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  2. rJet: great objective runners/terminal holders, cheap and mobile eJet: great attacker, great mobility, combine Zillo with eJet's agile it's unlikely to be taken down by a single attack, that's pretty important in tournaments especially with the 55?min time limit: in most cases you'd need at least 2 shots to bring down an eJet, you can also pull command card shenanigans like Call the Vanguard. Only downside is the risk that you roll too many surges, hence why some people slap Targeting Computer on it eSentry are one of the few Imperial long-range snipers that can compete with eRangers from Rebels. Most of the time you'd want them to sit back and take long-ranged shots, but if you see black-die figures being grouped together then blast them with Multi-Fire. They're able to take down an entire eWeequay group in 1 activation 10pts for 2 figures that have solid HP, attack, not to mention Zillo and all those great Trooper command cards
  3. Crashed Stuff

    I will have AT-AT wrecks and would like an X-wing wreck, but price tells me to get the Revell model. I want to see the Disney models first. I read they were $20 somewhere. I will double check when I go to Downtown Disney in a couple of weeks.
  4. Need help on making a logic puzzle

    That sounds awesome! I thought of Clue too after I posted and my battery died. I'm prepping for my first Genesys campaign and it's a genre mashup too! I've got a million adventure seed ideas but almost zero crunch experience.
  5. Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    "Yes, I'm curious if you have any records of when the last emergency systems drill was ran in this sector? Also what might be the standard protocol response for these docking tube hazards? I'm essentially interested in the average shipyard personnel awareness to mitigate error if a disaster where to arise for my analysis" Muu says, studying the location of the red blinking lights in the diagram.
  6. well then i really don't see their potential, 10 points for figures that can't get something like 6 dmg
  7. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Why do you feel as if you have a good gauge / monopoly on what the X-wing "moral compass" is? What expertise do you have in dictating what other people think or feel?
  8. Further expansions

    @ricoratso To be fair, the multi-generational battles can make sense with a little creative thinking. Empire vs Droids: Droids still fighting the last war. Rebels vs Droids: Rebels checking old Separatist base for supplies and Droids are still active. Empire vs Clones: Clones that didn't get the Order 66 signal because reasons. Cones vs Rebels: Either Imperial unit that hasn't gotten updated equipment yet, possibly led by fallen Jedi. Or just enjoy the game and stop worrying, like when historical gamers pit historically allied forces against each other.
  9. Openers

    I guess it all depends on: the list you brought-aces, flankers, jousters, alpha strikers, etc, ranged abilities present or not... obstacles, what kind and where Where the other guy is putting his ships what the other list is if you are going to do something the first round reguardless of what the other guy does. this all goes back to Turn Zero. Necessarily any talk on the subject will be general advice vs very very specific strategies based on one list at a time. And there’s much more experienced players than I am to listen to... do why are you reading this?
  10. Yep, basically the golden rule is that: All movement points gained during your activation goes into a pool, but if you gained them as from a special action (ex. playing Urgency during your activation) OR if you got them from out-of-activation abilities then you must spend them immediately Also I forgot to clarify that yes the eJet ruling was a bit different because it was from call of vanguard (out-of-activation), eJet can't run away shooting Han Solo (and avoid return fire) during a normal round/gameplay
  11. Looking forward to it!

    Any thoughts about what we might get in this novel besides fleshing out this new vassal family? I smell a dark parchment that spells corruption for the Fire Chickens haha
  12. LWF and unguided publishers sre pretty decent, but the Bomblet and Trajectory version can do some cool stuff too
  13. Dude I love the Galactic Battlegrounds game, it's perfect for me. I still play it alot with my father (It was the first video game I played, back when I was 5. XD )
  14. Heartbreak

    A couple Boston local FLGSs have stock today to go live tomorrow.
  15. I want a harpoons thread too!

