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  2. Have done this repeatedly, which is where I know (for our group) something is missing from the current rules as-is. Been running this for over 2 years. Have a couple of player that have no problems just grabbing random NPC cards and ships and just experimenting. It's how we get used to new rules before bringing them in mainstream. For us, still needs something more, but YMMV.
  3. I am not asking what is the correct resolution. I ask HOW it was resolved?
  4. Living people should not wear a kimono (or yukata) with the cross section RIGHT over should always be LEFT over RIGHT. Dear L5R Art Director, Don't let this happen again! Exhibit A: Exhibit B:
  5. Somebody has to be the low PS guy with no special ability. Unless it’s a small base ship with Sabine as a pilot, then there’s no generic. Or the ARC. what doesn’t make sense any more is TWO generics per ship type with neither one having an EPT. Red Squadron pilots and Obsidians only exist to try to out-PS rookies and Academies. And not be Predator fodder. Black Eight really got screwed. It’s caused 25% of the pilot cards to never be used. Come on FFG give use some reasons to use these guys!
  6. Generics started being phased out when three things started happening: 1. Pilot abilities started getting really, really good. Until wave 7 the best abilities were Dash or maybe Howlrunner. Then you got Miranda, Dengar, Manaroo, etc. 2. People started realising how much the EPT slot did for a ship. Predator alone often doubles your damage output from every shot you fire. Even Snap Shot is a big boost in firepower. 3. As attacks became more and more powerful (probably culminating with either Dengar, Rey or Miranda homing missiles), the PS war became more and more important. At this point, taking a squad of generics that aren't on the calibre of Defenders, Ghosts or Decimators means that one of them will die before shooting, and possibly more in the case of TIEs and such. There are a few ways to fix generics. The most obvious is by making them cheaper, but in tournaments it's just not feasible to play 10+ TIE fighters over 8 hours. You could also: 1. Give generics a large jousting buff. Something along the lines of "Non-Unique pilot only. Small ship only. | When attacking a target inside your firing arc, you may change 1 of your blank results to a [focus] result" would bring most generics in line with the power curve. 2. Make reinforcements a core mechanic for the game. Something along the lines of "If at least 1 friendly non-unique ship was destroyed this last turn, you may deploy 1 PS1 z-95/Scyk/TIE fighter (faction dependent) inside your setup area outside range 3 of all ships already in play". This would mean that swarms lose via attrition a lot slower, and maintain a lot more firepower after being PS-sniped. As-is, there is almost never a good reason to take a non-ghost generic over a named pilot with an EPT.
  7. I wonder why the hate too. Netlisting isn't all bad. It helps newcomers to learn why some combinations are great while others not so much. Ooh I love people like this. If I lose, I get to practice against top tier lists. If I win, their bickering and rant will be my trophy.
  8. 1. Carnor Jax 2. nothing 3. Soontir Fel As wee need to get them to ps 10+ Jax and Fel are the only options. However if you look at Fel without an EPT he is pretty meh. You can get a focus for the Kturn and that was it. Carnor has a very interesting ability that counters some of the band c lists out there (like attani stuff).
  9. Ah, ok. That's a resounding NO!
  10. ATRs need epic Hardpoint slots. That’s how scary bad *** they are. I think it would still fit on a large base like the Ghost, and intoducing energy mechanics to 100/6 would be interesting. Or just ignore the energy requirements...
  11. Here's a copy-pasted novella about how corruption / Shadowlands could work: On the Facebook L5R LCG group, Shaunessy Connor had an idea for Shadowlands. I'd added 'Corruption' points to Shadowlands fan cards I made, and he proposed that: -For every point of corruption you have, it requires you more honor to win. - For every point of corruption you have, your opponent can go that many points into negative honor before they lose. I like the first part. It's very thematic, and could potentially balance Shadowlands stuff being beefy for the cost. granted, it's not like people running Shadowlands would be trying to win via Honor anyway (Kitsu Tombs in 'Old5R' was fun, but so, so silly). So, it's not that big of a penalty. I imagine they could print some cards that punish people based on how many corruption tokens they have, and / or make it more difficult to get the favor. The second part is also perfectly thematic, but having a main 'resource' go into negatives is rather clunky, and in the original L5R, it confused some people trying to learn the game. The benefits might outweigh the issues, though. Also, using this version of a corruption system keeps Shadowlands from needing to use an entirely different honor system than everyone else. I would probably add something to the core rules like "you do not gain honor when an Honored Shadowlands personality leaves play", to help keep certain corrupt Clan decks from being able to bid high too often.
