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  2. My personal opinion is that the damage scaling between weapons does not appear strong enough to make them stand out from one another, even if it does mechanically due to the flat reduction from soak. Firing a single shot blaster pistol or rifle seems meh. Ranged weapons do not have many interesting qualities and at some point you are just looking for a way to redistribute those 2-4 advantages yet again. Autofire offers an easy and powerful way out and it rewards high skill in a very obvious and satisfying way. I think the biggest problem is that Autofire is readily available on the highest damage guns that already do well at penetrating enemy soak. The combination of high base damage + access to multiple hits is the worst offender to the power curve.
  3. Pretty much take the top 1-2 PS pilots from any ship and porting them over to any other ship will be equally as good or ridiculously better. Vader's ability is still one of the best in the game and that PS and ability in any ship is good. On any ship other than the Advanced it might be broken in fact. There are a few others that are right there with him but PS 9 + built in action economy + EPT slot is hard to beat.
  4. Now that Arkham Nights is officially official, I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has old Arkham Nights promo items to trade. The only items I am missing are from the first Arkham Nights back in 2010. Does anybody have the Cthulhu and Daoloth cards that they would be willing to trade (or sell)? I have a Hastur (2011) card I could trade, and I'm sure I could figure something else out as well. I am really desperate for those cards, they are the last things I need to complete my Arkham Horror collection. Arkham Horror is still probably my favorite of the "Arkham Horror Files" games, even though I haven't played it in years (it might be tied with Mansions of Madness though... maybe I need to start a "Game Rank" thread), and it would be great to finally finish the collection. So as I was saying, anyone out there with cards to trade?
  5. then Vis said.... =)
  6. You know what needs "multitudes" of solutions?? Problems.......I'm done. This lazy GM is busy typing in 8 custom races and 24 specs to OggDude's app for a Genesys campaign I'm starting........
  7. We're seeing squads units made up of troops, like Stormtroopers and Rebel Troopers led by hero units, like Vader and Luke, but how likely is it we may see squad unit options made up of named characters? For example, maybe C-3PO and R2 together or 4-LOM, Bossk, and IG-88 together as squad choices. At the moment the game feels very much like Luke and company versus Vader and company, with little real names behind that, unlike IA that's very name balanced. Having a whole named unit could help offset the infantry versus infantry feel.
  8. Boba Fett gets an Inexplicable Popularity bonus to skill.
  9. Should be interesting to see if they are working on a derivative of the original system or if this will be the first Genesys game.
  10. Tks! Im not sure i understand what you mean by "tic-tac-toe". One in every corner and 2 in the middle? Placed in lines? I dont understand how the rule of 11 can be useful when you do not want to go against your opponent face to face. There might be a part of the rule i dont know and/or grasp?. The only thing i could see is if you want to move in a way that will bring you just outside of range 3 and then next round move to either block your opponent or end up behind him. The way i see it you are taking quite a risk if you do that, no? I mean depending on your opponent moves you could end up at range 2-3 on the first exchange, which is something you want to avoid at all cost when going face to face vs Dengar. You could also end up eventually at range 1 of Dengar. Im not sure how good/bad this is compared to range 2-3 plasma torp. Probably better but i would rather be outside of its front arc. Best scenario would be to end up behind him but i think that would require a misplay by your opponent (who most likely also know about the rule...) Is there a way to use that rule when being chased or when flanking?
  11. So, um, what's the haps, peeps? (Is that modern lingo, I'm not sure, I'm old I should probably try to put 'fam' in there somewhere as that seems 'hip' and 'street' but I'm not quite sure what it means...) Anyway, imagine I've been asleep for, say, nine months, and finally woke up when I was woken by the sound of Phe, um, Absol squeeing at the release of the Mystic book... I think a lot of the books were delayed? And we sort of got 2nd edition in 'Genysis' or whatever it's called... but then it sort of isn't? And the failboat dumped its cargo en route from China? (I have a lovely image of mongol horsemen mounted on yaks prodding the containers with spears and later sitting around their campfires in their yurts eagerly rolling up new Engineer characters. And yes, I know mongols probably don't literally ride yaks, but the concept is too awesome for me not to imagine it...) Um, soooo.... I see some of my favourite people are still around, like 2P51, kaosoe, Donovan, OggDude, Desslok and Happy among others, sorry if I didn't mention you Is Brad still about? He was very cool. Anything else I've missed?
