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  2. No need to babysit @EbonHawk too much, like he said, hes been following for a while now, and his nose for scum is decent! I sense @JJs Juggernaut post was meant to be tongue in cheek/Rvs @ovinomanc3r can you clarify for me what you are saying Vis did?
  3. Sort of. One pilot shares their ability with the others, they don't share with each other.
  4. Film that! And have global bragging rights
  5. Several people have been caught out against me by the Wildroot Patch only being fortified for the Latari.
  6. Mistake = incompetence by another name. Fair enough. But just learn to love how much of a big jerk I am!
  7. Then you would build them just like you build any other faction. They favor one particular aspect of the game's mechanics and then have synergistic abilities with keywords internally. Having sweeping effects or mechanics is generally a terrible move that ultimately cripples design space. There should be no huge sweeping mechanic for shadow lands. Like the goblin they should just have interesting effects that fit their flavor, maybe some cards that care about the shadowlands keyword, and then a core concept that many of their abilities are lightly tied around. You really don't need anything more honestly, mechanics should be VERY general, then inside themes could be more specific. For example, look at the clans at their most general Lion care about attacking military and having higher honor Crane cares about the political stat and having more honored characters Crab cares about defending and resource management Dragon cares about attachments and fate management Phoenix cares about the Glory stat and ring manipulation Scorpion cares about the honor dial and negative modifiers Unicorn cares about movement and having the initiative These are all SUPER general, they all don't have sweeping mechanics that define every character, and neither should any other faction introduced. You don't need these drastic new mechanics to create the flavorable and thematic feel to shadowlands, it's possible to do with the inherent design practices we see in the game already Now for Shadowlands, if I were building a faction around them, I would consider something that already happens in this game. There is a very real play state where a player will turn one flip a champion, buy them fully and then go to town with them while the opponent tries to deal with this one huge threat. If you haven't fought a turn one Shoju let your scorpion friend show you as it is a great example of what I'm talking about. He quickly can take over the dynamics of the game in a very interesting all in strategy, he could dominate and score major victories or he could fall apart as the opponent goes wide around him. When Isawa Kaede comes out she too will be a very powerful turn one buy. While clans can all have that moment with their champion, I would make shadowlands take that style of strategy, building a tower character, and run with it as their core concept. Shadowlands could be built around the mechanic of caring about having 1-2 main characters who have higher individual stats then the opponent's characters. Way of the Shadowlands style cards would be like a variation of Rout or Outwit, except requiring the shadowlands keyword. They would have abilities that care about their stats being higher then others like (Interupt: If this character is participating in a conflict and has the highest military stat, cancel an event that targets it.) or (This character gets +1/+1 during combat for each participating character opposing it). So you have very high stat characters and are about leveraging that to their advantage while being a block the opponent has to get around. Maybe have them have less actions that directly interact with the enemies characters, but instead focus on buffing or protecting themselves selfishly. The entire concept of Jigoku vs Rokugan on an ideological level at least, is this dynamic that Rokugan is about Order, about the self merely being a part of the greater whole and finding contentment in being within your chosen place, however the Shadowlands and Jigoku itself is inherently greedy and selfish, an endless maw that will not be content until all are devoured into it and the strongest stand along. An oni is a giant monster that has little to no concept of teamwork, only a desire for power and destruction, the old concept of the Lost and Spider were evil Samurai that followed Shourido, the path of seeking to perfect the self over others, so make them very selfish cards mechanically. They buff themselves, protect themselves, destroy things that are harming