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  2. Three Word Story

    “Space slugs!” He
  3. GCW units

    In Battlefront 2 on Tatooine uses Luke's landspeeder with a cannon attached.
  4. Rogue One/Scarif in Legion Confirmed?

    The hard part with shores is that they have their own command structure of the "grunt" being a stormtrooper sergeant, then you have a squad leader and captain above that. I think for ease of creation, make sense to have them with their own squad instead of trying to shoehorn them with standard stormtroopers. I think in canon the shoretroopers were higher ranked stormtroopers who got rotated out to Scarif for a tour (like Del from Inferno Squad) so they could wear comfortable shoes (Orca Bay Brecons are amazingly good shoes to wear), drink margaritas and get a tan.
  5. GCW units

    This is interesting, also what land speeders? could you send a pic.
  6. B-Team Tournament - idea help

    Legacy tournaments are fun. Waves 1-3 and upgrades in those waves only. Maybe a scum inclusion list if you want that faction to have a presence .
  7. GCW units

    They are not, the ones in IA are AT-DPs, although they are basically the same thing, so I wouldn't be super surprised if they were added!
  8. Are triple T70's viable?

    Fun list and I’m going to try it out, but that Imperial list was 100% jank.
  9. Yes, I think it is the healthiest I've seen it be. Z-95 swarm is viable (recent regional runner up). 2 ship lists are viable (and everywhere). 4 ship rebels (recent regional top 4) or 4 ship Scum (recent regional winner) or 4 ship imperial (quick poon) is viable. Bombs are viable (crimson specialist made a top 8). Palp Aces are viable (won a regional). I can't think of a specific archetype that hasn't shown well in some form recently. Sure some specific ships or pilots are subpar but that is to be expected.
  10. Next TIE and Why?

    So much yes. Especially the Combat drop loadout. This would be so much fun on every single frame that can do it, but probably most on a lambda. It's weaker than what the U-Wing got, and the U-Wing can't get too much utility out of it as it can't fold its wings back without its own title. Such a great idea, kudos!
  11. If the rebels get's another medium ship?

    Hull 7 wingless Liberty. It's canon and we don't have a medium MC yet. It could also use the new MC title. Most numerous Mon Cal ship at the Battle of Endor and being a lot narrower than the Liberty it would be a natural for the medium spot by virtue of its overall size.
  12. Walden was amazed at the sight of the ships being built in the yards, illuminated by the background of space and the planet below. As soon as the voice sounded off in the comms, though, all attention was focused on responding as soon as possible. "Axe Five, roger."
  13. First Store Tournament

    Thank you! These were VERY helpful. Thank you everyone else for your kind advice. Looking forward to something new!
  14. If the rebels get's another medium ship?

    MC40’s are fatties. They deserve love too though.
  15. B-Team Tournament - idea help

    Or, perhaps, steal the 77pts idea from the Coruscant Invitational by requiring a particular ship or pilot or upgrade card to be used for each faction? I nominate Jek Porkins for the Rebels. Porkins can actually be reasonable, especially if the top pilots are banned too, but he costs about a third of a list. Fel's Wrath for the Imperials. He is genuinely terrible, but can be a 3 red dice, not too expensive ship in an otherwise decent list. scum even have an equivalently bad pilot?!?
  16. Forums question

    If you open up all the spoilers, it's probably this one: There might be a couple MagnusGrendel analysis posts that come close. MajorJuggler, MagnusGrendel, and the best post on the forum ever* all show that the longest posts are also often the best. *see here:
  17. GCW units

    My guess they'll push the Original Trilogy first before going to the well, using outside sources to fill a role when there's none available from the films. Imperials: Sandtroopers, Non-bike Scouts, Navy Troopers, AT-DP, Royal Guards, Emperor, Probe Droids Rebels: Hoth Troopers, landspeeder, Solo, Chewie, Hoth Turrets, Bespin Wing Guard The big question is how deep into the well will they go for the Rebels. Imps have tons of different units, Rebels are a bit more hero based.
  18. Tarkin... can you remove 2 blanks?

    Chance Cube too. For the off chance you get that 2 or 3 resource side, but also cuz it's 50% chance to roll a blank to match with your other sides. ~D
  19. Cninj and I are ready with our fleets, just waiting for final confirmation as to which fleet rasp is using. He posted a couple.
  20. Introducing... the Fly Casual Nice Guy

    "Fly Casual" means have fun. it means we're living out a silly fantasy by playing with toy spaceships, and treating it as anything but a bit of fun to share with your opponent is both missing the point and bad sportsmanship. It means that the only purpose of tournaments is to compete with other people super excited about the game, and while winning is cool and rewarding, its not the point. "Pew Pew" is basically this games motto, not "did you even read spreadsheets about powerlevel? noob" relax
  21. Fine, he started writing it before the films, that doesn't change the fact that the location itself was so unimportant that we are told none of that in the movie (the thing that is driving the main story arc), and all of the characters in the movies continue to refer to it as "nowhere". The unimportance of Jakku contradicts the idea that it is somehow important. And besides, being greenlit to write something probably just boiled down to "Does it contradict anything we're doing in the films? No? Ok then whatever."
  22. Prediction on Rebel Naval Troopers

    To be fair, as naval troopers it doesn't make a TON of sense to be armed with things that can hull the ship they are in as they are not wearing Vac suits. But I'd be surprised if they didn't have some kind of anti-armour Specialist as every Corps unit so far seems to have an anti-infantry and anti-vehicle option.
  23. Creation of Cross over material?

    So Genesys is the same system just different names for dice?
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