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  2. You 100% absolutely can NOT drop action bombs. The dropped bomb 100% must be in contact with the ship base. This is because OF COURSE THAT'S HOW IT WORKS. Seriously, no one with even the tinniest bit of sense could possibly make any sort of reasonable argument otherwise. There does eventually reach a point where you have to allow some common sense regardlesw of how it's written even if there is technically a crack in the language for something ridiculous.
  3. Wow! But spending two Target locks Is possible? It doesn't count as two times the same action? Because Norra ability is worded "spend"...
  4. A filling, and safe Thanksgiving to the proper lawful civilians and officers of the Empire.
  5. What's your next board idea after Mos Eisley? I can't wait to see minis on it. You should write us a battle report!
  6. You could certainly do random type draws for any game type, I just think it works well with CC. It adds a bit of immersion to the campaign. The rebels are scraping by with whatever they can get their hands on. The Imps in the Corellian sector are dealing with the bureaucracy of a central command that may not have the same priorities. I'm not pitching this as a superior way to play CC. Just as alternative rules to give an interesting twist with some new gameplay elements. It would be interesting to allow you to build your starting fleets, but restrict the ships to earlier waves. Like your starting fleets can only be stuff from just wave 1 (or some other combo like wave 1 and 3, or wave 1, 3, and 6). The Corellian sector isn't a hotbed of activity and is only currently of low interest to the Empire so they are stuck with older model ships and few support vessels. The Rebels on the other hand are just starting a major offensive in the sector and are just starting to pull together some resources to use for the fight. Again, I'm not trying to craft a better CC, just trying to craft a more narrative CC to make things interesting.
  7. Does saturation salvo effect the ship you fired the missile at, or just the other ships at range 1 of it?
  8. A 'Flash'back......
  9. You can get to 9 at range 1 but it requires some favorable RNG. The key parts are Nora with Finn and Swarm Leader. Shara with Adaptability and R3 Astromech. Jan Ors with Lando. That also leaves 5 points free to add as you wish. Jan activates Lando and you need an evade. Shara with boosted PS shoots before Nora and you need an eyeball roll to trigger the droid for an evade. Now Nora shoots (3) at range 1 (4) gets a die from Jan (5) burns the 2 evades with Swarm Leader (7) adds a blank with Finn (8) and spends her target lock for an eyeball (9). Then tou spend Shara's TL to reroll any non-hits. It would be pretty tough to ever get the full 9 and the chances of pulling it off more than once in a single game are very poor, but it's possible. Not competitive really but potentially hilarious ability to one-shot any small base ship in the game.
  10. Makes more sense to me the other way, but I could see that happening.
  11. Eventually people may think that but remember the Empire has been pumping propaganda into all of their worlds. Jakku is a distant battle and the rebels are terrorists that destroyed two Death Stars (causing the deaths of millions of "patriots") and assassinated their emperor. That's only going to rally people against the Rebels. Look at the US and the Confederacy and the major role it still plays in modern Southern Culture. Battles do not break a populace's spirit easily. I'm a yankee and I don't understand that culture but I understand the stubborn mentality. That's even without the Nazi esque propaganda machine of the Empire. I agree though and I love that we see the pro Imperialists still around infecting the New Republic, its a brilliant idea that helps form the reality of the situation. So maybe as @Captain Lackwit says between Operation: Cinder and the defeat at Jakku the fight was taken out of most of the remaining Empire, I can totally buy that for what it could be, but not for what it is. There are a million reasons why the Empire could collapse in a year from a massive battle between two Moffs that involves a quarter of the Imperial fleet and results in cataclysmic losses to thousands of battles that grind the Empire down in a war of attrition as more worlds join the New Republic. There is an incredibly epic story to be told in this short era that got rushed by sadly. I just think the story group wants to focus on the sequel trilogy and bum rushed the OT's arc. I'm sure this can be rectified once the Last Jedi and third movie in the trilogy comes out. In that way they can have characters from the next two movies appear thirty years earlier.
  12. My take on the Latari Memorial. I recall a certain banner conversation with I think @flightmaster101 about holding my beer while I freehand Yggdrasil onto a banner, so we'll call this the warm up. I also wanted glowing runes on my Latari memorial, then I thought... Why not both? So the Latari Memorial for my ice elves.
  13. You discard the bomblet generator itself, not genius.
  14. Yea I was only thinking about the pilot ability and forgot about the basic bullseye rules~ anyway, so tired of hearing about it from one of the players in our group who definitely wants to use it to get free damage on tokenless ships and wont stop saying that "nothing else works similarly so you cant remove 0 tokens"
  15. can't place more than one bomb per turn per ship
  16. Actually there's no dillema if he has the only shot. The base effect of being in the bullseye arc is you aren't allowed to spend focus or evade tokens to defend against that ships attack anyway. That happens with ALL bullseye ships regardless of what else they might have as a pilot ability, so if you have a token your only option is to NOT spend the tokens when he attacks. However, if your ship is in additional enemy arcs then you'll have to decide whether to drop them or take a damage before the additional attack, Just to be clear, I do agree that you don't have to have a token to avoid the automatic damage. It's quite clear with the phrasing combined with other instances of 0.
  17. I wonder if it would have been perfectly ok if the PS8 Pilot Ability prevented all defensive dice modifications/additions & stripped focus/evade/re-enforce tokens.
  18. I think another example of the "exploding dice" thing with say a super intelligent character like batman would be those times when the Joker thinks he has a perfect plan and for sure this time he will get away with it or finally "kill" the batman or get batman to kill or what ever his goal is with his most recent scheme and than before he can even START phase 1 Batman has him caught and with the recording of his plan and the joker's response is "that's just not fair" that is an example of Batman having even greater detective skills than normal because of exploding dice. Normally Batman would take a while to figure out the Jokers plan because "it's never simple with the joker" but on a rare occasion he gets him before he even starts.
  19. Oh, c'mon -- they've got nothing on the Others in A Song of Ice and Fire. Took those guys years to actually get to the Wall. The Dragon have had, what, a few months?
  20. If I was "King of X-Wing" I would rule it that any cancel effect happens first. So Bossk, TLT, Wampa, and any other similar effects cancel the crit before it's able to trigger Harpooned. I think that's also a potentially reasonable interpretation with the RAW but it's a far from definitive rules situation at present.
  21. I actually think they did this rather okish. The alliance to restore the republic declared the restoration of the republic. As the empire IS the republic everyone who was not one of those fanatics at Jakku was like "****, yeah, republic, democracy, hurray, lets join them!". And we are back to square one: A corrupt senate. Local corrupt governments and no internal union against a common enemy. This actually works for me. It's just silly that the new republic let's this happen without plenty of executions of ex-imperials to clean up as good as they can before letting all that scum join the senate.
  22. Today
  23. and kept shooting
  24. Indeed, perhaps this whole topic has very little to do with the game, and should have been in the off topic from the get go. Sentience, conciousness, and free will are not set in stone per se, as not everyone will agree to a set definition. There are many traits that humans can show that animals can as well. By your definition of sentience, human children are not sentient until a certain age. But as to this debate, I will end it here, for now and we can go on about our plastic spaceships.
  25. the blaster rifle
  26. Curious what mods you have planned for Ravos. I'm adding some loose guts on his scythe or at least that's the idea. We'll see how it turns out.
  27. I think after Shono saw the Matsus especially in the front with Beiona who kinda resembles Sonya the Berserker, and imagined her in kimono welcoming him in the evening like his future wife, he had second thoughts. He probably prefers a Doji or Bayushi.
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