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  2. 100pt triple IG88 (sort of)

    I've been known to do crazy things before - heck I've actually used a blaster turret recently!
  3. cheap fillers as everybody said: 25 points Sienar Specialist (TLT+LWF) Pure Sabacc (LWF+Crackshot or VI) 24 points Pure Sabacc (Adaptability/trick shot + LWF) Zeta Leader (Comm Relay/HUll upgrade + Crackshot/VI) Omega Leader (A Score to Settle + Comm relay) 22 points Countdown (LWF)
  4. Final Table and players won't play

    Except that you can only Final Salvo if, at the end of the game, both players have the same score. If you don't play the game, you can't Final Salvo. If you could Final Salvo instead of playing a game, then every round in a tournament could be resolved without anyone playing actually playing.
  5. Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    "Mistress Oola goes where she likes, in most cases. There is a ninety.. There is a substantial likelihood that her tour will end at the lounge." And a ninety-seven-point-six percent chance that her signature drink will not be prepared to her liking. But Kai-wan had found that few Organics were interested in hearing the actual odds. "I could use some lubrication, myself, if you could point me toward the Hydraulics Shop?"
  6. When we play, my Uthuk are nearly always fighting in my opponent’s half of the board. So aggresive for certain, but I do have to temper it a bit so I can get everything on target in the same-ish window. Berserkers-combat on turn 2 Threshers-combat on turn 2 if they can reach Ravos-inflicting wound in enemy end of turn 1, combat turn 2, Rippers-flank charges on turn 3. Would be 2 if I could do a bank charge. Even with Aggresive Shrieker/Warsprinter, I don’t typically want to get not combat turn 1 as they get slaughtered by archers turn 2 and have no support. EDIT: Maybe turn 1 would be the goal if I had some absurd double BerserkerStar build where both had aggresive/Warsprinter.
  7. DM Run Campaign

    @CommanderDave if you do dm a campaign for them. Maybe institute a house rule where you have to make all you decisions first on what you going to do (general, like what ship to shoot ect), then let your kids confir together to make up their minds. Thus giving them a little more fleet cohesion, and not the feel your hearing in on their stategy. It's just a thought.
  8. New Character Ideas

    I quite like this idea. How about a special action "Load/Unload" that allows it to "gather" friendly Imperial figures within 2 spaces and load them into figure slots, or drop them within 2 spaces, if they are already loaded? I;d be tempted to make it higher speed, or give it some starting movement points as well. Massive figures are slower then small figures, so a transport that's slower than walking seems counter-intuitive
  9. 3 spec jedi

    I'm just giving you ****! But it seriously threw me for a loop... I'm totally blanking on ideas!
  10. Solo trailer. What did you think?

    I grew up with the old EU and as such I am hoping to see at least a few nods to the past. Primarily I want to see a big screen depiction of Nar Saddaa the Smugglers’ Moon and Boba frickn Fett.
  11. Movement across <Height X terrain

    With difficult terrain yes, only horizontal.
  12. Movement across <Height X terrain

    But you still only measure horizontally?
  13. Interesting video on Star Wars space combat theory

