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  2. An NDS about the NDS?
  3. So most things that were in Development are now at the printer including newly announced Eldritch expansion and the long delayed 30th Anniversary SW RPG book. Guess what isn't at the printers yet....
  4. That is so true, and so sad. How could this happen? Why did Gorge have to spoil a whole generation with his bs up to the point that they feel entitled to call Ep1-3 'Star Wars'. Star Wars begins with Episode 4! These other things... these terrible things... it is a dark place to go!
  5. It doesn't look so, given the play aids in the box. It's an Andy Chambers game (him of Battlefleet Gothic) so it's probably worth a look. The rules are apparently free. It looks fairly simple - there's altitude (sort of) but it's represented by having an 'advantage' token (i.e. "I am above the fight") that you then spend to dive in at speed
  6. Another way to look at it if you really want options is this. You've got 3 missiles or torps coming your way. 4 dice each, then probably a 2 dice primary from jonus. If you've got any defensive tokens or luck with dice at all, you'll probably take 3 at most from each missile and maybe 1 from jonus, although that's pretty iffy since he likely won't have mods on his early shots. You can just beat out his ordnance with meat. Bring an auzituck or arc, anything with 9+ total hull and shields with some way to get reinforce or evades and you'll eat all his shots and laugh as he's stuck with 2 dice primaries. Stress and Ions also shut down bomber lists pretty hard. If they can't turn or get their target locks, all those missiles are just fancy paperweights.
  7. Yeah, reducing the expensive Commanders would be one change. Though this could also be helped if the fleet cost went from 400 to 500! We don't get too fussed about flotillas, as we don't play competitively so we like to experiment. However, even then there are cards that we never use: Independence - thee worst title Redemption - way out of its league compared to the other two Dominator / Devastator - too expensive Cluster Bombs - wtf QLTs & PDR - both too weak Han Solo - too expensive, wasted opportunity TIE Phantom - great potential but terrible ability Heavy TTs - outclassed by X17s Adv Proj and X17s - please reverse the ruling Overload Pulse - too expensive Tagge - just eurgh Tarkin / Leia / Sato - too expensive OP cards: Demo - still a game changer for 10 points Dengar - oh, how we hate Dengar Howlrunner combos Gunnery Teams - too cheap Motti - too cheap I'd also like to see some of the Objectives reworked, as there are some we've never used. Or, at least change it so the objective that's picked by first player is a random one, as this might encourage some more unusual ones getting playtime!
  8. True. What about a combo? Like dial to squadron & grant engineering token?
  9. Yep, I got those confused with Surgeon. Ignore what I said, my bad.
  10. Here is the thing, for some people the prequels are their first trilogy, they will and do have the same nostalgia effect as the OG do on older fans. Just be happy that they acted as a gateway drug to the Star Wars universe as a whole for so many fans. Also while on Prequel N64 games, my good i loved PodRacing, the arcade version too.
  11. LOVE IT! The perfekt kitbash for my squad, 2 ARC's and a Wookie, or now a Republic Gunship!
  12. Exacly same issue here.
  13. Exactly! I freaking love the N1. It’s by far my favorite Star Wars ship and is quintessentially Star Wars for me, because it was the ship I daydreamed flying when I was a kid. I never played TIE fighter or Galaxies so the gunboat and scum ships are totally foreign to me, but I did wear out our VHS copy of Ep I and play Battle for Naboo on the N64. I would absolutely love to see it added to the game, especially with an iconic character like Leia. Im happy the Gunboat is coming and that FFG draws heavily for Galaxies, because they “feel” Star Wars to so many people. But it goes to show that what “feels” Star Wars is so idiosyncratic that it makes a poor barometer by which to evaluate what should be included in the game. If it did it would give FFG an excellent opportunity to introduce a double torpedo upgrade to help out Y-wings and B-wings.
  14. We get very heavy signs that the Jedi Order is not functioning as intended during The Phantom Menace. The first half of the movie establishes that Qui-Gon is not only a good person, but also a shining example of what a Jedi should be. He doesn't really care about politics (as shown by his dismissive attitude aboard the Trade Federation ship), but rather does what he can to help people, regardless of what it takes. But while he was out rescuing queens and freeing slaves on backwater planets, the Jedi Order sat in their comfy chairs in the highest skyscraper on Coruscant, and saw fit to lecture him about right and wrong.
  15. I personally love vornskrs))) but it can be pretty much anything - a wrix, a sludge/sand panther, a gundark etc.just think of what you want to do with it in terms of game mechanics and story. knowing my players they would most likely want to make a pet out of it)))
  16. Goblin sneak's weakness is it's low strength for its 2 fate cost
  17. I agree with all that Kommander Keldoth says. Not only does formation flying look cool, but it also speeds up the game. Once you get used to Epic, it doesn't take as long. One reason people say it takes forever is you have to get used to the new rules and such. There are thoughts about new strategies and "am I doing this right?" Overall, the more people play, the faster epic gets. Another thing that helps speed things up is that not every ship of the same type is the same PS. Nothing is more boring than when your opponent has to figure out moving 12 Academy pilots. Break them up into different PS pilots, even if it's not super efficient points wise. It's efficient movement wise. Also, having ships that fire before the epic ships is also pretty good. Or even at the same time, so if they are destroyed, they still get to fire. That's actually pretty important, especially with ordnance carriers. If your store has any 40k terrain or other stuff, it's fun to put that on the table, too. Have a fight over a ruined city, jungle, or in Beggar's Canyon. Visually pleasing makes it more fun. More generics is better. Don't dump your points into expensive ships. Having a bunch of cheap Khiraxzes is better than a handful of aces.
  18. Horton Salm with Flight assist astromech and title should be able to do some damage.
  19. That's what I've been saying!
  20. The app is a companion app. You won't play the game in the app, you play the game on the table, physically moving figures, rolling dice, exhausting and readying cards and keeping track of damage, strain, and conditions for each figure. The players can cheat how much they want, because they keep track of damage and positions and tell the app when any group is defeated (a hero or imperial group) and when each rebel group has finished their activation. When it is the imperial turn to activate, the app will tell you which group activates, and gives an AI instruction list of what the figures do. There are of course events (including Perils as mentioned in the rules).
  21. Well we also have officers that change dials to the specified command on the card.
  22. See, this is what I don't get. I can try these weapons if they are availiable from the beginning, too, and the game will be as fresh. Learning how to handle the weapon is rewarding enough - my favourite thing in DOTA was when a new hero 'clicked' with me, not because I had to put in time to unlock them, but rather to understand them. That is rewarding, not arbitrary 'you played x hours, here is your Vader'. Unlock systems for me don't keep the game fresh, they make it less enjoyable in the beginning, taking away my motivation to spend time rather than encouraging it. Please note that this applies to competetive multiplayer games only and is not comparable to unlocking content in a linear single player game like Transistor or Mario Kart.
  23. Soon.
  24. Which means you'll be able to order it from a stockist or the webstore. It's filed under runewars stuff, you'll need 2 for a fullsize legion table (6x3)
  25. It's Wednesday. You know what that means...
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