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  2. Ignithas

    Restricted List

    You underestimate the power of Iron Mines, Karada District, Satoshi and Rebuild. Losing Iron Mines hurts quite a lot, because even Charge becomes considerably weaker. I actually think that Scorpion was hit the most. Forged Edict is one of the best cards in the game. Not being able to play MF forces Scorpion to be more proactive, which they would be able, if PFB wouldn't be also on this list. Being proactive without PFB really hampers your ability to deal with Lion and Dragon.
  3. Commander Kaine

    Lambda-Class Shuttle for 2.0?

    I'd rather play something with Black Squadron pilots, maybe Iden and her schlepp. Howlrunner. I find the generic academy pilot swarm a bit of a bore. I'm not sure how it will work out with the costs.. I don't think I can fit 5 or more TIEs like that, and a Lambda. I just wanna play epic Then I can play all my TIEs
  4. Jiron

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    I liked Dace in 1st Edition. In second, even if I keep my Scum (a tertiary faction to convert), I'll probably rather go to Torkil.
  5. Magnus Grendel

    Are Energy Tokens locked to that card?

    Spend X, receive one back a turn allows you to turn charge tokens into a 'cooldown timer' on an ability. Any icon - Charge, Force, whatever, with a little triangle means it regenerates once per turn. We've not seen shields with that notation yet but it's not an unreasonable thing to see for a putative epic 2.0 ship, for example. Exactly. Being able to spend charge tokens for a use other than their default is the sort of thing that specific pilot and crew upgrades can be expected to do. Which is why it's not a default ability.
  6. Commander Kaine

    PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship

    Strikers will be wrecking everyone. Their mobility is awesome.
  7. Black Knight Leader

    EA abandoning battlefront 2

    I have been replaying Mega Man, some fan customs, and Mech Assault, I haven't had this much fun in a long time.
  8. Magnus Grendel

    Does Failing an Action Prevent You from Performing its Linked Action?

    When talking about the TIE Aggressor. The TIE Aggressor is unusual in that it only has access to Evade as a linked action from Barrel Roll, not as a standalone action, and they pointed out that that meant if you didn't have the space to barrel roll, you couldn't evade.
  9. Goseki1

    PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship

    Noice! I love strikers but they've always been too fragile in 1.0 against TLT and heavily modified 360 turrets. Hopefully they get some life breathed into them!
  10. You pick a career, but are allowed to buy whatever specs from any career you wish with the requisite xp expenditure.
  11. Magnus Grendel

    Lambda-Class Shuttle for 2.0?

    A Lambda with Rae Sloane and as many TIE fighters as you can muster might be rather impressive, too. It does rather put a bulls-eye on the shuttle, though (so something like Rebel Captive might be a good call).
  12. Black Knight Leader

    Ninja Batman!

    I am not sure, a wrong term maybe, led them from New Yorks swears too Gothams. Also they are the original live action movie turtles.
  13. Magnus Grendel

    2.0 Design Space Discussion: Blue Actions

    No. A Calculate token isn't Calculation - I believe it's a 'mini-focus' that changes just one result (much like Force tokens).
  14. Magnus Grendel

    First Order and Empire ship archetypes

    The problem with that view (which makes sense) is the new-canon Black Squadron comics, which shows Black Squadron (specifically Jess & Snap) strugging* with how fast the things are in comparison with their T-70s - including Jess' T-70 which is specifically tuned up for straight-line speed. In short, the TIE/sf should be faster than the T-70 in background terms. In game terms, I'd suggest giving the thing a [red] straight 5 and leaving it at that. Technically that makes it faster, from a certain point of view, without messing with the essential in-game function of the ship. A more significant question - if Lightweight Frame has gone the way of the dodo - is whether the TIE/sf is going to be upped to a base agility of 3 or sticking at 2 like the striker. Lightweight Frame or Guidance Chips is one of the major design decisions with Quickdraw (one of the most popular pilots in the game) at the moment, after all. * There's a cliff and canyon rock formation. Things are exploding. There's an egg, a flying monster, and some monks. It's a long story.
  15. Drasnighta

    Nationals prizes

    I meant, I was reading (what I thought) was XWing Nationals article saying they still got paid tickets. That’s what I meant.
  16. Rouxxor

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Oops. You are right. I talk to some people to review my combo but none of them saw this. So we will only use the attachment part and save slots ^^. Glad to post quite fast here and don't playtest too much with this version. This mean we need to be able even more regularly to stand more than one turn.
  17. MaxPower

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    Nope. Turrets and cannons now get range bonuses. So you can line up that perfect 4 dice shot. Not very easy to ionize large ships in one shot, but possible.
  18. Right now, I am having trouble fiddling around with a Bounty Hunter-Hired Gun. Is this a possibility? I noticed in one or two episodes of Star Wars the Clone Wars which featured bounty hunters as central characters, one group acted as a bodyguard for a mysterious box. It is one that featured Asaji Ventress becoming a bounty hunter, I think. And since Hired Guns have Bodyguards as a career, I thought about merging the specialties together. Is it possible?
  19. kraedin

    PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship

    Is there a source for how TIE defenders work other than Star Wars: TIE Fighter? In that game, you could fire the blasters or the ions or the missiles/torpedoes, but couldn't combine weapons with anything but the tractor beam.
  20. Commander Kaine

    Lambda-Class Shuttle for 2.0?

    I'm pretty sure it is white. The reaper has a red one.
  21. Magnus Grendel

    Triple Reaper Aces

    I like the Captain Feroph build. The initial list was written before I realised just how awesome Director Krennic is; as essentially a Shield Upgrade and a Fire Control System (on a ship with no Systems Slot), he's a bloody good choice to attach to the ship he's actually on - leaving the Reapers able to fly independently. Optimised Prototype + Expertise makes Feroph's offense ridiculously reliable, and his ability, slicer and lightweight frame makes him extremely tough. Vermeil - given his ability, Expertise seems a waste. Theoretically you should be getting one focus-to-hit anyway, so buying the most expensive elite upgrade going when you're probably getting the same mutually exclusive benefit seems a waste, especially since Vizier may well be throwing him focus tokens. Predator is a better deal, because focus modifiers and rerolls stack, and that spare point can net you an Intelligence Agent - not a bad choice given the Reaper's ability to shuffle its final position a bit with ailerons - or an Inspiring Recruit as good insurance against the stress brigade (I expect Reapers to prove as stress-prone as Strikers).
  22. Deuzerre

    Question about Blast

    Additionally, just to clarify, your flamethrower would only provide 1 black dice in this situation since it only has 1 guy in Los (it's one black dice per mini) so beware of Los for special weapons like this.
  23. Zaaik

    [MOONS of GALTORUS] science fantasy setting

    That flare tho! 😮 I love the effort you've put into this, its really inspiring!
  24. MortalPlague

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    One other thing to consider; unlike the 1.0 version, this new HWK looks like it could be a valuable fighter all on its own. If it's sporting a 3 dice primary weapon, it's a significant attacker on the field, regardless of whether or not the special ability is used.
  25. VanderLegion

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    We haven't seen the pilot card yet, just the defender base in the trailer. I really hope his ability is the same as the tie fighter...
  26. I suppose you’re spamming the L5R Discord with the link every few hours? If not, do it 😆
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