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  2. Thanks for the listens and feedback everyone! @Parakitor I looked in to the data we have, and no, I did not see any instances of Deathcaller in the Waiqar lists. Would be interesting to see how Latari fared with that strategy in play. @darkjawa103 Send me a message here or on Facebook @InitiativeOne with your address - we'll hook you up! @rebellightworks Thanks for sharing your success with it! @Polda That's a great suggestion, I am putting it on our list for a future episode. @Zaaik Thanks, hope you can join us for the stream. Let us know how it goes at your next tournament!
  3. Mirror match games

    I waited like a week when I first got on.
  4. Make your own custom cards?

    I was going to put this on here and then saw you rpost! This is probably the best card creator I have found. Here's one more that can be kind of confusing, but can be okay for quick cards:
  5. Too Passive to Jam

    Yeah, tractor beam potentially puts (small base) you on a rock which potentially stops attacks, causes damage and robs a ship of actions if their next move causes the templet to touch the rock. Range 1-3. For 1 pt. jammer puts one jam token on range 1-2, still requires attack roll, still costs 1 pt. totally balanced. hey at least it can trigger harpooned! Just like Tractor beams. hoping for FAQ for jammer beam to place 1 Jam token (preferably raspberry) per each unconcelled hit/crit result. At least that could be somewhat closer being decent.
  6. Ryad and Friends

    So running with the idea but still tuning thoughts appreciated. Countess Ryad TIE/D MKII LT Kestal TLT LWF Double Edge TLT LWF So about 8 points for a cannon and epts. Initially thinking Expertise and Flechette on Ryad, and Crack shots in the Agressors. Maybe VI on the Agressors? Trick shot and DE can take UGRs. Ryad with PTL and Ion Cannons though I will likely see Rau when I play this.
  7. @Praetorate of the Empire can’t disagree with anything you say. But still I’d love to see an alternate versions of the Striker.
  8. An idea for unshielded TIEs

    so nerf them, instead of literally destroying any pretence at balance the game has left.
  9. Regionals data Feb 17

    I have not lost a game against an MC 30 or activation spam fleets in over 18 months, but that is not the point. My personal play has no bearing on observation. You telling me to play better does nothing to refute my assertion that Last/First, while counterable as we all know, limits one players ability to react to the other players moves during a crucial moment in the game. That is one of the negative effects of overload as we have discussed above. The limiting of one players ability to interact in the game and make meaningful decisions is removed. Black dice ships should be very hard to deliver, they are very potent so they should be hard to use. Last/First lowers the barrier of effectively using them considerably. Why do we suppose other games such as Imperial Assault, Legion, and Infinity, have Hold actions or pass actions included in their alternating activation game systems if not to address this exact problem? Why don't chess matches allow one player to move 2 pieces back to back? Why not in Checkers, Go, or any other strategy game that is played at a highly competitive level? Because that would upset the games balance by allowing one player more chances to affect the board than the other. Activation count overload is aimed at creating an advantage built around this very concept that so many long standing and highly respected games prevent, and they prevent it for a very good reason.
  10. Legion...

    The core for Legion is $89.95. The expansions are full units unto themselves. You buy a single core and 1 of each expansion and you have 2 ready to go armies for around $270. Wanna customize it a little? Won't have to spend more than $150 extra per side to max out your options, and that's assuming you don't buy 2 core sets.
  11. Decimator swarm

    would Gauntlet fighters be better than Decimators, they aren't heavy, have the same number of dice versus squadrons but can actually get 4 hits, and versus ships they only can do 2 dmg but can dish out raid tokens. Sure they lose a hull but gain a speed.
  12. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    really wish his crew card was Imperial and Scum only....
  13. Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    Nope! Only rainbows and unicorns. (PS, thanks. Fixed that.)
  14. Yay! (Hugs Marcy) I do want you feeling better, so that's most important, but I just also don't want to be forgotten . If her journey never starts, she can never get to the end of it... EDIT: (Sorry, off-topic tangent, I'll stop now.)
  15. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Sensor Jammer is brutal against something like the quad y-wings that were proposed
  16. Live casting vassal games

    I brought Drok into Scum to pair with BT for the KS Regional, and it worked moderately well. I think the eSentries could work well there as well, but then you're split between Heavy Weapons, Droid, and Hunter cards. My current list is with Han and Drok, and I think it works pretty well (one version of it can be seen on Brett's stream). Honestly, Drok doesn't need much synergy. I'd always bring in Hera to help with range and surges, but Drok is fine to through into any list and she's just gonna do work :-). I always bring in Collateral Damage with her, and sometimes I have a useless card, but the payoff is so high with her. Far and away my favorite figure right now. -ryanjamal
  17. Jailbird and the Desperadoes OOC

    It's fine here, unless others want to move I was just asking in case there was already something on Discord for side chats like in our other game.
  18. Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Version 0.4.2 is released: DOWNLOAD
  19. Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    I'm bad at X-Wing because... ○I love my A-Wings. ○I use too many chain combos. ○I'm predisposed toward maneuvers and repositioning. ○I hate using generic pilots.
  20. The chemicals are working and the weekend actually promises to be good!
  21. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Yikes, now I'm curious about those stats.
  22. I definitely agree . And breathing some life into new characters is always a good thing; I can't wait to read how these options change the path that people like Jo and Cynn (and possibly Racine and others!) take. The MarcyVerse stories have always been great, and now we can look forward to something new and different and just as awesome! Maybe we can breathe some life into new characters sometime soon, too?
  23. Ghost and shuttle question.

    A dockued shuttle is considered "out of play" as long as it remains docked. Ninja'd
  24. Ghost and shuttle question.

    And the shuttle is entirely out of play except for the phantom (II) title.
  25. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    I don't know that most of these archetypes have a massive enough advantage to "pound it" There are certainly elements that make more a game of it than some archetypes, but many of them --even if they do have some advantages (and I don't think they all do) -- have very significant flaws against the rest of the meta. The strongest single card counter is probably Boba Fett (crew).
  26. Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    You don't see dead people?
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