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  2. EastCoast

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    Easy? You call that easy?
  3. I would argue that it affects face up and face down Horror. My reasoning is that in the Streets of Arkham rules FAQ (Page 3), when clarifying the Righteous card, it says that: "when an effect is caused by suffering Damage or Horror, it occurs regardless of whether the Damage or Horror suffered is facedown or faceup." which I would includes Diana's ability.
  4. jwilliamson12

    Lambda-Class Shuttle for 2.0?

    So, I did end up picking one up for $23. Not a bad price. May play around with some 1.0 ideas to get used to the dial. I forgot about the coordinate and jam actions being added to it in 2.0. That could open up some decent possibilities.
  5. Tam Palso

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    It’s a non-issue really because points values of upgrades can now be relative. LG might 60 points on Han, 20 points in a Y Wing. Or LG might be 20 points on Han but doubles the cost of every other crew taken. There will probably be other upgrades that mess around with force tokens (adding them, removing them etc) or alternative uses for a force token you’d rather take (over rotating an arc). Luke Gunner also acts as a potential break to arc dodgers going too crazy. The counter point to turrets being powerful is that arc dodgers become ascendant: but those are really two different styles of play (both potentially problematic). On that basis alone cards like LG probably need to be in the game. The ‘buy in’ point will be relative to the meta which in turn drives the cost. Lots of winning LGs? LGs points price goes up. More of a “market forces” effect. We should also consider the ‘new player’, and the casual players who simply want thematic cards or less of a mental burden. LG exists for those players and can easily be priced out (or simply unavailable) in competitive play. In short: these aren’t the droids we’re looking for, you can go about your business. Move along. Move along.
  6. Bdolfos

    Fleet Troopers

    Hopefully your strategy.
  7. SirCormac

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    I'm pretty sure they said it has 2 crew, and 1 gunner slot. Don't know what else.
  8. I mean...yeah, sure. Which is why I have, in fact, suggested getting rid of the random dice rolls...🙂 Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I'm not entirely sold on the thresholds of 5 either...but then 10 feels too high. And anything in between just...upsets me. So I might trial it one way and see how it goes. I'd actually rather have something that felt slightly too harsh than something that never came into play because it was too soft. But I'm also aware that if with 5+ PCs having lower thresholds could end up derailing the campaign as they all constantly scramble to reduce their Obligation. So you might be right. Will consider. I do sort of see what you're saying about player choice, especially since there will inevitably be some sessions where the PCs are unable to do anything about their Obligation (last session, for example, the entire party was trapped in Coruscant's extreme lower levels; there wasn't a lot they could do to, for example, pay of debts during that time). Hmm. Will think on this. I sort of feel that adding 1 compulsory Obligation is low enough that I'm not really robbing them of any serious agency. I'll see what my players say, though - if they agree with you then I'll definitely rethink. I definitely agree that some Obligations are easier to work into the story than others, so I will have to do a bit more planning for some PCs. That's fine. I'm happy with that. I agree with your description of Obligation as a stick, and that's in fact something I'm actively trying to encourage with this revised system. I guess the reason I also like to view it as an obstacle is that I had an experience awhile ago where a Technician's Obligation (obsession with tech) was basically in line with her motivation (building cool tech). The result was that when her Obligation triggered it was tricky to cause her any problems - ultimately, she wanted what she wanted. Whereas if her Obligation had been, say, addiction to lesai, or family responsibility, it's much easier to see how those would have come into conflict and created a more interesting dynamic. I've realised I wasn't actually clear in my original post... I meant that characters suffer individual Strain Threshold penalties based on their personal Obligation scores, not that the party suffers a universal Strain Threshold penalty. Apologies for the lack of clarity. Will edit. (Sidenote: I must disagree with your equation that random = fair. Random = random. The result can still be deeply unfair.) Yeah, I've basically been doing that workaround so far. It just felt...naff, really. So I was looking for something more present. Thanks all. Appreciate the time taken.
  9. TasteTheRainbow

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    Today I learned grey doesn’t exist. If you lighten black it immediately turns white.
  10. Deuzerre

    Fleet Troopers

    What prevents the opponent from shooting at them after leai removed suppression from them?
  11. tsondaboy

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    Luke gunner himself is not an issue. He has to spend his force token to turn the arc around, when from the little info we have so far about force tokens, they can be used in better ways (like focus tokens?). What would make him a problem is if cards like expertise have found their way to 2.0 somehow.
  12. Biophysical

