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  2. Kung Fu Genesys Setting

    I'm not sure if this is intentionally misspelling the Keith's handle as a or just an honest mistake.
  3. "I've never" anonymous

    I never bought a CR90.
  4. Ugly character sheets

    Yes. I agree with you. If you need to make some space then the motivation could go or you could just have the key words listed in an arc above the head of the character as a remainder with a full explanation on the next page.
  5. Strategic Advisor

    Absolutely - on both counts! @Drasnighta or @Green Knight, have you submitted / will you submit a question to FFG on this?
  6. New to Arkham

    @CSerpent that is a great rundown. Thank you very much everyone! I am going to give the first scenario of the core campaign a few runs to really get the mechanics of this game down then I'll begin to move on. I think I'll be on these forums a lot with questions or researching issues I'm having.
  7. Strategic Advisor

    Well at least we can agree that the writing is imprecise and inconsistent! It will be interesting to see how TOs handle this.
  8. QuickDraw question

    If you aim for the alpha strike: advanced optics. It allows you to have Guidance Chips, TL and focus for your missile on the first pass. If you were planning for a more opportunistic missile shot (i.e. not on the first pass) Lightweight frame.
  9. "I've never" anonymous

    I've never been to Boston in the Fall... Oh, you mean X-Wing, uh, I've never tried Epic even though I'm buying up all of the ships.
  10. "I've never" anonymous

    Never respected Boba Fett as a character. (Love his design, though...) Never sought help for what some call a crippling Glitterstims addiction. I can stop whenever I want! Never apologized for my list or chosen faction. Never agreed to a "no disintegrations" policy. Never let the haters steal my shine.
  11. "I've never" anonymous

    I've never played anything more than a demo game.
  12. State of the Meta Pt 2 - Imperial Squadrons

    TIE fighter generics are frequently used in small squad lists of 2 to 4, and their goal is to just keep squadrons pinned long enough for a turn or two of flacking. The aces do have superb abilities and scatters and are almost always a good fit in one way or another. And for their points, Bombers are the most efficient way of dealing damage to ships. It's not uncommon to see 4 bombers in squadron lists now, especially with BCC available. It's almost always worth upgrading to Tempest if you're taking 2 Advanceds. If you're only taking 1 it should almost always be Zertik just for the braces. Aggressors: mostly agree, though IG-88 is one of 2 units that can attack counter squadrons without worry. He pairs well with Saber squadron for killing Shara Bey.
  13. Well, to be fair, Slicers does require leaving your Flotilla at medium range of an enemy ship. Anyway, it may (arguably) be true that Raid will have little or no impact in the meta beyond slighly decreasing the overall token economy. But... is this a problem? Is it fair to place the burden of "fixing Armada" on Jyn or the Mandalorians' shoulders? Shouldn't we judge the impact on the game on its own merits, rather than on some wishful thinking?
  14. It's game day today!

  15. Praise the Dice gods I'm Rolling HOT!
  16. Ugly character sheets

    I think having the motivations listed in such cramped space isn't the best design; you want room to elaborate on them in some detail, like the official sheet provides.
  17. Reflect and Parry

    The thing is … it does not really seem to be true. Force users with tons of XP and training seem to be better, sure. But Jango Fett had no trouble gunning down jedi's left and right. Boba Fett had no trouble to make them run for the life. Clone Trooper minions had no trouble to kill about 10,000 jedi on their own. Now at the other hand, that rule change to parry and reflect does not change that either. Jedi still fall to autofire rather quickly, jedi still die to explosives and blast weapons and jedi still die to snipers who just go with tons of success and overcome them just fine. And they are actually still in trouble against something like a martial artist as well as those have access to unarmed parry and the ability to perma stagger. So I say: More power to you. Though mechanically I think you broke the game, because the narrative dice results in melee combat would end up always based around disarming your target first and finishing him off afterwards. Once you reach your sweet little 4 ranks of parry in Soretsu or combine Niman with Arbiter or whatever your parry/reflect become more an an impenetrable shield, which becomes especially problematic with circle of shelter. The game is build around the idea that players and GMs are telling the stories of the dice, but with that chance to parry and reflect those stories become rather boring imho. So while working from a lore and world building perspective, nds might be not best suited for the result.
  18. Just my feelings (braces for Krayt response :P)... - Asajj will rise to the top and will be the new boogeyman. Latts needs to be limited to once to per round or they need to take away one of the illicit slots. She will continue to be almost impossible to kill. - Harpoons need some sort of correction...price/effect/something. They are far too efficient for cost. - Reinforce needs to be treated like any other token. That way you can shut it down with Wes/Old Teroch/Carnor/ect. - Get rid of deadeye. Or make it a use once and discard. With extra munitions and insanely accurate ordinance and reload, it's far too efficient for it's cost now vs. when it was released. - Sabine needs a fix. Either limit it to range 3 of the bomb, same ship, or increase the price. Something. It's far too efficient of a crew. - Miranda needs some sort of fix. I don't know what that is. But she's way too efficient of a point fortress. - Obvious nerf to Genius & TS. Make Genius a use once and destroy. Not the bomb. Changing up some of these will shift people into lists and fear other ones less.
  19. Thanks you guys, got it in the other day, and got the tokens bagged, and that atst built(that chin turret is a pain to get in!). Also got in Boba and was happy to discover that his campaign mission is fully compatible with just the base game! Can’t wait for the opportunity to play, may do a solo run with the app this weekend, but hoping to talk some people into a game soon edit: say, on the campaign boxes, which would be the best to go for first? Would love to pick up one of the smaller ones for the minicampaign so I have that option
  20. So, release date game....