    1. Particle weapons don't have diminishing "punch"... when fired in the vacuum of space. In the case of TLJ, the projectilles are being fired towards a nearby planet so, if anything, the projectiles will increase in punch. Light is affected by gravity because light bends space-time. Light's actual velocity isn't affected by this phenomenon. What I'm saying is that there's no precedent for this video's explanation. The frigate is destroyed by a single hit, because it fell into the "relatively accurate" range of the space-wing-thing, and no longer had time to reliably maneuver out of the way of each shot. 2. Deflector shields are, of course, only one type. Ray shields are the other common variety, which can block anything but are more energy-intensive. The point being that, while a large capital ship like the Raddus probably can't, as the video says, project a Ray Shield over the entirety of the hull. However, it could easily project a ray shield over hardpoints, the bridge, the hangar bay ad probably parts of the engines. it has obvious, extreme advantages and would require a tiny amount of power for such a large ship. The Invisible Hand (grievous' flagship) had enormous Ray shields over the gaping entrances to its hangar bay, and was significantly smaller than the Raddus. We don't actually know that Kylo has incredible skill. He accomplished less than nothing in TFA (coaxing Rey's force powers, disrupting the chain of command, etc) and in TLJ he killed his faction's leader. So his political and strategic skill is garbage. In a fighter he encounters literally no resistance, doesn't shoot and then flies away, so no skill there. Maybe... Maybe you're referring to the royal Guard scene? That was awesome, for sure, but has no bearing on the space-fighter discussion. Maybe the Silencer has some kind of super-torpedo that can get through deflector shields, which is yet another reason the bridge should be ray-shielded. 3. I believe the first book series that really discussed fighter-based combat was the Rogue Squadron novels. It was made very clear that an ISD II is literally impossible to kill for Rogue Squadron - which is unarguably the best squadron in the Galactic Civil War, with powerful fighters utilising large magazines of anti-ship weaponry. This was mainly because the shields were so strong that, once proton torpedoes - the strongest munitions available to snubfighters outside nuclear warheads - punched a hole through the shields, the remaining few exploded ineffectually against the heavily armoured hull. Lighter ships like the Lancer-class Frigate were actually extremely vulnerable to a skilled squadron with ordnance, since their light shields and centralised core systems made them very vulnerable to massed fire. You've got to remember that Imperial ships aren't designed to act as individual units ISDs suppress enemy capital ships and create narrow lanes for fighters to fly through with turbolaser and ion cannon fire. Frigates and destroyers narrow those lanes further while actually engaging enemy capital ships, and Imperial snub-fighters make use of the constricted space and their enormous numbers to overwhelm the opposition. The reason to build fighters is because if you don't field them the opposition brings in deadly weapons platforms like B-wings, Gunboats and so on that are designed specifically long enough to unload 16+ proton torpedoes or concussion missiles each into a capital ship; game over. So you either have a fighter screen that survives just long enough for superior capital ships to destroy enemy capital ships then flee, or field heavy squadrons with the power to destroy capital ships. Of course, actual ISD IIs carry a full flight of TIE fighters (72), 8 Lambda Shuttles, 6 Assault Gunboats, Skipray Blastboats and depending on role and notoriety up to another flight or so of Interceptors, Bombers and other ancillary craft. 4. Imagine a guerilla shooting at the front of an M1A2 tank with a pistol. Then imagine the same guerilla firing his pistol at the back of a Sherman. Which of them does more damage? It's a TIE (haha), surprise surprise. It's a lot better than that for the Fish-ship though, because ISDs are designed for frontal assaults, whereas Mon Cala designes often encompass full protection due to their underwater design philosophy. It's nnsensical regardless of the way you look at it that three small fighters can cripple the alliance without any support when firing against a ship with nearly full shields. By all means, explain what happened. Because I assumed two things: 1. The organic life on board the Raddus didn't affect the damage inflicted (since it had been evacuated). 2. The level of technlogy on board the Raddus didn't matter, since it wasn't a conventional explosion or electrical discharge that did the damage; it was pure velocity. So what's actually stopping a faction from strapping a hyperspace engine toseveral asteroids and crushing any enemy that comes up against them?
  14. The problem with this approach is that E-XXX will most likely never appear in posts. In my opinion the errata version is the only one that is relevant and therefore the only one that needs to be shown. To avoid any confusion maybe you can include a subtext that indicates that the image shows an errata'ed version? As an alternative I could indicate it on the image of the card itself. What do you think?
  15. 3 spec jedi

