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  2. Just change the name of the post to X-Wing fun times with Jobba the hut and it will get moved to off topic. Welcome to the FFG forum 🙂
  3. Rabobankrider

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    As in to make him think he can't fix it in time due to the despair? Sure, but bare in mind your failed coercion means he doesn't believe you can destroy it with the force.
  4. @tgall Has updated our blog with his thoughts on list building now that the Uthuk Y'llan expansions have finally hit the shelves! Head on over and check it out! Tell us what Tom got write, what he got wrong, and how you are going to experiment with your Uthuk now that we have new toys! https://runecasters.net/2018/06/18/new-uthuk-list-foo/
  5. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Sorry, just noticed the prior Sith roll. @Rabobankrider Can I spend the despair against him as he is unsure if he can fix the reactor repairs in time before the Republic fleet arrives?
  6. Commander Kaine

    Begin Attack Run - Y Wing article

    Cannons are already pretty bad, because they don't add extra arcs, and now the cannons don't do much in terms of damage either. These ships should do MORE damage, not less. Slapping extra weapons on, just for utility is not the flavor of these ships, and it is not very efficient in balance terms.
  7. That Blasted Samophlange

    Reaper Article!

    If we go by Sabine’s ability (first one I could think of/verify) , you are correct. This is a huge benefit to “Vizier” as he doesn't have to take another upgrade to get a white coordinate.
  8. You have clearly never played with a GM who has a horseshoe crammed firmly up their behind. That said, I'm curious about this, myself. It always seemed to me that the beta's system was less 'three feet from death' and more 'two Opportunity from testing the table's patience for Monty Python and the Holy Grail jokes' - maiming mechanics have not gone over well with our local group after all that Warhammer.
  9. Shlambate

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    As Zoroku enters the room and he spots the three red armored Sith, 'Sith Commandos so they had a target painted on the Admiral's back before the Attack started. It must be that the Revanchist either cracked and gave them the information... or worse he joined the Sith Empire.' Zoroku readies his Senses for Combat, then he whispers to Kattadik, "These are Sith Commandos, Assassins and Bodyguards, you can tell by their red armor, their combat ability far surpasses the Elite troops we fought earlier, Be on your Guard." After giving his warning he starts his slow approach behind his enemies with his lightsaber in hand ready to be ignited.
  10. Though high Strife isn't always bad! Crabs and Scorpions and even some Cranes will be intrigued by some of the opportunities Strife-overflow presents. It also plays into spellcasting in some very cool and innovative ways, and the Lion use it as a reagent when they're crafting ghosts and corpses.
  11. PhantomFO

    Hopefully 200 points = the end of zero point cards?

    Yeah, Jamming Beam was one of the first to come to mind as a possible zero-point upgrade. The fact that it's both short range and deals zero damage in place of an actual attack are already a steep enough cost. Same goes for Targeting Scrambler, as the price you're paying is the Weapons Disabled token. Courier Droid might also fall into this category, as it's a card that has zero effect after setup.
  12. Or the sell the wave 2 equivilant to the bag in the conversion kit. Call it $5 to cover the price difference between 1st and 2nd edition.
  13. @Edgehawk @satkaz @KungFuFerret @Kymrel @Vergence @Shlambate B1 Battle Droid Squad, soak 4, 20/20 wounds, 5/5 men Tower 1 soak 4, 4/4 wounds, 1 setback Tower 2 soak 4, 4/4 wounds, 1 setback B1 Battle Droid Squad, soak 4, 20/20 wounds, 5/5 men B2 Super Battle Droids, armour 1, soak 5, 10/10 wounds, 2/2 men B1 Battle Droid Squad, soak 4, 20/20 wounds, 5/5 men B2 Super Battle Droids, armour 1, soak 5, 10/10 wounds, 2/2 men B1 Battle Droid Squad, soak 4, 20/20 wounds, 5/5 men Updated with the other enemies coming in.
  14. Which they assured us they would offer over and over again on the first day of Star Wars Worlds live stream where they showcased some Second Edition Games. So that's a for sure thing. How they do that...that's still up in the air. My personal prediction: they will offer "wave" packs that have the components of each ship in the wave offered together. Most veterans already have multiple factions, and offering them packed together will hopefully decrease their cost. Now, seeing the little bags on the unboxing video gives me pause, because maybe they will actually offer a pack for each ship. But I think that's just a logistical nightmare for stores, and offering a single product for each wave that has ships from all factions makes more sense to me.
  15. Shlambate

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    @Tramp Graphics let Zoroku tell you what they are then go at them all you like.
  16. Sorry, I should have added a raspberry smiley to better denote my sarcasm. Personally I think both are relatively mediocre. I'm sure they will get some play. Lion's is more of a meta call if the environment ever goes heavy Courtier and I think in the long run that ends up being more valuable when you consider a 5 drop that isn't unique and has to be bought in full. At least Lion has the chance of the Ujiyaki flip into FGG to keep it around a little longer, where the Unicorn can't be Reprieved.
  17. Oh. Kinda makes the differentiation seem a bit pointless.
  18. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Finding Your Playstyle

    Come, on now! I hope you didn't mean that the way it sounded.
  19. Petitions, unfortunately, do nothing when a decision has already been made. It's a form of slacktivism and feel goods while no actual contribution or effort is made beyond hitting a few keys on a keyboard. The fact that people would try go sign a petition that is a year and months old kind of reinforces this...
  20. Rabobankrider

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Missed Setback Dice: 1eS 1 failure Ok, in that case you would not necessarily be convinced by his offer (although that doesn't mean you can't take it, it just means you've not been swayed either way). Missed Challenge Dice: 1eC 2 failures The upgrade from congenial (using 1 strain from you) further confirms that. It's up to you know for your negotiation side. @Tramp Graphics, as @Shlambate will be making a knowledge check or sense, it will be after that. @Shlambate, you would know these guys are commandos in the sith army, and are usually used for precision strikes are sometimes as bodyguards.
  21. EbonHawk

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    I agree, the scale in this game isn't perfect as it, the SSD would just utterly ruin it... you just can't make it as big as it needs to be
  22. Tramp Graphics


    Maybe, maybe not. That’s not really the issue though, and it’s moot. Besides, a round lasts no more than one minute in structured time, not several. It’s only in narrative time that a “round” lasts longer, where actions can take several minutes to unfold.
  23. Hoshi.........that's it! Thanks! I still think it's going to be Mitsu though.
  24. EbonHawk

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    SSD would make the game dead... LOL The game being alive is most certainly NOT based on an SSD coming out and imo would ruin the very game and that ship. Sad truth for you imps listen up.. the SSD is just too powerful in not only attack and defence but also too big to ever grace this game. The SSD by rights should be able to 1 shoot anything the rebels have currently in game, and what would you release for the rebels? 20 hull, 8 speed B-WINGS to take the thing down?? Plenty other BETTER ships in the EU for both Rebs and Imps that should grace this wonderful game before the SSD even gets a 3D print.. Plus if you get the SSD what next a Death Star and a FAQ on lukes ability..???
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