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  2. Third Eye Corellian Conflict

    No pictures this time around, but a short summary to keep the thread alive! Great Moffy T launches an assault at Sacoria! Leia moves to intercept! I chose his Salvage Run, and pointed most of my fleet straight at it at full speed. A few brave rebel ships decided to make a run for the tokens, while 2 Nebs and 2 hammerheads formed a flanking force on the side. Sovereign ran it down mid. Warlord turned to face the rebel flanking force. Sovereign then proceeded to roll some absolutely disgusting damage, (IF! + CF + Jonus), popping one hammerhead at long range and almost popping another. The Rebels gained 2 salvage tokens and tried to turn away from the other Vic1. Warlord slowed down and prepared to get battered by angry rebels. All rebel ships in the salvage zone are destroyed, and Warlord barely hangs on, eating a couple brutal salvos from the rebel flanking force. Sovereign comes around to clean up. At the end of the day, All rebel ships except Leia's flagship are destroyed. Leia hyperspaces away. All my squadrons died, but will be back to fight another day! (RIP two mook TIEs who are permanently dead) I will try to get pictures next time and write up an actual report!
  3. How to (easily) save the game

    You know how I save the game? I learn about all the broken crap and then. . . DON'T PLAY IT. It's like magic. The game is immediately awesome.
  4. Baudo-Class Star Yacht: WWYD?

    Apparently the get their own rooms too and can bring 70 enc with them (going off what a friend who got his copy yesterday told me) From other pictures it appears that from the back to the cockpit, is slightly longer than the total length of an arc-170. So it has to be just below the sil 4 cut off
  5. 2017-18 Regionals Lists

