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  2. ESP77

    Genesys Magic

    I’v been playing a Primalist as a monk. I’ve been enjoying reskinning attack magic as my monks martial ability. You are correctly calculating the dice pool and that the base attack spell is an easy check, however with no effects and a crit 5 it’s the d20 equivalent of a cantrip attack. Want a fireball? Add burn and blast and now it’s 3 purple. Want that fireball to do double base damage? Add empowered for 5 purple and that technically requires a story point to even attempt.
  3. ThatJakeGuy

    Twin Troopers 32: Kayn Somos

    If it is on a fix card, he'll still have a figure cost of 10 so we can go as low as we need without worrying about that.
  4. Managarmr

    Supernatural Reflexes + Grand inquisitor

  5. Lego Leonidas

    2nd Ed Han pilot ability

    <rolls> hit- asteroid hits the falcon, minor shield damage. <rerolls> crit- Exogorth pops out of asteroid, takes a bite out of falcon.
  6. dtenchi

    Corran Horn, no force ability????

    E-wings can't target lock at range 1.
  7. Tramp Graphics

    Jedi Star IC thread

    Korath looks at the Gank next to him intently, as he pulls aside the left side of his robe, showing the lightsaber at his belt, “If you were not so quick to jump to conclusions, you would already have noticed that my hands are already empty. Now, if you don’t want this to escalate further, I would suggest you put the weapon away. I am here do do business, not fight.”
  8. Kieransi

    Boba Fett movie is happening.

    Han Solo has a strangely apocalyptic feel, with the Republic dead and the Empire struggling to control just the core worlds. Crime lords seem to rule everything, and people are fighting over resources like fuel. I could totally see a Mad Max style approach to the Boba Fett movie. Have Boba fight to protect some random people from some random criminals or something. I could see Boba taking the moral high ground if it involved killing a whole bunch of other random scum who he already has a grudge against. It would also provide some interesting background to see Boba as the good guy, and see why he became the hardened bounty hunter we remember from the OT. Also, remember the Star Wars Christmas Special: Boba can be pretty calm and conniving, and he's good at acting like the good guy when it helps him.
  9. If there’s a gravity well projector in play then “run away” probably is a bit of a shaky plan to begin with for the type of ships most parties have access to, and clearing the atmosphere isn’t exactly all that time consuming for a decent pilot who’s in a hurry. In my experience this is rarely, if ever, an issue - again, for a party that’s done their homework. If it is, then the GM orchestrated it to be, and better stats don’t help against a determined GM.
  10. CyborgNinja

    Armada Art - Which one is your favorite?

    I think my favorite is the 8-bit Ackbar alt art.
  11. acesandeights

    X-Wing Draft Format (for V2.0)

    How about something like this, you bring four ships (or whatever) and build a deck with all the cards for those ships. Determine a threat point limit and shuffle cards, then deal. All cards are assigned to an appropriate ship until each ship has a card (discarding any unplayable cards). Then choose a combination of ships (do not need to use all 4) that equal the threat level, or deal a second round of cards, but you can only replace the first round cards with lower threat level pilot cards.
  12. Managarmr

    Some Core Set cards spoiled!

    Seen with 1.0 eyes, yes. But 2.0 supposedly has very few reposition possibilities for most ships, so it is probably very strong. Furthermore it reminds of FFG's tendency in 1.0 to put all the good stuff on the already good pilots.
  13. Hawkstrike

    The Biggest Question for 2.0 [Clickbait]

    Luke was stressed; Dak didn't get his action to flip the Fire Control Malfunction face down. // This just proves that FFG is missing the opportunity to release the "Lost Ships of the Original Trilogy" expansion. We'll get three small based ships as a tri-faction release T-47 with Luke, Wedge, Zev, and Rogeu Squadron pilot, and gunner cards for Dak, Wes, and Hobbie (Rebel). Bespin Cloud Car with Lando, Lobot, Bespin Security Forces, and Bespin Smuggler pilots and Lobot and L3-37 crew (Scum). T-16 with Biggs, Kitster, and Imperial Cadet and Tatooine Bush Pilot pilots (Imperial/Scum).
  14. ovinomanc3r

    Painting the models before playing

    Had the ground units also terrain??
  15. VanderLegion

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    Which...isn’t really a problem. Most of the people asking for a scum falcon are wanting scum versions of those characters, not random other pilots. And they could give us Qira as a crew card and Beckett as a gunner. Not to mention plenty of other crew card options scattered throughout the rest of the movie. I’m more upset that in an entire scum themed movie we didn’t get ANY other scum ships... It wasn’t “rich people” are bad. It was “war profiteers”. I would have been much happier without the entire arc (just because it was almost all completely unnecessary to the rest of the movie), but it wasn’t just making out all rich people to be evil.
  16. Mogloth

