out of the game): Havoc: Scurrg H-6 Bomber only. Your upgrade bar gains the [system] and [salvaged astromech] icons and loses the [EPT] and [crew] upgrade icons. You cannot equip non-unique [salvaged astromech] Upgrade cards. You cannot equip [system] Upgrade cards costing more than 2 squad points. Bomblet Generator: Action: Place 1 ordnance token on this card. When you reveal your maneuver, you may discard 1 ordnance token on this card to drop 1 Bomblet token. This token detonates at the end of the Activation phase. Basically this removes the PS10/AS combo and makes Bomblets trickier to use. You can't just drop Bomblets every round with no consequence, you have to plan ahead and generate your Bomblets in advance.
  18. It certainly would work the same way with WotL. If you WotL Toturi to 6 MIL and then Yunako it to a 6 POL it doesn't matter whether you use the shorthand Switch or do the long version which is essentially "set the base MIL to the base POL, and the base POL to whatever the base MIL was." They are functionally identical since they both update the bases. It doesn't matter what its called, and you can get into a semantic fit if you want but what I said holds true - did it change? Yes? THEN NO, you can't do it. It changed, it modified, it anything you want to call it, you can't do it to a dash stat.
  19. Probably the best advice I can give is to go have a look at a squadron builder (like this one). It'll show you what all the pilots and upgrades do, as well as what expansions they're in. If you're still struggling against Dash, though, I'd recommend this Vader build: Darth Vader (29) + TIE/x1 + Advanced Targetting Computer + Engine Upgrade + Predator + Proton Rockets. With boost you should be able to get range 1 quite easily, then just focus and fire your missile. Remember that you don't need to spend the focus to fire it, so you'll have a reroll plus focus to modify. If you can manage R1 without boosting, of course, then just focus+TL. The problem with that build is that the first two cards are in the Imperial Raider expansion. If you can't proxy, you might try the Inquisitor as an alternative. Normally, he likes to stay at R3, but against Dash he can stay close just like Vader - make sure to give him Push the Limit. Against YT-1300s it's just a matter of firepower. I assume you've come up against the C-3PO + evade builds? Either on Han, or with Rey + Finn for extra tankiness? Like you said, by far the best solution is to shoot them multiple times, but that can be hard to achieve if you're lower PS and they have boost. Some solutions: 1. Bring a turret yourself. Everyone hates Dengar, but **** if he isn't good. 2. Imperials are very good at high PS. Bring PS11 Vader/Quickdraw with some missiles. 3. Quickdraw, generally. She's amazing. Fire Control System for consistent rerolls, Lightweight Frame for defence, season to taste. Expertise is good, if expensive. 4. If you haven't yet: buy the TIE/fo expansion. Learn the terrible beauty of Omega Leader (+ Juke + Comm Relay, both in the expansion itself!). She suffers against the bomb meta, but given enough time she will solo any Falcon. Good luck and have fun!
  20. Fortunately we happened to have a camera on the scene at the time:
  21. Drokatta? Isn't she female
  22. I hope they add Cathar at some point; I wanna be my Cathar Hero of Tython already geez! Also i'd like them to detail exactly how Jar-Kai works {the art of two lightsabers in combat}
  23. The DX-9 in the X-wing games has quite a lot of weapons. It has 4 laser cannons, 4 ion cannons, 2 torpedo launchers, and a lot of passengers. I don't think the Empire needs any other shuttle, though. Between the Lambda and the Upsilon, they can do whatever the DX-9 could do.
  24. When I started playing Epic!
  25. There was a request to see some spreadsheets that we had mentioned on the last Birmingham Barons X-Wing Podcast episode on the subject of the difference between using a Focus Token or a Target Lock to modify attack dice. I had some unfilled time this weekend, so... Focus_vs_TargetLock.pdf
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