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  2. Pickle rrrriiiiiiicccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!! /S basically it’s new, and it follows enough the same tropes every modern adult cartoon does in order to be appealing.
  3. Absolutely. I don't run Altansarnai in my Unicorn Deck for example.
  4. Ah but there are negaotioations where both parties win. Infact thats the case when both parties are going to achieve some of their goals to a certain degree. A Win win Situation is not 1-1 and only that. A win win situation is a situation in which both parties and look at the treaty and say ok thats something we both can life with as it achieves the maximum of goals for both parties possible in this negoiation. A quick reference for that The Win/Win situation is favoring long term cooperation and future earinings through multiple good deals. The Win/lose situation favors short term sucess with little to no regard to future relationships or long term stagetgies. The Win(Win is clearly the better way to go here because you get to get most of your goals and also get a good relationship with the other party so you have good absis for long term projects that involve the cooperation of this party. Yes I say a player who puts all into his character should get as much as a player who just sits the and rolls. The reason for that is that not every game night can actually favor every player. Not everytime you cab give every player the room to play their character to the fullest or even let the make a difference with. Because there is not allways a house to sneak in or allways a court to persuade etc. In addtion to that I don´t punish players for having a different playsytle/expectation for roleplaying. Some want to go all out with their character and some just prefer to role some dice, kill some monsters and get the loot. both people played a roleplaying game and used their time for it so they both also get the same xp. I go even a step further and say that people who can´t attend the night because of real life reasons still get the XP for their character as it would be unfair to throw them back bc of an event they could nothing do against. Supporting competitiveness is damaging for your work force.It creates unecassary soruces for stress and increases the possibility for burnout. It also lowers the trust between employees and with that creates a very bad working envoiroment. In addtion it also lowers the motivation of the worker to show up to work in the long run and increases sick notices. The resulkt is that your burn through your workforce much quicker and need to employ more people to make of for the ones calling in sick or/and leaving. What you want to have is cooperative competetiveness as when people help each other that generally also brings out very good results but avoids all the drawback you have with non cooperative competetiveniss. That everyone theoretically can get the xp is not a really fair treatment. Because it does not account for the real chance behind this idea. You might say yes everyone can get it but than you have a person who is just not that good at acting so as soon as you have a good actor at the table the person with bad acting will get less xp and never really has a chance to get the good acting xp. See only because it works fine does not mean that it is a good way. That it is still being thought says nothing about how good the quality of the model is or if it is outdated or not. Because the drive behind effective teaching is motivation and you can motivate people more effectively with positive influences. Thats why you want a positiveenviorment for you kids because it makes them learn faster if they are motivated. Adverserial competition is directly working against that. It fact there are indications that cooperation actually gives you more positive results overall. One quick thing to add. While I say I think you are wrong with everything you say, I don´t say you should feel bad about doing it your way.
  5. A couple of counterexamples off the top of my head: Han loses Escort. Jendon loses Strategic. Hera loses both Relay and Strategic. There may be others, not sure.
  6. This is my version. I’m tempted to bump Poe down to PS8 to free up some points. I had burnout slam on Rey but took it off for a bid. I’d put it back on and upgrade primed thrusters to Com Relay with PS8 Poe.
  7. We want a t-65 fix, Rogue One provided lots of pretty new t-65s, why not push for them both to be released in one neat package? I’ll buy a t-6t buff however it’s packaged.
  8. Although sometimes is a double-edged sword. Like when some people bash the fiction for being “poorly written”, just because it doesn’t fit their particular vision of a clan or a character. Like in the last Yasuki Taka fiction, one of the post said that the characters are flat, and it’s the writer’s fault. I guess if you’re one of the ones writing the fictions and frequenting this forums, reading things like that must be a bummer. Edit: BTW, in that same thread, you can see D.G. Laderoute (with some help from Marie Brennan) having a lengthy discussion with another member about the way Yoshi acted. I find it funny, cause I always have the sensation they have information we don’t have for the new setting, so they posts always come with a tone of “you’ll see” for me.
  9. Yeah. The (loud section of) fanbase is impossible to deal with. While this post is clearly tongue-in-cheek (Though if somebody can cite it as serious, impress me please.) it... Reflects some of the crud you can hear fans of the show online saying. Dunno why it gets so much praise anyway. Yeah I've watched all three seasons but it isn't the second coming so many claim it is, goodness gracious.
