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  2. Over lunch at work, have been going through the card list, looking for cards that stand out as great multiplayer cards. Or ones that are not so great, especially in terms of leading to unfun games. Here's a short starting list. Good Multiplayer cards 1) Sashimono Potential problem Multiplayer cards 1) Hida Amoro Do we think there is other potential additions to the Banned List?
  3. SabineKey

    HWK-290 Seems Good

    Possibly. I don’t think that would tread on Palp’s toes as his ability can be reactive and fuel other people’s force powers.
  4. Hello Phoenix_FFG, So you are saying that you would be allowed to look at the (face-up) Horror cards before "suffering one fewer"? In Diane's ability there is no mention of discarding horror, so I have taken it just to mean that you draw one card less.
  5. BVRCH

    HWK-290 Seems Good

    Yeah that's true. At least we know that Jan is in the game which means Kyle has to be too, even if we have no idea what his ability will be. Maybe something like "Spend a force token at Phase X to allow a friendly ship at range X to perform a focus action/receive a focus token."?
  6. Amanal

    Trying out these Snowtroopers

    That seems better than I would have rolled. 😝
  7. talismanquestions

    Game rules contradiction?

    From the Talisman Core Rulebook, p. 20: "The last space on the board is the Crown of Command. It can only be reached from the Valley of Fire space, which can only be entered by characters that have a Talisman." So by that reasoning, you *can't* actually teleport to the Crown of Command after defeating the Lord of Darkness even though it says it teleports you to the Crown of Command when you beat it by 8 points?
  8. SabineKey

    HWK-290 Seems Good

    My interpretation of it is you add the 3 att primary arc to your chassis in addition to your 2 att mobile arc, like how the Lancer has both a Primary arc and a separate mobile arc on its card.
  9. PurpleKittenofDeath

    D&D 5e Starter Set Lost Mine of Phandelver Conversion

    Great start! I've been fiddling with DnD 5e conversions myself, what i've found is that DC 10, 15 and 20 corresponds quite well to easy, avarage and hard checks in genesys repectivly, the math get's wonkier after that. Ambush: I'd recomend you use four minion groups of one or two groups of two, instead of one group of four, the action economy is going to make the encounter super easy if the goblins only act once every round. Goblin Trail: I really like what you're doing with vigilance and perception here, however, it might be more fitting to use the passive check optional rules from starwars for the vigilance check and tweak them slightly. By that I mean that a character with 2 ranks in vigilance spots the snare without searching, and a character with 3 ranks spots the next one. I am aware that a starting character can't have that many ranks, but if the party haven't gotten the hint that the trail is trapped after the first one and aren't looking for traps at this point. I'd let them use vigilance against hard for the second one if they tell me they are on the lookout however. Kennel: The check to charm the wolves are REALLY hard, especially for a starting character, compare that to the 55% succesrate of a specialized character in DnD... Maybe you could use an avarage check upgraded twice without food and downgrade it to a regular avarage check if food is provided. Then use any despairs generated to make thw wolves howl and alert more goblins of the intruders! This is a great start and I really like what you've done so far! I think you're managing to capture the intent behind the encounters quite well from the original. When falling from short range, you apply soak to the damage, so it's not that bad.
  10. TheJokerOfSocal

    1 PC Separating from the Rest of the PCs

    Not in my campaign, but I was a player in another campaign, and as a player I felt kinda forced at times to have my character do things that prevented them from really interacting in certain situations because of the backstory that I crafted. The GM failed to warn me that in the campaign we would essentially be working for the very same Hutt that my character's backstory had him trying to escape from. In that case there really wasn't anything either of us could do (even though I did try to get some interaction in) I would have a talk with the player and ask them what about their character inspires the idea of staying behind well the rest of the party goes off to do this or that, and work out a way to craft the story into allowing the character to join them without fear of causing a massive scene everywhere they went due to his backstory
  11. Amanal

    Sorry FFG, you dropped the ball...

    It certainly seems that the T-47 is a waste of points, the opportunity cost is just way too high. However, in this case FFG often plays a long game and as new units, leaders and cards come out there could be a change making the T-47 seem much better. I also tend to think that right now our missions are very troop biased, change that and the T-47 could be somewhat better. I think knowing that the app was there and not using it was somewhat of a missed opportunity. Of course there may have been "reasons" we won't know about. The advantage of the app is these little point in time issues can be adjusted and corrected. Right now the T-47 could be worth 135 points and in six months time 175, the app allows these adjustments.
  12. Bayushi Shunsuke

    Conflict declaration

    "I know we have an exisitng treaty to not attack each other, but I will happily lose 5 Honor to eliminate Amoro/you from the game."
  13. Bayushi Shunsuke

