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  3. I'm not the sort of guy to usually start threads like this (I rarely even bother to participate in them), but with all the spoilers recently there has been a lot of focus on what people don't like or what people think is missing, and all that negativity is starting to drag on me. So, since it's thanksgiving (and before people post stuff about the actual crappy history of thanksgiving, please don't, thanksgiving isn't the point, it's an excuse) I figured it'd be helpful if we could have a thread where we just post the stuff in the game that we're thankful for, specifically in the clans that we each respectively play the most. And while I don't normally like it when threads start with a request to keep things civil or positive or whatever (mostly because it shouldn't be necessary most of the time, as negativity and incivility have their place in serious discussions and the people who are going to cause problems are gonna do it anyway so the requests are pointless and whiny a lot of time) I do think in a thread like this it is important if people don't post things sarcastically, and don't comment on other posts that they disagree with, because this thread is all about validating the game and why we play it, and to remember to try to focus on the good stuff as much as the bad stuff, if at all possible, so if someone likes a particular card that you think sucks, either keep it to yourself or address it elsewhere. And if you legitimately can't come up with a single thing you enjoy about this game, I don't know why you're playing because I don't understand why people do anything they don't enjoy doing, let alone voluntary things like a game, so if you genuinely don't have anything nice to say, not only don't say anything, but maybe take a second to reconsider why you're even still here in the first place. I'll start! As primarily a dragon player, I'm thankful for the interesting mechanics involved in fate manipulation, specifically the Jade Masterpiece, The Stone of Sorrows (or emo stone, as I like to call it), and Written in the Stars. I like how those all interact with characters, specifically the Seeker of Enlightenment and the Enlightened Warrior. While prior to worlds I was lobbying for Seeker of Air, I am actually thankful that we got Seeker of Fire instead, especially with how the fire provinces interact with Kitsuki Yaruma, as prior to the release of Yaruma, I thought I'd never actually use the clan province because Night Raid seems explicitly better to me, but being seeker of fire means I can run both, and the way Yaruma interacts with the reactions on them means running both can cause some real problems for the opponent that I might not get to do otherwise. So thanks to Kingsley for picking seeker of fire, and thanks to FFG for Kitsuki Yaruma! On a less clan specific note, I am also thankful for the new card Policy Debate for opening up political duels as an actual thing, having a consequence to losing that can have a real impact where most of the other duels might not, and for being the first unaligned duel, thus opening up further build possibilities for all the clans! I'm thankful for most of the dragon clan stuff in the core set, and to FFG for bringing back the game in general!
  4. That zealot group would be a nice way to have them perhaps fall to the Dark potentially. That whole "You must sever all emotions...and you must do so by killing your wife/child/father" is pretty much the route they took with Kylo Ren really. His emotional attachments to his father, were tearing him apart, but when he killed him, he felt it had severed his emotions. "The thing I loved is now dead, so now love is dead, so now I am free" kind of twisted logic that the Dark Side loves. That's a really nice idea.
  5. Please don't spread these kinds of lies. FFG has TONS of content planned for Runewars. We just need to spread the good word!
  6. When fits better
  7. Those is plural because it refers to multiple things on p. 151.
  8. at least one distributor is putting this on clearance. I suspect FFG feels the game is "complete"...or at a place where it can fade away.
  9. This is definitely a community worth being thankful for!
  10. This is one of the episodes I have actually watched, and yeah that part with Anakin was great lol.
  11. Thanks for the link and rules reference! That Lady Luck article is super helpful. I've had a little better luck than my opponent the last couple games and I was trying to explain the idea of planning ahead with weaker cards first, but wasn't articulating it well or persuading my buddy that would help much, so the article is pretty helpful on those fronts. The other great idea is spending less valuable cards to get your units into the section where they'll be able to maximize future cards. It's easy to get "section blinders" and forget that you can launch a pretty effective assault from an adjacent section if needed. Also, just having that rule about ordering one unit is a game changer. I had this nagging feeling I had read a rule somewhere that would help with the situation, but just couldn't find it. One last thing I just realized is that my opponent and I had been completely forgetting about "Counter Attack" which is also important in balancing out the game if your opponent is getting luckier drawing command cards for the critical section. Thanks again all!