    Ok, so let’s look at Harpoons. It costs as much as Clusters or Cobcussions but keeps the TL. There’s 50 % chance of the condition (applied on a hit) causing one extra damage to the ship. There’s also the Deadman’s switch effect and the splash damage and faceup damage card when hit by an uncanceled crit (which is pretty easy to do). This condition is basically a faceup damage card that doesn’t count as a damage card. The condition being removed on an action is almost the same effect as a jammer token, but not quite. And there’s Plasma Torps for one point less that throw the same number of dice and remove an extra shield on a hit. And assault missiles cost one more point and include the splash damage on a hit. So on paper Harpoons seem to be balanced with other ordnance because the condition it imparts is....conditional. There’s a chance the defender won’t get hit by a crit or be damaged during the removal action, while other ordnance have auto effects. So a Missile with a chance to cause extra effects and doesn’t spend its TL is ‘equal’ to a Missile that has a built in Blank to hit mod but spends its TL. They would both do similar damage on average but keeping the TL is a huge advantage on any ships that can take EM or reload. Huge ships would love Harpoons. So when do you not take Harpoons? When you get hit in the face by your own Harpoon splash. When that extra damage doesn’t happen for you...ever. And that’s probably a lot of players.
  16. I started miniature gaming from a different set of roles, one of which was "no premeasuring." I find that with all the premeasure options in Armada, your placement should be exact in every instance where misplacement would affect either of or strategies. You've had the ability to triangulate the exact measurement of your final position from every point of interest on the board, so why do you need to further fudge your movement after placing it in the exact location you thought would make you safe? If you're going to play like that, you may as well leave markers all over the board so you're never wrong.
  17. They've been putting up videos on their youtube channel instead.
  18. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    So I played a match against a guy flying 5 Autothruster Interceptors, he set up a fortress and waited for me to attack before deciding on an angle of attack, he knew I would have to act as a fifteen dice final salvo isn't beatable by my list. I was impressed by the V pattern he ended up using to initiate an engagement and generally found the game to be a fun one overall. I believe that this harkens back to what Chris said on an earlier podcast in reference to how each persons idea of what X-Wing is can be traced back to how they first came to find the game. He mentions a Dash player finding autothrusters distasteful and I have anecdotes of people finding turrets to be NPEs or stating much the same about double reposition arc dodgers. This seems to be a valid idea for most of us players. i was introduced into the game at a point where fortressing is very much a thing, I saw it as a reasonable strategy implemented by certain lists who knew that the onus was on me to come and face them. I accepted things like Kylo, Palp aces, Dengar and FSR as the standard for what I would come up against, to me, they were all aspects of this game that I took as just being the "nature of the beast" so to speak. The outcry at fortressing stems from a widely accepted view that fortressing is a "d!ck move" and that the majority of the community don't consider it to be playing the game due to the "feels bad" aspect of playing a one sided puzzle when players have signed up for a two player dogfight only to be presented with an assymetric rationing of pressure. I don't believe that fortressing can be, or should be, fixed. To me it is no better or worse than regen turrets or Ghost/Fenn in terms of being an NPE, I enjoy playing X-Wing against it even if it is a noticeably different game, just like dodging Scum Alpha is a different game to Palp Aces. It's a part of X-Wing for better or for worse, and I'm willing to accept it.
  19. Further expansions

    I would rather they keep it smaller, you can always play whatever scale you want but for the sake of pickup games and tournament play keep it at 800pts so you can play a game in 90min. This is one of the downfalls of armada, is the setup and play time are so laborious.
  20. Scum Questions

    Hi again! Didn't wanted to start another thread so... I have another question regarding scum pilots. Do Nym activates the bombs he ignores? Or he can pass over those and the bomb remain in place?
  21. Providing Cover 2 to units in a radius if the attack originates outside the radius would be one way, with Immune: Pierce or something? I'm sure FFG has some plan for shields...
  22. most of the time you will charged shot. Multifire is only for black dice figures close together that have 2-3 damage left.
  23. Missing a single damage card.

    Or buy another starter set. Because you never have enough Xwings and Tie F/O's!
  24. The obvious answer seems to be "yes" but the staff of light doesn't appear in my inventory after I got it, I want to make absolutely sure.
  25. Something Super-Duper Big Is Comin'...

    Something big... coming...
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