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed them! As for being on the forums: I was a player of the RPG before I ever started writing for L5R, so it would honestly be weirder for me to stop posting here just because my involvement is now professional as well as fannish. :-)
  11. After playing with the Gunboat on Vassal, I have to agree that the lack of a K-turn really hurts the ship. I get that the ship was built with hit and run tactics in mind, but with the prevalence of turrets in the game currently you really cannot afford to miss turns firing unless you can dodge large volumes of turret fire (ie via Autothrusters or Reinforce). I was flying 3x Crack/Mangler/Harpoon/LB Rhos against Thweek and 2x TLT/Harpoon Scurrgs. My initial joust went great as I took Thweek off the board without losing a single ship. But I had issues re-engaging post joust. Turning around with SLAM wasnt a problem per se, it was how long it took me to re-engage that was the issue. Each round I wasn't shooting, the TLTs were getting free attacks on me, and those TLTs cut through my 2 agility like butter. I was able to get completely out of range a few times, but thats not always a guarantee with SLAM. People forget how big of a footprint TLT has. By the time I could re-engage I was behind on the damage race because of how much turret fire I had taken and the Scurrgs were able to pick me off one by one. I think when the Silencer comes out the first list I'm going to fly is Kylo and two Gunboats. A 47 pt Kylo with PTL, AS, PA, Autos, Title. One gunboat has HLC, the other has Mangler (for those Kylo crits). Both have Linked Battery and LRS. Kylo covers the turret weakness of the Gunboats pretty well and a presents a threat that cannot be left to the endgame. Only downside is the list doesn't have a bid.
  12. It's pretty awesome how connected to the community some of the authors are. I know Spooky (author of the Halloween fiction) is a frequent poster in the L5R Facebook group, too.
  13. Getting a Roark in there so you can shut down the Expertise before it ever finds use might be worth considering.
  14. Armor should, thematically, realistically, and setting-wise, do BOTH damage and crit mitigation. Crits don't need any more mitigation. It's too hard to get a decent crit as is.
  15. I have been toying around with a list that I previously would have mostly considered casual, but after what I came up against repeatedly at a recent tournament, might be effective: Moralo Eval - 51 Heavy Laser Cannon IG-88D Hotshot Co-pilot Dengar Anti-Pursuit Lasers IG88-B - 48 Trick Shot Fire-Control System Tractor beam Heavy Laser Cannon IG-2000 Autothrusters You should theoretically get a lot of damage through on your heavy laser cannon attacks (provided you can keep your target in arc), and more specifically you can target PS3 Scurrg missile carriers either with hot shot co-pilot for deadeye, or if they have TL you can tractor beam them onto a rock or out of arc (less likely but hey, sounds fun!). Thweek will have to just shadow your pilot skill. So that leads to the question... The list is 99 points, which means I could spend the remaining point on Inertial dampeners for IG88B, Rigged Cargo Chute on Moralo, a 1 point EPT on IG88B, or a 1 point initiative bid. What would you include or change out?
  16. We also have D.G. Laderoute here, and he usually discuss a lot of topics in this forums. Marie Brennan a.k.a. Kinzen, you can see her more in the L5R RPG Beta Forum.
  17. Having been in some of the playtests for SW supplements... They ask very directed questions based upon the in-house alpha. And they did take and use feedback not covered by their questions, too. Some got serious overhauls. Some got minor changes. Now, there was no public beta, but in one of the tests, I'm fairly certain there was a beta run after - all of us in the alpha listed our groups where we could see each others, and about twice as many names appeared in the book. And more changes, based upon our suggestions, seem to have been adopted after playtest close. Unlike several other companies I've dealt with, FFG doesn't treat Public Beta merely as a marketing tool.
  18. Imagine it as an action for that Huge Ship. You put a 4-straight to the aft base so that it closes with the base, and then slide the Huge Ship laterally along the remaining 2-straight. Something like that.
  19. You definitely have my support! Thanks for your amazing work
  20. I had two players outburst, neé unmask, tonight. Let's see, scene count... New PC gets hired by Seppun-Sama (Narrative) Old PCs arrive at Seppun-sama's manor (Downtime orphing to Narrative) Seppun-sama shows up and gives instructions to head to Village-where-fish-leap-to-their-death to investigate claims of Maho. Old PC's meet New PC. (Narrative) PC's arrive outside Village-where-fish-leap-to-their-death. Pop estimate 50. (downtime) PC's arrive in village proper (narrative - new scene because change from party alone to party with NPCs) PC's Begin to fight the Water Kami (PC's start in skirmish mode. Most NPCs flee.) PC's talk to it instead (PC's de-escalate to intrigue) PC's keep it busy playing shogi while Shugenja works on ritual to tell if it's Kansen or Kami (narrative) PC's drive it back to the water. (Back to skirmish) PC's attempt to purify it, find it's genuinely kansen. (Back to narrative) PC's jointly set up a jade labyrinth. PC's lure it to a fight. (Back to skirmish) 3.5 hours. 11 discrete scenes; changing conflict types is usually a scene break. If the scene progress takes a break, or the characters change locations significantly - change scene. If the type of scene changes, just like in a movie, change scenes and allow strife recovery. I didn't even trigger anyone's Ninjō nor Giri this session. The Isawa seeks to blow his top.