  12. If you can, check out the game Imperium. The game is essentially an upstart human empire facing a monolithic empire that's been around for ages and strangled by bureaucracy. While the Human forces can build whatever they want- only after building up a progression of units (Dreadnoughts first, then Battleship 1 and then Battleship 2)... the Vilani empire has to request permission from the Emperor to build their cruisers, dreadnoughts, and battleships. They also have to request for increases in income to fight the war, and that permission rating depends on how well they are doing in the war. There's also a mechanic of random events occuring in the Empire which could range between getting your permissions revoked, being forced to send some ships to fight a civil war in another part of the empire, to the Emperor is sending you aid with exclusive ships you couldn't build on your own... but only for certain turns. You could use this model at least for the Imperial side. How well they can meet their requests depends on how well they are doing in the cc. Perhaps depending on how many planets they've secured and/or how many victories they've earned, they get access to unique officers and/or bigger ships or more expensive upgrade cards. For the Rebellion, I don't know. I think the Alliance will always be sort of cash-strapped but more often giving you surprises. Liberated a planet? Congradulations, that cell has hoarded Y-Wings and you get a discount on using them. Or you've come across Clone War surplus and have a bunch of unique ships from Mel's collection. *shrug*
  13. FFG standard is to provide them in the box all tokens and components required.
  14. If you look back at my first response, you’ll see I was applying the two cards specifically to scenarios firing a cruise missile or supporting Swarm Leader after red maneuvers. In those specific scenarios, Adrenaline Rush is better. You pointed out a couple situations where Cool Hand has advantages over Adrenaline Rush. That’s great, but those advantages don’t exist in the specific situations I originally referred to. You’re right. I’m right. I’m not trying to beat you at any imaginary contest here. Your replies contained some valid points about both cards, but did not apply to either of the situations I was orginally responding to. That’s why I maintained the argument. As for the competitive value of the cards, I don’t care about competitive. Some cards have problems in any setting. I was talking about points efficiency. Adrenaline Rush or Cool Hand should both be 0-point. The discard is enough cost for the benefit gained.
  15. SEA and Ferret: Ok I see. Yeah I think from a storytelling and gaming perspective it's a lot easier to let the characters be human but to have them striving for an ideal. I think most people can understand that because it's what many people do in their lives and is a transcendent device. I like the view you guys have on this and I think I will adjust my portrayal of the Jedi to be more in alignment with this idea. It also makes me think that there is room for stories about Jedi zealots who are so disconnected from emotion that they essentially serve as antagonists to the more human characters, which I think is what the Prequels touched on a little bit but not really in an effective way.
  16. Thank you! I agree, really cool pack! No guarantee on the accuracy of these translations: Name: Knight of Dale Type: Ally Sphere: Leadership Cost: 4 Traits: Dale, warrior Will: 2. Attack: 2 Defense: 1 HP: 3 Text: "Action: Spend 1 Leadership Resource to ready the Dale Knight (limit: 1 time per turn). [Valor] Action: Ready the Dale Knight (limit: 1 time per turn). Title: Knight of the Riddermark Type: Ally Sphere: tactical Cost: 2 Traits: Rohan, Warrior Will: 0 Attack: 2 Defense: 0 HP: 2 Text: "Response: When the Knight of the Riddermark is declared as an attacker, he gains +2 attack for that attack. At the end of this attack, discard the Knight of the Riddermark" Title: Survivor of Eregion Type: Ally Sphere: Spirit Cost: 2 Traits: noldor Will: 1 Attack: 1 Defense: 1 HP: 3 Text: "As long as you do not have cards in your hand, the Eregion survivor gains +1 willpower, +1 attack and +1 defense." Title: Leaflock(?) (unique) Type: Ally Sphere: Lore Cost: 3 Traits: Ent Will: 0 Attack: 2 Defense: 2 HP: 3 Text: Can not have restricted attachments. This card comes into play. Leaflock(?) gets + 1 willpower for each injured Ent you control (limit: + 4 willpower). Name: Diligent Noble Type: attachment Sphere: command Cost: 1 Traits: Skill Text: "Attach this card to 1 hero (limit: 1 per hero). This one wins the "noble" trait. Response: When you play noble diligent of your hand, draw a card. Title: Legacy Blade Type: attachment Sphere: Lore Cost: 0 Traits: object, weapon. Text: "Attach this card to a hero. Restricted. This player gains + 1 attack for each side quest in the victory display (limit: +3 attack). Title: Tough Defense Type: event Sphere: tactical Cost: 3 Text: "Combat action: deal 3 damage to a non-unique enemy engaged with you. Valor Combat action: Discard a non-unique enemy engaged with you." Title: Heir of Earendil Type: event Sphere: Spirit Cost: 1 Text: "You can only play this card if you control a unique character with the noldor trait and another unique character with the dunedain trait. Action: Choose a non-unique location in the staging area and increase your threat level by X to discard it. X is the number of quest points printed on the chosen location. Title: Open the Armory Type: event Sphere: Neutral Cost: 1 Text: "Action: Find a "Weapon" or "Armor" attachment among the first 10 cards in your deck and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck. Valor Action: Find a "Weapon" or "Armor" attachment among the first 5 cards in your deck and put it into play. Shuffle your deck. "
  17. Fair, but I'll leave myself at very cautiously optimistic
  18. Valem strides in after the menacing entrance of the archer and the Gand. The Pau'an shows his teeth, but then speaks: "Think very carefully, before your next move.. We wish only to live. You can, too- if you can be reasonable." The shaft loosed from Master Sunrider's archaic weapon quivers as it sinks into the control panel, lending weight to his words.
