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  2. I apologize. The thought above was entirely too wholesome. WEDGE WES NYM! WEDGE WES NYM! WEDGE WES NYM!
  3. I've traveled around quite a lot during the CCG era and I never had any problem communicating in English with players from anywhere in Europe. The announcements are always done in English and in the local language. If your English is good, you'll never have any problem playing L5R in Europe. (Well, from my experience, that is.)
  4. I've been playing the same and it is super effective against pretty much everyone but I think I'd like to try other splashes.. going to go crane splash for a bit now. Kinda hard to move away from Dragon splash as I've really been relying on Let Go & M's Fury! Jump with both feet i guess!
  5. Yes, Rouxxor, be our saviour on this sea of famine.
  6. Some interesting numbers, because I feel like it: According to the answers in this thread, 8 people enjoy the system, 5 people are on the fence, and 11 do not enjoy it. That's a rough 33% / 21% / 46% distribution. Thought' this should be up to share and all !
  7. The Wookiepedia article puts her as Commander though. Also my bet is for Brunson still.
  8. Or by an attack with a dodge-cancelling effect.
  9. While I have been still receiving answers to rules questions, I'm now over 100 days waiting for a response (let alone a fix) to a quest vault support request. I really used to believe in the development and support team for this game. My interactions with them during rules communications, quest vaulting, and playtesting showed them to be dedicated, receptive, and fun people. (I once got 2 responses from FFGFra -Francesco, who was/(is?) on the vault support team- in the same day, working with me to fix a bug that was preventing quests from saving in chrome.) However, ever since the Asmodee merger something has changed. My suspiscion (based on my previous experience with the Descent team) is that they are unable (as opposed to unwilling) to put the time into Descent they used to. Unfortunately, whatever the cause, the outcome is the same. As far as I'm concerned, physical D2E is dead. I'll believe otherwise when/ if I see it.
  10. This is why I don't think I'll unlock most of the characters until much later. I'm not very good. Having them is not going to help me out. I'd rather have a fully upgraded heavy that in can use every game.
  11. While this is of course speculation, I don't think that FFG just decided to kill off Descent. Instead, I believe that Asmodee realized, that there are simply more people willing to pay more money for products that carry the "Star Wars" name. The resources that are needed to develop games are limited after all, and if everyone is working on the big sellers, there isn't very much room to work on niche products (and we have to admit, that an 8th boxed expansion for a game in it's later lifecycle would be considered as such). I'd be very happy if new physical content would arrive at some point, but at the moment I sadly don't see it happening. I still hope though, that a "Labyrinth of Ruin" themed campaign for RtL might arrive at some point, but even that is far from certain. On the other hand, I really hope that Asmodee doesn't turn out to be another EA, only concerned with milking brand names and draining talent from it's subsidiaries in the process.
  12. I'll let 'em. My approach is to let anyone try anything, go ahead and give it a roll! 2 successes? You theorize that you might find the murder weapon tucked behind the armoire. Oh you check? It's not there. Afterall, it was only a theory. Meanwhile the guy who gets 2 successes using his eyeballs to just survey the scene notices the lamp over there is covered in blood!
  13. Yes, that is very creative and it is something different! @GyldenDamgaard Good job!
  14. Sadly it's not consistent with the adventure. To check to tracks in the blood and to check the blood splatters, you can use two different skills, with different TN each. The TN is thus variable based on Ring and Skill (and an opportunity would reveal that)
  15. True but assume an Ordanance slot you could use Expanded Launchers and Akbar and the ship becomes almost unapproachable with ships, with the Weapons Team slot, add in Gunnery team and you have a pretty potent ship. If you can play Leading Shots too...
