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  2. Images weren't there at time of post. I was going off the text reported to us of the dial.
  3. See also the other missions (from the core) that use similar rules for either rebels or imperials. I read it as "does not block his movement, his line of sight, his adjacency, or his counting spaces."
  4. Backdraft(27) Fire Control System(2) Special Ops Training(0) light weight Frame(2) wired(1)
  5. Go my firesprays! Don't care about their red lights and warning noises.
  6. I'll agree with this and add that while good players may come together on an idea (Team Canada), the truly greats don't netlist. DO netlist for a start if you're curious about how something works, but knowing yourself and how YOU play should preclude you from taking something built around how SOMEONE ELSE plays.
  7. Pretty sure it's just their term for the narrative, CYOA style system they've created.
  8. Yes but this game is not about the grand scale war. It is about individual platoon sized engagements. I suppose with characters like Boba or Dengar, keeping them as mercenaries might make sense but that still doesn't rule out a criminal faction. There are plenty of reasons why pirates or bounty hunters would be engaging rebels or the empire. This game is about taking objectives. That could be a crate of kyber crystals or a holocron, things that people looking to make money would want. There it's also the mechanical side to consider. Right now we have a faction that uses heavier armored troopers and a faction of highly mobile hard hitting troopers. We do not have a faction that employs a horde of cheap units. That would fit scum really well! Cheap weequay pirates armed with blaster pistols and vibroblades.
  9. I can see how that would offend, and apologize as that was not my intent. The joke stemmed from the ability of sharing her defense tokens, and I would have made the same joke if it was on a guy ace. Gender was not even on my mind. My game group is made up of men, women, and trans men/women, and I thoroughly enjoy playing this great game with all of them.
  10. Link? Screenshot?
  11. well, im confused! Dont want to give Toad or Vis a freebie. What do Our Turkey munching cousins think of all this?
  12. Despite being a very sound theory, (and probably close to the truth) I feel like that its somewhat counter intuitive of the SW story which is very much a 20th century story both in actual release and sense of reality. Pure feudalism would alter that considerably. Lets forget trying to explain canon for a moment, which can be obtrusive, and we need to think about the story Star Wars is trying to tell. One of the most important themes has always been about the struggle against Fascism in favor of an equal opportunity, democratic society where people of all types can make what they want of themselves. The Empire are the nazis and the First Order are a combination of the nostalgic later generations that brought about the Neo Nazis movement throughout the world and the descendants of actual nazis and nazis supporters. The greatest problem in Germany before and during WWII was not just Hitler (though he was the awful spark) but the tens to hundreds of millions who supported him. Not just the fanatics but the people who may not have loved everything about the Nazis or even hated Hitler but benefitted from their new order and actively supported it. Its the banality of evil and compliance. For instance Thrawn hates much of what the Empire does but he goes along with it despite his reticence because it benefits him. So where are all the people who support the Empire, who are willing to fight and die for this system that has elevated their lives, but still hate big papa Palpatine? I guess I don't buy the reality in most of the stories of the post Return of the Jedi to Jakku era while at the same time I think the sequel trilogy has been handled brilliantly. For all my qualms with Rebels, I buy the reality they're showing me and I think despite the up and down writing Rebels actually does a brilliant job portraying Lucas's original vision.
  13. That's not the issue, the issue is his card has a siege unit requirement (castle + faction symbol). IIRC he is also a champ, not a heavy upgrade.
  14. In the campaign mission "White Noise" and several others, there's a mission rule that allows rebel figures to essentially ignore doors when they're adjacent. That's pretty self-explanatory from the rebels' point of view, but what about during an imperial figure's activation? If a rebel figure is in a space adjacent to a door, can an imperial figure on the other side of the door attack them? Relevant passages from the RRG: Similarly, can an attack targeting a 'see-through door' blast the rebel on the other side? So I guess the question could be rephrased as: "If the door does not block a hero's adjacency, does it also not block adjacency to that hero"?
