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  2. I have tried the ASF MkII A's and found the ASF MkII B's to be just as good at flaking in today's world of Ace heavy lists. Brace can't stop your 1 damage hits but if you get lucky and roll a 2 hit shot from the MkII A's they will brace down to 1. I think swapping to MkII B's and adding Torryn Farr takes you to the same 75% chance of getting 1 hit per flak, and save you points to add stuff like ECM or the new Early Warning Override. I think EWO may have some real legs in an Ackbar list, though I to shrivel up a bit when I even think about not having ECM on an Assault Frigate.
  3. Strategic Advisor

    This could be fun, but I don't think it'll be a broken type of build. I just view this type of list as easy to beat. Maybe I simply blow up a few gozantis and fly away, ignoring you and win on points.... or maybe I take long range ships to widdle down your only threat, so even in the end you get a last in-first out activation, I should still be able to kill your Star Destroyer by then, (or right after), and still win on points. The real problem for your opponent is if they try to do virtually the same thing but come up short. This is a threat to fleets that have most of their points in one ship - so a 200+ point flagship fully decked out with and expensive commander. I think it could be fun though!
  4. Yeah synthetic kyber can be created but they blow up when used; very dangerous business. Still worth some money on the black market from what I understand.
  5. Neutral character question?

    I like the way you put that
  6. I don't understand how they haven't at least announced the mos eisley map. It's been in the tournament regs for weeks now
  7. that makes sense for a mixed party. But you also need to consider that the actual gains of adding force dice are marginal after a certain point. There's another forum post were someone calculated the probability based on the number of dice. also, this system, as people have pointed out, is already more costly (with less reward) than the books system in my situation in particular though, everyone in the group is a force user (25 years after ROTJ as part of the new Jedi)
  8. Armada trade thread

    I'm tempted to offer you a little money to make a video in which you place that ISD before an altar dedicated to the Emperor, and then SMASH those Rebel fighters WITH A HAMMER!! But alas, I have no superfluous funds and am not in need of an ISD. For others out there, however, I do have a surplus of Boarding Engineers and Ordnance Experts. Also, for those of you who came late to Armada and weren't around for the early tournament kits, I still have plenty of old goodies from those (such as acrylic command tokens, and various alt-art cards), that I'm willing to trade for things you might have - particularly upgrades from Rebel expansions that did not come in Imperial expansions. (I got a bit too many Boarding Engineers in the search for External Racks.)
  9. I'm sure it was a mistake, but I think that is a possible source of people's unreasonable expectations for such an early release. On the topic of the thread though, I think they've done a pretty amazing job getting Runewars where it is model-wise in such a short amount of time. I just wish it had more players.
  10. Neutral character question?

    The rulebook doesn’t specifically spell this out, but it is pretty clear. Having a Hero or Villain character makes your deck hero or villain. Having a color lets you include that color in your deck. It never mentions a color + faction match requirement. Page 12 of the RRG has these as two different rule points where color match does not mention faction at all. Thinking you need a color + faction match is a leap that just isn’t spelled out in the rules.
  11. To make it feel more like you are bringing squadrons to the fight you might want to place a limit on how many aces can be added in a given list.
  12. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    Watch, you're actually going to be right and hold it over our heads forever.
  13. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    That looks like a real fun list. With all the Nyms, Ghosts, Shadow Casters and Mirandas running around, would it be helpful if somehow Vessery could have an control cannon on board using the D Title instead of the very fine X7?
  14. 1x4 Rune Golem

    My point was that since you won't need to rally often, you can still use your reform often enough. Wasn't trying to call you out or anything.
  15. TIE/D

    Yeah Vessery's EPT is the part of the list I am still thinking about. I know Ruthlessness isn't very popular these days and I wouldn't expect many to support that choice, but without it I wonder if you have enough damage output. If you ditched TIE Mk II, you could give Vessery Expertise, which would be a pretty decent choice since it triggers each time he attacks.
  16. “Higher levels” come at a cost. The real world equivalent comes at a cost of time, effort, and practice. In an RPG, that translates as XP. From where I sit as both GM and player, a house rule allowing bypass of the system in place to advance Force rating while not leaving non-FS characters in the dust requires a mighty trade-off.
  17. Strategic Advisor

    Yes, I understand the concept of the Prisoner's Dilemma, in which both parties attempting to pursue their best interests in a non-cooperative game arrive at a sub-optimal outcome. However, Armada is a zero-sum game, and so the sub-optimal outcome is irrelevant. Furthermore, the list-building aspect of Armada is zero-sum strategic, in that any structural tendency of the opponent to predictably do any particular thing (such as choose Strategic Advisor) become a weakness. But aside from that it is hyperbole. Not everyone is going to take Strategic Advisor, just like not everyone is playing GH2+3, just like not everyone is flying SloVenger lists, despite the success rates of those lists (in the proper hands). Also, what makes you believe that I don't play quality high-activation fleets? Just because your experiences have led you to certain conclusions does not mean that your conclusions are objectively true and the only truth that experience can lead to. From the flip-side, I've enjoyed plenty of success against high-activation lists with low-activation lists including big bruisers.
  18. Portland, Oregon System Open registration is open

    The Queensland, Australia system open. lol jk we all know that’s never gonna happen.
  19. I also remember Soontir winning something big not too long ago. Like...November. I’ll try to find the tourney.
  20. Yet it forces the flotilla to activate first, which may mean Yavaris target gets away... or worse, kills it.
  21. I have been running a Nav. Team on my MC80 Battle Cruiser under Leia. I have been using the Nav. Team to convert the phantom Leia effect token into an additional yaw if I only want to change speeds by 1. Stacking that with the normal extra click from the Nav. Dial I am doing the following" 1. Reveal Nav. Dial 2. Declare Leia 3. Either change speed by 2 and add a click, or change speed by 1 and add 2 clicks Pretty sure this is right but figured I would see what the internet says...
  22. Damage Deck Storage Solutions

    My daughter pulled a free design off the Internet and had this one made on a 3D printer at her's fantastic.
  23. New Tournament Regulations

    Intersting I'd like to play under these rules a couple times to really get a feel for them. I like the idea behind limiting the Ept and secondary to slowdown the spam that hits the play mat.
  24. TIE/D

    Its would be almost tempting to run Expert Handling on Vessery so you can shed the LRS TL when you hit engagement range. At the very least it would force your opponent to have to reacquire a lock.
  25. Ugly character sheets

    I'd like to see your full sheet when completed. Seems like a neat idea.
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