    Québec City had its Regional today, unfortunately we couldn't do a Top 8 due to closing hours... very unfortunate! I went 4-0 and then lost in the "sudden death finals" since we werent doing a top cut. I definitely lost because of one error on my part. Plus it was a rematch so my opponent knew a bit more what to expect, oh well! My list: [12] elite Alliance Rangers [07] Ko-Tun Feralo [04] Hera Syndulla [03] C1-10P [03] Gideon Argus [03] Mak Eshka'rey [02] Alliance Smuggler [02] Alliance Smuggler [02] C-3PO [02] Rebel High Command Game 1 - Mos Eisley Back Alleys - Mission A (Crate control) My opponent, Christian, brought a gunner Luke list with eRangers, eSaboteurs, R2D2, Mak, Gideon and other things. Due to my Hera, my Chopper was next to the terminal without activating, and I had Single Purpose in my hand: R2D2 takes 5, he flips a card. Now the crazy thing is that this card was the only card I would be able to play for the entire game - it lasted only 2 rounds and on that 2nd round he played Mak's card: Shadow Ops. Well then... But it turns out I didn't need any of my cards. He opened up on my Hera with a ranger after a failed Saboteur attack (due to range) - those two would go down immediately after and he didn't have enough movement with his other 2 rangers to shoot anything of mine as I played mostly safe except for that one spot a range could shoot (but no one else). Round 1 ends with me controlling 5 crates and him 1, so 18-2 (due to the eSab and eRanger I shot down). Round 2 didn't go better for him - he shot both rangers into my Ko-Tun who was next to C-3PO I believe and he survives with... 1 HP! I started with Chopper finishing up R2D2, I sniped Gideon and killed another Ranger and would've scored 6 more points at the end of the round from boxes, him only 2 again. So even if Hera and Ko-Tun hadn't lived on 1 hp, I'd have been up by a lot game would've been 34-4 (or 34-15 had those 2 not lived) and he conceded at that point. He took too many chances that didn't pay off and was too scared to commit to those crates to contest points - but my activation advantage had him trapped. Game 2 - Nal Hutta Swamp - Mission B (Its raining points~ ) My opponent, Jean-Francois, had a very very similar list to mine but he had Han instead of... a lot of things eh? So eRangers, Han, Ko-Tun, Hera, Gideon, C-3PO, Smuggler. I won initiative so of course I took it and the best deployment spot! First round saw me use my smugglers to force him out - I took 1 crate, a small 2 points there, killing my smuggler then wouldn't matter, he made his points already! I focused Mak with Gideon, moved him up 2 and gave him Ko-Tun's Hit Power Token... I know my line of sights in Nal Hutta (: Walked up a few steps and sniped his C-3PO who had only taken 2 steps outside of his deployment zone and was boxing Han and Hera. Oof! That's a sweet freebie (: I move him back 1 step to finish his movement. At that point my opponent didn't have his defensive box so he moved up to shoot my smuggler and my 2nd one got long-range sniped on the terminal by one of his rangers.. welp there goes my 2 runners! And his Han solo got drawn in to shoot my Mak and shot him down. I just lost 3 of my 9 activations on turn 1..... eh its okay! He's done playing... I got my rangers (: 3 shots later, dead Han. (no 'On the Lam' thankfully and no [X]!) At that point he says its over but of course keeps playing, and he came close to making up for the difference as I gotta admit, I once again put my Hera and Ko-Tun within easy reach just by wanting to grab crates to deny him crates... bad trade off honestly, ESPECIALLY with Ko-Tun being my highest cost figure. Round 2 I scored 3 boxes, killed 2 rangers. He killed ranger, a box, and Ko-Tun. 28-20, I gotta finish this fast! Round 3, we had both lost a lot of things already, I managed to kill a smuggler and get 3 boxes... bringing me to 36, while he got 2 boxes, gideon, a ranger and Hera, 36-35. Time ran out but I was going first and 2 crates were spawning so it was over even if we started another round, double move to get the last 4 points easy. Very close game, gotta be careful with Hera and Ko-Tun! Game 3 - Jabba's Palace - Mission A (take a crate, lose speed) Played against Benoit who brought Chewie, eRangers, eEchos, Gideon, C3PO, Chopper and Balance of the Force. He learned the hard way how dangerous it is to open that door even if you also have rangers - having 9 activations, my rangers are going last, dead last, on turn 1. Round 1 saw me do the same thing I did in the previous game: snipe C3PO through someone else using Focused Mak + Hit Power Token to cancel that dreaded X. I downed an Echo trooper and a ranger, took some damage. Also Mak's kill saw me take out his Chewie card (Critical Hit randomly removes 1 card from the opponent's hand). That sure helps take off the pressure. His rangers did make a dent through my stuff, on top of chewies' rainbow attack. I lost a ranger, a smuggler and hera. 14-10 at that point but he had things that were hurting. Round 2 I believe I opened up with Call the Vanguard and killed the other Echo, that turn I also shot down Gideon and made 4 points with boxes. He only managed to kill my Mak that turn and wounding or missing my other figures. 21-13 Round 3 I killed a 2nd ranger and scored 3 boxes, he Urgencied his Chewie and wrecked my Kotun with his attack + free slam. 31-20 Round 4 ended it, while he got my Gideon and C3PO, I killed his 3rd ranger (he only had chopper and chewie left) and scored 8 with boxes at the end for 40+ to 25 at the end. Game 4 - Jabba's Palace - Mission B (stash control) Yvon, with the 'dreaded' Vader, Palp, double eJets, double officer, Zillo list... another who needs to think twice before opening doors BUT of course - if you don't open it on Mission B, you give your opponent an easy 8 points with 2 stashes uncontested and the fight for the middle one. He opened the door and made 0 points on round 1. Mak long-range sniped an unactivated Officer (whew, just before moving Palp up) and then my rangers.... actually managed, with Assassinate, to open up Palpatine and do exactly 13 damage after all was said, calculated and done. All 3 stashes contested. 14-0 Round 2 saw me lose 2 rangers, a smuggler and gideon to Vader and jets but not before I scored an officer and a jet. Ending with 1 stash in my control. 24-13 Round 3 I finished Jet #3 and Jet #4, choking the life out of his list, only Vader left up and about. He took out Hera and his Vader did the super MAX DAMAGE attack on Kotun which means ... dead Kotun! I have all 3 Stashes at the end, ending over 40 again, to 24. Game 5 - the "fake top cut" - Mos Eisley Back alleys - Mission B (bring home the bacon) A single mistake on top of a single ... bad timing on good luck I'd say? saw me fail to kill Han by ONE damage. 2 Rangers did 11 damage but the 3rd one could not go far enough to attack. This was to be the decisive factor in me never quite coming back into the game. I wasn't taking notes by that point, focused on trying to make it out with the win but I failed in the end, by 1 crate. Lost 36-40. We both played really really well. So what I meant by mistake: I tried to do a range 12 shot on Mak and was short by 2. Just needed strong blue accuracy but it failed me, oh well... That 'attempt at a repeat of the previous game' meant my only focused ranger could not join the battle unless Mak died. And now what I meant on bad timing for good luck: He didn't notice my ranger problem and took a shot at Mak (which I REALLY hoped would die) but of course, RNG would have its way with me: I rolled an [X] I did NOT want. RIP. Thats literally what stopped me from killing Han (who again had no On the Lam ready...) He got his end of round shot, started the other round and ran off and I only managed to get him later with Call the Vanguard but the damage was done, I was always one activation behind to get the upper hand. Great fun for my first IA tournament (I'm an Xwing veteran ) and that ton of practice my friends and I had in the last month really paid off: I found something fun and I believe unique enough to play and it worked really well. Though I still struggle to defeat my 2 practice buddies! (: TL;DR : Got my dice and everything but the Bye for the Nationals coming up in 3 weeks. I love this game. 16 players, all with different lists - no repeats though some 'similar' and honestly, maybe too many ranger lists but eh, look at the maps on the rotation hah! Top 4 had 2 Rebels, 1 Imperial and 1 Mercenary Top 8 had I believe 4 Rebels, 2 Imperials and 2 Mercenary?
  6. regionals data Feb 24

