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  2. I was thinking of running a similar list but with Kylo instead of Vader. Mainly to take enemy aces down to pilot skill 0. The only problem being getting those consistent crits. Apart from Backdraft and the rear arc there are no nailed on crit producers. Maybe Vader would be better. The SFs do hit like a train and the shuttle could be perfect for following in and force gripping what's left in to bits 💀⚡️💀
  3. Amazing work. Love the eyes, they look menacing.
  4. Kind of. There's basically a hard cut-off point where the majority of generics just disappeared, and that's Wave 7. TLT was too efficient against the likes of B-Wings and Z-95s, and Palpatine put the Palp Aces so far over the top on defences that even if you have multiple generic ships on target you'd struggle to deal damage. By the time you get as far as Wave 8 the only generics of any note are Contracted Scouts and Omicron Group Pilots
  5. The K-wing was supposed to be a bombing ship. It was fine while it could SLAM and bomb and deal with the damage that the bomb could deal. If Sabine hadn't been introduced, the K-wing would have kept the niche it had during Wave 7. Nerfing Advanced SLAM to allow only actions on the upgrade bar means killing the whole point of the K-wing. The K-wing has a terrible dial without SLAM, and it has no chance to equip Advanced Sensors or Genius to help it deliver bombs, so it will stop being used for bombs totally, unless you equip Experimental interface, that stresses you. Why would a K-wing want Advanced SLAM for? It cannot attack after SLAMming, unlike the Gunboat, and it has 1 green dice, so not much point on focusing for defense. It has no koiograns to turn around, so it cannot take a Target Lock and hope for a ordnance attack next round because it will need to use SLAM again to perform a double 2-turn, and then it cannot attack. They are destroying an entire ship instead of just fixing Sabine.
  6. Generic are good for blocking strategies. They can also feed swarm leader with evade for reasonable cost. I think those " OP two ships lists" are less competitiv against many ships because they're ability often trigger once per round. So again , depending on the situation, they can have exelent potential .
  7. If you want an overview and where they come from to track down......
  8. do realize Sabine's lock is just a combo deck ? And thats all. Combo decks are in MtG since forever, with the same pattern - try to assemble a combo then its GG you can't do anything. Why all that rage? On the one side we used to cry - weee destiny is so 1 dimentional, all dmg no funny decks, and then when we got first true combo deck you all cry its broken. Come on..if you see Sabine just mulligan for Rend or anything with action that can break the combo and your good.
  9. in echoing bucket
  10. Obsidian Squadron Relay * Title TIE Fighter Only. Unique. All friendly Obsidian Squadron Pilots gain your pilot ability. You may not equip this title if your Pilot Skill is 4 or lower. (3pts) So, the pilots this works meaningfully with: Night Beast (free Focus on green), Winged Gundark (hits -> crits at R1), Dark Curse, Backstabber, Mauler Mithel, Howlrunner. Deliberately set at PS>4 to avoid spamming Wampas. 3pts cost is just enough to fit Night Beast + title, Howlrunner, 4 Obsidian Sqd and 1 Academy Pilot into a 7 TIE Swarm. If you go for anyone more expensive, like Backstabber, you have to start sacrificing Obsidian Pilots for Academies and the benefit you get is going to go down (eg it's got to be Backstabber, Howlrunner, 3x Obsidian, 2x Academy). Intention is to allow a bit more 'customisation' to TIE Swarms by giving them a leader who hands an ability out. Dark Curse swarm flies very differently to Backstabber swarm. Also makes target priority a bit more interesting and it's not so obvious to just pick on Howlrunner first, as if you remove the Relay you stop them sharing abilities.
  11. Mmmm gne. Adv. Slam+Bombs break the slam. We will see how many bomber K wing we'll see after the nerf. And I mean, using bombs. Ordnance K still good.
