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  2. How are you gonna do that? QTCs with H9s?
  3. Bail + Raddus

    Oh nuts... that means my cunning plan for Fleet Patrol has just unravelled very quickly :-(
  4. Fanmade cards while we speculate

    I agree it's broken, but just imagine the salt when it suffers the effect of a skill or conflict switching ability.
  5. For me it's the cymoon I've been working on a build for it that it can snipe flottlas from long range. The activation padding flotillas used to bring will soon be a thing of the past when you can drop 4 in one turn with two cymoons also super excited for Thrawn I will be messing with him the most to find a build I like for him.
  6. returning player question?

    40 or 50 try 70 on coolstuff lol
  7. Trajectory/Genius ruling: if this is true...

    Think this might need a bit of a signal boost here...
  8. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    That is hondo fighting with the rebels on that bridge. And it might be ketsu with the red helmet, not 100% sure. But I think it is her:
  9. Triggering harpooned with a harpoon?

    Arguably no, the second Harpooned is not applied - the trigger for its application occurs, but the resolution is 'after the attack has resolved'. This is a new wording without a defined timing, and the designers may have intended it to resolve after any destroyed ships would be removed, so as to avoid exactly this situation occurring. It needs FAQing to clarify their intent.
  10. Yep I'm aware that is just an assumption, but in general cases I use to create things more "player friendly". But yes, still considering it because Conflict rules doesn't necessarrely means that you "fall to the dark side" just that you can be "tempted" by it rolling a d100. So probably you are right, that's because we haven't fully implmented it yet. After watching the tables of pip probability I'm still trying to discover how probable is for a FR6 character with a pair of full power trees ahieve the desired results. By the way, thanks
  11. Spellscape X Wing Painting blog

    Current WIP bench
  12. returning player question?

    1-Yes he is really good, he has no blanks and has two special sides that can chain multiple specials together. 2-Yes can can pair with Ahsoka, as he is 10/13 and Ahsoka is 13/17, Yoda also pairs well with Qui-Gon. 3-It's not really needed but the card is very functional. Neutral blue weapon for 2 that you can use to heal is very useful but I don't think it's always needed. If you open one I'd definitely put it in a deck but I wouldn't drop $40/$50 on it.
  13. Might I suggest using a boarding upgrade on the Profuniditised HH
  14. Heavy Ion Emplacements, Assault Concussion Missiles, and Fire-Control Teams: Is this combo viable, or is it doomed with the double up principle like with APT/XX-9?
  15. Hard limits on upgrades?

    Ships with too many upgrades have ALWAYS been the problem with this game. See Fat Han. See dash. Now see Dengar, and Miranda, and Nym. Also note the turret on EACH ONE.
  16. Hi new player here just finishing playing the core game set. I have the first expansion and all the related adventure packs. I cannot find if we should be playing the Adventure packs one by one or if i should be adding them all in together. Any thoughts on best gameplay?
  17. Star Wars Armada: Vassal module version 3.0.0

    Request: The dev team now has several experienced play testers on board. Lots of armada experience. How about making a couple of scenarios, and adding them to the module? Doesn't have to be very advanced. The Bounty Challenges we did for WC qualification was a lot of fun, for example. They had some simple special rules, like one player is always second player but gets an armed station. Or no squads. Or no flotillas. Just some ideas.
  18. What's the most exciting thing about the new wave for you?

    I'm soooooo jealous of you guys. You have enough wild card builds to make regionals really exciting and unpredictable! Most exciting for me is the ISDK. There are so many ways to run the thing, but I'm gonna start with an antisquadron FT build and an FCT Screed build with ACMs and Heavy Ion Emplacements (stolen from the fleet builds section.)
  19. Raddus stuff and objectives interactions

    I am of a mind for a solid NO on Most Wanted, due to the timing, but a yes to Blockade Run, again, due to the timing. IMNSHO I see it as you choose the objective card and follow its instructions; if those instructions have an instruction without timing, you do it at the time it is chosen. In the case of Most Wanted, the first action it tells you to take is to assign tokens (everything else is information, not an instruction on timing), so you assign them, then you set up obstacles, then set aside ship(s), then deploy. We all know that a great many rules conundrums get decided by timing.
  20. When you mean Miranda, why not say Miranda?

    LOL. Did you miss the bomblet, genius, advanced sensor hype about Captain Nym? They literally changed genius to fix this, while introducing a $40 loophole to keep playing Nym with genius and Trajectory Simulator instead.
  21. Yeah, that one should only be bought for the nostalgia factor... It's really not a superior system IMHO.
  22. Ghosts are an utter pain in the ***.
  23. She's not ramming the ship IN hyperspace, though, she's ramming it while accelerating TO hyperspace. You don't ram other ships IN hyperspace. Which means you'd have to be close enough to impact the enemy ship while accelerating to hyperspace. 1: most people don't resort to suicide quite that easily. Not even people who are fighting a war against an oppressor. There may be a few, but not enough to use it as a regular tactics all the time. 2: "smaller ship" just happens to be larger than an Imperial Star Destroyer. It's even bigger than a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer (the ship used by the First Order in TFA) So yes, it might be small in comparison to the largest ship in creation, but it's hardly "small" by any means. And certainly not cost effective to the Resistance. Especially since it didn't seem to kill, but only cripple, the enemy ship. 3: Yes, even an enemy that literally destroys whole worlds would still have people hesitant to suicide to take down one ship out of many. You seem to be ignoring a lot of issues here. Firstly, the resistance would run out of manpower and money long before the New Order would run out of ships and resources using this method. Secondly, you underestimate the human will to live (or "living creature", in this case) in even the most extreme situations.
  24. Strategic Advisor

    This is his name.
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