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  2. MandalorianMoose

    Hive of Scum and Villany - [MAFIA]

    Yea I’m getting scummy vibes from LTD, and then LP by proxy when LTD was so quick to defend him
  3. theBitterFig

    All the X-Wings!

    I can agree on DTF/Selflessness. That's pretty cool and I might need to steal that. I'm not sure on VI for wedge, though. Wes really likes to shoot first. Crack Shot Wedge, or Adrenaline Rush might be interesting alternatives. I'd say Adaptability, but 0-point Elites on ships with Renegade Refit seems wrong. Getting behind someone on a white move is really nice on Wedge, and Crack Shot gains more strength due to Wedge's Pilot Skill (unless you run out of results to delete). For example, against a 3 green dice ship with a focus, Crack Shot adds 0.73 hits to the expected outcome (not 1, since either you or your opponent could wiff the roll, and it wouldn't provide a benefit on this attack). However, Crack Shot adds 0.79 to an attack against a 2 green ship with a focus. That's not a lot, but it is better. Adding or subtracting dice is a more-than-linear change in expected damage.
  4. CaribbeanNinja

    Hive of Scum and Villany - [MAFIA]

    With 2.5 hours left we need to move. My current candidates are: LP, for the reasons I gave earlier LTD, gives us nothing, says he’s gonna vote for GNips for no reason, and then doesn’t properly vote.
  5. MandalorianMoose

    My suggestion how to fix the Vic/VSD 1

    Ugh the Vic is not “broken” Sure it’s trickier to use than an ISD, deployment is much more important, and it is much more dependent on “fitting in” with the rest of your fleets game plan than an ISD/Demo that you can just shove into any fleet and expect results. I’ve used Vic-1’s plenty of times to great effect, you just need to understand their limitations. No other ship in the game can give you that volume of dice with those upgrade slots at that point level. I mean, as much as I’d love the speed 4 VSD with 2 d retros and a support team slot that everyone keeps starting these threads over, it’s just never gonna happen....
  6. Albertese

    Are you playing with enough terrain?

    I have an idea to measure all of my terrain and assign each piece a point value based on its area. For chunky pieces that can block LOS, they are worth points equal to their footprint in square inches, for items like low elevations that won't block LOS, but could provide cover or impede movement, they are worth points equal to the circumference in inches. For linear obstacles, they're worth their length in inches. Then pick terrain like you do an army and use terrain up to a point value equal to the table top area you want covered. So 25% of a 36x72 table is 648 square inches. So, pick terrain til you have 648 points worth, give or take. May not be practical for playing with store terrain since it's not worth taking the time to actually measure every item, but for you own collection of stuff you build at home, it could be interesting.
  7. Sherblock

    Looking for group.

    Likely between 18-23 cest.
  8. theBitterFig

    Last King of the Block (Finn/Rey Falcon + Saw)

    I guess, but I'm already going to be stressed from PTL, so that's kinda risky, plus between Autothrusters, Jan Ors, and Recon Spec, cutting out my green dice is pretty suspect. I have no doubt there are U-Wings this would be solid on, but I don't know if I like on this one in particular. On the other hand, it opens up the ability to not Push the Limit, and just grab tokens sometimes. With those 0-point System upgrades, they're very much a "use them once and they're worth it, so likewise this. Getting one evade once when you completely fail on dice might be OK, even if the plan is to ideally never use it. It's really a shame this can't be equipped on a TIE Punisher. Perhaps the 4 or lower Hull restriction should have been only for Large ships, to lock out Lambda, Epsilon, and VCX. A Punisher mostly needs to stay alive to shoot, and a low PS one with LRS rolling in with focus/TL and one of these is going to live to shoot. It'd have been a reasonable buff to an under-used ship.
  9. sappidus

    Wait no longer

    FAQ 1.21, "Search Effects", is future-proofing for all these sorts of effects. One can quibble about searching through a deck vs. searching a segment of the deck (especially with regards to ally Galadriel), but IMHO the intent is clear.
  10. RafaelNN

    Strike 3

    Its only alienating if you want to have everything right from the get go. As a new player who doesnt have a single ship yet, I find the convertion kit amazing. It gives me all the cards I need to test run ships, which I can buy slowly as I see fit and they come out (or their 1.0 versions if Im desperate to have them). Meanwhile my community has no problem in lending ships (and cards if you need them, specially right niw in 1.0) to people who are still building a collection. Also the app isnt a requirement. Didnt they say thwre was going to be a downloadable pdf as well? Edit: to add to the comment before: I find 1.0 alienating and is the reason I havent got into xwing so far. The need to buy ships I dont want just for cards, sometimes even from a different faction (yes I know you can buy them fromebay); and that having flying skills doesnt matter that much due to turrets, kept me away. 2.0 is fixing this and giving me all the cards to start at the same level as everyone
  11. FTS Gecko

    Who is passing on Saw's Renegades expansion, and why?

