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  2. Throughout time or just this one? Canadian nats has a running tradition of being a total stickshow and i want to know what we're signingup for
  3. Here is my build. It got 4th in a San Antonio regional.
  4. Fencer is really too narrow a concept, IMO. It works well as an unspoken "sub-specialization" within a Swashbuckler tree (or just about any of the lightsaber trees!), but it doesn't have enough of an overarching philosophy or conceptual framework to merit its own specialization.
  5. Easier doesn't mean right. I've enjoyed most of the things I've gotten from Disney controlled Star Wars from the two movies out so far, to Rebels on TV, books like Thrawn, and comic books like the first run of Darth Vader. Were they all perfect? No, there are flaws and ways things could have been improved. And I haven't ready everything new, so won't say that everything new in Star Wars is great. But I'm having fun with Star Wars and enjoying what's coming out. I am very much looking forward to the TIE Silencer. I think it looks cool, has some new upgrades that look fun, and looks like a blast to fly. Now, I do feel the opposite about the Resistance Bomber. Nothing about it is getting me excited. I may even not get it entirely. But that doesn't mean others can't like or be excited for it. In fact, I encourage others who do like it to embrace and share that feeling. Just because I'm not feeling it doesn't mean others shouldn't either. To come back around, if you don't like the new ships, then by all means, don't get them. Vote with your wallet. Get what you like. That is your right. But don't belittle others for liking what you don't. Nor bring accusations without evidence.
  6. I quite liked the cliffhanger, actually. It felt like a very Scorpion move - set up expectations, then subvert them. Honestly, I would have been a bit disappointed if there actually had been someone there. Yes, it was annoying waiting two weeks for the payoff, but that will be a struggle no matter what. Compare to how MTG does their fiction (which I love) - a new story every week starting when a new set release for 6-8 weeks, a month or so of nothing, and then the new set releases. Different styles, but very different needs. In large part because L5R is far more story driven than MTG ever has been (or ever could be, really)
  7. Well if Tarkin is dealing out squad tokens, then it really doesn't matter what the ships dial in, no? They all get a token, anyway, so can each activate at least one squadron. (Not saying this is a great plan - about the only real uses I'm coming up with for this are turn 1 AFFM for striking from advanced positions as a result of using the Fighter Ambush objective + relay shuttles. Or lists that want to run at their max fighter compliment the whole game - handing out squadron tokens to everyone is kinda like a free Expanded Hangar.) I sort of think Thrawn is better overall than Tarkin, most the time, but in kicking around some of the new builds that Chimaera is making possible - notably AFFM with a large number of support ships and massive squadron count - it seemed to be we may have a spot where Tarkin provides some better value.
  8. Then, frankly, you are "doing it wrong". If your players don't feel like they are the Skywalkers/Solos of your adventure, you've really not set it up properly.
  9. If you want a two point bid, keep the same Han, but try this Wullffarro: Wulf (30) PTL (3), Kanan (3), Kyle (3), Targeting Computer (2) Once he gets going, wulf can: TL, focus, reinforce every single round. The squad total is 98, hopefully giving you the bid vs PS11 Imperials.
  10. Ok so sorry for the delay things are really crazy around my place. Ok so you find many listings of prisoners over the service life of this vehicle. Mostly withen the last few months. However they are identified by codes so other than knowing this ship has had a number of prisoners especially recently its not specific. A few of the prisoners are identified as highly dangerous. You also don't find anything but passing mentions of rebels or rebellion activity, which is strange considering that a large part of the push into this part of the outer rim is to destroy rebellion cells that have used the low imperial presence to hide and thus launch surprise attacks. You find lits of equpiment detailing various munitions and weapons for various dates. A few of the dates line up with those prisoners deemed highly dangerous. Fleet designation is 0, you don't know if that's a proper designation, or the absence of one. Their seem to be no central base or planet. However this ship is definitely housed aboard the star destroyer Purgator. Squad designations are also simple codes. If you or someone you show the designations want to give me a hard warefare check you might learn something. I'll post some answers to the others searches later. It'll take more time to continue searching so that's up to you how you want to use your characters time.
  11. The smartest thing for them to do would be to sell the two types together - say 100 sleeve sets, with 50 of each kind. Logistically it may require a shift in how they make them, but it could be worth it.