    I have the lists. Will type them up tomorrow. Congrats to @Rikash on his win with Sloan
  7. Two TIE/Ds and????

    Took a list of Vessery, the Countess, and a TIE Shuttle to a local hanger bay tournament today. Only used it in the last two rounds, but it wiped the floor with the opposition. Tabled both opponents, without losing a ship. While neither list was particularly strong or expertly played, (first was a Dash-Poe list that folded as soon as I opened fire on it, the second was a Vader/Fel/Jax list), I think this version also shows promises. That leaves me with three relatively successful versions, with the TIE Shuttle and Howlrunner varients showing the most promise. Expertise was awesome to have, to the point where I was told it was broken during the last game. Don't think I want to leave home without it.
  8. Thoughts/Help with Tagge

    I flew a very similar fleet, trying to make Tagge work. I think I had TRCs on the Arqs, and ECMs on the ISD (to ensure I actually got to use tokens so I could ensure I got to throw them away so I could justify taking Tagge.) Even flying STRAIGHT at the enemy at full speed... I didn't take enough damage turn 2 to discard any defense tokens.... And then got battered turn 3 and 4 with no benefit from my admiral. The timing on his ability is just so hard to use. IDK. Mad props for trying to make Tagge work. In general I do love AP on the Arqs. It allows them to take one giant sickening hit (without XI7s) and only lose shields. And as much as I love the idea of regenerating shields (or making redundant shields decent in the first place) I think you really want ECMs. The idea with Tagge (or at least how I envisioned it) was I race forward guns blazing, throw my brace away on the first 2 hits I take, and then instantly get it back! In reality though they'll either accuracy your brace, or you won't even get shot enough turn 2 to justify it.
  9. Ways to Temporarily Stick Minis to Base

    Yep. Definitely Blue Tack. It's cheap. It works great. It's reusable. I use it on my Warhammer models.
  10. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    It does not. That's why this is not a free country . It's more like a free range farm where the animals don't really know they are being trapped.
  11. Baudo-Class Star Yacht: WWYD?

    6 people can fit in that thing? huh.
  12. I never do revisions to my decks in solo but for this one I had to take off all my allies and some others cards so I change more than 50% of my deck. There is not a lot of options against this one, you don't have so much restrictions on heroes as long as they have a lot of willpower but your cards in your deck will be willpower boost and untap no matter wich heroes you choose. I'm a little bit pessimist since you can probably find some other builds but the major part of solo deck who succeed will rely on this I thing.
  13. "He'ss no friend. I barely know him." He snorts trying to appear as big as possible to scare the boy "I was oncce hired musscle for them. I haven't heard back from them in monthsss." Usshkr looks visbly uncomfortable as he is suspicious of all the questions. He backs up to be next to Hetaera, "I knew he wass trouble..." He whispers again. "Let'sss go."
  14. If the ship did follow the maneuver tool, what would you do with the squadrons? That would be such a mess.
  15. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Yeah, one of my fears was that when thrawn came to rebels he would get the griveous treatment. I’m glad I was proven wrong.
  16. Baudo-Class Star Yacht: WWYD?

