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  2. Objection! If it is changing, it is not necessarily modifying. Swichings two things does not modify them. But it does change what your military and political skill values are. And dash values cannot be changed.
  3. I would downgrade Solo and Dash to 2 additional 2400's, remove Jan and the VCX's, add a third HH and give the 3 of them TF Antilles. Because beside Garel's Honor, HH need/love TF upgrades. Jaina's Light on the Flagship is always a good idea, at least you can sneak among obstacles to protect a little bit your Admiral, without suffering from it. At least you reach 6 activations, which is fine with small bases.
  4. 2 Upgrades on already upgraded dice would only add 1 new die. 1 upgrade adds a green, the next turns it yellow, etc...
  5. Are you talking about the 2-dice attack?
  6. For the record, the actress pictured is 1.71m tall.
  7. It’s an older article but it checks out
  8. As far I remember before 2015 there was only one playmat, so we need to determine who win it at event. Not a cooperative thing. Since there is the same number of scenario and playmat in every kit I see.
  9. Before 2016, kits were 4 per I believe.
  10. I thought he was 1-3 now. So he's perfect after all
  11. Again I say k.........? Not sure why you can't forget stuff.
  12. He will lost Adv. Sensors, but Nym can run this launcher. Launching Bomblet bombs at PS10, it will be fun!
  13. Buy a laser, it will be nearly necessary with the Bullseye I guess
  14. I just recently reread the Rogue Squadron/Wraith Squadron/Dinner Squadron books, and they are just as fun as I remember. I had to put down "I Jedi" but Starfighters of Adumar still made me actually laugh out loud while reading it several times.
  15. A .45ACP may go 2000 yds but the only thing you'll hit reliably is the ground. I don't have any issues with the ranges, they all struck me as reasonable. I was never a fan of the default Short range for a throw object, but I started to just think of it in terms of tossing a grenade through a small window as opposed to how far I could throw it and it bugged me less.
  16. Seems more like an inverse of Kallus to me. Also, I clearly need to reread the Rogue Squadron books because I had to look up that reference. Put Grodin Tierce in front of me (or worse, a Flim) and I'll call you on it.
  17. Hey, same. Where abouts?
  18. It would be nice to have those big balance fixes that were community driven come back to the forefront. Things that make it so that the campaign doesn't snowball. Sadly, as many have noticed, often (not ALL the time dangit) teams are mismatched in skill. Also, think about this. Its pretty horrible to spend 2 hours losing. Imagine spending 6-8 hours losing, and then not finishing the campaign at all cuz its obvious who's losing.
  19. Today
  20. I had my suspicions about Gnips too but I deliberately ignored them back then. I still think we were at lylo or close to it when I killed Cal and JJ and as they already controlled a significant part of the votes I didn't want the discussion to deviate from that to whether it would have been better to lynch Gnips or someone else. It seems that I was right. If Gnips didn't get shot he would have been high on my list during the hunt for the last cult leader. Although I have to admit, initially I thought that Pod was the leader and Gnips could have been recruited later. I'll be out of touch for a few hours now but I'll be back before the day ends.
  21. 1x Maegan 2x Latari Command - yes, MSU army, but Maegan give a sorceress slot to everything. 1xDerpwood - As said, fills out enough for 2 3x2 with the 2 cores most people bought 1xDarnati (at first) - for what Latari-only upgrade they bring 1-2 Scion - mileage may vary
  22. Your posts are fascinating. You are so wrong but so convinced to be right. Look at Azraspe‘s post if you want to go by ball turret, which puts the entire ship between 27 and 36m, and clearly on a large base.
  23. Just curious, but what did they change? I thought this is how it was before.
  24. Why did he let the skurrg happen?
  25. I am still going to get 2, see if I can make them work. FFG will do something that will make Nym go the way of Dengaroo and Deadeye scouts.
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