  12. Interesting situation! I can completely understand that you made this for your group - and that the needs of your group, and the needs of beginning and competitive players in general, are diverging. I come from the open source software industry, and I think you could consider applying some of the same ideals to your project. First, how do you feel about the "ownership" of what exists so far in your guide? There is a whole spectrum from "normal" copyright, to very open Creative Commons licensing options where others can do pretty much whatever they like with your work. I think your first step needs to be to decide how much you want to "own" the guide going forward. For example, would it be OK for others to copy and improve your book? Would it be OK for them to use your book for commercial purposes, or do you want to allow sharing but disallow commercial use? Personally, I'd love to see you pick a very permissive "license" - I think it makes contributions and interesting new uses the most likely! There are some improvements my son and I would like to make, if your sharing arrangement permitted it: Linking everything to everything - every time a given card is mentioned, I'd love it to be a link I can click/touch to look up the details of the card or rule that is mentioned. Addition of the Wave 12 ships and cards More "categorization" - for example, I'd love to see a list of jousting Rebel ships, or a list of upgrade cards and pilots that work well with stress Second, once you decide how others may build on what you've started, then you need some way of actually sharing your work. In the world of software, this almost always happens via Github (here are many examples - I work for this company and we share lots of our software with the open source community). I've been thinking about and exploring how you might best share your content, and while Github isn't built specifically for sharing written work, it can be made to work well, and I'd probably suggest using Github (here are some Google search results on this topic github for collaborative writing). By sharing on Github, you'd enable things like: You could "fork" the book, then start making the fork better for your group, without concern for the folks that _aren't_ in your group (because they'd have the pre-fork book too!) Others could fork the book to make their own variants Contributors could make "pull requests" to submit improvements to the book I'm not sure that Github is the perfect solution here, and really, I'm not even sure that facilitating contributions to the book is something you are interested in, so please take all I write here as just ideas to consider! Let me know if I can help with anything - Thanks, Cooper
  13. No worries man, take care of what you need to take care of. Real life always comes first
  14. I imagine part of the problem is FFG making do with what they are given by LFL, also. Since LFL has to approve content out of FFG, they may have a say in what is done. It's also a matter of content- what heavy bombers does the Empire have with turrets on them? Also, which faction has the largest concentration of canon fodder fighters that are easily destroyed for the sake of making the heroes look good? Another part of it is design decisions by LFL for the past few waves when Lore didn't provide something for them to do by priority. The TIE Interdictor/Punisher was FFG's attempt at buffing poorly-performing ordnance at the time, and the TIE Aggressor was FFG's gesture to bring turrets to the Empire. We can debate if that's what FFG should have been focusing on at the time for the Imperial Meta.
  15. Listbuilding is undoubtedly a skill. Some people suck at it, others are brilliant, and most are inbetween. And it's also obviously true that the list is partially responsible for the outcome of the match. Depending on skill floor/ceiling and matchup that part can be larger or smaller. Netlisting then means that part of your win is owned to someone else, while making your own list means you managed to pull off the win all by yourself. Some people don't care about this difference, some do. Personally I do care a little bit because I see someone who does well with his own list to be a more complete player than one who netlists. But I think netlisting can first be reduced down to this question: Do you consider listbuilding to be a part of the game? If no then being good at listbuilding still helps you in quickly understanding the list of your opponent, in grasping key aspects and weaknesses. But netlisting is then entirely neutral. If yes then being good at listbuilding is part of the competition and netlisting means that the work of others is presented as your own. Which we generally frown upon. Personally I wished that netlisters would realize or maybe even acknowledge that the work of someone else enabled them to win. But this is of course quite murky - many combinations are obvious and "discovered" by countless people. So in that sense it's not actually about the declaration of dependency on others but more about some humility in victory. Which brings me to the core of the whole discussion: Why do people want to win at X-Wing in the first place? There is not much material benefit in it, so I strongly suspect it is to have fun and maybe to be recognized for skill. If it really is to be recognized for skill then displaying more skill is obviously better than displaying less. Using an OP ship or squad is displaying less skill - that's why Justin Phua was not as well received as previous champs. Using a netlist is also displaying less skill compared to building your own list. That's why we're having this conversation in the first place.
  16. I'm good with the outline we discussed, work has been crazy with the magic pre-release.
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