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  2. And I don't like the use of needless ellipses
  3. I would caution against going "full sandbox" because most games can really benefit from some more structure. That's not to say it has to be a strictly linear "railroad" but don't discount having some well-laid event chains that guide the campaign and restrict the sandbox a bit. In an AoR game, with a chain of command, this is easy enough to do by giving general mission parameters while still letting the players decide the specifics on how they'll accomplish the missions.
  4. /Like Yeah but they don't have to be, the person trying to bring the Aliens to life in the writing does this to give the aliens a handle for the reader. This is because a writer looks at an alien and says ok here is an interesting feature of the world I can use to show an experience to my human audience. A player who dons the rubber head is just looking for distance from those things, or they want to look cool, or see in the dark. The human characters always seem to end up in relationships or having conflict with one another, while the alien characters are always aloof until you include another member of their race and then they get human all of the sudden.
  5. Rerolled. I added an astromech boost, but if you don't want that at this point, the roll is 1 Success, 1 Advantage.
  6. <--------------Me! Talk to your bud Matt. He seems to want to plan some other event on the same day! Booooo! Ask him to switch it to a Sunday!?
  7. I take it back - you did not coin that term. Rather than saying that WotL does not create a modifier, i'd rather treat the RRG entry for Modifiers to be imprecise, loosely worded, and needing amendment. Just removing the word "unmodified" would solve the issue, i think.
  8. 1. Um, totally the same as XWM. 2. Um, XWM features list building, which is analogous to deck building. And, once you've built a deck, you have to play it well, so despite lacking movement templates, MtG is still a tactical game. The whole dang game is about resource management during play. Ever lost because you tapped out at the wrong time?? So, sure, rotation could still be a sensible way to keep the game in balance and fresh, in addition to sensible erratas.
  9. Kind of. Each of the major X-Wing expansions have their own little set of missions, and the Epic ships have short kind of run-along campaigns... But they're generally dismissed as there's little here-or-there in them. They are purely to showcase the inclusion of the Epic ship and give you little input otherwise.
  10. Man I might just have to come up with some sort of house game. Imagine having all of the upgrade cards shuffled and then drawing them to see what upgrades you can buy (like IA.) That would be awesome. I could see 3v1 being a thing too. Rebels have 3 small fleets while the empire has a bad@$$ 400-500 point fleet.
  11. Fan based. Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. Really well done. FFG should have either bought the rights and published it, or create their own version.
  12. Great thread! I would love much more of this stuff. One request: don't use acronyms if possible.
  13. Wow.....I read these forums and interject here and there and I've read some real planted opinions and passionate debates, but I've never actually felt the way you have about posts on this forum to date, regardless the apparent opposing views on any given subject. Perhaps my perspective is a bit more laid back as I scan the texts as this is simply a game, or I've missed such vitriol due to some inability to comprehend any of the violent emotional attacks in font; either way, I'm thankful for my deficiency.
  14. After Gigi gets hoisted into her astromech slot, Astrid climbs the ladder and hops into the cockpit. The astromech tweets at her. "Yeah, it's a bit different from the demo-craft we're used to, isn't it?" The Corellian fumbles around, looking for the igniter, and Gigi blurts out something in binary. "Ah, right. Found it. Thanks, Gigi." The ship's engines roar to life, and Astrid pulls up on the stick, lifting the craft from the ground.
  15. Having just finished rewatching B5 again, I read that as Minbari warhound and was really confused.
  16. It's honestly one of the best IA games I've seen. Logan has him by the throat and Julian pulls of the miracle of card draws. Wait until you see it. I plan to have it posted (edited) before the end of the weekend.
  17. Please god no don't make me do calculus just to play my favorite game.
  18. "Interesting protagonist" also covers antiheroes and villains. Not to be overly reductionist but a gamer wants to share in the concept of character struggle and accomplishment. In a non-competitive environment, winning all the time becomes as boring as constant failure. A narrative system allows GMs to more easily balance both in order to keep players invested. There's a certain Gygaxian train of thought that supposes that RPGs are meant to be puzzles where players can lose/die and that's the end of it. There's nothing inherently wrong with this idea. However, there are other forms of tabletop gaming, such as board games, that accomplish the same goal while minimizing frustration by requiring less time investment and rules mastery. Video games are also a thing though a lot of AAA console games, like Grand Theft Auto, have invested so much money into production that they go out of their way to allow players to explore the entire world and see their way through the entire game, even if they die. Personally speaking, I would prefer to see more AAA games that have an actual Hard Mode and inflict genuine setbacks to play. Again, that's just me.
