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  3. CommanderDave

    The Token Doctrine

    You could switch the Repair Crews for Comms Nets for get even more tokens on the ships that need them and at longer range too! What about Quads instead of Duals on the second Arq. Might be a big upgrade. The Engine Techs combo well with that.
  4. Animewarsdude

    If there's no Gencon update...

    FFG at Gencon 2018: - We'd like to take a moment to talk about how amazing the support for Legion is, and we want you all to look forward to even more expanses. - We are so excited to see X-Wing 2.0 release with early copies for sale on the show floor, and here is an early look at what we have planned for Wave 2 and moving forward. - Imperial Assault, I hope that you all enjoy the new expansion and fan favorite Rebels character. - Armada, Well... *looks at the camera* All we can say is something REALLY big is coming, so keep looking forward to our future announcement.
  5. Stan Fresh

    Group Implosion and Video Games

    PC on PC conflict definitely belongs into SW. Betrayals, physical violence between friends and lovers, and even attempted murder are all part of the SW story. But it needs to be clear to everyone involved whether that stuff is on the table or not . The players don't get to trick or annoy each other, only the PCs do. That said, there are games that explicitly incorporate PC vs PC conflicts, and Edge of the Empire, etc isn't among them. Better use another game if you want support for that sort of cooperative storytelling. And for Zeus' sake don't blur the line between PC and player when you play those games. There's a reason the good ones all stress that conflicts happen between PCs, not players.
  6. PodRacer

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    Outside of the pushes on you, any others catch your eye? @Tranceform
  7. So.. stormtroopers would be better at dodging than rebel troopers? I don't agree with you there.
  8. Tramp Graphics

    Jedi Star IC thread

    Korath kneels down next to the wounded Nikto. “She’s the crazy one,” he says, pointing to Ro’Ka. “Avalon, leave the man’s property alone! It doesn’t belong to you!” Turning back to the Nikto and pulling out his medpac from his utility belt, Korath begins to dress his wounds.
  9. pickirk01

    Genius 2.0 is Broken

    Nevermind, answered my own question.
  10. Congratulations, you found a bug If you had two or more pieces of gear with built-in weapons, all the weapons would get the same key, so the others' "show" state would keep getting reverted back to the first one in the list.
  11. @satkaz Fire the BFG already!!!
  12. Rabobankrider

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    It will be an average check as he hasn't exceeded his threshold yet. As you have a kit difficulty isn't increased. If you have not ranks in medicine it will just be your intellect. Combat in the lower levels is officially over as well due to this guy not planning to run or fight back, so it is free form for player movements.
  13. @BeingofMortis @AdvocatXD @Edgehawk Duros Group 2, soak 4, 46/50 wounds, 10/10 men Duros Group 1, soak 4, 50/50 wounds 10/10 men @satkaz - @AdvocatXD, as @Edgehawk is just hunkering down at this point, you can take the third initiative slot if you want to get stuck into the fight. @satkaz I don't know if you saw but you can
  14. DanteStorm

    Offical Token Used as Reminder Token Ysanne Isard

    If you do use an evade, I'd suggested painting one side full black, or put a sticker on it and when the combat phase starts you turn it around, so it's "activated". Also, ask your opponent if he minds you do that.
  15. Tramp Graphics

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    That’s all I wanted to know. I’m disappointed but I accept that. Before I question him, I’m gonna bind his wounds using my emergency medpac then use Heal The following round (probably multiple rounds). What’s the difficulty for the untrained medicine check (it’ll be a pure Intellect check)?
  16. Rikalonius

    Clone wars is BACK!

    I was huge opponent of introducing Darth Maul back in the timeline, but despite the dumbness of it, he has turned out to be one of the better villains out there. I wish Rebels' animation had been better, I don't know why they took away his raptor legs for just some plain looking ones, but the story of him trying to seduce Ezra to the dark side while using him to find Obi Wan was some of the better Rebels material. I too would like Filoni to bridge the two. I still hated that he was in Solo, because it was unnecessary fan service. I think it would be good to see him escape Palpatine's grasp once he has Darth Vader, maybe after Sidious is "captured" by the separatists. Speaking of that, the Samurai Jack cartoon dealt with Sidious' capture. I wonder if Filoni will do an episode that takes us right up to Revenge of the Sith. With Sidious away, Maul could have find a way to escape his grasp and fled to the outer rim to avoid him.
  17. Archlyte

    Architecture in the Galaxy

    I have more resources on this now mainly due to Daronil being better at wiki than I am, and I am so grateful I was wondering if anyone currently has a method for how they describe architectural elements in their games? What tricks do you use besides a picture?
  18. salamar_dree

    Fully Operational? Not Quite.

    @Ebak Ep. 115 of the O66 Podcast.
  19. Lace Jetstreamer

    Genius 2.0 is Broken

    The card is still broken regardless of cost. I gave my supporting evidence for this. Increasing the cost just means the card will be impossible to use.
  20. apoapsis

    2018 Store Championships

    Results from a 50 player store champ at Ibuywargames in the UK: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=4542 Lots of X-Wings and Krennic at the top. No scum in the top 8 cut.
  21. Babaganoosh

    Genius 2.0 is Broken

    Cool; what if the card costs 30 points? Still broken? How about 60?
  22. @KungFuFerret, I'm stealing your material 😛
  23. There would be a low rumble of chuckling amongst the men. Sven would raise his hand to speak as the others get ready to move out. 'We don't have mothers commander, being clones and all'. Sven was not famed for understanding humour. 'Alright boys, get a move on! Civilians are at risk and we are going into this blind' Fox would shout as he begins to shoo men out of the room. 'You with launchers, stop by the armoury for explosive rounds, but be fast about it! Keep half of your rounds non-lethal. If this is not the Sepi's I don't want civilian casualties!' The garrison was equipped with a landing pad behind it that could launch the carriers that the guard would use to reach the lower levels. When the units were ready it was here they would be rushing to. From there the lower levels. These were by far the most dangerous regions of Corouscant. They were almost entirely populated by criminals and various dangerous entities. They could be in as much danger from the locals as much as whatever this disturbance is.
  24. Lace Jetstreamer

    Genius 2.0 is Broken

    Cost has nothing to do with it.
  25. pickirk01

    Genius 2.0 is Broken

    He may cost 9 points instead of 0 in 2.0. We don't KNOW if anything is broken yet.
  26. EliasWindrider

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    That's not exactly what I said, you left off an important qualifier From a PLAYER perspective, they are fictional characters that are not representations of players. I personally don't want sidekick npcs to get to tip a player vote about the party's course of action. I don't want them or any fictional character voting in real world elections either. From a CHARACTER perspective they of course have rights (life liberty pursuit of happiness) inside the game universe, it's an out of game vs. in game perspective. Also, the darkside of the force is a fictional element of a game universe, it doesn't apply to out of game perspectives/the real world. GMs and players get to spend destiny points, characters don't.
  27. Yeah but navigator should been even more, it should be part astrogator, part skip tracer, should havel some interesting narrative talents... Scout needs like 1 or 2 signature talents to round it out.
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