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  2. Yeah, one of my B-team lists is a 4-FO aces list, and Omega Ace never really is worth the points. As soon as tjat card was half spoiled, I was like, "this rug could really hold this room together".
  3. I have been playing around with squad builders, and I really like a couple (or maybe one ace) mangler cannon equipped star wing to fly with RAC (wiht kylo on board)
  4. The challengers have arrived, the games shall begin... Which side will claim the prize? Jabba is here watching today so don't disappoint.. Let the games begin.. @GhostofNobodyInParticular @TheToad @BrobaFett @Visovics @CaribbeanNinja @PodRacer @ImperialCaptain2017 @Caldias @Madaghmire
  5. Hey if anybody wants to get some games in, I would be down. I am 100% le newb hehe! I am out of town this coming weekend, but am generally free in the evenings and would be available any other weekends as well! Just need to plan ahead a bit and I can generally be very flexible outside of regular work hours.
  6. want to see a typical platoon equal in STORMIES!!........heavy weapons, mortars, fire supporters, squad assault weaponiers, grenadiers, sappers, regimental scouts, longrange scouts, riflemen, medics, snipes, radiomen......
  7. But... but.. FFG doesn't own the video game rights!!!!!11- whine sniff ***** complain. So glad that the haters can finally shut their face holes, the app is here and it is glorious!!!! Very happy I already own at least one of everything as I feel IAs stock just went up in value and down in quantity across the world lol.
  8. did you come to a conclusion as to what you should do?
  9. Some have suggested putting the ISD model in the Freezer for several hours to make the glue go brittle.
  10. I am buying in fully expecting an at at to be released . I know many people that are buying in under this assumption. I will lose my lid if an at at is not part of this game. Just scale it down and charge $75 bucks for it. It’s not that hard.
  11. So what, it's a point. It is massively helpful setting up the proper initial engagement, kill boxes, and blocks. It can be shut off sometimes and it has still done it's job. In my experience, getting a ship in the right position on one turn, can pay off for several turns in the future, even if FAA isn't technically active. A non 100% duty cycle upgrade is not necessarily a waste of points.
  12. You know, fun lists like that make the First Order really grow on me.
  13. Oh and if I have not spammed your US fb group about our tournament let ,e know 😂😂
  14. Swarm leader on Omega Ace. For now you need to have Targeting Sync on another ship (like FCS Backdraft or Quickdraw) but sook you can throw Advanced Optics in Omega Ace to hold a focus. Then you just need TIEs to Evade for you to get the god shot of 4 crits (5 at Range 1) Zeta Leader with a Crackshot fits into the swarm, or Wired Comm Relay for 24pts as an annoyance, VI and Crackshot also good to keep him lean. I personally really liked 2 Epsilons for 30pts as blockers when they first came out. Blocking isn’t as good as it used to be though. Omega Leader with Comm Relay and Juke is 26pts, but Score to Settle and Comm Relay is only 24pts. PTL is also not terrible on Omega Leader. Epsilon Ace can take Targeting Sync for I think 20pts and is a fun spotter for ordinance.
  15. Omega Ace, Swarm Leader, and the upcoming Focus Token Comm Relay'ish thing in the Silencer pack to tuck away a Focus token on approach. Have some Evade tokens on friendlies, then you can roll up into range 1, grab a TL, and tell someone "Take 5 crits"
  16. It becomes a matter of initiative. If the defending player has it, then Harpooned! gets to see the uncancelled critical before TLT cancels it.
  17. Helping the dial game is a really good thing.
  18. The thing is your FAA can be ability blocked. If it were an unconditional free action like BB-8 then maybe, but it isn't. Sure if you get a free boost or barrel roll then sure you can add action economy on top of it. But you could also have some snap juke green wings come in and then now you move where they are in your arc. If you are unlucky they shoot you, then they move out of the way then your ship get shot. Your ship dies, FAA never triggered, points spent for something that has never been utilized. End of story. At least on Wedge if FAA is not triggered Wedge gets his shot that removes a green die therefore it isn't a waste of points.
  19. But with TLT you cancel the Crit do you not?
  20. Hoping the next campaign will be free to download, like Nerekhall was for Descent. Very excited to see the side missions and other content that the expansion packs will bring!
  21. You buy the pack for Omega Leader, Comm Relay, and Juke. Still one of the best aces in the game for his price; he can solo things twice his cost if he can make it through to endgame. (Hint: He's much less good at that part.) Zeta Leader can sometimes have a place in a squad, but it's generally as a 'Well, I can't fit anything better for twentysomething points in...' as opposed to being a solid pick. But man, I love Omega Leader.
  22. It doesn't say hit with a crit on harpooned. It says if there is an uncanceled crit. Happens at the same time as the "did.the attack hit"
  23. Good point. And we also know what happened to Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game.
  24. I didn't forget how the game works. FAA lets low ships be more effective blockers to stop just what you're describing, and it lets them do it while saving an action for Focus or Target Lock, woth maneuvers they may not have had access to on their action bar. If people start bringing PS1 to block FAA, that's freaking great for the game and they're welcome to it.
  25. A situation came up in a tournament last Saturday that had a couple of people scratching their heads. Jostero had the Harpooned! condition and was destroyed by an enemy attack triggering the Harpooned! condition. The condition damaged one of the enemy ships which would normally give Jostero the opportunity to attack, thus presenting the question if Jostero would get an attack even though he was destroyed. I ruled that Jostero being destroyed was the trigger for the Harpooned! condition so by the time he would have an opportunity to attack, he was already dead and could not take advantage of that opportunity. This presents a couple of other possibilities that are similar but the timing is different enough they could be ruled differently Jostero has the Harpooned! condition and is hit by an attack with uncancelled kaboom results, which deals enough damage to kill Jostero. Harpooned! is triggered and damages an enemy in Jostero's arc presenting him with an attack opportunity. I think the condition is triggered damaging the other ship before Jostero is destroyed giving him an opportunity to attack before he is removed from the table. A ship within range 1 of Jostero has the Harpooned! condition and that condition is triggered dealing the last point of damage to Jostero and damaging an enemy ship presenting Jostero with an attack. I think Jostero is destroyed at the same time that the other ship is damaged so whether or not he would get an attack would depend on whether or not he has initiative. I thought I would bring the questions up here and see what other people think about the attack timing possibilities.
  26. Or even play her with the new Scorpion magistrate who makes you ignore status tokens during the conflict.
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