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  2. Palp Aces worth a shot?

    I see. That makes more sense. I was just trying to get 2 aces at PS11 into a Palp List, and I also wanted to take ships with Collision Detector, Primed Thrusters, and Debris Fields. This was the only combination that I could think of.
  3. Damage Deck Storage Solutions

    I've found these boxes - either for ships or cards to be pretty good. The old Epson R800 or HP laserwriter takes 300gm cardstock ok and that's thick enough. One thing I've found is that the heat in the laserwriter that 'cures' the toner, causes the card to shrink a bit, so I always oversize the copy by 104-107%...or the boxes can be a bit tight.
  4. how is 3-5 sessions of 5 hours each little or no effort? In the last 6 months they've essentiallly completed the knights of the old republic main quest... I thinks that's more that earned one or two extra force Rating
  5. New Tournament Regulations

    Not being able to pack 8 mangler 8 flechette on my gunboats makes me sad. But mandatory epics make me happy. So it all balances out.
  6. Generic Crew

    Not including Epic crew. I'm still working on that list.
  7. Local Question

    The Nym Mirranda looks ridiculous. I haven't been able to fly against it yet, but I am wanting some practice. Inevitably, that will be all over the place.
  8. We all submitted a "about ourselves" bit on fleet submission which Biggs has. If you need more colour hit me up, i probably know nearly everyone.
  9. Damage Deck Storage Solutions

    Yes, but that costs money. I have a problem with 3D printed stuff as I live in the South where it gets hot. I have to store my stuff in my trunk on game days. I had some 3D printed ship holders that melted around my minis. I had to use a drehmel to get my Firespray out. I only nicked it a little.
  10. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    Not me. I'll think that everything is going as you had foreseen.
  11. I guess I’m not saying a naked GSD isn’t good or that Insidious isn’t good. I’m saying that any player who doesn’t take Demolisher on their first GSD has voluntarily applied a handicap to their fleet.
  12. Future of the Game

  13. Generic Crew

    We have had a lot of generic crew in this game. I want to see what you people think about them and their uses. Here's a list: Weapons Engineer Gunner Mercenary Co-Pilot Intel Agent Recon Specialist Sabotuer Navigator Flight Instructor Tactician Systems Officer Tail Gunner Bombardier Hotshot Co-Pilot Operations Specialist Inspiring Recruit (me in a two-word description) Courier Droid I also want to know what's best to fill up Lambdas, TIE Shuttles, Decis, Upsilons, and Firesprays.
  14. Damage Deck Storage Solutions ?
  15. Damage Deck Storage Solutions

    Oh, yeah, the manila folders. I think I used that more as my old office had a ton of them. Birthday cards from Grandma take the cake, though (birthday cake, of course).
  16. or you use Hondo, or you bank a token in anticipation of this, or you Comm Net the previous turn if the Raid squadron was moved in via a squadron command, or you get lucky and time out Bail Organa as first player and get your tokens that way. There are so many easy ways to defuse this raid mechanic if you can spend a token in order to free up your dial, surely this is not how it plays. Who would FFG waste our time with such a weak mechanic? Who would seriously invest in such a mechanic if it is not even guaranteed to proc, and even if it does, can be neutralized turn after turn by a super common piece of tech known as a comms net... 20 points for a generic squadron that will die easily once it makes its attack run, that may not hit at all, and requires an Intel ship in order to fire in most cases, that is countered by a banked token, and then in subsequent rounds countered by a comms net you had in the list any way? Surely FFG is not wasting out time with this. It must play the other way, that is the only way it is remotely worth the investment needed to use it.
  17. A fleet full of Opods means they don't have other ordinance upgrades (weaker against ships), and they are only using large or medium ships (which means not many ships). On top of that, the obvious answer to them is to just spread your squads out. Instead of grouping all your squads in a single arc, you'll want to spread them out. That alone can be an effective defense for the Opod fleet, but it will make the Opods themselves far less effective.
  18. Which goes back to my original question: And...? If it works for your group, great. But, as a somewhat overly generous GM myself, I try to stop myself short of basically handing the players such a degree of advancement for little or no effort (in terms of gameplay or narrative).
  19. True. Also, the hyperdrive isn't something you can add in the rules, just modify an existing one. I got nothing.
  20. I'm not sure I understand this reasoning, and I'm not sure we really need more reason for this. I felt the movies did a pretty good job of explaining Kylo's killing of Han; not because he hated Han, but because he loved him. Not only would killing Han help cut ties to his past life, but any remaining bit of Light in Kylo would (ideally) be driven to anger and despair and be turned to the Dark Side. Incidentally, both Luke and Kylo talk about severing the past, and both are operating under some extreme guilt. I think both are right to look to the future and not cling to the past, but both are wrong in wanting to abandon the past completely. I, for one, am very interested to see where Kylo's story goes from here.
  21. Neutral character question?