  21. Opponent reveals new card... it's another #@$^$@ Guest of Honor.
  22. Why can't we have all? 1 Blue Squadron X-Wing with General Merrick and pals for pilot cards, 1 Phoenix Squadron (Green) X-Wing piloted by Hera, and a black and white X-Wing just to top it all off. With like 3-4 X-Wing only titles and 6-7 new astromechs. I'd pay $50 for a pack like this. X-Wing is literally the NAME OF THE GAME, it only makes sense to have as many of them as possible here. Make it happen, FFG!
  23. Today
  24. Also: you are very seriously overselling the distance you can cover in a speed 3 maneuver + speed 3 SLAM. And gods help you if you are limited to speed-1 or speed-2 maneuvers - you can't even get out of range an enemy that way. I mean, heck, even with 3 + 3 you can't get out of the range of an enemy that had a shot on your start position, aimed for that, and can then boost themselves.
  25. Your posting is really screaming the 'theorycrafting' everyone had on seeing the ship. Seriously - try flying it, though. It's available in the VASSAL league at the moment, so a number of competitive players are flying it that you can run a game against - or fly it yourself against someone experienced against it. It maneuvers BADLY. There is really a level to anticipation of maneuver that you are underselling - while it's "easy" to get behind a Lambda or X-Wing or etc (basically any kind of 'not great maneuvering ships') - you cannot guarantee a chase position on them. The X-Wing may k-turn and get a shot on you. The Lambda may do a 'stop' maneuver and now you lose an action hitting it AND have no shot on it. With the Assault Gunboat...nothing. Anyone can 'chase' it, plotting a course for its current (start of turn) position, with absolute guarantee that their position cannot be blocked or shot at by the ship in question. That's not the complete picture, but it points to a part of it, and highlights some of the ways that the gunboat is just...odd. It's tempting to compare it to the K-Wing, which had a similarly-awful maneuver that was 'theoretically offset' by the SLAM action...but it really wasn't, as what REALLY offset the disadvantage to the K-Wing was its ability to: A) Drop bombs and B) Have a 360 degree fire arc. The Assault Gunboat has neither choice, and so ends up - honestly, try it, you'll see - a lot more like the feel of the Lambda-class than you'd expect.
  26. Yep. There's always one who thinks that the pseudo-science is more real than validated science. It's also still taught in Ed Psych. ****, it's foundational to most teaching methods. And good point on Fair vs Equal. If there's one lesson taught by the guys at Burning Wheel HQ, it's "Know your Reward Cycles"... And the XP cycle is too much reward at present.
  27. I don't think she's a great fit for MC30s because they generally don't care about the supercharged commands and prefer to do two things at once (usually nav + concentrate fire or engineering, even if one or more of those are tokens). They also tend to become a bit expensive when properly kitted out and they're not as interested in changing speed by 2 or need to reroll dice while adding one from concentrate fire (as Ordnance Experts takes care of that in most cases). Nebulons, though, tend to be more specialized (let's be honest, we're talking about Yavaris and Salvation here) but Salvation is lacking easy access to red dice rerolls, which can make its damage output a bit unreliable (Dual Turbolaser Turrets is the closest you get and generally it's okay but it's better to just take an upgrade to help you throw more dice) and Yavaris wants to command 3 squadrons whenever it can - it can do this with Raymus onboard, but it means you don't get access to the Flight Commander+Fighter Coordination Teams combo, which makes the Yavaris title itself more reliable and also helps make up for it being unable to equip Boosted Comms (being able to command post-move gives it that bit of extra command range). Otherwise, being able to change speed by 2 helps your Nebs go from speed 1 "snipe and wait" mode into speed 3 "GTFO" mode in one dial and the boosted 5-point repair commands help too (repair one hull damage and one side shield is gold, or just for moving shields around and regenerating one or two). I think she's great with Hammerheads, but Hammerheads are tricky. They're similar in some respects to Raiders, with some pros and cons in the comparison (overall they're worse but they're a good deal cheaper proportionally). Raiders are tricky ships to get the hang of.
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