  19. My main point is that the gunboat is designed uniquely for new and fresh gameplay options, like slam and reload, etc. While cannons are the better choice competitively, some will go for casual missiles and shenanigans simply because they can and the design of the ship and maneuvers are not only for the cannon title. Overall the gunboat provides a balanced ship for imperials that takes all of its abilities into account instead of focusing on half of the ship.
  20. The rules for Road to Legend (the Descent app) also had a components list and told you how to download the app. There was no box for that one, either.
  21. . . .
  22. Jaycen moves to follow Shah and his companions, not thinking anything is out of the ordinary.
  23. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. There are specific thought steps you can follow to try to make the best of the current situation that you face. I usually start from "I need to kill THAT" or "I'm not even going to bother trying to sell that", but that SWOT process is not well refined for me.
  24. Yeah, I think lion is my clan. I've read the lore of them all, managed to play most of them and playing Lion is so much fun, and I've got some wins. So, I am officially a LION!!!
  25. Practice counts, but some of it comes down to raw starting talent. Now, I'm not out to put anyone down with that, and I'll be the very first person to encourage everyone to be absolutely all they can be, because raw starting talent can be difficult to measure, but there is such a thing and it does determine where your ceiling in ability is going to be. Practice is a good thought, but what I find is that people have a hard time knowing what exactly they should be practicing at, and some of the advice above assumes that one is dealing with a high ceiling player. One of the reasons central Texas has done well is that we've had a very large pool of players who enjoy a lot of different fleet archetypes. That gives the better players a chance to play a lot of different match-ups and get better at their lists through them. It is common at a national or worlds level event to find players who have won a regional that are suddenly struck by a list that they'd not previously encountered. Another thing that helps is to surround yourself with other good players and play them a bunch. That's really a major portion of the success of the Toronto crew. They are capable of putting aside personal ego and fear of loss and just playing the game. The most recent Worlds victory was a direct result of that level of preparation. A case in point on practice. I'm presently in the 94.6th percentile rank in blitz chess, out of a pool of almost 4 million, and measured across 3000 games. I'm in reasonably good form at the moment, though I think I can still go higher. When I haven't played in months, I fall out of form pretty quickly and I can drop into the 70s percentile rank pretty quickly. That is to say that the current me would beat the out-of-shape me almost entirely regularly. For example, the 95th percentile wins about 7 out of 10 against the 90th, and probably closer to 9 out of 10 on the 70th. So we're actually talking about a pretty wide performance gap. That's the difference between winning a 1st/2nd place finish in a 20 person regional, and coming in 6th or 7th. In short, one's natural talent is still showing up in the performance, but the level of preparation is telling most of the story on the end result.
  26. I also answered you in the campaign thread, but I'm like 99% sure that there is no physical box associated with the app. There's no mention of this anywhere and nothing points to it except for that components list in the rules, but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that that list is just there to let you know which parts of the core set you need to use the app. I mean if they did release a box, who would it even be for? Most people who will use the app already own the game, and for brand new players it would be way better for FFG to sell them the entire core set that already exists.
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