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  2. Vader is teh suxxor. He needs a scatter token.
  3. I'm just happy that the gamemodes turned out alright. After the beta I was super freaked out and worrying that I wasn't going to enjoy Galactic Assault. The first games walker assault was fun, but the lack of new objectives and long range weaponry really killed it. This fear was reaffirmed with Theed: it was a really beautiful and cool map but in the Beta the same thing happened: no good weapons for long range. Now with the full game here, and full access to snipers, specialist and weapons, I am LOVING Galactic Assault. All of the maps are awesome, the snipers are actually decent, and I've been playing exclusively specialist with the NQ whatever it is that you unlock at 50 kills. Its a blast just beaning people, especially with the really fine looking maps. When I played each map the first time and either totally lost or totally steamrolled, I was worried that the maps were going to be unbalanced but after some games all of them seem really well tested and are totally able to play as either side with a good team. This is to say nothing of the starfighter gamemod (can't remember the name right now). Totally awesome! Best, Cow
  4. I've had the same head canon. Imperials have blue engines, rebels have red, and blue flame is a "hotter" more efficient burn. Imps use more expensive, unstable mil grade high thrust fuel and rebels are stuck with cheaper civilian grade crud.
  5. Ah gotcha. This is the second typo/misread of the night. I need more coffee lol
  6. It could possibly be Captain Brunson from Rebels. As the faces are quite similar. Edit. Especially the eyebrows.
  7. I'd go Wedge with Adaptability over Wes with VI. He's a point cheaper and more lethal in an alpha strike.
  8. I got the impression that he was just asking about peg-to-peg for purposes of LoS, not for determining range. Just like Armada does LoS by measuring dot to dot, but determines range by measuring from the edge of the base.
  9. I'm a bit confused about how this LCG works with respect to expansions. I get that a campaign is made up of a deluxe expansion plus several card packs. Is the idea that you buy the deluxe expansion and the several card packs before starting the campaign, so that you can use all those cards in deck building? Or is the idea that you buy just the deluxe expansion, play through its scenarios, and then buy a card pack and play through that scenario, etc.? I don't really get how the second way would work though: none of those cards would be available during the initial deckbuilding, and so you have to buy them with XP. It seems like you'd only get try a very small number of them that way. I've played only a single game of the core set, so I'm pretty novice at this.
  10. "Copy my nizzle, but we got hella bigger problems- we got Defenders droppin' outta Hyperspizzle."
  11. Will the upgrade cards in the expansions for one side be in the same type of expansion for the other side?
  12. For those that don't get the joke it is a request for a secret buff. Vader is good but with the weakest (second only to single brace from decimators) defense tokens and no scatter there is no way to protect him so he just dies. *So removing Escort would be more of a Buff, but don't tell FFG that. Yeah not a very good topic, but this is what we do without any news.
  13. That's pretty harsh, Hobo. It's been twelve years since they released that game.
  14. Pfft. The N-1 may be popular, but it'll never be Gunboat-popular! (Oh, looks like I added to the posts, too! Even trying to scoff is playing into the hands of the N-1-ers! <shakes fist>) I'm honestly a bit surprised to see the acknowledgement that jets don't work in space.
  15. I haven't flown this one yet, but I think I like it. Similar to @Church14list. 400/400 Points MC80 Command Cruiser -General Dodonna-Major Derlin-Reinforced Blast Doors-Leading Shots-XI7 Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette -Ordnance Experts-External Racks Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette -Ordnance Experts-External Racks GR75 Medium Transports -Comms Net GR75 Medium Transports -Toryn Farr-Bomber Command Center Squadrons: -Wedge Antilles -Norra Wexley -Gold Squadron -Y-Wing Squadron x2 -Jan Ors -X-Wing x 2 Objectives: Advanced Gunnery Contested Outpost Superior Positions
  16. Thinking about Alpha Strike combos I could use, that rely on ultra-high pilot skill to get ordnance off before my opponent fires... looking for, optimally, a three-ship build that can fire at PS10 or 11 (PS9 is acceptable for maybe one element of the squad) Pilot Skill 11 fighters (PS-9 with Veteran Instincts) with Missile/Torpedo: REBELS: Han, Wedge, Poe-9 IMPERIALS: Vader, Quickdraw SCUM: Talonbane, Fenn Rau Pilot Skill 10 fighters (PS-8 with Veteran Instincts) with Missile/Torpedo: REBELS: Tycho, Luke, Wes Janson, Horton Salm, Airen Cracken, Ten Nunb, Corran Horn, Cptn Nym, Poe-8 IMPERIALS: Boba Fett, Inquisitor, Juno Eclipse, Tomax Bren, Rexler Brath, RAC SCUM: Boba Fett, Cptn Nym, Serissu I figure the ships that are bolded are viable for a squad... but the strikethrough pilots are too expensive, slow, or improper for use as part of an alpha strike. My current ideas (with VI on everybody): Talonbane, Fenn Rau, and Viktor Hel Talonbane, Nym, and Serissu Vader, Quickdraw, and Inquisitor Wes, Airen, and Nym
  17. I just want to get more clone war era ships in the game one way or another. I WOULD prefer it if they got their own factions. As much as I love having the ships in the game, it's not as fun when they aren't with the pilots that used them. I also think having 5 factions would be fun. Could even do 7 eventually if resistance and first order start getting more ships to use. Scum could be the only "multi-era" faction so to speak. The current 3 factions are all getting a bit bloated now. It's nice having choices of course, but I think we might be at the point now where I'm not even sure you could field one of every ship in a faction for a 300 point epic game.
  18. I'm interested to see L5R go through the cyclical history of card games. By that I mean there will be cards released now that will not be valued until some unforeseen date when something permits a combination with them, or people's paradigms change as it relates to card value. I think we'll eventually be surprised that some of what we presently consider to be coal will turn out to be diamonds.
  19. Going to have to agree to disagree there. If the GM wants Palpatine to be a beatable character just like anything else, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If the GM is telling a story where the main characters are going to overthrow the Empire instead of Luke and the rest of the OT gang doing it, then I see no reason not to stat Sheev out as just a really tough foe.
  20. I posted this on a different page a while back. Basically everything I the Chimera ISD pack seems related to Thrawn so I am certain that the captain is captain Faro. What she does is as good a guess as anyone’s right now
  21. I think the problem is not a design flaw with moving in and out of conflicts per say, but rather the cards given are mediocre at doing so. However, on the flip side of that, I think if FFG were to pump out great to amazing cards for Unicorn that the game itself may be broken. I have to wonder if it was intentional to start off with "weaker" cards for them in order to slowly boost them over time. I find that people do not seem to understand how to properly use the clan as well as they cold be, we have a great Unicorn player in our roughly 12 person pool. I personally think they are an interesting clan mechanics wise, however I will forever be a Scorpion player.
  22. "Snoop 1, foshizzle we got tie fizzles droppin outta that star destroyer!"
  23. Is it possible for it to be Hyper Mater Reactor. The picture looks a bit like it could be a power generator of some kind
  24. On a for-funsies note, I am 100% behind using this as a fan-made alt-art for commander Leia one day. It's only very mildly profane, so hopefully nobody gets offended because I think it's hilarious. Gary being in there makes it even better.
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