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  2. Oh people have been whining and arguing about it since the first photos came out, so they will still be arguing after they've seen the movie. I'm just saying it shouldn't be a surprise or shock to anyone who's read anything about the YT-1300.
  3. Stupid dice question

    There is a target number in this game. In fact, it never changes. It is 1. if you get 1 or more successes, you succeed. If you get 0 or less successes, you fail. Rolling no successes is the same as rolling a 9 against a DC 10 in D&D.

    Free speech is about the ability to openly discuss ideas and concepts without being punished by a governing body for discussing those topics. Not for being immune from valid criticism by your peers or dealing with the fallout of holding objectionable opinions. Insofar as the 2nd episode of ORJ went, I think my objections were largely the same as they were with the first one: the vulgarity was there just to showcase the edgelord vibes and only served to obscure the more interesting discussion of the actual game. Also, frankly, the end song needs to go. It was funny the first time in an "oh wow they really tripled down on this crap" way, but the second time just really highlighted how much content is being tossed aside in favor of dirty jokes. The worst part of all of this is that your discussions about the actual game are so spot on. You've really managed to identify great areas of discussion and give solid insights to ideas about the state of the game and how to approach some of the game's more difficult challenges. But it's all buried under a pile of obscene jokes and edgy humor.
  5. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    AND it can take Autothrusters for auto damage mitigation vs TLT. OP!!!!!!!
  6. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    TLT: Small ship only.
  7. Ebb/Flow

    that isnt what it says in the book it says you commit a force die (white symbol for the die) and it says you roll a force die (white symbol for the die) on all your skill checks until the end of the encounter. The word remaining is not used anywhere in the description. Note that this die isnt used in the same manner as a combined force check. Combined force checks are normally actions in themselves you arent performing a skill action, you are performing a forcr ability that is an Enhance combined check that lets you use up to your uncommitted force dice and add your skill dice to the force check, then you generate force points , based on pips rolled you then choose to convert those pips to force points that you can use to power the ability you we re using. This control effect is entirely different , you commit your die or dice, the same amount of die or dice is then added to all of your future skill checks until the end of the encounter, you cannot uncommit those dice and note that these are not combined checks or even force actions, they are normal skill checks with the added benefit of automatically adding the same amount of force dice that you committed to the check. Once rolled you swap success/advantage directly for any force pips rolled ,which is your one and only choice in this process once you commit, until the end of the encounter. Note that unlike enhance you generate no force points and you get to use both black and white pips for the effect automatically, again there is no choice with this and you generate the same conflict, and strain if you are a light side force user or dark side force user. The force die has effectively become part of your future skill checks. As normal though any uncommitted force dice could still be used for other powers as you are not activating an effect other than the action you commit the force die in the first place.
  8. Black Tie Event

    Im trying to Tweak a List to My Playstyle I think this is the Direction I want to Go... Omega Ace Opens up with (Theoretically) at least 4 Crits, Hopefully 5, and then hope to have an extra evade on the S/F's for Funsies and then Backdraft and Quickdraw do what they do best and shoot at their leisure
  9. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    It better be...
  10. Regionals data Feb 17

    To be legal you need a ship to carry the admiral but then again that might be the challenge of running this list for everyone
  11. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Let's see : - We got 2 "Episodes". The two of them being horrible for different reasons - the first one is a failed and unfunctional remake, the second is a huge steaming pile of ****. But what they have in common is, mostly, that they aim to invalidate the sucess of the Rebel Alliance and OT heroes; having failed to create new characters that will naturally overtake the ancient, they have to destroy them and/or their achievements (or at least they feel they have to). The military victories of the Rebel Alliance -> useless, there's something even more powerful and evil a few years later. The restauration of the Galatic Republic? -> Gone in a blink. Leia's efforts to build this new republic -> nope, she's a space guerilla leader again. The Emperor is dead, at the cost of Anakin's sacrifice ? Useless, he's replaced by a new super vilain of the Dark Side that came out of nowhere. Luke's achievements and his destiny to "transmit what he had learn" -> #notmyluke (and of course, some big fails on the Lore, like hyperspace, that seems now to be a magic wand for fixing broken scenarios...) -Then we have this new "wholistic" canon. I can see the interest and the goal of having only one canon, including all the works in the SW universe and binding them in a comprehensible and logical package. But, of course, that approach means you should be really careful with some products, like kids shows (because they have their own restrictions, in character and story telling, etc.) or comic books, for example. Because with that wholistic approach, everything done in those productions become an element of the general SW lore. Of course, they weren't careful at all. So we got Princesses that magically turn into starhip pilots (Leia blowing up TIE fighters in an antique fighter that predates the Clone War, seriously?... ), space whales, helisabers (yay, I loooove these!), Sabine the Empress of Mary Sues, a pack of morons without space gear in a TIE fighter cockpit, etc. That's showing respect to the OT, either its characters, its lore, or the story it tells.
  12. Fenn/Ghost hard counter Scum Version

