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  2. We should fly what we want regardless of whether we made it or found it on list juggler. If everybody is having fun, who cares? If your enjoyment of this game is diminished because of netlisting this may not be the game for you.
  3. I don't own an Imp-II pack, anyway, so its moot for me one way or another.
  4. Well to deal with these two i gotta be better, and i gotta be way better if I'm tangling with a frelling force storm... Aye floats over and bleeps at him wishing him well. Aye, Aye cap'n... He unplugs a series of attatchments in the back of his head, pulling the rectangular cuboids out of sockets. He fishes between wires and feathery hair. The first one unplugged sends a small tremor trickling down the jawline of his face. The second seems to have no effect. He pulls out the third and the arm he's been using goes limp and flops at his side. The Two components tumble onto the deck of The Hind. The processor suddenly absent, the signal relays cannot transmitte the electric nerve impulses between brain and muscle. He uses his cybernetic arm to finish the rest. The fourth and fifth cause one side of his face to droop as if from a stroke. The next causes his eyes to quiver and then he goes blind. His optic nerves relayed to a brain that now lacked a crucial peice of optical processing. His eyes still worked but what was left of his Omwati brain couldn't tell. He grabs the the cybernetic brain implant.Once a sleek curved semi circle that fit to the back of the head, has been transformed. It has been broken down into various components. Now rebuilt into linked modular elements. ...eeeehhhh nnnoooooo-wwww jjjjjjjah naahhh-mmmmmmm.... ffffiiiiiittttssss..... He manages to slur out. He pulls out a few wires and then slumps over onto Astrid. He tries to prop himself up on her shoulder. His cyber arm lifts up the implant. He wrapped it around his skull stringing it along the back of his skull like a rope ladder over the side of a cliff. Attatching components to one side then drapping it over the other side of his head, continuing to fill the emptied ports as he went. His control returned bit by bit, and he lifted himself off of his friend. His face still sagged and he had no speech control but he could use both arms. Clutched between angular grasping claw mechanisms folded down from his housing shell, Aye held a circuloid metal object. Its powdered dark housing coating didn't hint at the energy contained within the shard it housed. He floated over to Shard and released it into his hand. Shard holds it reverently in both hands tries to speak, but can't, shrugs his shoulders and plus one component in the side of his head and connects a few wires, pushes a few reseat buttons and reboots processors. He holds the final plug, quivering and hesitating for just a moment. The 4 inch long plug slids deep into a jack penetrating deep into his brain. He jerks stiff his fingers and toes quivering with what seems like enough force to break them. Xxxttss....aaahhhj...xzzzzggts...AahhjhtzzzzzaaAAAAARRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Lights pop on everywhere, blinking at maddening rates. The circuloid component whires to life the cooling vents open revealing a deep blueish glow. It quickly becomes blinding turquoise! An alarm sounds! Suddenly everything goes dead and zyi falls to the floor.
  5. In case you missed it
  6. Hey, this is only relevant to point 2 of your original post, but here's a hero tray sold on Etsy. I've bought a tray and LOVE it. It holds all class cards and keeps the ones purchased separate from the ones you haven't (there's also room to keep your equipment cards with the class cards you've bought). tray&ref=sr_gallery_1
  7. I refuse to believe a single Lambda with strategic and relay 2 doesn't pull its weight - even in a bomber list
  8. @Rouxxor, I think you may be misunderstanding me. I'm not saying that Theodred is a bad hero - to the contrary he is one of the better heroes in the Core Set. There are very good reasons why I included him in my deck for Beorn's Path. I'm also not saying that he should have an increased threat cost - 8 is exactly where he needs to be. I am saying that I wish that he was 2 willpower, 2 attack, 0 defense and 4 hit points. My disappointment was that 1 willpower is not at all efficient for the action that you are spending - and you almost always want to spend his action to quest. I feel this same disappointment about leadership Eomer. I like the ability (though I agree with @Gizlivadi that I wish it had been switched with the ability on his sword), I just find it disappointing when heroes with 1 willpower have abilities tied to their committing to the quest. I did not think that was a controversial perspective, but I'm happy to argue my point in greater detail if need be.
  9. I'm gonna do both sides, since I'd most likely just be playing at home so wouldn't make sense to only have one
  10. I wouldnt expect there to be non-generic squads. Named characters are featured more in IA, so I think they will only be used as the commanders. However, since Luke and Vader are listed as "Troopers", there may be an option to have non-commander squad leaders that have 4-5 trooper upgrades.