  12. Sabine breaks the K-wing, not SLAM. And Sabine came in a later wave. Without Sabine, a K-wing can equip 2 bombs that with extra munitions allow for 4 total. Again, without Sabine, the only way to deal autodamage with Miranda in a consistent way is with Conner net and Advanced SLAM, but it deals only 1 damage, so total 4 over 4 rounds minimum, no attacks then. Not many risked using proximity mines or cluster mines because they could backfire and deal nothing (especially when Palpatine could turn a mine hit into a blank). You could bring PS2 Warden Squadron Pilots and be a threat to super squishy aces with that, but at that PS, they never were that problematic. It all started going bad when Sabine added 1 instant damage to any mine or bomb, at any range, for the whole game. In any case, compare that with Nym that can move, bomb damage, autodamage from Sabine, then autodamage from AC+ABT.
  13. I get that he could be better on a Deci but putting him on a Lambda is so cheap!
  14. The first season is definitely a slog but after that it becomes well worth watching. It's not as good as the Clone Wars but it's still pretty good.
  15. It would be a buff to its turret but a nerf for bombs. Yes the troll bomb goes farther and a pre boost/broll has a larger range, but like others have said those options are now easier blocked. The main bombing nerf would be the fact that now you can no longer bump and bomb as the bomb would be out of range 1 in most cases instead of always inside range 1.
  16. I'd maybe drop the third Arq and go for a Raider and put Intel Officer on the ISD but I like the list. Reason for Intel Officer is you can do the following shenanigans with Devastator and Station Assault: Place the two stations as close together as you can Turn 1, Devastator Nav command, take a token (saving it to speed up if needed in later turns) use a side arc shot from Devastator to shoot one of the stations - Intel Officer one of your defense tokens and use Vader to discard it to reroll any dice with damage to try and reduce the hit. move towards the stations at speed 1 Turn 2, Eng command, take a token (you are going to need it) and again shoot a station discarding another defense token move at speed one aiming to straddle both stations without obstructing your front arc Turn 3, nav command down to speed zero and if no other targets again shoot a station discarding a third token. You are now sat on both stations at speed zero which means you can't spend defense tokens when defending (not a problem since you're Devastator and only have 1) - your speed zero means you still complete a maneuvere which means you land on both stations every turn discarding two damage cards. All whilst chucking 11 dice (12 with CF) out of your front arc being able to reroll all of them if needed with your remaining defense token. Pretty edge case but the look on your opponents face when start you shooting your own stations...priceless!
  17. Why would being gay make you want to roleplay girls in Star Wars?
  18. It’s always been relevant imo. I think he’s better on a Decimator as the turret means nothing is safe. If aces ever make a resurgence stick a gunner on too, and it takes two turns to kill an ace whether or not your attack actually causes damage.
  19. Looks absolutely brilliant so far. My only reservation/question regards boards like this, while they look amazing, dosnt replay-ability after a few games suffer?
  20. Except: you run into Xi7. Then they pop real easy. Granted Xi7 are less prevalent now, but it's always important to keep in mind.
  21. Wait a minute: you have a point on the Imperial side, but are you argoing with a K wing? I mean, no ept sure....*coff -Slam- *coff...
  22. Hate to break it to you guys, but the SCURRG's base stats are not incredibly great. Comparing it to incredibly overcosted non-dash yt2400s and underwhelming bwings doesn't do anything other than show it isn't bad Ps 8 also isn't crazy because you have more ships hitting 8/9 than otherwise, and most with epts. What makes nym strong is the combination of every upgrade he takes synergizing with his ability. The base statline is very unimpressive
  23. As much as I would love 100% of my opponents to have painted armies, Looks nice and helps with unit recognition, I struggle In IA against unpainted squads. I appreciate the fact that as a standard rule there will not be a requirement to paint and this will bring in more players.
  24. Doom Shuttle is always fun! Haha
  25. Oh, newbie... For educational purposes: It's worth noting that the 5 Autothruster Alpha swarm was also seen at UK Nationals, did pretty well too.
  26. Good point. I don't have any of the epic ships, but quite a few of my friends do.
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