    Lets up hope Armada Wave Heaven hasn’t clouded the future
  21. Right but those same concepts scale as well. Whether you're playing FoW and flank tanks, or playing Legion and flank an AT-ST, it's the same thing. It could have been a 10mm game with a bunch of AT-ATs with flanking rules since they can't turn well, and it's literally the same thing for Legion at 32mm. Nothing is changing between the games. Just the scale and frame of mind when you play.
  22. your take on sniper rifles rules

    On the Sniper Rifle it says: "During a fight, (special symbol on die) results always inflict hits on the enemy. Does this card mean you only hit with a headshot? So if a ranged enemy can't be killed with a headshot you can't use the Sniper Rifle?
  23. It's game day today!

    Friday game day is upon us. Right now I'm omw to shoot some dirty pirates out of space. What are you up to this weekend?
  24. Looking to test some W7 stuff. Maybe this will work. Satomato with grit (399/400) =========================== MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100 + 65) + Commander Sato (32) + Strategic Adviser (4) + Gunnery Team (7) + Hardened Bulkheads (5) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Wide-Area Barrage (2) + Aspiration (3) Nebulon-B Support Refit (51 + 14) + Hondo Ohnaka (2) + Quad Battery Turrets (5) + Salvation (7) GR-75 Medium Transports (18 + 7) + Leia Organa (3) + Boosted Comms (4) GR-75 Medium Transports (18 + 2) + Comms Net (2) Han Solo (26) Ketsu Onyo (22) Corran Horn (22) Nym (21) Shara Bey (17) Tycho Celchu (16) Station Assault Fighter Ambush Minefields
  25. Oooh, it’d be fun to be part of the new article hype when it happens
  26. My review of Genesys rpg

    I wasn't saying that Genesys (NDS) wasn't inflexible. I was saying that most games are inherently inflexible in their approach to outcome resolution and their system mechanics. When I first was introduced to Star Wars, after playing a variety of simulationist and narrative games for many years, I recognized what the Advantage/Threat mechanic was meant to be. It was FFG's attempt to encourage simulationist game players (d20 and the most other games) to think far outside the box, which is to say play narratively and not in the typical binary manner. I wasn't aware, at the time, that Star Wars's NDS was an evolution of FFG's WHFRP 3rd edition. Yes, I realized that this is a tool kit, as are Gurps, Hero, Fate, Fudge, Otherworlds, and Cypher, to name a few. They are designed to be pick and choose type systems. This concept is what makes them so great. The problem is that the core Hero 1st+ (aka Champions 4th) edition and Gurps 3rd Edition+ (to a lesser degree) books are complete games. This is not from a world perspective (ie Forgotten Realms) but mechanically. The ability to create, design, and do just about everything is completely covered. Genesys is more akin to Fate, Otherworlds, Fudge, and Cypher. Your given basic examples of a few things and then told to essentially "wing it". On the plus side, when GURPS 1st edition came out, it was less defined then even Genesys. Don't get me wrong, I like Genesys a lot but it seems to me that a lot of was purposefully left out to be placed in upcoming source books. Example: Persistent non-spell abilities such as superpowers ,cybernetics, crafting in any form, and personal flight, are a examples of some of the things that immediately come to mind. I have had a chance to look at LOT of roleplaying games and many are designed to be simulationist. Success and failure is absolute. They also have an extremely detailed economy regarding character sheets and tracking Hit Points, Ammo, Spells used per day, and a variety of other items. The World of Darkness was one first games designed to be narrative but was dismissed by many because it wasn't about the dungeon crawl and killing for XP. Slowly more games have come out that more narrative to various degrees (Fate, Otherworlds, Cypher, Fudge) but these still in the minority but the minority is growing. Limited by imagination: I agree and I have always included numerous narrative aspects in all games I have run. My group has (unfortunately) elected to play Pathfinder Mathfinder. The same GM also runs Star Wars and is pretty good at it. However He is a long time D20 player and I am trying to get him to treat 1s and 20s as being more then simple fail or pass, but his response is "it's not in the rules". Too many GM's lack imagination and can't escape the ridged mind set of "Rules as Written".
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