    YEAH, because we're STILL Playing the PBP! You can STILL play a Sentry Niman Seer... You can even make him a Polis Masson(sp?) from the same family as Morl... Just DON'T make him the EXACT Same character with the exact same backstory and exact same NAME from the other campaign! That's confusing and weird... Now, I for one am looking forward to seeing what combos you come up with in this new Campaign because you always have such AMAZING and ORIGINAL ideas that are sure to blow everyone out of the water with your Creativity and Uniqueness! Will your new character be Nature Oriented and focused on Mastery of the Force? Will he be a Deathstick wielding POWERHOUSE? Will he be a Battle Hardened Warrior of Space, Sea, & Sky? Will he be a Face man who has mastered all forms of Social Combat? Or, will he be the Ultimate Fixer who can find anyone and build anything in the seedy underworld that runs so much of the Star Wars Galaxy?
  16. I've never had a game last longer than an hour, hour and a half at most. I play lightning fast. The thing delays play the most is players wayyyyy overthinking what they're doing, and trying to place things down with micro metric precision, even tough that's patently impossible. Put the doggone squadron down, make sure you tell me the intent is to be out of distance one from my ship, and we will take it from there. Don't spend twenty minutes measuring and re measuring, Emperors sake.
  17. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    He is something of a victim of his own success. Whenever I hear him as an extra it does pull me out of a scene now, which is a shame, because he's a very good voice actor. DC Douglas is similar, not because he's ubiquitous but because his voice as Legion is so distinctive it just sticks in my head.
  18. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I mean, the first 2-3 turns of combat are absolutely the most important turns in the game, and are a huge chance for the Ghost to bring devastating primary shots into play and avoid damage from a coherent squad before it has to turn around, but whatever.
  19. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Sort of this on both places. So, if it’s a full double reposition, your actual concern is not being blocked, and mostly to identify the moves that allow you to get out with both repositions as necessary. Secondarily, doing all of that, maximizing the times you shoot. its probably why I was more drawn to single reposition ships (whisper, mindlink fenn, though I ultimately removed a lot of the fear of that fenn, too). its also why I don’t like straight jousters though - some reposition is just FUN. Even just a single BR or boost just feels fun to move around the board, even if to don’t use it that often. Also, and a bit more importantly, having 1 reposition seems to (usually) open up the number possibilities you can do, which is fun.
  20. In the past over in the Imperial Assult forum I’ve lobbied for the release of Navy and Army troopers. While the Stormtrooper Corp is easily the most recognizable branch of the Imperial military they are backed up by countless other fighting personnel. The black uniformed Navy troopers act as a security force within the Imperial Fleet. They are primarily employed to repel and carry out boarding actions. However they can also see action providing support to Army and Stormtrooper units during a ground assault. The grey or sometimes camo clad soldiers of the Imperial Army make up the bulk of Palpatine’s ground forces. Equipped and trained as light infantry they are most often deployed as garrisons or in policing actions. While they are competent fighters they often lack the fanatical devotion to the Empire seen among those in the Stormtrooper Corps. As such it is risky to solely deploy Army Units against the Alliance as there is a significant chance of defection or desertion caused by Rebel propaganda. From a hobby perspective the inclusion of such units could give Imperial players a much needed break from painting nothing but Stormies.
  21. Hints on new investigators ?

    Those are the investigators who are playable in all of Fantasy Flight's Arkham Files games (Arkham Horror: The Board Game, Eldritch Horror, Elder Sign, Mansions of Madness, and of course the LCG)
  22. The list is: • • The Inquisitor TIE Advanced Prototype Push the Limit TIE/v1 Autothrusters 22 points Nu Squadron Pilot #1 Alpha-class Star Wing Harpoon Missiles Long Range Scanners 22 points Nu Squadron Pilot #2 Alpha-class Star Wing Harpoon Missiles otype Push the Limit TIE/v1 Autothrusters 22 points Nu Squadron Pilot #1 Alpha-class Star Wing Harpoon Missiles Long Range Scanners 22 points Nu Squadron Pilot #2 Alpha-class Star Wing Harpoon Missiles A cheap filler would allow me to upgrade The Inquisitor to Quckdraw
  23. This. And really everything else in that post, but I didn't want to take up a ton of space. Let's just work towards getting the sitting president out so we can have someone on the side of sanity in.
  24. Rebels - No Regen - No Harpoons - No Turrets

    I was capable of throwing a lot of damage down range, yes. Did something like 9-10 damage to a YV-666 in a single round of fire, so it's getting up to alpha potential damage, but it doesn't deplete. The fun part of it is that it's all dial work and thinking. It is, of course, totally without tricks so I ran into problems against certain lists - but I had hit a pretty low point in the meta so ejected from it to do something else. I like the games where the dials matter and I hit several of those throughout the day.
  25. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    I would if I had a computer that could get KSP!
  26. Modified dice query

    Hahaha I forgot about that. I was referring to the Most Wanted errata so squads don't get to add an additional die.
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