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Shoot. I guess I was thinking Jam.
  13. C3POFETT

    Space Ship Terrain, Toys, Models etc

    The Hasbro built Millenium Falcon scales in nicely for Legion although I couldn't get used to the thought of seeing a battle taking place on top of it and an AT-ST bombarding it as it just sat there. You know Han would have been long gone should an attack have erupted nearby. He left Mos Eisley fled Hoth. (the going gets tough, the tough get going) The AT-AT Popcorn Bucket is okay. The elevated platform base for the miniatures really changes the scale once they are beside it. In my opinion it is too nice to destroy so mine either stands off in the distance or lays on its side with the legs carefully wired down using floral wire. (there are a couple of threads out there where they have been turned into really nice looking downed terrain) The Revell A-Wing fighters are a great scale for Legion. The Bandai models at 1:48 scale are great looking too. My only problem is the comparison to the FFG AT-ST and T-47. The FFG AT-ST is noticeably larger and the FFG T-47 is noticeably smaller. Which asks the question of, which scale is movie accurate? Either way they all look great in detail. In general most Hasbro pieces fit pretty well with a few exceptions. But broken down to make damaged terrain it is tough to notice. Models are a hit or miss in my opinion because scales vary from 1/144, 1/72, 1/53, 1/48, 1/44, 1/43... ect and alot of times the scale is not specified on the box. Thankfully there are people as stated earlier who have have done the homework to help us know which ones will work on the table.
  14. DeadlyStreampuff

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    I feel like Chewie with just Han gunner and falcon title is probably already pretty good at that, before you add in even the rest. Thinking of, I think I'd like R2 and 3P0 to have a double crew card instead of an R2 crew, but a separtae 3p0 for if you want R2 in Luke. Hmmm I might be overcomplicating things there XD
  15. heychadwick

    Special preorder damage deck

    Anyone know if you can get the promo deck at GenCon? It woukd suck that I get burnt for getting mine early.
  16. mazz0

    Take Action - 2.0 article

    Indeed, and if you couldn't do the first on its own, stress free, then they'd surely have made the whole pair red, not just the second part.
  17. Wiredin

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    HWK does not have native coordinate.
  18. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    My Polish is rusty, but I believe this is a better translation: Luke Skywalker - prior to the release date, you may spend 1 force token to cause forum users to gnash their teeth and cry to the heavens.
  19. durandal343

    Back to our roots

    Well this was a bit of an ugly match, my brain was just not in it due to a variety of life things, and we made some pretty beginner mistakes. It didn't help that we both brought extremely unfamiliar fleets with multiple interactions and timing things to remember, but I had a blast flying some new stuff in a much less "serious" fleet. @SgtDurandal was very forgiving and worked with me in my times of weakness The final outcome didn't look too close, but the match itself was actually very tight and could have easily gone either way. Apologies for the blatant rule violations. I think we ended up addressing most of them (shout out to Nate and Troy who always keep us honest). Just goes to show you how much attention and focus the game requires to play correctly, much less play well!
  20. __underscore__

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    It somewhat depends whether that mobile arc symbol only means mobile arcs or can work on primary as well. If it's mobile arcs only then he's clearly designed purely for a double-ender so he can get both the quick shot and double tap. As it is he's only getting half utility on a Y-Wing, so the chances are very, very high he can be a gunner in the Falcon. (which was the point I was making, not that he's a problem in particular)
  21. BlodVargarna

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    It needs to be able to easily take out 4 TIEs
  22. thespaceinvader


    I'll confess, I've always been confused by the realism argument for an assymmetric dial. Like... Fly upside down. It's space. You can do that.
  23. Assuming my memory is accurate (as it has been a long time since I played this), this is how we played it.
  24. Ram

    Format: No-16

    Its still very open for buisness. Saska is your "friend".
  25. DeadlyStreampuff

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    To be honest, if you could get the falcon with Chewie pilot, Leia, R2 and 3P0 crew, with Luke and Han, toss in Han's special mods like engine upgrade and it be about 200 points, I'd be down with that :3 Maybe a special prebuilt falcon card that does that for pickup games.
  26. ficklegreendice

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    People are rightfully excited about the new hwk, after all Eu for white boost plus moldy focus (ew) + 3 dice primary...gonna be fun times
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