  11. Honestly I don't see how we could rule Deadeye as allowing pilot abilities but not allowing rerolls. I think it would have to be all or nothing. Either Deadeye only applies during step 1 of the timing chart (meaning you can only spend focus to shoot target lock ordnance) Or Deadeye applies during the whole 'attack', so a player can spend a focus to reroll or to trigger pilot abilities that require spending a target lock.
  12. ...nothing and dissapeared again! @EbonHawk What you saying me old mucker?
  13. I definitely value evade - there are situations where it is absolutely critical. But they're rare. The problem is that most groups can manage a 3 Agility evader who can handle the job. Generally speaking, differences in stats matter a lot more for frequent actions. That may seem obvious, but it's important. It's why I think Minh is a less capable investigator than Daisy - that +1 matters a lot when you're trying to pull off three investigations. Skids' problem is that evade is not a frequent action, so the times that you do need it you can typically cover it with an extra skill card. Generally, I think every investigator has their place and strengths - Skids is kind of the one exception.
  14. Yes indeed. The article mentions custom dice, but not much else. I signed up. Curious to see what system will be used, at the least.
  15. That's why I asked people to go back and read my original post in the thread. I don't hate net-listing. I think there are valid reasons to do it, and I think it can be helpful to a player's development. In fact, I'll go so far as to say I think it's usually useful to a player's development.
  16. Nym can drop bombs even if blocked. Thanks to Genius.
  17. oh for goodness sake, not another one of these people
  18. I would never call that netlisting, as long as the extent of "trying them out" is limited to non-tournament games. If those two points are your reasons then I don't understand how they support it to be contrary. The first one is not exclusive to netlisters - I take it as a given that all the non-netlisters here are still aware of such discoveries, so that's not a difference. And the second has nothing to do with my point - which was that the ability to build lists improves your ability to understand lists. For the lists you netlisted, yes. That's not what I'm talking about. Hopefully everybody playing competitively takes a look at the most common lists and tries to understand them. My point is that limiting yourself to netlisting helps you less to improve your understanding of the various parts. That seems like a nobrainer to me - someone spending time looking at all cards will understand them more than someone who doesn't. Someone spending time thinking about and reading up on combos will learn more about them than someone who doesn't. So listbuilding will improve your flying because it improves your understanding of your enemy. And that's a key skill in any competitive game.
  19. Please God no! Kill it with fire!
  20. Not a lot. 16 players and a ton of fun and chaos. Turns are handled a bit differently (everyone plans out their action phase together and then executes simultaneously, then the encounter phase is done one-by-one) and they have a custom set-up for 16 players (8 gates, 1 surge, 8 clues, iirc?).
  21. My personal opinion is that the damage scaling between weapons does not appear strong enough to make them stand out from one another, even if it does mechanically due to the flat reduction from soak. Firing a single shot blaster pistol or rifle seems meh. Ranged weapons do not have many interesting qualities and at some point you are just looking for a way to redistribute those 2-4 advantages yet again. Autofire offers an easy and powerful way out and it rewards high skill in a very obvious and satisfying way. I think the biggest problem is that Autofire is readily available on the highest damage guns that already do well at penetrating enemy soak. The combination of high base damage + access to multiple hits is the worst offender to the power curve.
  22. Pretty much take the top 1-2 PS pilots from any ship and porting them over to any other ship will be equally as good or ridiculously better. Vader's ability is still one of the best in the game and that PS and ability in any ship is good. On any ship other than the Advanced it might be broken in fact. There are a few others that are right there with him but PS 9 + built in action economy + EPT slot is hard to beat.
  23. Now that Arkham Nights is officially official, I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has old Arkham Nights promo items to trade. The only items I am missing are from the first Arkham Nights back in 2010. Does anybody have the Cthulhu and Daoloth cards that they would be willing to trade (or sell)? I have a Hastur (2011) card I could trade, and I'm sure I could figure something else out as well. I am really desperate for those cards, they are the last things I need to complete my Arkham Horror collection. Arkham Horror is still probably my favorite of the "Arkham Horror Files" games, even though I haven't played it in years (it might be tied with Mansions of Madness though... maybe I need to start a "Game Rank" thread), and it would be great to finally finish the collection. So as I was saying, anyone out there with cards to trade?
  24. then Vis said.... =)
  25. You know what needs "multitudes" of solutions?? Problems.......I'm done. This lazy GM is busy typing in 8 custom races and 24 specs to OggDude's app for a Genesys campaign I'm starting........
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