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  2. TauntaunScout

    Endor Bunker - Building Plans

    I would use a lot of plasticard, not much foam, if I was gonna scratch build one of these. But this is the kind of project that would be much better done as 3D printing. The detail work would be a real hassle to do this by hand. I like scratch building a lot, but for Star Wars I find it's best to build Tatooine buildings, Hoth generators, natural terrain features, etc. and buy other stuff.
  3. Azrapse

    Dear devs: are we required to buy new ships?

    From the authors of ... "We will never release cardboard only expansions." ...and... "Expansion packs without miniatures? It's not going to happen." ...get ready for... "Veteran players will not need to buy ship models they already own to get the upgrades." Coming Soon!
  4. Generally, the women do very well. As usual, it's the marketing that fails them. If we advertised it more, I think soccer would do much better in the us. I know a lot of die hard fans that watch it more than every four years....
  5. mazz0

    The big Clone Wars thread.

    Let's have some ideas for how to make big shiny sexy chromey Nabooy royal yachts/shuttles/skiffs/whatevs into awesome X-Wing support ships!
  6. moodswing5537

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    No, I get that. Makes a lot of sense....looks hella fun. I'm a fan of the doddo
  7. aphillippe

    Climbing Vehicles and Unit Facing

    There’s nothing in the current rules that covers this. But Alex has ruled that they should maintain the same facing.
  8. Isnt the US womens Soccer consistently top ranked? Seems like the perfect way to get americans invested.
  9. Tlfj200

    Dear devs: are we required to buy new ships?

    They have explicitly said that the conversion kits cover all upgrades that will be included in re-released ships, so if you buy a conversion kit, you will not need to re-buy any ships you already own.
  10. comatose

    Alternate Event Formats

    I came up with this format last fall to try to redistribute some of the prizes from past tournaments that either hadn't been given away or that older plays had several copies. It worked pretty well, and the players really enjoyed it. Map Setup Using the CC map, choose one planet from each of the following pairs and add one "+3 Objectives" location until you have locations equal to the number of matches in the round. (You should have a minimum of one "+3 Objectives" location though). So if you have 8 players, you would have 3 of these planets plus 1 more standard game format planet on the CC map for them to play. In future rounds, add the second planet for any pairs where a planet was played and maintain the number of available standard game format planets. The reason for selecting these pairs is because they have interesting objectives without making them an annoyance. Talfaglio & Centerpoint Plympto & Forvand Saberhing & Sileria Donated Prizes For players that donate alternate art or acrylic prizes from past tournaments, they receive their choice of Skilled Spacers and Spynet, up to a maximum of three, that they could use over the course of the tournament. Prize Assignment I placed premium prizes on the planets listed. For prizes from the current tournament kit, I started adding those in the second and third rounds. On standard game format planets, I did not place premium prizes. I supplemented all of those with the back inventory of prizes from previous tournaments, typically three total prizes per location. The winner of the match got first pick of those prizes, the loser second pick, etc. If no game took place at a planet in the previous round, I added another prize to it. Pairings Decide first round initiative for the tournament based on fleet sizes. Future rounds are based on tournament standings. The person with initiative declares their target planet, and you go down the initiative order until someone declares that they will defend that location. Once a pairing is done, you go to the next available player in initiative and have them declare a target. The attacker is always player one. If someone received a bye, I let them choose a single prize from any location that was not being contested that round. As TO, I volunteered to take on anyone who did not get an opponent after going through the whole initiative order. All of this means that two players could play each more than once, but I think that's okay. Store Credit Since the store always gives us store credit as additional prizes, this was the only prize for the top players in the final standings.
  11. Dwing

    Units from Solo

    Solo has so much Imperial goodness. Low "conscript" soldiers, new letherjacket wearing trech leaders, Mimban mud troopers, new heavy speederbikes. New walker. Viper droids.
  12. Truthiness

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    Sorry, just edited in my reasons for that. You were too fast The main reason was speed. I want to have the MC75 acting aggressively, but the YTs had not been able to keep up. The Y-Wings themselves are solid for the RS hull soak, so I just need the X-Wings to hang around the HWKs and keep up with the pace of the fight. Like I said, though, this version is untested.
  13. moodswing5537

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    No yt-1300 for hull sink?
  14. joshstix

    Cargo Hold Battlefield

    Or moving a good upgrade off your own character that is going to die early next round. Or moving a force illusion from your healthy character to the character your opponent us trying to focus down. etc
  15. mazz0

    When Will They Stop Selling 1.0 Ships?