  15. It is not going to be for everyone, but for those looking for a great "campfire" game, it will do the trick. I can understand the disappointment some people might have with combat being linear. I guess for my group we see this more for relaxing and having fun. As I noted above, sometimes we just don't have the ability to meet or the energy to put a game to the tabletop, such as week nights. When we do have time, that is when Descent: Road to Legend, Runewars the Board Game, and Runewars the minis game can hit the table. In the last month I had two Twilight Imperium 4th weekend events planned, where I hopped in a car and drove 5 hours to Salt Lake for two very epic struggles over Mecetol Rex. I personally like the combat system in Dragonholt. It doesn't pause the adventure to have a combat - like every other RPG does. I love DnD and Pathfinder/Starfinder. But there are times when all we do is one or two combats without really progressing the story. When we meet for the next session we always need a refresher of what happened before those combat sessions. Sometimes we even need to be reminded of what our quests and goals were that lead us to the dungeon. I guess the hybrid middle ground between Dragonholt's system and Pathfinder/DnD would be Grimm. This system reminds me of FIASCO; where the activation tokens working similar to the dice. If I had to compare combat to another product. I would go with Dragon Lair and Space Ace games, or Kingsquest and Spacequest games, or Curse of Monkey Island.
  16. Also, the Ent is Leaflock:
  17. Everything is correct but:
  18. I'm not the sort of guy to usually start threads like this (I rarely even bother to participate in them), but with all the spoilers recently there has been a lot of focus on what people don't like or what people think is missing, and all that negativity is starting to drag on me. So, since it's thanksgiving (and before people post stuff about the actual crappy history of thanksgiving, please don't, thanksgiving isn't the point, it's an excuse) I figured it'd be helpful if we could have a thread where we just post the stuff in the game that we're thankful for, specifically in the clans that we each respectively play the most. And while I don't normally like it when threads start with a request to keep things civil or positive or whatever (mostly because it shouldn't be necessary most of the time, as negativity and incivility have their place in serious discussions and the people who are going to cause problems are gonna do it anyway so the requests are pointless and whiny a lot of time) I do think in a thread like this it is important if people don't post things sarcastically, and don't comment on other posts that they disagree with, because this thread is all about validating the game and why we play it, and to remember to try to focus on the good stuff as much as the bad stuff, if at all possible, so if someone likes a particular card that you think sucks, either keep it to yourself or address it elsewhere. And if you legitimately can't come up with a single thing you enjoy about this game, I don't know why you're playing because I don't understand why people do anything they don't enjoy doing, let alone voluntary things like a game, so if you genuinely don't have anything nice to say, not only don't say anything, but maybe take a second to reconsider why you're even still here in the first place. I'll start! As primarily a dragon player, I'm thankful for the interesting mechanics involved in fate manipulation, specifically the Jade Masterpiece, The Stone of Sorrows (or emo stone, as I like to call it), and Written in the Stars. I like how those all interact with characters, specifically the Seeker of Enlightenment and the Enlightened Warrior. While prior to worlds I was lobbying for Seeker of Air, I am actually thankful that we got Seeker of Fire instead, especially with how the fire provinces interact with Kitsuki Yaruma, as prior to the release of Yaruma, I thought I'd never actually use the clan province because Night Raid seems explicitly better to me, but being seeker of fire means I can run both, and the way Yaruma interacts with the reactions on them means running both can cause some real problems for the opponent that I might not get to do otherwise. So thanks to Kingsley for picking seeker of fire, and thanks to FFG for Kitsuki Yaruma! On a less clan specific note, I am also thankful for the new card Policy Debate for opening up political duels as an actual thing, having a consequence to losing that can have a real impact where most of the other duels might not, and for being the first unaligned duel, thus opening up further build possibilities for all the clans! I'm thankful for most of the dragon clan stuff in the core set, and to FFG for bringing back the game in general!
  19. That zealot group would be a nice way to have them perhaps fall to the Dark potentially. That whole "You must sever all emotions...and you must do so by killing your wife/child/father" is pretty much the route they took with Kylo Ren really. His emotional attachments to his father, were tearing him apart, but when he killed him, he felt it had severed his emotions. "The thing I loved is now dead, so now love is dead, so now I am free" kind of twisted logic that the Dark Side loves. That's a really nice idea.
  20. Please don't spread these kinds of lies. FFG has TONS of content planned for Runewars. We just need to spread the good word!
  21. When fits better
  22. Those is plural because it refers to multiple things on p. 151.
  23. at least one distributor is putting this on clearance. I suspect FFG feels the game is "complete"...or at a place where it can fade away.
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