    How does the above red ship look to you because it has awesome stats in dawn of rebellion it's the kst-100, and it costs 120K credits so it can be a starter ship, it's only got 2 armor but it has 25 hull trauma and 4 hp and a weapon, 4 speed, 4 passengers 2 crew, 70 enc, speed 4, sil 3, 1/1defense, hyperdrive is a little slow (x3), it was just what I was looking for.
  17. Went to a regional today, and in a game I was loosing, the guy was slow playing (in my opinion) hoping to end the game that round. But he put two of his guys where I was able to kill them with auto-damage from command cards with someone that had no other hope to kill them. I took the lead and then he told me to hurry up, with like one minute left at the time, with still two activation left on his side and one on mine so we could play another round. Time was called with one activation left for him. He wasn't happy (but was a good player) and it ended up costing him top 8. So my question is this, should the clock be hidden so nobody can play the clock ? What's your thoughts on that ?
  18. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    It's called Kanan's Farsight it's unique to him, I assume a hand waive could make it fit a blind PC no problem.
  19. Pet stats

    Aside from the Beast Rider using mounts(which I plan for this character and/or Force Bonded) is there any way to have, say, a couple hunting hound like companions(Geonosian Massifs maybe?) and a Kowakian Monkey-Lizard as pets for a character? Ideally, I would like for my "beastmaster" Sathari character to have a mount(haven't decided what to ride yet), a couple pet hounds, and a Monkey-Lizard who rides on his shoulder and engages in fights alongside him(if at all possible). If it is possible I'd like to have the monkey-lizard armed with a scattergun of some sort. Worst case scenario I'm willing to use droid stats to represent the monkey-lizard since he is partially cybernetic as per the character's backstory(cybernetic leg, arm and eye). Any suggestions? Is this even possible?
  20. Jobs.

    As said above, it's a benefit provided to veterans that helps cover the cost of schooling in the US. Very nice. I work at Fort Scott, KS, an 1840s-through-American Civil War US Army post.
  21. 5 activation list viable ?

    Finally went with Chewie, eRangers, eEcho, Chopper, Guideon and C-3P0, plus 18pts of command cards, endend at 7th of 16, with 2-2 lost to 2nd and 4th. Got my dice, was a good day. Thanks for the tips.
  22. Stymied

    Your deck contain one hero tactic, who boost tactics hero and one spirit hero, who rely on having a lot of spirit heroes. It is confusing. You are not using any of them for they full power. You are also playing Gildor Inglorion and I see absolutely no way to have him in play. You are playing 3 fortune or fate and 3 map of earnil like in good old days but since you can only do Caldara ability once in a game you have no good use for more than one of those effects. And even the first is less effective than raising a Prince Imrahil with Caldara ability. And it fit well with the thematic rohan/gondor. I assume that you don't have the card. And anyway sacrifice Caldara for only get one ally is really sad. If you planed to do a fate of fortune after that you could simply cost the ally for the same price, it it would have been easier and you can enjoy a hero with effective abilities instead of Caldara. As far I remember Assault on Osgiliath is one of the easiest quest of the cycle 3. When you face Ithilien, Defense of Cair Andros, Steward's fear and will face blood on gondor and morgul vale this one is not supposed to be that hard. What do you suffer from? Threat? Lake of willpower? Treachery?
  23. Worlds Tickets

    I got a spot for day 1. But I'm 90% sure I can't go. Real bummer.
  24. Heh. The Doomsday Machine was a random Etsy purchase. It was too cool to pass up. It even lights up. Someday, I might do a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover with timey wimey/wormhole/miniaturization mumbo jumbo to explain the presence of a small Doomsday Machine in the Star Wars universe. Pics of it lit up with a tiny USS Enterprise:
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