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  2. Aggressors like that. Tlt and missiles in a pack!
  3. Such as? I can't think of anything that can do that consistently.
  4. The time between descents app announcement and release was one month. That's all we really have to go on now. I do es peer to see another blister wave announced shortly after though to feed off of the hype train.
  5. But she can do a 5 die shot anyway? And she loses her mod slot used for repositioning. Or vi with opportunist. So if she gets you in arc at ps7 with no reposition, you might deserve it. It's scary for sure, but not likely to trigger.
  6. Does a monk attachment such as Tattooed Wanderer impart the monk trait to non-monk characters, thus enabling High Kick?
  7. TLT and poon meta coming up. Is that an 86 point list?
  8. Sloane has brown eyes. Brunson's are purple, which would fit the card.
  9. Now is the question who do you pair it with, Super Dash?
  10. She LOOKS like Rae Sloane as well, and Rae Sloane was a captain for awhile. But it would feel weird for them to use that particular rank, since I think she's better known for her time as a Grand Admiral.
  11. Nien Numb with SOT, BB-8 and Pattern Analyzer has pre-nerf Whisper levels of maneuverability against everyone PS7 and lower. You dial up your green 3-straight. BB-8 gives you a free barrel roll on reveal. Then, Stay On Target lets you change to any other speed-3 maneuver, including your Tallon Rolls. And with Pattern Analyzer, he can still boost after that red maneuver to ensure he ends his turn with an enemy in arc at range 1. It's crazy fun.
  12. This combo next to Kylo in his many forms is going to be very nice. 'Omega Optics' [coining it now :P] and Juke Leader either side of Silencer Kylo would be a fun themed list.
  13. Kath Scarlet uses this to get a 6-die buttshot for free the first time she does it. 7 with Opportunist. With rerolls if she pulls a green, plus a focus... might be a little scary.
  14. I like it, before Old T started to be a thing a friend flew Serissu in his place in the Fenn/Old T/Manaroo List. Basically using the same strategies you’ve implemented.
  15. hey it seems to work lol I can't wait for this thing to be available
  16. There are a lot of good ideas here. In my opinion cloak should let you do the following things: nigh impossible to hit, unpredictable, I like the idea of having to spend a focus token to be able to declare the cloaked ship. I don't like the reposition part of the ability. It never really clicked with me. The ship doesn't appear out of nowhere, it's just really hard to follow. So with those in mind: Cloaked ships act as if they were PS 12 in the activation phase. When a ship cloaks, it removes all red Target lock tokens and cannot be Target locked while cloaked. To declare a cloaked ship as the target of an attack, the attacker needs to spend a focus token. Cloaked ships add 2 to their agility. Cloaked ships cannot perform attacks. You may decloak when you activate in the activation phase. ACD doesn't exist. Cloak doesn't let you move at all. The ship is just a really good arc dodger. So what this does, is that you cloak, you become so hard to hit that people would rather start attacking someone else, you can also Dodge ordnance, but you cannot attack. You have superior board knowledge, and can move around easily to move into attack position. Once you do that, you have to decloak and attack. This opens up the ways to build the phantom even. Frees up the Ept, can use lwf, makes them cheaper by removing the 4 point tax. However, they can be shot down if they decloak easily, and no more crazy crazy moves that decide the game without planning too much. People might actually dial sth else than hard 1-s. While the ship becomes stronger in some ways, also makes them weaker in others, and opens up options for the ship. It is a more lore friendly version too, instead of the crazy blink fest Whisper does, we have some serious flankers that cannot be dealt with unless they allow it. Only issue I can see is 3 phantoms not attacking,never decloaking and winning at final salvo. But anyone doing something like that is a coward, and a no good rebel scum.
  17. Gurri flies off on her own. I keep Serissu next to Fenn as much as possible. The dials do keep up with each other. However, if I can line up a good shot with Fenn, everyone is off on thier own. Serissu action is usually a TL, getting a free focus from mindlink.
  18. Dashing through open space in a brand new N1 ship through the asteroids we go evading all the way shields on my ships rock Making empire cry, What fun it is to boost and evade A epic ship tonight.
  19. Okay, I've used this strategy once before and it worked flawlessly. First thing you do is start the game normally. Set up, shake hands, all that. Now, on your first roll, drop a die on the floor. Get up out of your chair, bend down, and in a seamless motion, as you stand up right, grab your chair by the legs. Swiftly raise it above your head, let out a primal scream and bring the chair down on the play mat. At this point, your opponent is left with two options, fight or flee. If he flees, congrats, he has forefit the game and you won. If he stays, you still have the chair. Do what must be done.
  20. online reg? link?
  21. Could start a new rumor. In a month. With a new thread.
  22. Oh boy, good time to be an IA fan! And finally: an IA app that that supports IOS devices, hehe. Also, welcome forum members from other FFG boards Combing through the app rules now, lots of goodies sprinkled throughout. Highlights include: Peril, Fame, Medpacs, emphasis on exploration, The Imperial Rule The instructions section is a little confusing. All the examples use: instruction (singular) but I thought the norm was to: It makes these examples confusing. For example, why is the stormtrooper in example 1 finished its activation after resolving the instruction? Shouldn't it have another action?
  23. I like everything, but you may feel after some playtesting that Serissu won’t go well with the other two. She likes formation flying whereas Guri and Fenn don’t. Do you have access to the M3A’s from the C-Roc? If not then the list is fine, just don’t try to get Serissu to go off every turn. Just when it happens it happens. May want to have the Mindlink pair be Fenn/Guri, simply cuz Fenn tends to pop and will want reposition to be open. Fearlessness does give a very high reward though.
  24. WOOHOO! I have been holding off on selling my core set to see if they would release an app. I'm so excited to give this a try! With the 5 core missions, I wonder how replayable it will be.
  25. The card says "captain." That is a captain's badge. I'm assuming this is top quality sarcasm, right?
  26. My computer glitched. How do I delete posts?
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