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  2. Rate my list for a beginner

    With my son, (9) I find that things that are fairly easy and super consistent tend to work best. This is what he flies for competition type stuff, while I encourage him to make his own lists for us personal. 51 PTS. Dash with Push the Limit (Let him get that extra action), Mangler cannon (most people use Heavy's but the Mangler is good one for all three ranges), Kyle Katarn (This is the hardest concept, but he's got it down pat after 1-2 games playing with me reminding him and having him read the card to understand why), and Outrider. This build gives him forgiveness for running over asteroids, and he loves the Barrel roll. It lets him choose his two actions each turn and gives him extra when he pulls stress off with Katarn. 49 PTS. Chewy with Predator (free re-rolls), Baze (second chance if he misses), and the traditional falcon title for the evade token. These concepts keep him thinking what actions he wants, but still flexibility to always do damage. Chewy helps with the no face up damage realm so he doesn't have to deal with critical damage as much. I would definitely not have a 0 agility. it's frustrating to know you're going to take damage and the good combo's start to get complicated for my boy real quick. That's my 2 cents.
  3. Clone Troopers>Stormtroopers. I’d take excellent genetic material, a lot of experience in actual combat, and a lifetime of indoctrination/training over mixed genetic material, minimal experience in actual combat, and less than a lifetime of indoctrination/training.
  4. Line of Sight Laser Pointer

    I try to never use a laser with IA - Just use the idea of defining a 'triangle of visible area': Find the most obtrusive obstacle between you and your target. A wall or another figure - whatever is giving you the MOST trouble... Draw a line from the most 'helpful' (the best chance for a clear shot) corner of your space to the corner of that obstacle you can see around. That line is the hypotenuse of your triangle. Count how many spaces over and up defines that triangle (2x1, 3x6, etc). Now that you know the size of the triangle, visualize that same size triangle, but starting at the same corner of the obstacle and going toward the enemy. If you can find 1 enemy corner inside that triangle, you have line of sight to that corner. Normally the another corner will be obviously in LoS at this point, but if not, then just repeat the same process using the most obtrusive obstacle on the OTHER side... It sounds more complicated than it is - really just basic shapes/geometry. Way more reliable than trying to line up a laser, and much quicker...
  5. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I played a handful of games with 47 point Kylo backed up by 48 point TIE/D Rexler Brath with the idea that it was a similarly offensive ship as the Gunboats, but it was faster and had control, and left a 5 point bid. Kylo's got a big problem in that he's not great against 4 heavily modified TLT shots each turn, even with Autothrusters.
  6. Live casting vassal games

    I'm also pretty interested in getting Drokkkatta to work, maybe we can come up with a Drokkatta list to play too.
  7. @Absol197 and @Maelora It is an interesting ruleset you have devised there. Being a purely narrative system I can definitely see how it solves many of the problems with the vanilla morality system that it seems some groups have. It does fit well with the established movie information now that you mention it and if you rework duty and obligation like you stated you have then i think it would fit fine in a game. I wouldn't use it for my personal though. I love narrative RPGs but i'm not sure how i like purely narrative game rules (I really hated playing the FATE system). However this seems like a good change and a sensible change to make a more narrative morality/duty/obligation system.
  8. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    make it so that you must use the Phantom's turret, and put a restriction on the title to make it turrets 5 points or less.
  9. I'm still here, and I'm pretty sure @Cartergame and @Imperial Stormtrooper are, as well.. think we're the only 3 PCs currently active, though. Good to have you aboard!
  10. Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    Where’s the Eclipse SSD?
  11. My copy is awaiting pickup at a local store. The only question is whether the rain will let up enough that my wife (who works about a mile from said store) will be willing to stop and pick it up on her way home, or if I end up driving 30 minutes out of my way on my way home.
  12. Sato GR75s

    This was pretty much my exact train of thought. Defense tokens are less of a problem when you have more ships than they have tokens. The most effective token here is the Evade; the others don’t do much. Sato can’t play it safe though; the second die is from a CF. Banking a CF token round one could help... If I don’t use Sato, I really may as well go DCaps Gozantis and double arc for one point cheaper. Which seems crazy... the question is whether this list has already crossed that line.
  13. Best "Iconic" Pilot?