them, a very selfish faction at its core. Characters that have massive stats but only fight alone, or incredible abilities that only matter when they are ahead. Something like "Here is a 9/2 Oni being sent right at you, he cant be bowed as long as he is the tallest character, find a way to stop him" kind of situations where the opponent has to deal with these bricks you are throwing at their face. Shadowlands would be about bringing out these huge monsters/ powerful dark samurai and throwing them into fights as giant obstacles the opponent has to maneuver around or answer in specific ways, very selfish effects and a play style that could see one monster taking on an army of 2-3 characters and still holding strong as the opponent has to approach them in a certain way. Shadowlands would be the faction that builds TALL, with a few small utility characters that effect or disrupt the opponent's abilities to stop them, like how the goblin steals fate to reduce the bodies and options of the opponent for the turn. You would also find the Chuda summoners, helping you bring these beasts into play and enhancing them further. That is the direction I would take the clan, focusing on an aspect of the game that other clans can do, but they do it more often. Like how Lion care about attacking military... other clans also attack military but Lion does it far more often and with far more gusto and results. Every clan can turn one champion swing, but Shadowlands would do that more often, focusing on making 1-2 massive threats over the game. A mechanic that the other factions have dealt with, but none really specialize with or focus on it. The closest we have is dragon and its more a side effect of them wanting to have a lot of equipment and attachments on their characters. Dishonoring yourself for abilities is already a thing, its the scorpion clan's primary cost for their more powerful actions and synergies with their thematic feel of "becoming the villain". Shadowlands wouldn't care about those mechanics because honor means nothing to them, in fact they should usually have 0 glory, so that they can never profit from being honored and do not suffer from being dishonored.
  8. To be honest, it depends on who is playing them. A poor roleplayer will do as you describe if they're a nonhuman PC or be human and do as I described humans. A good roleplayer will do your description of a human if they're human, and my description of a nonhuman if they're nonhuman. Wow, that is confusing when I read it over.
  9. So Give Tie Swarm the IG 88 pilot ability more or less.
  10. Great article!! I've only flown the phantom a few times, and I can see how it could be tricky to get used to, but man what fun! Thanks again. As an exclusive Imperial player, I'm looking forward to more articles in the future.
  11. I am sceptical this adds up. 3red vs 2green with a focus(expertise) add up to 1.5 expected damage With Expertise and a target lock your expected damage would go up to 2.1 with a one dice rerolling predator and a focus it would be 1.9 So if I have Brath with expertise I would argue that taking a target lock rather then focus would be the better offensive option. I am not sure if the crits really compensate for loosing 25% of your expected raw damage. That makes this combo even less appealing.
  12. Yeah! What's wrong with being a Wishbone fan? >:-( Also, why is everyone talking about going to the mall to buy cookies? That's what grocery stores are for.
  13. You'd never use a Glaive when you coudl use Ryad, but you'd use one when you couldn't (i.e. you'd already used her). Deltas are decent enough filler ships, but without the EPT they lack punch.
  14. I do not usually pair expertise and Rey. Also 3p0 helps your defense so maybe a few points can go elsewhere with this list? Maybe Intel Agent on Han or go to Advanced Slam on Miranda.
  15. Hi guys, I - a pretty unexperienced and not terribly good player - am going to a regional tournament soon. I expect Nym meta to be quite dominant, and I generally dislike all the turret and bomb stuff. So my big question is: what do I bring that allows me to play my preferred jouster ships but doesn't give me two days of dying? I love the T70 to death, so I'm pretty much booked with Intensity Poe, but Triple T70 seems like courting disaster. I tried around Rey in a YT1300 as a companion, but I wasn't blown out of the water. I also didn't really liked Super-Dash as a wingman because, again, not a fan of turrets. Any suggestions in which direction to move?
  16. Has FFG answered the questions on this in any emails? Seems as though they should have by now? I've lost track of the status of this debate.
