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  2. Introducing...the scrub

    Call me a scrub, but I don't find bombs fun. Unavoidable damage is not my cup of tea. For that same reason I don't like autoblaster cannons or turrets. I'm not out to ban things, but if there is a combo/move/trick so strong that it results in mirror matches more often than not, then I think the issue is not with the scrub, but with the abused mechanic. That being said, I play the game to have fun. I play weird and unconventional lists instead of Meta-breakers. No, I don't win many games.
  3. I don’t get why peeps don’t like Tie Punishers

    After playing them, gotta say I'd take punishers over res bombers any goddamn day Always knew large base bombers would be crap (4 times as likely to get bombed) but the model is lovely and crimson spec fun But dear lord I'd give up 3 hull for a small base and reposition Any. Goddamn.Day So hey, imo the punisher is no longer the worst "dedicated" bomber
  4. Introducing...the scrub

    There is an elitist tone in the article. Players in many games, and at all levels of competition are guilty of either conveying or submitting to elitism. Sirlin says, “...the experts are having a great deal of this “fun” on a higher level than the scrub can even imagine.” There it is, elitism laid bare. The attitude that one worldview is so superior that those who do not subscribe to it are inferior beings. This attitude undermines the credibility of the author. The article is loaded with great points about competitive play. In short, if you want to be competitive, don’t be a scrub. It’s a valid message. However, it is possible to be elite without being elitist. It’s called humility, and as a value in competitive events, it is grossly undersold.
  5. Strategic Advisor

    For what it's worth, put my vote in the "must be exhausted before the ship it is assigned to has activated". I believe the "your turn to activate" sentence does indeed refer to that ship (as the controlling player would nominate that ship to take its turn), though the wording is sloppy I admit. I think that if the intent was that it could be used even if that ship had already activated this turn, the wording would look more like "before a friendly ship activates..." I've read both sides of this debate, so I understand the counter-argument... I just think the above interpretation is more likely, and how I would rule it in a tournament setting.
  6. Call up an Imperial Star Destroyer, I have an idea!

