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  2. Vassal CC Campaign

    Freedom is a subjective feeling. How can someone be free, when there is no establishment than will uphold the law and order and.... Ohh, wait. This was the Imperial view. Let me check. Freedom without control cannot be.... ****, wrong one again. But now: Freedom is just another word for.. gah, forget it.
  3. Worse comes to worse I can have Jex head to the club. He's not much for the streets, but even he'd know that the Nightclub's a good place to get information.
  4. I figured I’ll share my weekly Epic experiences here! I hope you don’t mind that they will all be links to my Instagram feed, but for those who don’t use Instagram, you’ll get to see my content related to Epic and the Epic: Fighter Squadrons posted here!
  5. Regional Results thread.

    Having just gone top 16 with three 6 hit point arc restricted ships this weekend, I'd respectfully disagree. You need to have some strong defence options, but that doesn't just have to be a pile of hit points.
  6. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Spoilers . . . Death to Traitors
  7. Could work. My main observations: Harpoons are good, but you'll still struggle to kill the ghost: you've got a 4-dice harpoon attack. One hit will become a focus (from sensor jammer) which will become a critical (from a score to settle) which essentially balances out. Fenn can still stop you spending your target lock That, to all intents and purposes means you've got the equivalent of a 4-dice unmodified attack against the ghost. Harpooned! is nice, but you're only expecting 2 damage - maybe only 1 if the Ghost uses an evade token. The Second Harpoon will help because that's a shot with target lock and guidance chips, but again that's probably only netting you 3 hits because you've no supporting focus and your guidance chips are basically just cancelling out sensor jammer. That's 4 damage total and then you're down to primary weapons. I'll grant you 5, because A Score To Settle should set off the harpoon pretty sharpish. But the Ghost can tank 5 damage and keep going. A Score To Settle Chewie is a nice pairing for this ability, because you don't suck the face-up damage card. You do, however, have to deal with being harpooned! - be careful of enemy harpoon-throwers Also, A Score To Settle kind of undercuts your Fenn Rau! C-3PO 3PO generates 1 evade. An evade token a second. But to realistically dodge a Maul-And-Ezra Twin Laser Turret shot, you need 3. Which you can never get. Meaning that in a mirror match, you take 4 damage from that turret a turn, and Fenn Rau can't do anything because they're not using tokens to do it. So you get an initial damage spike, but I fear the Ghost will overtake Chewie in the long run. Honestly, if Ghost/Fenn is that much of a thing, I want to break out my old Clusterf*** squad. Being able to say "Please remove that ship, dice are not required" from range 2 is very satisfying.
  8. Vassal CC Campaign

    So Acbkar want to bring "freedom" to an already free system? The lies of the terrorists have no end.
  9. What’s your Signature List?

    I don't play competitively but I do have a couple of lists that I play quite regularly with my friends. Of the two, the one I play most often is this: Backdrafting (v2) "Backdraft" (27) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Harpoon Missiles (4) Primed Thrusters (1) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) "Mauler Mithel" (17) Veteran Instincts (1) "Countdown" (20) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Black Squadron Scout (20) Crack Shot (1) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Total: 100 I prefer Backdraft over Quickdraw for the TIE/SF, I know that means I'm flying against the current high PS meta but honestly I feel like I get more use out of Backdraft's ability. You can go for the alpha with the Harpoon and then fly straight past them and try to get a range one shot out the rear. Then because you shouldn't fly alone I have Mauler Mithel as I really like his ability and he's another cheap PS9 ship, also the original TIE is still loads of fun to fly. Finally two TIE Strikers because, again, I really love how they fly, Countdown + Black Squad Scout make a great pair of flankers that you ignore at your risk. V1 of this list used to have 2x Black Squad Scouts with Juke as well as AA and LWF but I dropped that down to Countdown and 1x Scout with less upgrades so that I could afford to put a Harpoon on Backdraft. The second is this one: Imperial Defense Countess Ryad (34) Outmaneuver (3) Tractor Beam (1) Cruise Missiles (3) Guidance Chips (0) TIE/D (0) Glaive Squadron Pilot (34) Crack Shot (1) Tractor Beam (1) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/D (0) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16) Systems Officer (2) Fleet Officer (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE Shuttle (0) Total: 100 Two TIE/D supported by a Fleet Officer and Systems Officer is a really powerful combination, the TIE Shuttle can hand out target locks and focus all over the place and then two TIE/Ds that fire Tractor Beams to drop agility and and try to either smash you into a rock or drag you into Range One, plus Ryad can (ideally) K-Turn behind the opponents biggest threat, target lock and hit them with a Cruise Missile with Outmaneuver further stripping their agility. Obviously the weakness of this list is the mid to low pilot skills of the ship. Still, it's a lot of fun to fly.
  10. Vassal CC Campaign