    I am not convinced about Latts agains maul/ezra. Ghost attacks with TLT, uses maul to reroll one die. If you use Latts to evade one, you give him the opportunity to use maul again on the second TLT shot, where he could use maul to reroll two dice. If you use Latts again and he uses maul to remove one stress, he is free to use maul again on the end-of-round TLT shots (where the above would repeat itself). If you had not had/used Latts and he uses maul on two dice, he is not able to use maul again for the reminder of the round. In some cases you trade one evade for potentially two rerolls, or two evades for potentially three rerolls. I dont think its worth it. Your tactic of killing Fenn first sounds good on paper, but in my expirence, before you catch Fenn the ghost has put a lot of hurt on you. All the matches I have won against Ghost/Fenn I have gone 100% for the Ghost (which is why I prefer 2xExpertise and 2xK4). A few nasty crits can really mess things up for that big ugly thing. When Ghost is down it doesnt really matter if you have Dengar or Asajj left. Both are a really good match against Fenn and the shuttle. If you have them both left, well then its almost a certain win.
  13. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    If TLT did not exist, the meta becomes much more interesting IMO. Back in the day, folks argued that TLT was needed to keep Fat Han under control. I think munitions can do that job just fine now. If Miranda can't shoot twice, she is much more manageable. If the Ghost couldn't shoot 4 times, it's better. Nym isn't good at everything without a TLT. That one card plays a huge role in so much that is wrong and bad right now.
  14. Tarkin

    I'm using him in a CC fleet which has been a lot of fun. Cymoon/Sovereign, 2 Vic1s, and a gozer. Tarkin helps all the ships stock up on tokens, and spends the latter half of the game handing out squads. Then each ship gets to activate 1 squad for free. My problem with him in a regular fleet is that he just ain't cheap. And he wants lots of ships. Lots of ships are hard to fit into a fleet once you've already bought him and sovereign (almost mandatory imo).
  15. Saw's Renegades Expack makes no bloody sense.

    First part yes, second part no. R3 works with primary weapon only. If it did not, Snap Shot would be an awesome pairing with R3.
  16. Line of Sight Laser Pointer

    This is why IA is much better imo. Whether you have to use a string, a laser or good ol' geometry, line of sight can undoubtedly be proved...unlike X-Wing where players can argue all night and still be salty after a TO makes the call.
  17. More Factions?

    The 4 factions for runewars were all known at release. If there are any other factions planned for legion we are still in the dark. This and the shared universe make X-wing a better comparison than Runewars.
  18. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Yeah, good luck with that, with no active modifications to your rolls.
  19. Force Lighting Special. how does it work?

    No, you can only resolve that one dice once per action.
  20. Too Passive to Jam

    His use is now to blow off parts of his body to switch your eyes to crits. Gouge an eye to take an eye.
  21. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    You don't need Expertise, specifically, but you really need something with passive mods enough to, at the very least, take Fenn off the table. Please could people stop responding with "it's not unbeatable." Pretty much nobody is saying it's "unbeatable." It is oppressive. But, more problematic, it's oppressive in a very specific way that isn't very good for the game. (1) It's a tremendous points fortress. The Mauler version is typically 73 points locked up in a single ship ... except it's even worse, because if you "half-kill" the Ghost, you don't get 36 points ... you get 27 points. (2) It suppresses every ship with 5 or few HP and no Autothrusters. (It actually even suppresses ships with Autothrusters, but less so.) That is a lot of ships, and it's a lot of iconic ships. (3) It discounts the benefits of good maneuvering, because the best maneuvers by arced ships can simply be erased by perfect information boosts at PS 11. (4) It forces ships to rely on passive modifications, which are, themselves, bad for the best foundational game of X-Wing, which is "Plan, maneuver, take an action, shoot." (5) It's simply not very fun to play against. Obviously this is subjective, and I have no doubt there's some special snowflake who instinctively has already started typing, "I like to play against it!" But I would be willing to bet that if we polled all active tournament X-Wing players, 90%+ would say, "No, I don't enjoy playing against it., even when I win" Including people who actually play it! Don't get me wrong, it's a genius list, and it deserved to win a System Open based on that. It does not deserve to keep winning; not with all the negative effects on the game required to beat it. Like most problem lists, there's not one factor to blame. It's a toxic cocktail. I think if you really want to target just this archetype, then the "end of round" turret shot should have to be performed by a turret on the docked ship. But that ignores so many other problematic aspects of the list ... and all of them are just going to come up again.
  22. HornyRey!

    okay! modification! let's see how this holds out! Rey (54) -Millenium Falcon (hotr) (1) Trick Shot (0) -Kanan Jarrus (3) -Finn (5) Corran Horn (46) EU (4) VI (1) Fire Control System (2) -R2D2 (4)
  23. Thoughts on why people play unpainted

    Well we are talking FFG, maybe players who paint their armies get colour versions of the alt art cards and those that don't get B&W. Or perhaps you just get a nice alt art for making the effort to paint your army.
  24. Raclo + friend vs. Ghost Fenn?

    Okay, so I'm other words, The Ghost moves at PS 3. RAC has to anticipate where the Ghost will be when he sets his dial. Then he sees where the Ghost went and boosts to cut off his path. I'm not saying it's an easy fight but there are win conditions in that match up. Just assuming the Ghost/Fenn player will fly better is a cop-out.
  25. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Maybe it's under Zeb's entry?
  26. An idea for unshielded TIEs

    the game is balanced around tie fighters, stop this obsession with power creep. nerf the ships like the invulnerable wookie ship and the ghostfenn combo and stop trying to create a self perpetuating cycle of constant power creep. Once you buff the TIE Fighters so they can easily dismantle wookies even through a reinforce, they will walk all over ships that are "fair" to take against TIE Swarms, like Triple T-65 or Biggs walks the dogs. The problem is not that TIE Swarms are bad. They're not. The problem is the exact thing that you are all arguing for, which is the constant release of more and more powerful ships
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