    And the shooting happens before moving, so it’s dice then ram, just in case
  7. THE GRAND CAMPAIGN: THE TREACHERY OF RHUDAUR (ATTEMPT #1) The new versio of deck #1, the Seekers, contained Elrond, Gandalf and Glorfindel (Spirit), with 32 threat. The opening hand was Asfaloth, Cloak of Lorien, Miner of the Iron Hills, Narya, Northern Tracker and Shadowfax (top card: Vilya). Deck #2, the Hunters, contained Aragorn (Tactics), Gimli (Leadership) and Legolas (Spirit), with 32 threat. The opening hand was Elven Mail, Feint x2, Honour Guard, Rohan Warhorse and Weather Hills Watchman. I opted to take a mulligan, drawing Armoured Destrier, Elven Mail, Honour Guard x2, Silver Harp and Unlikely Friendship. In order to setup the quest I made deck #1 first player, made The Great Hall the active location, added Decipher Ancient Texts, Sift Through the Debris, Quiet The Spirits and Ancient Causeway into the staging area and putting Amarthiul into play attached to deck #1 and added 5 time counters to stage 1B. Round One began with each hero gaining a resource before deck #1 drew Vilya (top card: Unexpected Courage) and deck #2 drew another Silver Harp. Deck #1 paid 1 from Elrond and Gandalf to play Vilya, exhausted Vilya to play Unexpected Courage on Elrond (top card: The Galadhrim's Greeting) before exhausting Unexpected Courage to refresh Elrond. Deck #2 played Unlikely Friendship to draw Weather Hills Watchman and add 1 resource to Legolas before paying 2 from Legolas to play Silver Harp on Legolas. I opted to attempt Decipher Ancient Texts and committed Elrond, Gandalf, Gimli (with Legolas buff), Glorfindel (increasing deck #1's threat to 33) and Legolas (discarding Silver Harp and returning it to hand with Silver Harp to refresh and buff Gimli). Draw #1 was Cursed Dead, which was added to the staging area. Draw #2 was another Ancient Causeway, which was added to the staging area. I committed 13 willpower against 7 threat so added 6 progress to The Great Hall. Deck #2 engaged the Cursed Dead. Amarthiul was attached to deck #2. The Cursed Dead attacked Amarthiul (shadow card: Dark Covenant, for no effect), doing no damage. Aragorn and Gimli attacked and killed the Cursed Dead. I ended the round by refreshing everything, increasing deck #1's threat to 34 and deck #2's to 33, removing a time counter from stage 1B and making deck #2 first player. Round Two began with adding resources before deck #2 drew Weather Hills Watchman and deck #1 drew The Galadhrim's Greeting (top card: Ethir Swordsman). Deck #2 paid 2 from Aragorn to play Elven Mail on Elrond. Deck #1 paid 2 from Glorfindel to play Ethir Swordsman (top card: Wingfoot), exhausted Elrond and Vilya to play Wingfoot on Aragorn (top card: Gandalf's Staff), exhausted Unexpected Courage to refresh Elrond. I opted to attempt Decipher Ancient Texts and committed Aragorn (naming Enemy for Wingfoot), Elrond, Ethir Swordsman, Gandalf, Gimli (with Legolas buff), Glorfindel (increasing deck #1's threat to 35) and Legolas (discarding Silver Harp, then exhausting Silver Harp to return it, to refresh and buff Gimli). Draw #1 was Dead Lord, adding it to the staging area and refreshing Aragorn. Draw #2 was Dark Covenant, which discarded Cursed Dead, Tragic Discovery and Countries of Sorrow so deck #2 added 1 damage to Aragorn). I committed 17 willpower against 9 threat so added 2 progress to The Great Hall, exploring it (deck #1 discarded Cursed Dead, Haunting Fog, Traitorous Wight, Curse of the Years and Eerie Halls and put Cursed Dead into play engaged with them. Deck #2 discarded Wight of Rhudaur, Dead Lord, Seal The Tomb, Tragic Discovery and Ghostly Ruins and put Wight of Rhudaur into play engaged with them) and adding it to the victory display (total VP: 2) and added 6 progress to Decipher Ancient Texts. I travelled to a Ancient Causeway. Deck #2 engaged a Dead Lord, who put another Dead Lord into play engaged with them. The Cursed Dead made a undefended attack on Gandalf (shadow card: Curse Of The Years for +3 attack so the attack killed Elrond). The Wight of Rhudaur attacked Anarthiul (shadow card: Forbidden Descent, for no effect), doing no damage. The first Dead Lord attacked Gimli (shadow card: Wight of Rhudaur for no effect), doing 2 damage. Gimli paid 1 to refresh and buff Legolas. The second Dead Lord attacked Aragorn (Shadow card: Decrepit Ruins, removing 2 progress from Decipher Ancient Texts), doing 2 damage. Legolas attacked and killed a Dead Lord. At this point in the proceedings, with three enemies in play and down 1 hero I decided to call it a game.
  8. Gigabites op kit live stream With added Standings and lists

    I played it with a fairly heavy fighter screen and it was pretty nasty. This was not the original planned list. Matt wanted to include another 2 hammerheads which would have allowed more damage than the CR90 bs
  9. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    So my actual favorite fighters in order are F22. F16. F15. Somone compared the f16 to the tie fo and the f22 to the tie phantom and thats how I got started playing the kraytastrophe for a while
  10. We shall double our efforts!

    New version!! We shall double our efforts! V3 (398/400) Empire Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Objectives: Most Wanted, Sensor Net, Planetary Ion Cannon [flagship] Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54) - Moff Jerjerrod (23) - Reinforced Blast Doors (5) - Intel Officer (7) - Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5) = 94 total points Gozanti-class Cruisers (23) = 23 total points Gozanti-class Cruisers (23) = 23 total points Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56) - Demolisher (10) - Intel Officer (7) - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) - Ordnance Experts (4) = 82 total points Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54) - Intel Officer (7) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 68 total points Squadrons (108/134): 2x Lambda-class Shuttle (30) 1x Morna Kee VT-49 Decimator (27) 1x Hound's Tooth - Bossk (23) 1x Zertik Strom TIE Advanced Squadron (15) 1x Valen Rudor TIE Fighter Squadron (13)
  11. Ordnance Pods