    I'm a math professor IRL. When using standard logic, an "if, then" statement is only False when the "if" part is TRUE and the "then" part is False. In other words, those are the only cases where you cannot do something when deckbuilding are when you would try to build a deck that satisfies the "if' part of one of the "if, then" statements and doesn't satisfy the "then" part of the statement. The deckbuilding guidelines for "side" (hero/neutral/villain) and color (blue/red/yellow/grey) do not overlap anywhere in terms of restrictions so you can't make any statements that impose additional restrictions combining side and color. Here are the relevant entries for this example where you build a team with a Red Hero Character and a Yellow Neutral using the RRG, p. 12 on building a deck.' In regards to using hero, neutral and villain cards, there is no reference to color so that doesn't apply here. All that matters is your team has a hero character and a villain character. "If a teams has hero characters, its deck cannot include villain cards." Your team has a hero character, therefore the "if" part is true and you have to also follow the "then" part. This gives you a restriction is you cannot use villain cards, this means you CAN use any non-villain card, which at this point means hero or neutral. "If a team has villain characters, its deck cannot include hero cards". Your team has no villain characters. Since the "if part" of this statement is false, there are no other restrictions you have to follow. "If a team has only neutral characters, its deck cannot contain hero cards or villain cards." Your team has a hero character. Since the "if" part of this statement is false, there are no other restrictions you have to follow. "Neutral cards can be included in any deck" This is actually redundant based on the first three statements, but it's there and since you are playing you can include neutral cards. So putting these three statements together in regards to hero, neutral and villain cards - a deck containing a hero character and neutral character, can use hero and neutral cards. Color doesn't come into play with this restriction. Now go to color deckbuilding restrictions. Notice they don't mention hero, villain or neutral at all so you can't add that aspect as a restriction. "Blue, red and yellow cards can only be included in the deck if the team includes a character of the matching color" Your team has red and yellow characters, therefore you can include red or yellow cards. "Grey cards can be included in any deck." You are playing so you can include grey cards. So putting these together you are entitled to use red, yellow or grey cards. "side" doesn't come into play with this restriction. So the basic question you asked was if you have a red hero character and yellow neutral character, can you use yellow hero cards? The answer is YES because it meets the criteria I outlined above. By the "side" restriction you are allowed to use hero and villain cards with no other restrictions. By the "color" restriction you are allowed to use red, yellow and grey cards with no other restrictions A Yellow hero card meets both of these conditions because you are allowed to use hero cards and yellow cards. I
  22. Strategic Advisor

    I’m not thrilled. It feels like FFG just embraced the aspect of the game I like the least. Sinking activations in order to First-last somebody is the epitome of “I embrace the rules so I don’t have to develop skill.” Im not saying that a skilled player doesn’t make first-last even more effective or that successfully first-lasting someone doesn’t have some skill floor to use. I am saying that first-last as a strategy makes bad players more effective than they should be. Nothing in this game is quite as irritating as watching bad Imperial players lose less badly than they should or win because they first-last with Demo/AvengerBT and that is all they have going for them. Pryce/Bail/SA all embrace this and I am not thrilled. I will continue to strive to do what I’ve always done and beat the piss out of MSUs with 3 activation lists. This made it a lot harder
  23. PSA: Epic is Format, Huge Ships are a Type.

    In all fairness I don't think full harpoon raider is the only competitive option. 1) harpoon on the bow is very strong because your support fighters shouldn't be right in front of your nose. But rear mounted harpoons threaten your own support fighters. Also the ones catching your flank are more likely to be dodgy and use evades. so homing is a straight up better option there unless you don't support your raider. 2) jamming. I fly 8 gunboats, with the 4 of any weapon limit it has pushed me to pack 4 jammer cannons in my list. Realizing that 4pts added to a list can shut down a missile raider for 2 turns was what sold it for me. And this is from someone who can't shut up about how amazingly fun and great the missile raider is. It's not unbeatable, and jamming/scrambler can ruin its day the way ion ruins a laser raider.
  24. TIE/D

    As a majority Rebel player finally diving into the imperial faction this idea intrigues me. I thought the same thing after seeing the latest version of nymranda. An ion cannon tie/D next to a HLC/flechette cannon gunboat or an ion cannon aggressor could be the makings of a very good control list that can still dish out damage. That being said the PS issue is its major flaw. You would need to master flying them in order to have any success against Nym.
  25. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    The new (unmodified) Falcon design would justify a different set of capabilities in this game. It might even be a new kind of ship, maybe an Unmodified YT-1300 with a different dial, mobile arc, reinforce action, who knows. It'd be "the Falcon" but in gameplay terms I'd expect it to perform very differently. Disney doesn't seem interested in preserving pre-Disney Star Wars canon. Whatever we think we know about Han Solo is pobably going to get flipped on its head. A whole new wooorld... Until we know more about the movie's plot, I think it's impossible to guess what XMG factions the characters and their ships would fit into. It might even require a new faction, or a subfaction that's shared by two factions in some way. Maybe Lando smuggles Wookiees out of Imperial captivity along the Kessel Run, and Han is an Imperial customs officer who has a change of heart. There are eleventy-one ways you can get the rebels involved in that sort of story. Anyway, Lando and Han's story arcs can start just about anywhere -- although it's likely that they'll both end up pretty much right on the course to being who they are in ANH/ESB. I'm not sure either of those guys qualify as Scum in X-Wing terms. I mean, Scum is pretty scummy in this game. The one prediction I'm making is that we're going to find out that Han only smuggles spice intended for medicinal use. I think Howard would make a great Star Wars movie if he had more control. As things are, I'm expecting Rogue One quality -- a good-looking mostly enjoyable Star War that's far from perfect.
  26. Strategic Advisor

    I think SA will be the most valuable for fleets that are 2 Large 2 flotilla. Lets them function like a 5 activation fleet without paying for the 5th ship.
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