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  2. I don't think Turrets are a bad mechanic, I just think the Squad Point value of some turreted platforms (when combined with certain upgrades) was not properly implemented for too many ships. The Squad Point system of the game can be used to "properly price" turreted ships such that they are some % less efficient than Arc ships, by estimating how many "free shots" the turret provides. The YT1300 and Decimator were costed with some sort of increase because they have a turret. (What this means in game is a 60 pt Decimator could only beat 60 equivalent pts of Arc ships if it dodged arcs or PS killed enough to make up for its lack of efficiency.) The JM5K was not costed this way. It is basically on par stat for stat with most Arc ships. TLT was not costed this way, or the range 1, out of arc no shot zone (approx 280 degrees) was thought to negate the need for cost increase. Dash with Outrider HLC is likely not costed this way, or the range 1 donut was thought to negate the need for a cost increase. Especially not costed well if you consider how his ability can be used to dodge more arcs than a normal ship. My wish list for turrets: 1) Re-cost the ones that are undercosted. Create some baseline "turret tax" and at minimum apply this to the cost of every turreted ship or turret upgrade. 2) Make more upgrades "in arc only". Or reduce dice mods when no ship is in arc. If a lot of the dice mod upgrades weren't usable out of arc, getting the # of hits to make the turret shot worthwhile would be a lower %. 3) Give turrets worse dials. They already get a shooting advantage, why give them a dial advantage too? Of course, costing the dial appropriately would also fix this.
  3. He can now finish out doing what ever he wants
  4. I'm getting a blank page too, weird.
  5. Unkar has no reason to pass after Sabine claims
  6. The archers expansion will be out in two weeks. The crossbowmen don't look to be too far behind. Do you think it's worth getting a couple deepwood archers for the Daqan lists? What sort of things do they offer over crossbows? I'm not convinced it's 100% worth looking into if I don't plan on building an elven army at all. However, I can see a couple things that make them worthwhile: 1) Putting a dispatch runner on the unit at 2x2 2) Running Kari and Hawthorne and doing a 4x1 (4 threat) unit 3) They are shifty and harder to catch then crossbows Anything else?
  7. In this kit the scenario which has to be played is missing... what about the Labyrinths of Lunacy?
  8. Normal MC30 side arc, natural roll: .75^3 = 58% Normal MC30 side arc, after full OE if no crits: .75^6 = 82% Sato MC30 side arc, natural roll: .75^5 = 76% Sato MC30 side arc, after full OE if no crits: .75^10 = 94% There's obviously a reliability difference, but is 12% dramatic enough to warrant a substantial decrease in average throughput for 5-7 points?
  9. Finn doesn't add a die to be rolled, he adds a blank result to the result pool, thus is considered a modification (yes, a useless one that couldn't be rerolled if it was allowed, but still a modification that can't happen nonetheless).
  10. Sabine claims. Then both players pass. Once Sabine has claimed, any time Unkar passes, it ends the round because Sabine will pass all of her subsequent actions. I've tried my hardest to explain to you how this is an endless loop. I suggest you go back and read my posts.
  11. Hero versions: 2-handed deck paired with: Ally versions: I like to make universal decks usable for most quests and I keep the decks build. For me there are more reliable/widely-usable options for allies.
  12. He cannot put the weapon back on his deck unless he claims
  13. Now we're down to the 'sweeping derogatory comments phase'. Very mature.
  14. If both players pass no one gets the claim ability on the battlefield.
  15. NO. More than 8 ships in a 100 point squad is asking for trouble. Z-95s were good basic ships that can be swarmed or loaded for alpha strikes or just as a blocker. They weren't 'worse x-wings' because they predates the X-wing and was the basis for later designs such as the ARC 170 and T-65, T-70 and T-85. The Headhunter deserves better than being lumped together with Uglies as the 'more expensive option.
  16. Just out of curiosity, but is there an attachment/mod or whatever that is basically putting a shield like that on a gun? I mean, since it's mostly energy, there shouldn't be too much weight, but similar to several WW 2 guns that were behind shields, I don't see why you couldn't do that in SW. I mean they are even see through, so they wouldn't even effect aim. And just to clarify, I'm specifically referring to some kind of weapon mod/attachment that would project a shield, similar to the ones awayputurwpn linked, or even up to the size of the Gun Gun ones, around the rifle as it's being fired. I'm guessing the answer is no, but it seems like something that would be doable, given the nature of the technology. And if it's not something that exists, how would you build it? Perhaps it gives the weapon some negative trait? Like unwieldy or whatever, but providing significant protection to the shooter?
  17. TIE Bombers are pretty decent ordnance carriers as long as there is a way to supply them with that target lock and Empire has several. Empire can also use missiles on several platforms including SF, Adv, AP (although this one is too risky nowadays) and Defender. So as far as delivering that ordnance alpha strike, Empire does have the top spot - their delivery platform is better, it's surviving afterwards/closing the deal that is a problem. Again I would have to respectfully disagree here - Empire does have playable dedicated crew carriers (TIE Shuttle, Lambda, Upsilon), what it lacks is a ship with decent combat characteristics that can use a crew (TIE Phantom excluded). System officers and fleet officers are pretty good in a right build. Rebel captive can still provide a headache to opponent. The problem is not the options, but the expectations that are set too high due to the presence of crew cards like Sabine/Dengar/Rey/C3P0 etc. You misunderstood me, I'm not saying that the option is cheap, I'm saying it's there as the only way to play those cannons and still keep the damage potential is to use them as a free attack and currently only Empire has access to that. (And, btw, I don't know about your meta, but I see TIE/D pretty often in Imperial builds and in fact often play one myself) Really? Quickdraw, Vessery, Backdraft, RAC, Howlrunner, Vader, Sabacc - all those pilots have pretty decent abilities and there are more. Again - in my mind it's not like Empire doesn't have options, its the presence of several options in other factions that are too good that is a problem.
  18. Blank do solve? Also, is this a.....thing? play L5R online?
  19. Sabine claims before Unkar passes. Then Sabine also passes (all actions after claim are pass). Therefore, the round is over. Sabine gets to lock down Unkar and get the claim ability every round.
  20. I'm in agreement overall with @GiledPallaeon and would take it a bit further by saying I fundamentally dislike any Kuat build that focuses on anti-squadron. That's not any ISD's strong suit and the end result feels awkward. If it's something you prioritize, Raiders flown in support of it will do the job better and feel less conflicted about it and it lets you free up your points and slots to make your ISD more of a threat to enemy ships.
  21. We need a Lore hero. Three Leadership, three Tactics, soon to be one Spirit.
  22. I can get to it.
  23. Have there been any drinking games constructed for the podcast? I would suggest something like- take a drink everytime Chris Allen says the phrase "then you just don't get to play" in reference to something he believes is OP, but that would be just a starting point.
  24. Don't forget he's gotta be in the Fighter, Interceptor and Bomber too. While he did fly several missions in GUNBOAT he was more often calling in GUNBOATS as reinforcements are as assault craft to help disable targets when he wasn't in a Defender.
  25. Unkar player passes then Sabine claims to put card on top of deck. Now Unkar is free to finish out the turn, or Sabine passes and turn ends with Sabine keeping the battlefield without her getting the claim ability.
  26. really good ideas here. Any defense die changes? How would you implement these dice in the existing game? FAQ? New Upgrades?
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