    Pretty sure I remember prices going up during the life on 1st Edition, and that's before Brexit. Why would they feel they couldn't change the prices as and when they felt like it?
  16. Truthiness

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    One of the two games I've gotten with it was against a squadronless fleet. I did not feel handicapped on anyway and didn't really miss External Racks as I expected. My main problem has been how defensive and reactionary the fleet feels as opposed to the aggressive mentality I usually prefer. The same can be said for most Yavaris lists, hence why I don't run them anymore. My latest (and untested) version of the full list looks like this: Y-Wings (400/400) ================ MC75 Armored Cruiser (104 + 45) + General Dodonna (20) + Bail Organa (7) + Ruthless Strategists (4) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) + Leading Shots (4) + Ordnance Pods (3) Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60 + 9) + All Fighters, Follow Me! (5) + Boosted Comms (4) GR-75 Medium Transports (18 + 14) + Bomber Command Center (8) + Boosted Comms (4) + Bright Hope (2) GR-75 Medium Transports (18) 2 x X-wing Squadron (2 x 13) HWK-290 (12) Gold Squadron (12) HWK-290 (12) 7 x Y-wing Squadron (7 x 10) Superior Positions Contested Outpost Station Assault Compared to previous versions, I've dropped EHB off of the flotillas and replaced a TRC90 with the Pelta. I changed out the SA for Bail. I also changed out 2x YT1300s for X-Wings to upgrade the speed.
  17. Juheera

    Ship ID Token Numbers

    I think you get a full set in the corellian conflict box, although they may be the “scarred” variants.
  18. TauntaunScout

    Terrain changes everything

    Absolutely. The solution (assuming you don't like this situation, which may not be true) is randomized terrain. Terrain charts, aka terrain generators, are lots of fun. You have a list of terrain pieces (either you customize the chart to your collection, or find a chart you like and build those terrain pieces) with numbers next to them. You roll dice and whatever number(s) come up, that's the piece of terrain you place. After you've made your army, you setup the table. Each person takes turns rolling dice and placing a piece of terrain. Depending on the game system, you decide how many pieces each player gets to place. There are a lot of ways of deciding that. The tweak my friends and I made to this commonly used* method was, before anyone places any terrain, something that blocks LOS is placed near the dead center of the table. This keeps artillery from dominating the game. Doing this makes your add-ons less of a "must have". You don't know for sure what terrain will be rolled up! A lot of terrain generators are not purely random though. I don't know about nowadays but when I was a kid, the Warhammer Fantasy terrain generator made hills and woods very common, rough terrain was next in typicality, rivers and towns were rare. This also tended to reflect the scenery people had available so it worked well. Everyone has lots of hills, since they're cheap and easy to make. WFB didn't use much scenery, so the rule was, everyone had to place at least one piece. Then you took turns placing pieces until someone said their was enough and declined to place any more. Their opponent then had the option of rolling up and placing up to two more pieces. Then after all the terrain is placed, you randomly determine who gets which setup area for their armies. Alternatively, you can declare one player the "defender", let them place more pieces than the opponent and choose the setup zones, but they get far fewer points worth of guys than than the "attacker". This is a fun way to include people who don't have a full sized army yet. *You see it a lot in historical gaming, and in GW games who I assumed copied it from historical games, because a lot of their early designers had historical backgrounds.
  19. Nytwyng

    Warriors rejoice

    But that doesn’t play into the whole, “But teh Diznee is evuls and wants to distroy muh (Ster Werz/Merbel Comixes/childhood/adulthood/personhood) cuz they’re evuls!!” narrative that a lot of otherwise bright and level-headed people insist on subscribing to. In this narrative, LFL operating under Disney ownership exactly the same way they did as an independent company is proof positive of Disney’s soulless corporate greed. Star Wars as a multimedia and merchandise franchise before the Disney purchase? No problem. Star Wars as a multimedia and merchandise franchise after the Disney purchase? A mercenary cash grab. With all of their past and present imprints, such as Touchstone, Miramax, even Marvel and LFL, Disney’s done a pretty good job of just getting out of the way and letting the subsidiary studios do what they already know how to do. That doesn’t mean their output will always resonate with every audience member, though. And for some, their views of Disney will color their reactions to anything put out by a studio that they know is owned by Disney. Not saying that’s a good or bad thing...just that it’s a thing. And now, back to Knights of Fate talk....
  20. Vader isn't the best ship in 1.0, and I can guarantee he isn't the best ship in 2.0 either. However, I'll bet that every fan favourite character is just under the power curve, so that new and old players can enjoy thematic squads while actually having a chance in competitive play.
  21. Cartchan

    Seattle Systems Open entry fee????

    Nope. It's $30. You have to participate in Stage 1. Stage 1 is 3 games. If you have 2 or 3 victories you access stage 2 for another 3 games. If you are 6-0 or 5-1, you access the stage 3 which is a top-something depending on the number of participants.
  22. Dragon_King

    Tournaments in Switzerland

    i made some cards, as fun-prizes, and a friend of mine (wellplayed.ch) laserd us some range1 ruler, it's a handy thing, for deployment, grenade range a.s.o.
  23. Drasnighta

    Ship ID Token Numbers

    1-3 core set 4 - Victory 5 - cr90 6 - Nebulon B expansion 7 - Assault Frigate 8 - Gladiator 9 - Raider (?) 10 - Imperial Star Destroyer (?) 11 - Mc80 Home One (?) (still researching)
  24. Glad you have fallen in love with Sato. Whilst I advocate Sloane Phantoms... I advocate a pair of them rather than 5....
  25. Alzer

    Latest Fling?

    Make a thread! I'm interested to see how that goes.
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