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  2. it's more than "quite", the difference is night and day just having a white turn at all is a whole world of improvement not necessarily Kylo seems like his arc-dodging shenanigans would dominate the late game and gunboats will get you there faster.
  3. That seems doubtful. The beta has just the one test adventure, and it starts PCs off with enough extra XP to be School rank 2 from the get-go. Testing balance and playability across all levels is likely done (should be, really) by actual test groups. The beta is more about how it plays than about how well it plays.
  4. Mh, it wouldn't make much sense it the line drawn would not be restricted by the ships arc. The way it works right now is clumsy (praise be ctrl+shift+F/L), but like Deimos said a good solution would require reprinting. Something to add to the second edition laundry list!
  5. Good question. It is an analogous case, certainly.
  6. IT's just faster with the drop down... I can see how it's double up though... maybe I just need to learn the new interface better.
  7. I kept them together for the joust but split them up afterward. One Scurrg went for the heavily damaged guy and the other went for the remaining two. The hurt guy had Damaged Engine so he had a lot of trouble turning around in time to re-engage. The other two did some damage to the second Scurrg but I lost one of them to TLT after the second go around. I definitely think I would've had a better chance if I went for a Scurrg in the initial joust. I underestimated how badly TLTs hurt this ship and I was more concerned about an arc-dodging endgame Thweek. If I had to do it again I'd definitely go for a Scurrg. But yeah in the future I'm definitely going to try out 2 boats + ace. Quickdraw, Vader, Soontir, Kylo...still haven't settled on the best one for the job. I'm leaning toward a Cruise Missile Quickdraw until Kylo comes out.
  8. I like the yellow dot inside the firing arcs for LoS in Armada as a solution. But such a change would basically have to wait for an edition change to redo the bases to include it.
  9. Whoops, yeah forgot to multiply health by figures. Which dropdown? The trait one? I didn't think that worked well enough but I can bring it back. I think the search bar Does everything but I guess you can't search AND filter by trait now
  10. But how would that change them?
  11. That was what he was doing to me. I do agree that you should not dictate to others how to have fun. The whole cornerstone of his argument rest on doing just that.
  12. Maybe not dictate to others how to have fun? Just a thought.
  13. Then they are not win/win. If both sides are giving up things they wanted then they did not win. in the English language this is called a draw. And just for so you know I am currently a year away from my Bachelors of Applied Science in Engineering Technology option: Computer Technology with a minor in Business Management. Yet the companies that practice adversarial competition are fortune 500 companies while the cooperative competition companies have fallen by the wayside over the last 40 years. You keep saying there are studies that prove this. Where are the scholastic journal or writings about this. And no I don't mean some website you found I mean peer review data on the subject. If you want to prove a point at the level you have escalated this to cite your sources. I think you miss the point that these sessions are Role-playing games. If you want to just hang-out and roll dice join a Board-game group, go watch a move, or go get some beers.
  14. Ahhhh got it! This could be rather annoying as an IP when you have a cheap but annoying (for the heroes) deployment card such as hired guns or a Jawa that the heroes take out of circulation for a round. Timing is everything in this game.
  15. Personally I don't think the lack of prepainted miniatures is going to hurt Legion. The various GW games and Warmachine have built a huge following for that kind of game, and Runewars is doing pretty well, as far as I can see. There are a bunch of people in my group (including me) who greeted the initial announcement with "God, finally, just take my money, what took you so long". Legion is going to do just fine. I'm not opposed to the idea of prepainted Legion models per se, but they add no value for me or a lot of other people, so if they went this route I'd rather they do it the Dust way. Bring out a 'premium' prepainted line and let the people who want it pay for it. Keep the existing price level for unpainted ones for everyone else. The fact that they did this for Dust and know how well the prepainted vs painted sold, and decided not to do it for Legion, makes me wonder whether FFG already knows that it wouldn't be worthwhile for Legion, but that's just speculation. Maybe it's something they're keeping in their pocket and down the road they'll come out with a premium pre-painted line.
  16. I... never realized this was a problem. 2 seconds with a laser has always been able to make it immediately obvious if a shot was obstructed or not. Post to post seems like it would be much harder, because the ship models would get in the way of any measuring instruments, particularly in a furball.
  17. The xp is likely high to make testing move quicker. You want the power level to ramp up quickly so the whole system is tested. Not just low level
  18. I don’t think there will be a super build showing up for this one. They have topline repositioning without high PS to support it making them totally dominate. I think they will be tourney worthy in the hands of a few folks who really put the time in to learn the list.
  19. I'm thinking about the co-implications of Kanan and the HoR Millennium Falcon title to this question. . Consider the scenario of an already-stressed YT-1300 taking a white 3-bank, triggering Kanan to remove the stress, then using MF to rotate the ship 180 degrees. Is this legal? I'd previously had thought yes, but perhaps not given how the consensus seems to be shaping up on FAA. The restrictions against FAA's ship having arc and against the MF having stress look pretty much the same to me.
  20. But some are not, AND... they could design more It would give Empire something unique again, until they of course give it to rebels on better cheaper ships. But in those 6-8 months between that happening, it would be super sweet.
  21. @theBitterFig I forgot you can’t be stressed before you trigger MF title. Good catch.
  22. Maul seems like a big ask, when Rey already kinda has rerolls. That'd be a grand total of 6 points in the list devoted entirely to stress removal, for only an extra 45 degrees of arc-rotation when doing specifically a S-Loop. And that's on top of the Engine Upgrade (often kinda optional on Rey), and it gives up Finn. I don't think I could go that "all-in" on Devil-Rey (despite the cool name). Finn/Rey's arc is so potent (extra blank + 2 rerolls), Daredevil seems like it could go a long way. 1-Hard into 1-Hard is nutty. Daredevil will be able to get more arcs than just Engine; the question is then whether that's better than a perma-focus. Maybe Daredevil is a way to skip Kanan? Greens are less bad when you've got the Daredevil option going, and adding something like C-3PO would be cool. /// As to a stressed MF using Kanan to clear stress first, then to flip, I'm starting to be hesitant. Per the title, you have to be not-stressed to trigger the effect. Up until a few days ago, I'd 100% have been on the side of Kanan clearing the stress, then MF flipping, and ending with a stress. Was there a specific ruling about this before, or just something which was taken as given? Anyhow, some folks have been discussing Snap Wexley with Flight Assist Astromech in the Rules subforum, and that makes some things a bit murky. The general consensus seems to be that FAA checks for arc on enemy ships when you complete the move, rather than when you want to perform a boost or barrel roll. As such, Snap couldn't execute a move, have arc on an opponent, use his own Boost into a position without arc on an enemy, and then use FAA's barrel roll. Millennium Falcon seems to work somewhat in the same way. If the Snap/FAA interpretation is correct, if you're stressed when you execute the 3-bank, you wouldn't meet the conditions for triggering MF (that is, "you are not stressed"). Anyhow, I'm going to go cross-post this observation there.
  23. We played History Repeat mission from HotE expansion campaign
  24. Hey Everyone, Again, just a random game thought popped into my head, thought I would share it with everyone so it can be shouted down and why it wont work. Title says it all, #Banalltheclickbait...
  25. Sorry for the confusion Mel. I have been researching building my own SSD on the model builder forums and looking for data on the studio model. There is a lot of crap data in the fan forums. Thanks for the front view. Answers some questions.
  26. So, you could just change it for this: "When defending, if not stressed you may change 1 attack die to a (hit) result.” or even "When defending, you may change 1 attack die to a (hit) result.” And done.
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