  19. When I have a game planned for the weekend, I come here to soak in ideas and discussion that might inspire a squad. I hope to find people talking about what roles ships fill, which cards have reinvigorated an old pilot, and how a new ship is performing. And I find myself stuck choosing between data with little discussion (list builds- usually competitive minded) or vitriolic discussions constantly verging off into hate for the game and hate for the license. Rather than feeling inspired, I come away feeling depressed. Now someone has directed I look closer in list building, and I'm finding there's some theorycrafting there that might be what I'm looking for, but the big warning I'm trying to put out there is, if this is how a long-term (but casual) player feels coming to this forum, how will a new player feel?
  20. I am working on some reprints for the above characters. Essentially we added "or another investigator within range" to these meh powers. Doesn't make them amazing but brings them into the errrr? meh....from straight old meh.... Adding dazed is a great idea.
  21. What does that mean? I don't see why it shouldn't come up when it's a valid role-playing concern in the game. I don't generally do beer & pretzels games so it's not just about a feel good romp with that zany galaxy far far away. I need to have a certain amount of "let's not just F off tonight."
  22. *cough* *cough* *cough*
  23. With longer firing ranges and ... a MINIMUM firing range you would have a lot less clutter and knocking over of pieces, which would make play smoother, easier, and less time consuming. The fact that all squads now need to be very close to ships to fire compounds the clutter problem. I recently played a game with few squads on the table and lots of fast moving ships. Wow, world of difference in enjoyment, maintenance and clutter than the 20+ squad slugfests I'm usually in. I'm hoping a v2.0 somehow addresses all of these, possibly with just longer firing ranges for everything, ans possibly a minimum firing range.
  24. An Armada expansion, with a campaign system similar to IA, would be absolutely epic. It would take a boatload of work for sure, but having a story, the chance to grow your fleets, (in a different fashion than CC) really appeals to me. Wasn't there an X-Wing story based campaign?
  25. What I mean is that humans don't have a cultural description. Aside from the occasional ones who come from a specific society (overused Mandos, Corellians) they tend to be generic when it comes to their culture. The nonhuman species, however, all come with unique traits that create better characters. Trandoshan religion, Chiss avoiding pre-emptive strikes, Elomin obsessing over order, Polis Masans trying to find out about their ancestors... these make interesting stories. But humans lack that aspect. They're generic in personality.
  26. I mentioned one event because it happened within the last two weeks; that's right, we're not talking ancient history here, we're talking recent history. And recently enough to immediately dissolve your blanket statement with no further evidence required. Although, if you really want to push your argument: 2017 Malaysian Nationals (23rd September 2017) Top 16 - 3 x Gold Squadron Pilots - 1 x Jakku Gunrunner - 3 x Contracted Scouts - 3 x Contracted Scouts - 1 x Kartakk Pirate, 1 x Syndicate Thug - 1 x Prototype Pilot, 1 x Gold Squadron Pilot 2017 Baltics Nationals (16th September 2017) Top 8 - 1 x Trandoshan Slaver, 1 x Syndicate Thug 2017 Polish Nationals (16th September 2017) Winner - 1 x Rebel Operative Top 32 - 1 x Lothal Rebel - 1 x Glaive Squadron Pilot - 4 x Kashyyyk Defender - 3 x Academy Pilot, 3 x Black Squadron Pilot 2017 UK Nationals (16th September 2017) Winner - 3 x Contracted Scout Top 32 - 3 x Contracted Scout - 3 x Contracted Scout - 1 x Gold Squadron Pilot - 3 x Green Squadron Pilot - 2 x Gold Squadron Pilot - 1 x Black Squadron Scout - 1 x Trandoshan Slaver, 1 x Contracted Scout - 2 x Jakku Gunrunner, 4 x Binayre Pilot 2017 US Nationals (1st September 2017) Top 32 - 2 x Contracted Scout - 1 x Gamma Squadron Veteran - 2 x Gold Squadron Pilot, 2 x Bandit Squadron Pilot - 1 x Omicron Group Pilot - 3 x Contacted Scout - 1 x Contracted Scout - 1 x Contracted Scout - 1 x Jakku Gunrunner, 1 x Karthakk Pirate, 2 x Syndicate Thug - 3 x Contracted Scout - 1 x Syndicate Thug, 1 x Lok Revenant - 4 x Sienar Specialist - 2 x Contracted Scout That's literally every major event in the last four weeks featuring generics - and quite a wide variety of them - in the cut.
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