  12. I think you're a bit stuck on the term "unmodified base" that you yourself have coined. (current) value = base value + modifiers (to current value) [current value] = [base value + modifiers to base value] + [modifiers to current value] Way of the Lion applies a modifier to the base value. Not a modifier to the current value. At least not a direct one. The RRG is not perfectly clear here of course, but I think there's enough in there to work with, for WotL and Yunako to function properly without causing any bugs.
  13. One problem with that idea, off the top of my head: Making all Shadowlands character Dishonored by default limits design space. Any card the devs want to design that targets dishonored personalities (such as 'I can Swim') automatically effects all Shadowlands characters as well. This is an issue both mechanically and thematically. It makes certain iconic deck styles (courtier dishonor control, magistrate dishonor, etc) nearly impossible to make decent cards for.
  14. SOON. SOON.
  15. The Decimator has the same number of turrets as the Sentinel and those guns aren’t super rediculous like Dash’s ride. The 2400 has guns so big that they can’t even elevate, they are only good for shooting in a plane, leaving some really obvious approach vectors for attacking the ship. rear turrets on slow ships make sense to keep bogies off their six. Turrets pointing ‘down’from the nose make sense on Bombers/ground assault ships. You would expect to see both on a ship the size of a K-wing or larger, but not something the size of Vader’s low rider TIE.
  16. Lorrir is better than Kir Kanos
  17. Generic pluck foam is cheap, protects well, and you can customize to your collection. This 15x10x3in foam holds: 2 pickles, 1 Liberty, 2 AFs, 2 Nebulons, 2 shrimp, 4 flotillas, 2 Peltas, 2 hammerheads, 3 CR90s, their ship cards, and enough bases for everyone.
  18. There was approximately two hundred crew options that aren't really valid options.
  19. 10 hp on a small base with turret and Sabine bombs and AS. Double digit HP. On a ‘medium’ base. That’s crap. Sure it’s behind 1 agi but that hp takes time to chew through. Meanwhile ps 9 aces suffer dealing with a FAQing bomber. It’s not an impossible situation but I can see why tourney folks are complaining. Nerfing probably isn’t the answer. I’m tired of seeing nerfs being herded every wave since the Phantom menace and Fat Han. For every Humpmaster nerf there’s another ship that suffers, such as poor BT Kavil or Rudor with the timing chart madness. Or potentially Deadeye Firesprays. You can’t always ‘fix it in post’, FFG there’s no excuse when you have access to extremely experienced play testers. I know you have to jazz up the EU scummie ships to make them more appealing for sales since you’ve exhausted the most iconic ships 9 waves ago, but it’s making you guys look like amateurs.
  20. I might suggest downgrading from Cluster Mines to Proximity Mines. That saves exactly the points to equip Lightweight Frames on each ship, which is a pretty good buy for the seriously-built punisher. Yes, you don't get your 3-mini-token-wide 'chains' but a proximity mine token is larger, and if your opponent triggers it, it's 3 dice which can cause [critical] damage. The thing is, you've got a 6-token 'minefield'. But it's deployed beyond range 3 of an opponent, so you've not got the K-wing Surprise move of "What you fail to appreciate is that my ship is towing mines!" that you have when dropping them during combat - your opponent is only going to head towards the minefield if they've accepted they're going to take their lumps and go through them. If they do so, they'll almost inevitably time it right to pass through with a maneuver template not a base, so the odds of hitting them with multiple cluster mine tokens seems pretty low. I'm not sure on the actual tactics of deploying the minefield. You get to place mines after seeing where the enemy is and where he's heading, which is good. They must be beyond range 3, so your opponent clearly has time to reverse direction and go a different way. It should prevent your opponent setting up and then proceding to run away from a 'fair fight' though - you can block the edge of his board, or add an actual mine to a debris token, to avoid the classic "and now Dash Runs away" approach. You have to assume you're placing the cutlass squadron first. 3 lightweight frame/unguided rocket cutlass squadron aren't bad, but also aren't going to win a head-on joust against a lot of squadrons out there.