    Some of the secondaries was even cruiser caliber guns.
  12. From now till release day

    You mean the Alderaanian Consular Security.
  13. X-wing Community Mod

    My goal in the next couple of weeks is to get all the wave 1 content ready to go for beta testing, which includes bombs, missiles, torpedoes, and turrets. That way when the squad builder goes live we can hit the ground running with wave 1 testing.
  14. The beauty of miniature games is that for the vast majority they are house games, not competitive games and in your house, you should house rule. Its really simple. If your group thinks a pilot or card is too good, too expensive or whatever.. change it. create a house "faq" and use it like its the rules. The biggest issue the miniature gaming community has always had is this absolute loyalty to "RAW" and "Official". As a foundation, miniatures games have always been about customization and dynamics, I find it odd that people dedicate so much time to complaining about the "official" rules and so little time fixing them to their liking.
  15. The US Governement is(SLOWLY) Disclosing that UFOs are real

    Hmm, not off to a good start -- the aliens are destroyed by love ...
  16. Fenn walks the Wookiees

    So I took it as I said to a local tournament (20 players) and ended up third with a 3-1 record and the highest MOV of everyone on 15 points. Sadly lost the very last game to 5 crackshot A-wings, made some mistakes in that one, notably being overzealous with Maul re-rolls and getting Wullffwarro into a bad position as a result. I did however beat Dash-Nym (100-26), Han-Nym (100-26) and Dash-Poe (100-0) so I'd say the list is pretty decent. In that third game I managed to trade Fenn's shield for Poe. Couldn't have gone any better, really! Need a little more practice to really get the best out of it, but so far so good.
  17. I was considering buying into Epic; which of the two rebel ships would be best? I know GR-75 has the X-Wing "fix" which is really cool, but the CR90 would be useful for throwing death everywhere. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  18. Ordnance Pods

    ISD Kuat - Screed, Kallus, QLT's, Ordnance Pods....... every ace squadron attack is countered by auto 1 damage
  19. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Dibs on F-16s. However many i can fit into a squad. I would also love to see korean -era and vietnam-era planes on the table. Century series planes were wonderful.
  20. Ordnance Pods

    I could offer to just strap a hammerhead corvette to the side of my assault frigates.... I mean, that's what they did for secondary armament in WWII. =) The secondary mounts on US and Japanese cruisers are the guns from their destroyer lines.
  21. Sell me on: The Grand Inquisitor

    I was first thinking BT/Avenger or on my ISD2 in my 2 ISD list. That way I can react if someone starts to get too close to Jerry ISD2, I can slow down and stay out of black, or on BT/Avenger I can adjust to 3 or down to one if they surprise me and come in hot. Avenger is less likely since I was nav-ing anyway. I think he's very situational, maybe too much so to use. Another thought is Dictor fleets to play with Konstantine/Tractor shenanigans. Tough to say with activation manipulation with price and others, speed becomes less important in the heat of things.
  22. Morality problem

    For myself I will be using the Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion Force rules and ignoring Morality. Having run a Force and Destiny campaign I found that the system really doesn't work without bombarding the characters with conflict causing choices, this doesn't mesh with my preference of story driven games and frankly was boring. Instead any player who does anything which could be construed as dark side will be told this is a dark side act and you will gain dark side points, these points will not be easy to get rid of.
  23. Submit YV-666 lists!

    This list didnt do as wel as I hoped. Obviously jabba wasn't quite worth it. I think the Jabba+4 Pirates from @Astech is the best way to go. Anyway, I might try out some party busses next. Maybe let me know what party bus version you like!
  24. Yeah ..... everyone knows the correct answer long before this was brought up but those of us that pulled multiple of him can dream we got the hot rare of the set rather than crap rare of the set.
  25. Story Points

    Yeah, if you have gods in your fantasy world, do they have symbols? The symbol of the Gods of Good (or their leader) on one side, the symbol of the Gods of Evil (or their leader) on the other?
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