    Thrawn has a déjà vu. New location, same dance. Vader misrouted Freedom for Aurea it is Ackbar brings the hope.
  11. Barbarians in capital city?

    Yeah we had the same issue and we simply did as above, the Barbarians wouldn't enter the space and remain instead where they were. Next time they move hopefully they'd go somewhere else, or at least it gives the player a chance to defeat them.
  12. Vassal CC Campaign

    Patience is NOT a virtue! Time for AGGRESSIVE NEGOTIATIONS
  13. Hey everyone. Renegade fleet command is back to our regular scheduling after our road trip. We will be streaming the recording of our second episode live tonight at 8:00pm Australian Eastern Standard time on our discord server, which you can join here. A Alternatively you can listen to the episode when it releases on our podcast page here. As always you can ask questions in the chat as well as interact with us if you are listening live. Hope to see you there.
  14. Genesys Spycraft

    I deliberately went generic on supercars, muscle cars, sports cars etc. The only specifics I did were Bond vehicles. Oh, and Archer's Dodge.
  15. @awayputurwpn it cost two maneuvers to gain the advantage
  16. Thank you very much for updating these. Fantastic work!
  17. What’s your Signature List?

    In my local area I'm known for flying T-65s, specifically 'Scruff Squadron' which got it's name due to the different paintjobs/missing cannons of some of the ships: Rookie with R2 and IA x 3 Braylen with Gunner, R3-A2 and title I've done pretty well with it too although it's been retired for now due to its low PS and need to fly in formation *shakes fist at harpoons*
  18. Minis Wishlist

    On the bottom left. Just have to wait for Sanctum of Twilight…
  19. Rocket Punch

    I‘m asking because suggestions are usually about improvements. But that only makes sense if you care about playing a better list, where better means more competitive. For example the amount of ordnance, or the lack of long range scanners are two things that come to mind.
  20. Vassal CC Campaign

    Vader patience would have needed to learn. No wonder Vader lost to the dark side have been...
  21. What’s your Signature List?

    RAC/Ace is probably my most commonly played. And with Krennic looking like it might be back in some form.
  22. Alpha and Lamda!

    Other than that; OS-1 gunboats are incredibly token-hungry. Omicron Group Pilot Advanced Sensors [cannon of choice] General Hux Systems Officer Activate, use Hux to give two gunboats plus yourself focus tokens, move, remove stress, assign free target lock to a third. You can provide 'double tokens' to 3 gunboats at once, and still get a focused shot yourself.
  23. No, the least virtuous thing was trying to rig a duel to put one of your puppets as Emerald Champion (while contradicting your Clan champion’s orders) Also, if you count the prince as one of the main characters, his behavior in the duel against the Ruby Champion was anything but virtuous. The soon-to-be son of the heavens, which represents divinity on earth, not being virtuous can really anger the Kami.
  24. Reprints - will they ever get “off the boat”?

    That makes some sense, I have been patiently waiting for miniaturemarket to get it in. Chinese New Year will end around March 2nd perhaps? Hopefully will be seeing some stock in the stores mid to late March...
  25. What’s your Signature List?

    Stressfenders; is mine. SnapShot Ryhmer with rebel captive, tactician, lightweight frame, Vessery X7 (Juke and Twin Ion) and a x7 Delta. I love flying list based around stress and control. Dual Shadow Casters great control and Jesper Hills Control Bots are also go too list for me.
  26. Masks Review - such potential...but...

    I haven't gotten it yet, but based on what I've heard, I'm already wanting it for the AO for the mysteries requiring adventures and the way you can bring in Egypt or Dreamland for a different AO. The rest is frosting. I'm not enamoured by the campaign but already have thought of ways to house rule it. As for other mechanics you can easily take them or leave them. There's so many investigators and other cards you're never forced to play any particular mechanic.
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