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  2. Maybe it is not about the amount rather than de direction of the traffic 😕
  3. I agree. It’s interesting, I’ve been bouncing back and fourth between this and the Genesys forums for an idea I’m working on and I noticed they keep track of the number of posts made in each product line’s forum. The only IP that beats us, or even comes close, is X-Wing. Considering how much forum traffic we generate, it would be insane to choose to close the game down. Armada aint dead. Lol
  4. Visovics

    Hive of Scum and Villany - [MAFIA]

    At this point I’m starting to reconsider the hours that I wake up in
  5. Darth Sanguis

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    Wave 7 released 02/01/18 it’s currently 06/24/18 Best argument could be made for 5 months considering how late in June it is, but going by month only, it was 4.
  6. ovinomanc3r

    Imperial snipers

    I would probably remove RBD. Add Brunson to the non-Needa Arq to keep some kind of evade while TRCing. No BCC as with just three defender is ridiculous. And swap those defenders for Jonus, Zertik, Black and a jump5k OR tempest/advanced if you want to keep that bid.
  7. hawk32

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I've been messing around with the same build... what did you pair it with? Here's what I think I'll try tomorrow https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v4!s!292:27,266,262:63:31:;195:18,-1,-1:33:17:;270:-1,-1:56:24:U.247,U.23&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  8. Visovics

    Hive of Scum and Villany - [MAFIA]

    Oops got mixed up when was putting it in
  9. Richardbuxton

    Force Repulse?

    My biggest problem with Bind as the Force Push option is that if you want to also do damage then you absolutely must use the Dark Side Pips and thus a Destiny Point with Conflict and Strain. When you use Move to throw and injure a target you can completely rely on the Light Side to do so. It’s not a special occasion thing if you are sufficiently powerful in the Force.
  10. ovinomanc3r

    Hive of Scum and Villany - [MAFIA]

    When I ever voted Ghost? @PodRacer anything to share?
  11. Imjustapug

    4 Player Skirmish Qs

    2v2 allows for split strategies as well. My son and I played against a mate and his son today. I ran a rancor/bantha unshakeable list and my son ran ig/weequays. It was a good blend between ranged attacks and in your face melee. Best of both worlds. Its a much more social game and is a good way to teach the game to noobs.
  12. Today
  13. Visovics

    Hive of Scum and Villany - [MAFIA]

    Players alive: 1- @PodRacer (0)- 2- @LTD (0)- 3- @GhostofNobodyInParticular (1)- PodRacer 4- @EbonHawk (1)- Ovinomanc3r, 5- @Madaghmire (0)- 6- @CaribbeanNinja (0)- EbonHawk, 7- @ovinomanc3r (0)- 8- @MandalorianMoose (0)- 9- @Caldias (0)- 10- @Lord Preyer (1)-Caldias 10 players alive, 6 to hammer Since I can’t cross on the phone, if it’s in bold and italic it’s cancelled until I fix it 
  14. In regards to the first list, what about Manaroo instead of the Scout? I have this: Fenn Rau (28) PTL (3) CDP (1) AT (2) Thweek (28) Virago (1) SVMK2 (-3) AT (2) FCS (2) Manaroo (27) Snap (2) K4 (3) RCS (1) APL (2) Total 99 points
  15. ColonelCommissar

    WWII Situations Suggestions

    If you're looking into starfighter campaigns, the Siege of Malta could provide some excellent inspiration - an isolated Rebel base, under heavy Imperial attack, having to protect its supply convoys, interdict enemy attacks, while preparing for the potential of a full-blown invasion.
  16. Well the net trilogy George would have done was going to go delve into the microbiome of the force a lot more.
  17. syrath

    Warriors rejoice

    And how much wasted XP are you going to have on force talents you can't use of buy past
  18. Managarmr

    Who is passing on Saw's Renegades expansion, and why?

    Never got any Sequel models, glad, I am saving a ton of money on conversion there. Most probably I am going to hop over both Reaper and Saw. While it would be nice to already mess around with a medium base to get a feel for the maneuvring, I can wait until september, that's not that long. Plus I am really annoyed that FFG with their bad planning once again messed up their product (compare also the C-Roc, the Jamming 1.0 Reference card etc.) while rushing it out with insufficient quality control. Half of the 2.0 content in the packs is erroneous, and they are expensive, their 1.0 content valid only for 2.5 months (club is converting to 2.0). Sorry FFG, I want value for my money. I am playing with children as well as adults, the children get needlessly confused if there are 2 version of rules for the same card around. Plus that was supposed to be fixed with 2.0. Had not even heard about model quality issues. If that is true, I am definitely not buying, but waiting for reprint. I have tons of X-wings, one painted as Saw's (before expac announcement), and can wait on a Reaper, I will just proxy until reprint.
  19. Sunitsa

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Since Bio already managed to summarize xwing so well, I'm derailing the topic: how are you going to abuse isb slicer, aka imperial fenn rau?
  20. EliasWindrider

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    Swsheets for Elias Windrider
  21. ovinomanc3r

    Hive of Scum and Villany - [MAFIA]

    It depends. Are you town or mafia?
  22. I used to play two glads with success. The non Demo got several shots each games basically depending on how powerful Demo hit. I didn't have problems making raiders and glads work. I just place it where I expect an enemy ship to be. ETs and navigate comands help. I though on something squadron oriented to improve that role I found glads as interesting carriers if needed. But I try to make something to help glads work in pairs as it seems people have hard time getting success with something else than Demo. I allowed APT+title works to help a bit more. It is not my favorite creation though.
  23. But again, the point of this isn't to establish the exact dimensions of the "322D-1T7" sub-sub-subtype or any kind of absolute "do this or you're wrong" standard, it's to establish a baseline for the basic, mass-produced vehicles that people can use as a point of comparison when considering model kits based on their own tolerance for scale variance, and for people planning to 3D print vehicles who want to get them as close as possible, because as it stands if they were to print out a TIE Interceptor and a TIE Fighter based on the stated sizes, the former's cockpit ball and struts would be inexplicably about 20% larger despite them being literally exactly the same parts both in-fiction and out. If they were to print a TIE Advanced the cockpit ball would be half again as big, again despite it being based on the same components and using exactly the same filming set for the cockpit. People can choose to explain or not any actual differences in physical size of miniatures however they like, but the point of this is it would be better if that was a choice rather than a necessity.
  24. MaxPower

    Reapers and Strikers

    Actually, this is really cool in 2nd edition for strikers + reapers. They are the only combination of small + medium ships that can truly fly in formation.
  25. But they are also melee. I don't think they are overcosted either though.
  26. I've hoped the Gladiator would gain a potent squadron related title, given its prominent hangers. Maybe something like "Each squadron you activate gains the assault keyword until the end of its activation." Since its squadron value is capped at two (like Yavaris) it shouldn't be broken.
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