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  2. I'd be happy to have one, but you clearly are so intentionally obtuse about this game and/or IA that you can't recognize what a rational conversation would even look like.
  3. Yeah, you're crazy @Biophysical... crazy like a FOX! Ditch Crossfire and Deflective Plating and upgrade Seismic to Proton. Shields? We don't care about your steenking shields!
  4. Same cost as BB8 Primed Thrusters Poetensity
  5. Timing wise, after Episode 9 would seem to be the way to go. The FO and Resistance will have had their runs, and you have 3 movies in each era of canon. "How" would be to keep it in the back of FFGs mind for the next 2 years of design. Slowly introduce elements and ships into the game that flesh out subfactions and "careers" and them make them official keywords at some point. Unfortunately, I don't think they look at this game as a "world," but rather as a collection of toys in a sandbox. Which is a pity, given the diversity of the IP.
  6. Haven't read any of the comics if that wasn't apparent already.
  7. 4LOM super sad though. Can't even be included with his best buddy Zuckuss. Maybe alt art 4LOM for Worlds? Season of bounty hunters?
  8. Nah, so far I embrace the alliance with our noble Lion allies. I look forward to splashing Guard Duty some of their cards to great effect.
  9. yes, that's the point. Poetensity can't against highPS alpha - this one can, for 4pts less
  10. You can spend a focus OR evade token to recharge Intensity - not just focus.
  11. Say you've got a Crimson Squadron Pilots (25 each). You add Crossfire Formation (2), Trajectory Simulator (1), Deflective Plating (1), Seismic Charge (2), Ordnance Silos (2) for a cool 33 points, basically the out of the box build. You can obviously get 3 of these. What does that give you? You get a ton of health, and three pretty potent turrets with Crossfire Formation. The bombs let you saturate the area in front of you making jousting against you a very hard thing to do. So you slowly drift over the board putting out real turret damage and doing area denial with bombs. This can definitely be made better with better bomb selection, but part if me really thinks that this is not crap. Hard to kill, hard to maneuver around, decently powerful turret, giant pile of hit points. Am I crazy?
  12. "Redeem" Phasma? I read the Phasma novel and she is all about surviving and bettering herself which was why Cardinal was trying to oust her out of the First Order since he was a by the books person, though you could also call him being petty too.
  13. I definitely see Poe using it a lot since he rarely spends his focus, but still needs to have one. So a persistent focus would be a great idea for him. Beyond him, its action efficiency. If you spend a turn resetting and not actually getting engaged, you can bank the token for next turn. It lets you effectively gain the benefit of your previous turns action. Which is good because not every turn is, or needs to be, spent attacking. I agree it wouldn't be broken at 1 point, nor would Comms Relay going down to 2 be broken either. But its still very usable at 2 points. I think Kylo will get some good use out of it. It means he can spend more time boosting and barrel rolling.
  14. OK first big note for ya it's not for narrative scenes it's for down time activities and Conflicts. so it's not for everything and I do not think you can assist someone casting a spell unless you are a shugenja and have that spell just cause you know how to do a ritual with Theology skill dose not make you a spell caster the kami will not hear you or care about your words. now Assisting someone in Combat is a support action I believe like distracting the guard while the ninja comes up behind him and stabs him in the back(you honor less dogs doing that shame) how would you assist someone in a duel with out interfering in a most dishonorable maner now in an intrigue scene having one voice and others supporting that with words of agreement I can see easy enough as well as mass battles everyone putting their heads together over a strategist session to plan it out and things like helping someone make a sword or collaborate on a letter to your lords during down time is easy enough. but narrative scenes specifically not mentioned in the description of Assistance.
  15. No. You pay all costs, and if you're taking the Action mid-Conflict, the character ONLY comes into play in your home.
  16. Nah, more or less directly from GL, has the idea for the TCW episodes for "Voices", "Destiny" and "Sacrifice" were a special wish from GL and the whole TCW team was freaking out a little how they could create a literal force planet, a source of the living force and midichlorians in the whole galaxy as something cool and interesting in the show. I think it worked out fine and gave great insights into Yoda's perspective and into his own flaws and nightmares. And imho anyone who wants to discuss the force its nature and its will or the ideal of the Jedi, which yoda only becomes when the clone wars are basically over … well, anyone who want to have an informed discussion about this should first watch the season 6 final of "The Clone Wars", 3 episode arc. Dark Bane's shadow on Morriband included.
  17. Just to make this one even more insane, what if we give Snap the EPT of Lightning Reflexes along with our new favourite astromech FAA? I'm thinking that LR would need to trigger at the end of the Move/Boost/BR of the Snap/FAA combo, otherwise the stress from the LR being used would cancel out the free actions of the boost and/or barrel roll, if the LR was used as the first event after Snap executes the appropriate maneuver.
  18. Looks fake. Same stuff from last regionals except the zuckus card
  19. Hey, I use it quite effectively on the Upsilon.
  20. Cool! Does that bring in the character without cost?
  21. I've been wondering what a new, good Bilbo should look like. Besides his obvious Lore, Bilbo demonstrated ample Leadership, Spirit, and Tactics in the pages of the Hobbit. Yes, tactics -- Bilbo slew dwarf-sized spiders *with a single thrown rock*. Bullroarer himself couldn't do better. I'd love to see Bilbo with a cool combat ability, but with his pathetic 1 att/2 def it'd have to be really cool. Maybe Leadership would be better, since there's a shortage of leadership Hobbits. Still, there's precedent for mucking with the Hobbit stat lines, as Merry has a different printed stat line (OK, it's effectively the same if he's the only Hobbit). Further, the saga Bilbo has a different stat line, a 1/1/1/3 -- OK, still a terrible stat line. I think Bilbo is the only character whose ally version has higher willpower, without being temporary.
  22. So Can Poetensity. But I guess advantage of this build is PS 11.
  23. On the mastery I think the person USING the power should gain obligation to teach and mentor and ensure that the new sensitive doesn’t run a mock
  24. no, what I'm saying is AdvancedOptics on Poe without Intensity > Intensity Poe in general
  25. Very understandable! School first, always!
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