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  2. i would suspect linoleum tiles to be a pain to cut in those odd shapes though, or was that not the case for you?
  3. I meant where did his username come from.
  4. I think you mean plauge.
  5. Wait what if we made them a medium base sized flotilla?!?! I think that could work.
  6. That's Chris. Also he already knows that I'm ride or Die with just about every person on the Kryats with the exception of Tyler who is an elaborate ruse and IS NOT REAL.
  7. Are you dissing quake here? How distasteful. Nearly as distasteful as DnD damage sponge boss monster combat encounters. ;-)
  8. I Find for Me as a GM I Prep more, Because I love the setting. I have always been a SCifi guy and never very happy with Fantasy Settings. And Prep for me is just the few bullet points, up until this current campaign. I have my Players running a fighter Squadron off a Bounty hunter guild Marauder. And I took the time to make up a crew manifest of all 191 crew, First names/Races/Gender/Primary Job on ship, along with a Sentence or two describing there personality.
  9. Undeadguy vs @BiggsIRL possibly on Sunday, 24th, at 12PM EDT / 11 AM EST.
  10. That would be the definition that is relevant to Cultural Appropriation. L5R was created by a bunch of white guys who created a world that is a hodgepodge of east Asian-ness. That is cultural appropriation. By definition. Arguing that it isn't (or, in your case that cultural appropriation can't possibly exist in any context... somehow...) is just plain incorrect. The relevant questions are: is it cultural misappropriation? Is it insensitive? It is offensive? Is it a problem? I would argue that the answer to those questions is a resounding no. The OP article, for those that have actually bothered to read it, also answers that question with a no as well, admittedly with a few caveats that I am not certain I agree with. The brand manager of the entire game for AEG for many years was a man named Raymond Lau, who was Asian. I can name at least four actual real-life Asian Americans that played the CCG at a competitive level. I played with some of them for years, and played the CCG myself for at least 18 of the 20 years of its existence. (Note: I am super white, I am including this time scale so you don't think that I played very briefly and just missed the non-existent complaints) Until this month, the only "cultural sensitivity" complaint I had ever heard, from anyone, was that some of the people depicted in the art didn't look very Asian. That's it. I had never heard anyone complain about cultural insensitivity until this month, and all of the complaints are coming from white people being offended on behalf of of the Asian community, with no hint whatsoever that they want or need the defending. So, yes, it's cultural appropriation. But I need someone to show me evidence that it is a problem.
  11. We have a National's tournament coming up where we are not allowed to sue unofficial mats. These guides will save everyone lots of time. Thank you very much for keeping the puzzle guides updated!
  12. This.. Sounds pretty awesome!
  13. I'm part of a photography group on Facebook. a discussion got pretty disrespectful and belligerent so I posted "JUDGE!!!!" no one understood...
  14. I mean, the moment killing teenagers - even unknowingly or accidentally - isn't a big deal to the characters is the moment you've lost the thread of the game. Might as well be playing Murderhobo Simulator.
  15. We don't know what upgrades are in which elf expansion yet do we? I'm hoping tempered steel lands in the archers pack, since I want more of those, and 4 trays of archers for a Daqan list wouldn't be terrible
  16. Thanks Tramp Graphics!
  17. GUNBOAT will make dice irrelevant when it gets its proper Title in the Divine Aces Expansion. Title: GUNBOAT Alpha class Starwing only When attacking you may sacrifice an Ewok to turn all dice to Crits. When defending you may sacrifice a Gungan to turn all dice to Evades. You are allowed to bring a Rancor and feed it with your Opponent. All hail the mighty GUNBOAT!
  18. I totally meant the PC's were to use the Holocrons to grow stronger with their bonds to the Force
  19. My favorite time is whenever there is an action/bomb, TLT, Biggs and JMK5 free game where arcs and flying actually matter. Now throw in mostly original trilogy ships used and a dark, smooth pint and it's near perfection!
  20. @Brunas Why Brunas? Also why don't you ever upvote my pro-Krayt comments on reddit?
  21. I can only speculate for the people who are not having fun. They're probably doing it because they've done this for so long it's a habit and they don't know what else to do. It's like a drug addiction in some ways, because an addict no longer enjoys their poison of choice, they literally can't help themselves. As for me, you asked why people do it and if they get fun out of it. I'm going to be that guy... I confess, I fully enjoy flying my double Jumpmasters build. I like it because I understand how it works, I understand how to kill it (and thus can prevent it to some degree), and it's really a brawling, all-in kind of list. It fits me and a playstyle I like (throw yourself into the fray and blow stuff up). Here's my secret -- I don't always fly it. I fly ships from all 3 factions, and I always try to understand what I am flying. By constantly mixing up what I have to work with, I prevent the "meh" repetitive nature of flying the same thing every time for months on end. My other secret - I don't fly just 100/6. I also fly missions, epic games (huge ships a must), and HotAC. The experience is very different and always fun that way. So, do I play powerful meta lists and enjoy them? Yep. Do I play B team or thematic lists? Yep, and I have fun with them too.
  22. So you're saying you say Git Rekt a lot?
  23. I would ask @Brunas if he could ask Kelvan Tiberius any question what would it be?
  24. For a higher cost as well. I do anyway agree with your points above. At least for one Pelta. Still not convinced for 2 Peltas still with no Fleet Commands.
  25. This guy reads my mind except I prefer cruise missile with deadeye. You can run ops spec to help the offense of the new juke less A wings. Overall though I couldn't agree more regarding juke being superior to crackshot.
  26. Myself I use Krylon camo paint, but yes it's every bit as good if not better than any specialty primer out there. I've tried both and if there's any difference in in the favor of Krylon, which is half it not less the price.
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