  21. My major concern is that you overload the ships with expensive upgrades. Enhanced Armament on an Arquitens are a little overkill. So a few other suggestions (Kendramm already said a few good parts). The Light Cruiser cost base 54 points. But yours are at 72 and 73. Thats 33% more. But they do not really last much longer. The Blast Doors could help, but if your ship get destroyed before you can use them, they are wasted. Try to remove all the upgrades from the two ships and try to add a 3rd light cruiser. The Devastator Titel on the ISD is, the way you want to play it, a bit wasted (10 points are quite a lot). You want to keep the evade token for the TRC and you want to keep a token for Vader. This means you stand in your own way when it comes to the bonus from the titel. Either you wasted 10 points for the titel or you wasted 7 points (+2 for Needa) for the TRC. It might work for one turn, for a full damage hit. But i find it a bit wasted to spend this many points for opposing effects. Maybe drop one of these for the 3rd Arquitens. One of the biggest problems of the arquitens is the maneuverability. They are so inflexible in their movement and easy predictable this way. Jerjerod is normaly a good commander for these. but i would suggest to play around with them, and see how it works. Sadly they really need a navigate command to be at least a bit flexible. This, combined with only 3 ships, makes it really easy for the opponent to predict where they will be, and dodge them or force them into a trap. One last word about the squadrons. My suggestion is to try them first and find it out for yourself if they fit to you or work against the opponent. But 3 squadrons is really low (it is only one deployment). And all these expensive uniques hurt really much. Especially Boba. He is way overpriced for the effect and the stats (i know, a lot think he is "the man". But in Armada he is what he really is: not really good ). Same with IG-88. He looks nice, with the scatter, the speed and the effect. But he is to expensive for it. IG-88 is a pure anti squadron fighter. Sadly he does not last long enough against these enemy squadrons in the way you want to play him (with only 3 squadrons). So you have a 21 point squadron, that will not last over the first combat turn (against some serious squadrons). I can see that you want to use rogues, to keep them independent from the ships. And this is really a problem with the imperials (rebels have the better rogues). So my suggestion would be: test them, and see where you might have problems. My predictions is, that they will have no effect at all against a real squadron list, but will last a while against some lower squadron lists. And even when the opponent has no squadrons, they are still fine against ships.
  22. I think the best feature in the Neutral unit packs are the specific scenarios coming with the pack. They are all different, and show how far BattleLore could have been pushed. Even if the Razorwing scenario is not exactly balanced, it's still fun to try (and when you win that one as a Daqan, well, time for quite a victory dance). Another good thing neutrals add is the specific lore cards. In the end, none of these is strictly necessary, but all of them are definitely fun, so, if you have a chance, grab the two missing packs.
  23. Structural damage deals a new card and the player want to look at that. I would say no. And that's the common place I think.
  24. Are the new Mentor rules implemented in this release?
  25. First off, thank you for making these forums a better place. This is a great read, and I'm excited to see what other people have to offer on here as well. My main contribution with Whisper, and Phantoms in general is to practice feinting and kiting opponents. Performing a feint is what I usually try to do on the first engagement. I usually try to run Phantoms with 2-3 small ships that have a high threat to the enemy. I usually end ships like Backstabber, Pure Sabacc, and Backdraft. When I deploy I have Whisper deployed centrally, and the rest of my list on a flank. The list will then operate like an Angler fish. Whisper is the bright light. Opponents see her on the table and know that they have to kill her quickly otherwise she will be an end-game terror. For the first few rounds I will pull the other ships up off of the flank and ready to engage the enemy from the side. Whisper will then move as fast as possible past the enemy, usually a forward decloak followed by a 3 bank, and recloak action. The next turn you should be able to do a decloak and a hard turn to get the enemy back in arc, and they will have to choose whether to K turn and engage Whisper or to hard turn to engage the flanking group. Kiting is when Whisper gets injured, and you just use the tremendous speed of a forward 2 decloak and a 3 bank to run away and preserve your points.
  26. Space Fantasy was how Marvel Comics described SW in its comics back in the 70s/80s. So that’s good enough for me. also there is zero science in SW. there’s no attempt at explaining anything (except midichlorians......sigh), it all just works and that’s that. Sometimes technology is actually powered by magic crystals, a sure sign we are not in the real of hard sci fi. Starfighter Pilots use open face motorcycle helmets, space ships make airplane maneuvers in space, sound and explosions in space, energy weapons emit subsonic visible light blasts, space craft can crash into swamps and still be operational, basically being cars in space, etc, etc, etc.... I love the setting, I love the little plastic toys, I love the story and characters, I don’t need I, Robot or Rendezvous with Rama or Stranger in a Strange Land, just give me my first love with asploding pew pew swashbuckling laser swords. if you want something slightly more into hard sci fi then there’s always Star Trek with its technobabble and social commentaries and allegories.
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