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  2. My point still applies if that's the case, since 3 of them would turn to yellow instantly. The 4th and 5th ranks would equal to another yellow anyway. And once the group is down, it'd be 3 yellow, 1 green. Also if it was 3 groups of 10...oh boy. We'd be looking at 6 yellow, 1 green.
  3. I think I got the ranks wrong, I'll re adjust
  4. Ah ok, I calculated it by just typing the stats in sw sheets.
  5. No it's 3 squads of ten shooting which gives them 5 ranks in Ranged Heavy and 3 Agility. After they shoot the vents collapse and take out one and a half squads. So now you have a 5 man squad that has 4 ranks in Ranged Heavy and 3 Agility for the future.
  6. Thanks for trying it out. You are asking a very good question. I wrote down the heroes I used in my play tests as an illustrative example. I did not build the hero group specifically for that mission. In fact, the heroes I used were various end-of-campaign heroes that I picked. They were built this way during the course of their respective campaign that I played. Now that you bring that point, it may not be the most optimal or realistic equipment upgrade at all. With that being said, I've only play tested twice with the same group of heroes, with the same XP cards and with the same equipment. So I have no idea how other combination of heroes, other combination of XP cards or other equipement could affect "balance" of the mission (if we can even say so, like I said I've only play tested twice ... to soon to talk about a balanced scenario). That's why I'm really interested and curious to read reports of anyone who will have found time to play the mission with their group.
  7. I could probably put DTT on my cr90 and keep it at long range just peppering with 2 or 3 shots ( Dodonna would be on it now after all), but I put trc on there as standard to hopefully use Dodonnas ability. Same for the Neb title, but thinking about it now, if I took the title off, I could keep TRC's on to generate the same effect, but that then exhausts my only evade token. Hmmmm. The question I have then is: - CR90: -TRC's or DTT? Neb B: -Salvation and TRC's, or one or the other? Also QBT??? Any points saved would go towards a bid or maybe Lando??? The GR75 is a sacrificial lamb/AA platform lol. This could go for a YT2400??? But only if I had a bid.
  8. I think every ship has a chance, and honestly "Aces" releases feel like they are more for existing customers who want to maximize their ships. Buying a Raider or an Imperial Aces really helps Soontir Fel and Darth Vader, but you still need the original blisters. That's kind of harsh on new customers already, though obviously they may find the look more visually pleasing (I don't even find myself a particularly strongly imperial player and I love Royal Guard paint schemes) and in the case of Heroes that's very much a major movie tie in, visually speaking. That said, the E-Wing was in the (non-canon) LEGO freemaker series, so somebody remembered it is a thing that exists and decided to use it, and LFL was okay with it, and their manufacturer is canon-ish. X and U wings are probably most likely for an obvious repaint though, they have multiple canonical color schemes not shown in the minis.
  9. So that's all 15 of them now? Hmm, I thought it would be 4 yellow instead of 3 yellow, 2 green. Assuming the clones have 3 Agility and if there's 5 shooting at each point in time... All 3 of their green would be yellow, then the 4th clone adds a green. Wouldn't the 5th clone turn that 4th green die into a yellow instead? I'm looking at pg. 28 of the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook under "Upgrading More Dice than Available". It would be pg. 30 on the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook.
  10. Hey I have just gotten my 4ed and it looks really cool. I know some have had it for some time and was wondering, have anyone compiled a complete changelist from 3ed to 4ed? Its just way easier for me and my group to get into 4ed this way then have to read all rules and figure out what have changed by ourselves. Thanks in advance
  11. Kachiko might be too expensive as a conflict character and can potentially just clog your hand as you spend fate on various dynasty characters.
  12. Originally there were 3 squads of 10, but their numbers were halved.
  13. I've actually run imperial alpha a number of times and have had fun with it. It's a pretty successful list in general, although I have disproportionately terrible luck if I don't have double mods on my ordnance shots. I've also run a lot of QD in the past couple iterations of lists I've flown, so a change of pace would be nice if possible. I'm all for the defenders idea, and have flown QD and 2 x7's to good results a while back. Is there anything else that would pair well with defenders? Or anyway to bring in a stress list besides TIE/D and flechettes?
  14. So, who was shooting, the group with 10 clones, or the group with 5 clones? The amount of dice they were throwing is surprising.
  15. The last time I ran a single rune golem, I cleared a full health 2x1 of Latari archers in my first attack (9 damage off of the charge, before they could activate). It was the most satisfying moment of the whole game, even more than my eventual victory. That anecdote doesn't prove they are well balanced with other units, but man, do I have fun using them! I think it adds tension to the game that they are so swingy. Not knowing what runes are going to come up on each turn is my favorite part of this game, and Rune Golems are the unit that I think have the most to lose or gain on those runes. Embrace the unpredictability!
  16. if you don't want to buy minis but want some sort of strange creatures in the upside down, use wampas and nexu, give them abilities from command cards they wouldn't normally get added as abilities to their deployment cards like maybe some of the Force ones...Deflection would be cool, weird Nexu that have blaster bouncey hides. Meditating Wampas would definitely be something in the Star Wars upsidedown.
  17. Have we covered the single brace on Corran?
  18. That sounds awesome now I'm gonna have to get ttsso i can use my kty Katie why KDY ships. (I always thought it was just my talk-to-text picking up my redneck accent now I know it's not just me)
  19. Vader and Luke need to lose escort. The Interdictor needs to be large base (it's as big if not bigger than a liberty class cruiser) with slightly (and I mean slightly) better maneuvering to compensate for the bigger base. Otherwise I agree with cactusman. The TIE phantom needs to have a standard scatter die and be cost appropriate.
  20. Not going to be an easy fight guys
  21. The clones in the corridor were silent for a moment, and then one slowly raised his head to look above. He would reach for his rifle in a careful motion, as if worried he'd startle the long metal rectangle. As his fingers reach the trigger, he would snap into action, shouting to his brothers, 'they're in the vents! Blast them!' The other squads would not need telling twice. Raising their weapons as one they would unleash a hail of blue bolts at the ceiling where the invading team were essentially trapped. They weren't firing lethal shots, so the bolts didn't punch through the vent, but the metal acted as an excellent conductor to fry those inside. The best they coul do was squirm from one side to the other in an attempt to avoid the worst of the blaster fire pounding against their protective tunnel. Unfortunately the vents were not meant to take this amount of wait, they were only designed for one, maybe two service droids. Now it was being beaten with laser fire, and it was simply too much. With a terrible screeching noise the log section of the vents the clones and jedi were housed in tore itself from the licencing, his the floor with a loud bang. The clones below cried out as it fell, doing the best they could to scramble to safety, but many of them were not that lucky. The debris and vent landed on top of their squad, effectively putting them out of the fight. There was going to be a packed infirmary after this training session. Those that had managed to doge this fate by the skin of their teeth would scramble to their feet, helping up squad mates as they search for their guns and wipe the dust from their visors. 'Did we get them?' one clone would ask as they back carefully away from the site.
  22. All you have to do is disconnect from the net. It is failing the check for new version. give it no net access and it starts fine.
  23. Guess you guys won't be calling me Quickdraw.
  24. Already pre ordered. I can't wait any longer
  25. We Are Not Idle is still a 0 cost draw 1 card, so it's still really good. The ability to exhaust up to 3 Dwarf heroes for a resource each is just icing on the cake. Lure of Moria and Strength of Arms made the old We Are Not Idle too good, I agree with the nerf.
  26. If you have the web version you can still use it.... search for SWCharGenLauncher.exe on your computers main drive and running it from this will launch the program without checking for updates. Hope that helps people Aluthin
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