    Genesys Magic

    So, I ran my first session of a campaign using the Genesys rules. I am adapting a story from Paizo - The Ruins of Azlant. One player is going for a Druid type character. Now, whether or not we were properly figuring up the dice pool is separate from this point. That player has 2 ranks in the Primal skill along with a 4 in Cunning. 2 yellow, 2 green. They were casting a spell vs 1 purple. That just felt way too easy. How has magic played out in y'alls games?
  17. player2072913

    The Biggest Question for 2.0 [Clickbait]

    Literally I'm watching empire as we speak, and was just thinking how Dak should be a gunner upgrade come 2.0
  18. Tramp Graphics

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    Yes you can lift people with move, even hurl them as a projectile for damage. The Bind upgrade allows to to push them away or pull them to you, not levitate them. However, I do need to edit my post. I just rechecked my sheet and I don’t have any magnitude upgrades, so I can’t lift anything more than one object. So two of the Light Side points I rolled are wasted.
  19. Kieransi

    The Biggest Question for 2.0 [Clickbait]

    I'm surprized we haven't really seen Dak do anything in the recent EU. I think his cheery attitude at least warrants an upgrade! But I guess I'm just kind of stumped on what he'd actually do... maybe someone who read Lost Stars would remember something interesting about him? Looks like a pilot card would also not be unwarranted, but again, I don't really know what he'd do.
  20. GrimmyV

    2nd Ed Han pilot ability

    Wait, I thought the new Luke Gunner was so OP because he turned the Falcon into an OG PWT? You mean to tell me that if you get 3 ion or tractor tokens on Han you can stop him from attacking? But that means he would be near enough to a rock to reroll his defense dice and avoid getting the tokens in the first place! Right fickle! Fickle?
  21. Julia

    42nd Edition?

    First edition of Cosmic Encounter dates back to 1977. So, technically, it's 41 years now, but it's very close to that Hitchiker's 42, as GroggyGolem mentioned
  22. SOTL

    Solo movie talk (No spoilers)

    FWIW I have seen the movie, it's fine. My opinion doesn't change how terribly it's doing at the box office though.
  23. MandalorianMoose

    Interdictor Sailor Soldier Spy

    Heavy Ions competes with XI7 in their end goals- I’d consider dropping it to QBT to add more dice to all arcs pending speed control. This refunds you one point which you can use to upgrade RBD to ECM, add another comms net, or just have a 2 pt bid. Some other considerations- I’d swap Tua and the G7 Grab well projector for Brunson, Targeting scramblers, and the Interdictor title. Targeting scramblers can protect both the Interdictor and the ISD, and Brunson lets you cancel that one hit/crit your opponent needs for a crit effect that got through after scramblers. The title let’s you double down on one of these defensive buffs
  24. acesandeights

    Are we ever getting a Scarif Playmat?

  25. Kilrex

    2.0 Design Spaces

    Templates: Adding a line down the middle of the template doesn't seem like it would change much. I know, right? But we have already seen that barrel rolls have been altered by the middle line. Do talon rolls use the middle line? I am unsure and don't want to rewatch any matches. Other mechanics might be possible now. With bullseye arcs being more important, will we see small ships barrel rolling like large ships? A shorter barrel roll distance would hallmark a talented pilot. Maybe Resistance and First Order might have drift turns (Segnor loop but a 90 degree ship orientation change)? With the addition of the marker on the middle of the 1 straight, they could introduce a slip maneuver or a maneuvering thrusters upgrade. After you place your maneuver marker, place a 1 straight template at the end and placing a ship to the left or right or the 1 straight. Corner Markers: Adding the ship corner markers to the base set is nice. One of my favorite 3PP item from 1.0 and nice to see it embraced. What else could be done with these? Deflector shields to prevent bumps? A bumping ship would stop movement the distance of the corner marker away, but count as if it had overlapped for movement purposes. Bullseye Arc: I love the bullseye arc on the Kimogila and I am glad to see it's use expanded on. So far there have been spoilered options for pilot abilities, talents, and weapons that really on the bullseye arc for offense. What about defense? Pilot abilities or talents that let you remove yourself from bullseye arc, effects the attacker like the Enforcer title, or defensive bonus that trigger if when the attacker is in your bullseye arc and/or you are not in their bullseye arc.
  26. GrimmyV

    2nd Ed Han pilot ability

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