    Conflict declaration

    My first reaction to "cards that could be great in this multiplayer variant" was the Phoenix Philosopher, but he's limited to twice/round. But then Amoro came to mind. I guess his balancing factor is that putting him into play will paint a very large target on your back.
  14. Kaito Kikaze


    I feel like treaties could be problematic in terms of potential for collusion (Example: Player A makes treaty with Player B, Player B intentionally breaks treaty to pay Player A the honor they need to reach 25 and win the game). But I suppose that's something that could be simply enough to call them out on. I would like to see multiplayer get some measure of competitive play, maybe not ongoing OP season support, but one-shot events or side events at koteis/Worlds. Actually, I think making the special event that we're picking 2nd roles for our clans for could be a good opportunity for a multiplayer special event. Maybe if some method of tracking clan/individual performance as well as treaties made/broken were implemented, it could lead to some interesting storyline developments.
  15. SabineKey

    HWK-290 Seems Good

    Yeah, with Palp in the picture, I'm not sure what a Force version of Kyle's ability is. And if Benthic Two-Tubes's ability in the U-Wing doesn't change in 2.0, Kyle's usual niche seems filled. I'm actually not too sure Kyle will get Force abilities, due to Corran Horn and I believe Maarek Stele not having the Force from what we've seen. I'd like for Kyle to a Force themed ability, but I don't think we'll get one.
  16. Dr Zoidberg

    HWK-290 Seems Good

    Moldy Crow is a good upgrade. A PW of 3 and that dial actually make the HWK a half-decent fighter. Question is that when you obtain your forward arc 3 attack, do you still keep the 2 dice turret attack? Or does one replace the other?
  17. Kaito Kikaze

    Conflict declaration

    Ugh, I forgot about him. That could be brutal if he isn't clouded or otherwise removed. And of course they put him just out of Assassination range.
  18. Dr Lucky

    BattleScribe Updates for Legion!

    Once again, the files have been updated. All cards from the Leia Organa expansion and the Fleet Trooper expansion are now implemented. I also removed the unreleased notation and dagger marks (†) from those cards because the official release is this week. Update your data in BattleScribe and you should have everything you need. I did notice that the battlescribe.appspot.com site where the data is hosted was being a little squirrely today but it seems to be happy now. If you get any errors or suggestions from BattleScribe that the data is missing, you should probably just give it a few hours and try again. However, it is working for me now.
  19. Forgottenlore

    Quick question - overland map creation software

    Ah, so you’ve already found campaign cartographer. I know I’ve seen a program that produces hex maps in the styles of old D&D box set maps, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was now. Sorry. If it comes to me I’ll let you know.
  20. Contrapulator

    Jonas Painting Legion

    Love the weapon effects!
  21. coastcityo

    What does armada need?

    I thought Armada was dead? If not, it needs Lando flying the Falcon!
  22. Forgottenlore

    Wealth Rules

    Generally, what I've seen is costs below your wealth level you can always afford (within reason) while costs above your wealth level require a roll and (might) reduce your wealth level permanently. So an average wealth character can always afford to go to the movies, but would have to roll to afford a new car, but a poor character might need to roll for even that movie ticket, and might not be able to make rent if they went anyway. I really like the idea of those systems, but the problem I have is how to adjudicate wealth going up. Your the first person I’ve seen address that angle, but even yours is just a temporary, well, boost. How would you handle characters that want to improve their overall wealth level? Just spend XP? Or do they need to give up some number of the accumulated boost dice? Or do they need to also make a roll? No group I’ve ever played with has actually wanted to keep track of money and equipment purchasing and such so I am very interested in finding an alternative to handling it. Another question. How would such a system deal with a party that was like the crew from Firefly, with a ship with maintenance costs and assorted fees and such?
  23. Free hand. I'll take some pics soon.
  24. HolySorcerer

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    I have to throw my hat into the "Luke is terrible design" ring. There is zero reason for him to exist in his current state, as he single handedly reverses all of the work they did in converting all of the pwts into mobile arcs. Forget Han, put him on Dash and make Interceptors obsolete on day 1. You can still just putz around the map, doing whatever maneuver you like, and just kill whatever you feel like, because you don't have an arc to worry about. GG FFG.
  25. Bayushi Shunsuke

    Comprehensive Card FAQ

    This is something I patitioned for from Day 0. But was quickly informed by the wider LCG community that this it is not how FFG operates. And that the community driven Unofficial FAQ (witht he occasional official FAQ update to the Rules Reference) would be the best expected outcome.
  26. coastcityo

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    To be honest, my first visual encounter with either version of the Assault Frigate was in miniature form. I never played the video game, so had no connection whatever to the Space Guppy, and the mk1 was only presented to me in text by Timothy Zahn until I started seeing them from Shapeways. So, it's not that I had a connection to one over the other, I simply saw the mk1 and thought "that looks like a Star Wars ship" instead of seeing the mk2 and thinking "why does it look so fat and short?"
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