  12. I think it would really help if we defined exactly what we meant by "netlisting", because it sounds like people are speaking at cross-purposes here. Most of the defenders seem to be taking "netlisting" to mean simply seeing lists online and trying them out to get ideas, which seems a perfectly sensible practice (no different, really, from someone at your local game store suggesting an idea to you). Most of the anti-netlisters, though, seem to mean something more by it. From what they describe, I gather they mean someone who expects to field a great list without having to put in any effort to learn. This sounds like a thoroughly unreasonable expectation to me. I'm not saying either usage is right or wrong, but we need to at least try to understand how others mean the term so that we can avoid moving the goalposts or attacking straw men.
  13. You could also argue that as engagements happen and you lose ships/health you start to think harder about your moves and it gets slower the longer you go. Especially if you are flying a ship with pre-move repositioning, or a ship with SLAM, or a ship like Corran or Whisper where the wrong move could end you, or a bumpmaster where you need to plot out what you're going to dial in to be able to block everything with intel agent. The time to rounds can vary wildly too. If you're flying an 8 TIE swarm it takes a lot more time to physically go through the dial setting and moving process, and then with bumps and maneuver templates everywhere the rounds themselves can take a very long time to wrap up as you're having to mark and move ships, set up bumps, etc. Expecting the average game to take 11-ish turns is just an average, there will be outlier games that take 20 rounds or 5 rounds. Watching tapes of every game that went to time and averaging out the rounds needed in each game could get you more data about average turns for games that go to time though.
  14. Double tapping two ships = 4-5 regular ships.
  15. Compress them down into a single zip file for ease of delivery. Upload the zip file to Google drive. Post the share link here. Simple as that!
  16. With no rerolls the odds of that happening are almost astronomically low. So not having precise or brutal I think this makes her more balanced and more likely to see the table.
  17. What I see is a lot of people ignore a multitude of solutions. Like most places you are not going to walk around with more than a pistol. Or at least people shoould react negatively to someone carrying a machine gun around.
  18. True dat! Who came up with this “Vong” nonsense anyhow
  19. Welcome, samurai! Here, you can discuss all aspects of the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game and the world of Rokugan! Just remember to keep your interactions with others kind and civil. Thanks! FFG Forum Moderator
  20. Correctly: ##unvote (from Ebon) and ##vote Caldias
  21. Nerf casual
  22. Yes and no. If the player is just grabbing stuff off the web and not bothering to understand it, than yes. But, when properly done, it can open up your eyes to what combos do work. You can pick and pick at the list till you understand why it is good and go about using that knowledge to improve your skills list building skills. Also, when evaluating one's skills, removing variables is desireable. Trying out a proven list is a good way to gauge your own flying skills because you already have a known quantity. Heck, even finding out you're just rubbish with that style of play is a valuable lesson to learn. Finally, something I've been thinking for a bit now that @Sarcon pointed out is that flying a list and building a list are different skills. I personally am no master of either, but I've had enough successes in both that I don't feel discouraged (though more so in flying). And I do feel being able to use lists not based off of my limited skills has helped both my flying and list building on top of giving me ways to fly ships I love.
  23. Sorry, busy day combined with a nasty cold Not much to work with so far, but I don't like Cal's claim either. Even if it's true it could give away too much info to the maffia... ##vote Caldias
  24. My experiences are very similar. Critical hits are mainly used to drop extra Minions or by characters optimized (through gear and talents) to get massive bonuses just so the crits inflicted are actually meaningful. Even then, it's usually better to activate Auto-fire, Concussive, Sunder, or Linked if any of those are available.
  25. Same as HD. However, I use crits often against my players. In my experience, they're a much handier tool for the GM to use.
  26. *people thinking that Rokugan follows Japanese culture perfectly* *Snicker*
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