  17. I think Ian_Solo was right on in that the two biggest things to consider are probably the mission type and "threat management". By that I mean that the initial/reserved groups have a huge impact on mission balance. If the threat level is 2 and you start with some elite royal guards on the table it's going to be a really tough mission for the rebels - even if threat only increases slowly they're just not going to be able to slog through the guards' high health with their starting abilities and weapons. Similarly, if the rebels start a high-threat-level mission against two regular probe droids and some regular stormtroopers they're going to chew through them in a few activations and the rest of the mission will be a breeze. The easier option would probably be to design all of your missions like side missions. As Ian pointed out, all side missions have a few basic deployments on the map and use the "add threat equal to twice the threat level and resolve an optional deployment". They also tend to have a lot of mission events with text like "increase threat by the threat level" or "increase the health of x by the threat level and resolve an optional deployment", rather than scripted deployment groups. Doing things this way will make it easier to balance your missions, but it might come at the cost of some of the theme. For instance it's probably better for the story to be able to write something like "a group of trandoshans in the middle of a heated game of sabaac turn to look as you break through the door. Their card game quickly forgotten, they send the chips flying as they hastily reach for their weapons", compared to something more generic like "imperial forces rush to greet you as the door opens". If you want to take the more scripted, story mission approach, maybe a good cheat would be to straight-up copy the progression from a similar mission at the same threat level? And I don't mean copy the exact map/units/etc, but rather look at the total threat of the starting units, the threat of the reserve units (and what round they appear) and try to match that with your own story-relevant units. Also as a general rule, keep in mind though that movement takes actions which would otherwise be spent wiping out enemies - the bigger the map and the more the heroes will need to perform interact actions, the fewer enemies you should throw at them. That's why a defense mission like "Under Seige" can get away with spawning so many more enemies and still be balanced, since the rebels basically stay put and only need to worry about attacking.
  18. IA had it's best showing in Canada ever and although there were lots of merc lists, there were a lot of original lists that did well. I also think that HOTE will mean the end of the merc dominance. I played a fun game the other day with new Han and Chewy and they are absolutely on par if not better than IG-88 (depending on whether he gets BOG I guess. LOL). I imagine Vader will find his way into some great new lists and Emperor and Ashoka will be awesome from what I'm seeing. As far as Legion goes, great there's a new Star Wars game, but it's so different from IA, the hope is that it doesn't overshadow it too much. As long as we keep paying FFG, they'll keep selling to us.
  19. And I don't like the use of needless ellipses
  20. I would caution against going "full sandbox" because most games can really benefit from some more structure. That's not to say it has to be a strictly linear "railroad" but don't discount having some well-laid event chains that guide the campaign and restrict the sandbox a bit. In an AoR game, with a chain of command, this is easy enough to do by giving general mission parameters while still letting the players decide the specifics on how they'll accomplish the missions.
  21. /Like Yeah but they don't have to be, the person trying to bring the Aliens to life in the writing does this to give the aliens a handle for the reader. This is because a writer looks at an alien and says ok here is an interesting feature of the world I can use to show an experience to my human audience. A player who dons the rubber head is just looking for distance from those things, or they want to look cool, or see in the dark. The human characters always seem to end up in relationships or having conflict with one another, while the alien characters are always aloof until you include another member of their race and then they get human all of the sudden.
  22. Rerolled. I added an astromech boost, but if you don't want that at this point, the roll is 1 Success, 1 Advantage.
  23. <--------------Me! Talk to your bud Matt. He seems to want to plan some other event on the same day! Booooo! Ask him to switch it to a Sunday!?
  24. I take it back - you did not coin that term. Rather than saying that WotL does not create a modifier, i'd rather treat the RRG entry for Modifiers to be imprecise, loosely worded, and needing amendment. Just removing the word "unmodified" would solve the issue, i think.
  25. 1. Um, totally the same as XWM. 2. Um, XWM features list building, which is analogous to deck building. And, once you've built a deck, you have to play it well, so despite lacking movement templates, MtG is still a tactical game. The whole dang game is about resource management during play. Ever lost because you tapped out at the wrong time?? So, sure, rotation could still be a sensible way to keep the game in balance and fresh, in addition to sensible erratas.
  26. Kind of. Each of the major X-Wing expansions have their own little set of missions, and the Epic ships have short kind of run-along campaigns... But they're generally dismissed as there's little here-or-there in them. They are purely to showcase the inclusion of the Epic ship and give you little input otherwise.
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