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  2. There's an article from Wired that picks the issue apart into more details than I could, but it's a fairly easily observable fact. It comes down to a quirk of the animation process of the blaster bolts in the movies. When the action is close to the camera, the bolts need move past slow for them to be able to be visible for enough frames for our brains to have time register them. When the camera pulls backs to larger combats and space battles, we see a bigger part of the battle field, and the blaster bolts can cover more distance while still being visible to us. So, according to visual evidence, blaster bolts do indeed move faster at longer range. They don't even accelerate, they just start out faster. Funny how physics works sometimes.
  3. I think this is the most likely candidate for the Scum corvette, so let's talk about it. Used by the Black Sun and the Zann Consortium, both give plenty of opportunities to add characters. It has several lazors and torpedo launchers, and has an ambiguous size throughout Legends, and can be easily scaled to look cool in X-wing. It also has the right kind of shape. What do you guys think? Would you like it? Would you want something else?
  4. Suppose that wouldn't be so bad. I just worry that it makes X-Wings even more useless.
  5. Yup. Those are the ones.
  6. Tabletop Simulator is on sale now! Get it on Steam for 50% off!
  7. Someone on reddit posted a pic when it was first put on the steam store with a release of Dec 4th which changed to coming soon. Lets just hope that's the actual date. I find it hard to believe they won't have this ready to go with the new movie.
  8. He needs to flip a destiny point to use coordination dodge @Imperial Stormtrooperso he can't use it again till you flip back a point.
  9. So with all the new bombers, Harpoons, Turrets and and the add in things like the Trajectory and even Saturation Salvos. Do Swarms still hold any clout? I think they can but tactics with them have to change heavily. The trick is where is that sweet spot? I feel like an Ace or two cheaper Aces and then your usual 4-5 other ships is going to be the ideal spot. If the ace can pull fire and the genetics can get in then you can start to strafe vs the typical get in and stay in. Also the ships need to be okay by themselves it feels like everything is gearing away from formation flying, unless your Rebel. Then even they are playing it risky with all the extra shots coming in. So how do Swarms survive until something better for them comes along?
  10. 3 base + 1 for range 1 + 1 for Jan + 1 for Trick Shot + 1 for Finn (Blank result) + 1 for Norra's Ability (Focus result). Technically speaking its 6 dice and 2 results, but it comes out to 8.
  11. That means Quickdraw is still potentially throwing 16 dice a turn, in range one. You don't even need to shoot her, she just electric baffles to self to trigger the effect.
  12. Dune, set against the backdrop of Tatooine. (just kidding....I could not resist.)
  13. That’s why I said, “You cannot attack ships outside your primary firing arc.”
  14. I get that every one has things they want about their clan that aren't fully fleshed out. Heck, I do for the dragon clan. My issue is that nearly every forum/discussion that I read seems to be around 50% things that people want for their clan or things "the clan should do but can't" and it is really starting to get old. I kinda took that out on you, and I'm sorry for that, but when the core set has been officially released for not even 2 full months, we've only gotten 40 additional cards on top of the core thus far, and the card pool is mostly stretched 7 different ways, of course there are going to be thematic holes, and deck archetypes that are insufficiently fleshed out, so why does this seem to be such a shock to people?
  15. I wouldn't mind it, if there was no mention of real life planes, wars, the air force, "muh service" or all that depressing crap anywhere else. People being passionate about actual war machines is really getting to me, and I dislike seeing it everywhere. Sometimes it even devolves into glorifying war, or people who willingly went to invade others, which is in my opinion indefensible. Frankly, I think caring about death machines is fine until they are made up, or technologically obsolete. Getting a hard-on for something that still kills people, or has done so until very recently, is questionable. You don't know if there are people on this forum who have seen this particular craft used in action, directed at them. I think this is in bad taste. But that, of course, is just my opinion. You are free to talk whatever. Carry on.
  16. I bet for a Ace Pack since we got a new after a new wave.
  17. And you don't even have to be accurate to use her.
  18. Blast! You beat me to it! I was just about to post that Berserkers unit build. Actually, I did it a bit differently. Yours is the core of the unit, but you can go bigger if you've got the points to spend. Berserkers - 3x3 (50) -Bloodfire Witch (5) -Aggressive Shrieker (5) -Warsprinter (3) -Frontline Spined Thresher (7) -Serrated Spines (4) [optional] The big difference here is adding Brutal 1 from the Frontline Spined Thresher upgrade. Granted, that's a huge points increase just to add brutal 1, but you're also getting a 50% increase to the unit's health. I think it's worth it in some builds. What I like about your build, though, is that you have 2 Berserkers units with Aggressive Shrieker, but they both gain the benefit of Bloodfire Witch. I also love how everything is moving forward constantly. It looks like it will play completely differently from the panic builds. It's nice to see different archetypes appearing in this army. Great game design!
  19. Scooty Puff?
  20. Sorry to say she’s with you and everyone else within 1-2. She doesn’t discriminate, anyone and everyone can use her and discard her
  21. Get in line, bub: I've been waiting for that shrimp AA for two years. It's gonna be a crappy Scout when it comes, isn't it?
  22. So, I just wanted to start this thread as a place where people can brainstorm about this new bombing monstrosity. I'll start: Crimson Squadron Pilot Ordinance Silos Cluster Mines Pattern Analyzer Collision Detector x3 These guys are low PS to capitalize on knowing where to drop ALL THOSE CLUSTERS, and they can do it after a red. However, for only 33 points, those guys can slide into MANY lists. If you have the points, Adv. Sensors expands your bomb placement options a lot, and of course the exclusive title and mod are excellent additions. I'm not gonna lie, I don't like the named pilots for this ship. Crimson Leader is the only one I really dig, but he has an awkward PS for a bomber.
  23. The old wound reopens. Suffer the bleeding condition If already bleeding... something else.
  24. **** straight. Jan Ors and I are meant to be together, no matter if she IS fictional or not.
  25. I realize this question seems dumb, but it is arising from this combination: Obsidian Scalemail says "You may perform only 1 -> Skill or Ability per turn" Spirited Scythe say: "-> You may perform an attack targeting each monster adjacent to you. Each monster rolls defense dice separately. Each monster that suffers at least 1 <3 is bleeding." Could you attack twice with the Scythes text since it is an attack? Or is the text an ability? Is an ability only what's written on a character card? As a group we have agreed the spirit of the OSM card seems to indicate only one of those arrows, but we'd like to put it to bed one way or the other. Which is a long way of asking: What, exactly, is an ability?
  26. Hi. I'd recently made this list for casual game and now there's a controversy in a group about if it Norra can throw eight dice if attacking at range 1 and behind an obstacle... Black HWK 8 (100/100) ==================== ARC-170: Norra Wexley (29 + 5) + Trick Shot (0) + Finn (5) + Alliance Overhaul (0) ARC-170: Shara Bey (28 + 6) + Trick Shot (0) + M9-G8 (3) + Weapons Engineer (3) + Alliance Overhaul (0) HWK-290: Jan Ors (25 + 7) + Veteran Instincts (1) + Twin Laser Turret (6) of course she, Norra, takes the benefits from her own ability spending the TL from Shara, the re roll of Finn's dice becasue i'ts already marked by M9, and the bonus dice from Jan, shooting at range 1 behind an obstacle she throws six die and gets the blank with re roll and the chance to exchange the one she gets by her pilto ability... rebel admirals... Is this true or false? Does Norra get "eight" die?
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