  14. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    That'll happen
  15. The Imperial play

    What about “Lightning Reflexes” on the Gunboats for turning around?
  16. I'd say go ahead and roll Destiny. I completely forgot about pocket credits (not for the first time).. good question..?
  17. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    It does cost more points, but I just don't think it's a straight nerf. It opens up the option of running two different turrets, which has it's own complications. Dorsal Turret could also work, and Range 2 has double-coverage, although the damage output is lower than a TLT. However, there is no longer a safe range. A straight nerf on Phantom of "you cannot modify your dice on this attack" would be better in my opinion. Or Small Ship Only for TLT (and a Miranda nerf). Using the Phantom to shoot the turret kinda works (particularly if it actually counts as the Phantom attacking, and thus couldn't use the Ghost crew), but it does provide new and potentially dangerous options.
  18. Well you've staked your position OddballE8, I guess we will see soon. I will be happy if you are right, my thought about it was actually a worry.
  19. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    My (borrowed) suggestion is one I like with both or either, why I put and/or. I love TLT on my Ys and other non Ghost, Miranda ships, but it does need tweeked along with the problem ships/pilots. I always think K.I.S.S is the best course of action, something FFG does not always do, and I am sure they will make TLT unplayable while Nym/Miranda go unscathed asides the TLT. I think the Emporer is prime example of not going KISS, they should have made him range 3 and he would still be awesome, but in the fray and an easier target.
  20. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    That may be the case, but considering that synced turret is definitely better than blaster turret for the same cost, and Synced Turret+Deadeye is 1 point more for an even better version means that Blaster Turret is WAY over-priced. Removing Focus entirely would be a step in the right direction for Blaster Turret.
  21. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    The book is officially out, for those who didn't see the new release article
  22. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    I think a better "nerf" for Ghost Fenn is to change the Maul stress removal to "If your attack hits, you may remove one stress when the end-phase is over" .
  23. Rate my list for a beginner

    With your Chopper/Hera/Zeb ship, you seem to be going for a "ramming speed" motif... perhaps an Autoblaster/Accuracy Corrector setup would work well? Alternately, if you can fit Ezra onto that Ghost instead of Zeb, you'll have some consistent passive boosts to your shots. As for Chewbacca, I agree that you're putting an awful lot of stress removal onto a ship that doesn't generate much stress (PTL notwithstanding). Replacing Nien Nunb and the Inspiring Recruit with Kanan gives you even better stress management, even if he goes over debris. EDIT: I like a lot of the ideas @theBitterFig offered, too. A suggestion, then: Chewbacca (original) - 52 points total Predator Bistan Chopper Millennium Falcon (evade) Engine Upgrade Lothal Rebel - 47 points total Fire Control System Twin Laser Turret Hera Syndulla Ezra Bridger
  24. Yep, I noticed that . But as we've been pouring over the early spoilers for the past two days, it was basically a foregone conclusion so I didn't really remark upon it. But yes! It's Official! Dawn of Rebellion has been released! *Trumpet fanfare*
  25. Rate my list for a beginner

    I don't really like Chewie (for a 7-year old). I'd replace PTL with Predator. It's always on, and won't limit his moves. For crew, Bistan, Rey, and Gunner all seem like good choices, and Bistan seems the easiest. Personally, I've never had a great time with Zeb, since my opponent can just shoot me too, and it'll hurt with 0 agility on the Ghost. I see the logic, but the times I've bumped head-on with the Ghost, I've usually wished I didn't have it, and we both gave up shots. I'd also consider Dash Rendar crew. Dropping from Chopper to Lothal Rebel would save the points for it, and that'd also help when flying over obstacles. Alternately, there might be points for Ezra. Ezra/Hera is a classic combination with Fire Control System.
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