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  3. Method 2 works when the glue gives. It did not on both Guns for Hires. It's a square shaped peg in a hole, liberally glued, getting mechanical pressure to break it didn't work even after a night in the freezer. Shaving the peg is also touchy, you have to get it just right. Cutting the wings off and pinning them is really quick to do, like 10-15min per Viper with some trial and error. And if you're using the proper drill bit, the hole is the size of the paper clip. I'd use pinning for any future Viper project, personally.
  4. @Bullox - Wow! What a GOLD level trade. Thanks!
  5. I'm surprised that they got a Rallying musician, that just leaves Waiqar without one. I assumed it was going to be a 50:50 split with elves and humans getting it and the other two not.
  6. Exploading is usually preceded buy turning inside out.
  7. Asmodee just shipped my Uthuk pre order and UPS says it'll be here on the 22nd. Nice.
  8. Norse Hound, I wouldn't change a word! I think the Separatists would have joined the Rebellion, but have been more like Garm Bel Iblis in that they would only have been loosely attached.
  9. Conflict. Notice the influence cost at the bottom. (It’s 1, BTW)
  10. I played two libs and a pickle in CC and it was a blast... I can only imagine the cheeky shiz you could pull with two pickles, home one, defiance, and ackbar seems like a decent place to start
  11. Funny enough are all those "sources" are games. RPGs
  12. I know the explanation of how it's supposed to carry them all. I just don't see it happening, though. Look at the Falcon docked with the spar of a Nebulon-B in ESB. Then, do some quick spatial calculations in your head and it becomes quickly apparent that they're not all going to fit. Even a combination of inside/outside isn't feasible. The ship is just too narrow.
  13. Have you come across a Greyhaven Channeler build that you've been impressed with? 2x2 Spearmen seems the natural fit, but... I'm not sure what to do with the unit. 3x2 and 3x3 probably want more combat-focused champions, and I do not know where that leaves the 2x2.
  14. It was an X-Wing / TIE Fighter thing. The Nebulons in those games had honking hangars that could fit stuff. Somehow.
  15. This is cannon (pardon the pun) and should be done 😉 Yes.... Still, a Lambda with Engine, Rebel Captive and a defensive Sensor slot card still hits pretty hard against squads of her day 😊
  16. Double Pickle can be hilariously tanky... I got a seocnd MC80H as a gift after I'd already purchased my first on my own way back and I've personally never regretted it. Ocasionally, I've brought out the double Slaved Turrets or the double Redundant Shields...
  17. Pah! I am on my third(!) attempt trying to just pry a model apart. The previous two models had to be glued back together due to breakage Am I just unlucky to have gotten the batches where the glue gun went into overdrive?? Thanks for the effort you've put in to share your experiences.
  18. Cluster Bombs!
  19. She was shot down afterwards. By LOTS of TIEs.
  20. Just to clarify: I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for FFG providing us with awesome plastic spaceships for an awesome, immersive game that we are lucky to have. But wave 7 isn't the heart of the problem; the thread title is a bit broader than that. Maybe they are doing everything they can with that one release. But one has to look at the track record, too. Do you really expect them to release a new article when they don't happen to have a new product coming out? I don't think they've ever done that before. Not once. It's not about blaming individuals or trying to make some PR guy cry. It doesn't have to be immediate. This is about a lack of content in general. Voicing discontent on as large a scale as we can is one of the best ways to make a company understand there is a problem. And if it takes them a full year to try to loosen up their policy, well, all the more reason to get started now.
  21. Oh wow - I love blood diviner ... the ability to have some sway over the morale deck is fantastic. I love the thematic refresh ability it has too...
  22. Minor spelling error: BR-219 Heavy Blaster pistol says "GM may spend [THREAT][THREAT] to damage weapon one step., GM may spend [DESPAIR] to cause weapon to meltdown and expload, destroying weapon and causing base damage to wielder." Fullstop followed by comma, plus I didn't know 'expload' was a thing.
  23. MC80 Home One is $20 on Amazon. Convince me that I need a second.
  24. Are you really trying to compare actual miniature game quality figures to heroclix? I think you are going to have a bad time in this hobby. Here is the thing about niche markets. They can provide very high profit margins especially with a unique and popular ip like star wars. This is not a prepainted game and it is not likely that it will ever become that. With that in mind, make your decision about where to spend your money. The rest of us will enjoy our hobby that includes assembly and painting.
  25. Nebulon-Bs allegedly carried fighters docked on pylons (like the Gozanti) mounted on the spindly mid section. 24 of them though... They've gotta be close packed nonetheless.
  26. You already know why; they scrapped everything that made the RCRB version any good and went back to everything I hated about D&D.
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