    Yeah, I got to check out the 2nd edition X-Wing too and it seemed great mechanically, so these reports of the Saw's X-Wing are a bit of a surprise
  12. theBitterFig

    Norra Gone Wild XXX

    Snap Shot X-Wings are interesting. Immediately, the first comparison is to an A-Wing, which Juke/Snap/Autothrusters is the same cost. However, CAZ are PS 1, which really helps them move first, and have 3 red dice, so probably do more damage overall. Likewise, OpSpec/Snap Shot is wicked cool. Maybe some of those X-Wings are even able to TL, for 4-dice Focus/TL shots. I think that's probably overall better than A-Wings. // There was another Norra + 3X list a sparring partner of mine was trying to work out. It involved using Tarn Misan with M9-G8. Giving Norra a reroll is really strong, since she often won't be rerolling with her TL. Meanwhile, this makes Tarn a somewhat threatening support ship, and perhaps more tempting to attack, and activating his ability. Here's how I'd go with it. Crack Shot Zealots seem nice, and FAA gives Norra some more speed. On the other hand, Regen is Regen. Norra (VI, Rey, title, R2-D2) [36] Tarn (M9-G8, RR, IA, SSF) [24] Rookie Pilot (FAA, RR, IA, SSF) [20] Rookie Pilot (FAA, RR, IA, SSF) [20] or Norra (VI, Rey, title, FAA) [33] Tarn (M9-G8, RR, IA, SSF) [24] CAZ (Crack Shot, FAA, RR, IA, SSF) [21] CAZ (Crack Shot, FAA, RR, IA, SSF) [21]
  13. Herowannabe

    Who is passing on Saw's Renegades expansion, and why?

    Re: X-Wing Model Quality I have to admit that this surprised me. Like others, my Partisan X-Wing’s wings spring back a little when I close or open them all the way. I’ve seen and handled one of the promo 2.0 X-Wing packs that FFG gave out a little while ago, and that X-Wing didn’t have that issue. The open/close movement on the wings was neat and crisp with no springback. So make of that what you will.
  14. HappyDaze

    Solo: was it murder?

    Unless it's Star Wars. Then you also point a gun at people you intend to stun.
  15. a1bert

    Surprising cards and combos

    Of course Relentless applies to all attacks that IG-88 performs (if target figure within 3 spaces). And with Military Might and Sustained Fire combined with By Any Means Necessary IG-88 could attack four times in succession (possibly recovering all 4 damage) and then becomes stunned (and thus is a less viable target).
  16. Cgriffith

    Who is passing on Saw's Renegades expansion, and why?

    I’m passing on it just because I’ve already dumped so much into my 2.0 preorder. The wording on the cards don’t concern me either as I fully expect any corrections to be addressed in some form (app, reissue later when expansion is re-released, etc.) I think there’s to much doom & gloom in this community currently. Everything will be okay.
  17. TheSharkJuggler

    Surprising cards and combos

    Oh my goodness, a1bert, that is so incredibly gross! That'd be even more disgusting if you were able to tie in IG's 'Relentless' ability. Pull that off once and your Rebels will always immediately target IG anytime he deploys!
  18. a1bert

    not available?

    Most people feel they get more even when never using the other half, because the option is there. Also, it's doubtful if separate skirmish boxes or campaign boxes would get shelve space due to reduced demand for each item. And it's quite a bit more certain that figure expansions would sell much less if they had only skirmish content in them. (I think there would not even be figure expansions if they were only useful for campaign.)
  19. MandalorianMoose

    Hive of Scum and Villany - [MAFIA]

    Wow... Well then after a good nights sleep I can decipher what I had been trying to say lol I had worked all day Friday night, then made a 2 hour drive to my parents house, where I got an hour of sleep before we had to leave for the airport at 4 am to fly to New Jersey for my cousins wedding. I hate feeling "trapped" on planes, so I took a Xanax. Germany looked to be out of the tournament there for a minute so I drank a few sadness beers thinking the Xanax was out of my system (spoiler alert: it wasn't), which turned my normal 3 beer buzz into a sloshfest. Now that I can formulate a coherent sentence I will go back through the older posts to look for clues.
  20. player2072913

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Tricky characters have always been broken, right back to boo & paratrooper on the 64. To alleviate the risk of being moved back to off topic, jesus **** Krennic is hilariously busted, I love it. Optimised prototype does have a good acronym.
  21. HolySorcerer

    A ship with port & starboard 180 arcs

    The uwings don't have any guns on the side.
  22. You may or may not agree but I think the Vic 2 needs a bit of a buff to its movement. But either way nobody can disagree that the Vic 1 needs a buff. The ship is strait up useless and no one plays it. The ship could do two things. One, be a carrier but is out done by the Quasar in every aspect. Two be a ordnance delivery platform. But with the horrendous movement it is impossible to get an enemy into black range. I always thought the Vic should have speed 3 or at least a Support Team slot for Engine Techs. But that might be a bit to much of a buff, so here is my suggestion: A new title that would say: “After your determine course step you may discard this card to perform an additional move with your current speed.” So the ship could do a one time dash to get close to the enemy. I like this card because it directly targets the problems the Vic 1 has without buffing the Vic 2 to much. Now the question is how could FFG bring such a card into the game and I have a solution for this. Lets say FFG release the Venator and it would be a medium base ship with a max speed of two. Then this card could be a generic Star Destroyer title with the extra restriction “medium ship only”. And just like that you can deliver this card with a Venator expansion.
  23. DerBaer

    not available?

    My campaign stuff gathers dust, too. But I have no problem with that. According to sales, I'm not sure if either a campaign stand alone product or a skirmish stand alone product would be sold as much as needed to keep the game running from a business point of view.
  24. gennataos

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Like everyone else is picking the wrong characters? The tricky characters are kinda stupid broken, yeah?
  25. HolySorcerer

    Who is passing on Saw's Renegades expansion, and why?

    I'm not touching this wave until they are corrected in a reprint.
  26. Nytwyng

    Opening Crawl For Your Campaign?

    That's pretty much the idea as I use it. And, every so often (as you can see with "Set a Course for Adventure"), I change it up a bit to add a little flavor for particular sessions. A Halloween session used an orchestral version of The Walking Dead's theme that I found, with a red, bloody font, for example.
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