  16. I doubt it. Armada is doing well, and making profit. It may be the bastard child of the family, but they still care. X-wing is their first born who is on track for Harvard. Destiny is their third born who has a scholarship to State. Legion is the newborn, and they have high hopes. Armada is that 2nd child that gets forgotten. He did ok at school, but X-wing and Destiny got better grades, so Armada didn't get praised for it. He did ok at sports, but X-wing and Destiny were team captains. Armada will end up going to community college, and getting a decent job, and having a good life. Meanwhile X-wing's success is stressful and his relationship is constantly on the rocks. Destiny has been riding high on his glory days from high school and dealing with various addictions and on-again/off again relationships with ex-girlfriends. Armada never hears from the parents, but knows deep down inside that they still love him. Armada is a top 5 miniatures game. FFG is really hoping Legion can push a competitor off that list so they can claim 3 of the top 5 games under their umbrella. Even if Armada only broke even, they'd likely keep the game on life support just to maintain that status. Have 3 of 5 gives them serious cred, and draws more attention from other games. It also becomes a draw to new IPs. This company took the SW IP and made 3 super successful miniature games out of it...maybe we should consider them. Armada suffers in the SW IP due to the focus. In the OT, we saw what, 5 or 6 capital ships in the movies? But we saw 4 rebel fighters and a rebel freighter. We saw 4 types of imperial tie fighters and an imperial shuttle. (I may be forgetting something here so my numbers might be a little off). The games have typically centered around fighters. Even those that had capital ships didn't offer much beyond what we saw in the OP. The comics and books also cared more about the fighters, and for good reason. Stories tend to follow a couple key people. So put them in personal transports and keep the scope of the story under control. When you stick them in a capital ship with hundreds of other people, you risk losing track of your focus. Due to all of that, Armada only has a few pieces to draw from. So they take their time, and they do it right. They create well thought out, balanced units that stand the test of time. Destiny has already set plans for retiring sets. X-wing stuff is all over the place. X-wing pieces come out OP and dominate the scene or are totally under powered and never get played. Older stuff is forgotten as power creep decimates it's usefulness only for FFG to release new stuff that requires you to buy more stuff to make an older unit halfway viable (only to have it again fade away due to power creep). Does Armada get the attention from FFG that it should? No. But it's not likely to see it go anywhere any time soon. I'm guessing Ep8 and 9 along with the other movies will open up some new material (much like rebels and rogue one did), and allow FFG to put a little more oomph into the Armada lineup.
  17. Outer Rim Smuggler Stats with higher PS, new abilities and illicit on the upgrade bar. Could take Snuggling Compartment for double illicit.
  18. Power of the Darkside's Unnatural abilities (3XP) is an attachment that gives a free evade and it also gives a free block if you attached it to a deployment card of a single figure (that's how I interpret "if the starting group size is 1"). Now give this attachment to Darth Vader if you can afford him in a mission. Combined with his 2 black dice defense .... wow! And the icing on the cake is at the end of his activation, he gains a damage token ... tougher to kill and now hit a little harder!
  19. @GiledPallaeon You don't exist anymore. So sad.
  20. Couldn't resist and pulled the trigger. I have yet to fly my first Home One though....
  21. Ahh, the "Heart of the Cards" maneuver... Well played sir!
  22. If your group chose HotE over Jabba's Realm, I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that they're fans of the new canon, including Rebels. Hera and Chopper are compatible with the base campaign, and could be a lot of fun, if they like the show.
  23. The system open was just won with a paratanni list, It had Fenn and Ventress Linked with their usual upgrades, and the scout had adaptability, intel agent and rigged cargo chute. So the list itself is not dead, and I think having fenn and ventress linked is the better option, as it lets the scout drop to PS2 to block when needed, and it gives a 1 pt bid so you can have your scout move before them wookies, to block them.
  24. I also noticed nothing to indicate Turbolasers on the MC-75. Based on included upgrade cards best guess is... Officer Weapons Team Offensive Retrofit Ion-Cannons (Heavy Ion Emplacements) Now the card "Wide-Area......" Could be Turbolaser and the spread doesn't have to include any cards to have the upgrade slot available. Ordnance is also possible with that front arc. Maybe one version has Turbolaser and the other Ordanance?
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