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  2. SwdPwnzDggr

    FAQ - Rules update

    The reason people ignore or misread rule books is entirely the fault of designers. You never blame a player as a game designer. If people are ignoring the book or is because there is an underlying reason you need to solve. This is why ltp books and videos have become common, but they don't always work. A large group of players are misreading rules, another large group aren't reading the rules to begin with. Both groups obviously want to play and therefore learn the game. They're not maliciously messing up. There are reasons why they have either ignored the rulebook or why they're misreading the rules. Those reasons can be solved through better design. Most rule misinterpretations I've seen come from the ltp book changing rules or ignoring rules for the sake of not overloading the player. Most of the people I've seen not read the rulebook or ltp are players that feel it gets in the way of jumping into the game. Both issues can be solved by exploring different ways to approach a ltp book or video. It has many solutions. Blaming the players is not one of them. I'm glad ffg themselves don't have the opinion that this is the players fault, because if they did we wouldn't see a ltp book in the first place. FFG are one of the better companies when it comes to attempting to innovate the new player experience of a game. I'm just saying it could have been done better here.
  3. Bayushi Amoro 4 cost 4/2 Glory 2 Bushi Duelist Shinobi Opponents attachments do not contribute bonuses in duels involving Amoro. Reaction: When one of your other Scorpion characters are challenged to a duel - Amoro duels instead.
  4. Jake the Hutt

    Are you playing with enough terrain?

    The comments in the Fleet Trooper threads are what made me think people may be using less terrain than is ideal.
  5. Forgottenlore

    Old factions vs New factions

    I would be good with any or all of those.
  6. Forgottenlore

    Will all ships be re-released as 2.0 product?

    They have said they are pursuing a “very aggressive” release schedule for the reprints, so it shouldn’t take toooo long. (Year, year and a half, I’m guessing)
  7. Marinealver

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    I can still dream, and the Star Destroyer Model doesn't need to be 6' long (25" would do). Keep in mind X-wing is a table top abstraction of Star Wars space dog fights. Having the Star Destroyer model completely eclipse the CR-90 when over it instead of fitting it inside the hanger bay should work just as well for table top gameplay purposes. FFG did that for Armada and if they can't get the CR-90 in the hanger bay of an ISD in Armada then why should we have to put the same unreasonable standards on X-wing?
  8. PurpleKittenofDeath

    DnD Adventure (The Dreaming Heralds) Genesys Conversion in GM Binder

    As a rule of thumb, when converting from DnD 5e to genesys is that you should use DC 10 for easy checks and then go upwards from there. A DC 5 check would be a simple check. The math is not quite the same, but it lines up a lot better than having DC 10 be an avarage check; iirc the Phb lists a DC 10 check as easy, a specialized 1st lvl DnD character has a 75-80% chance of succeeding on a DC 10 check.
  9. nashjaee

    Are you playing with enough terrain?

    Another Infinity player over here! Thanks for this thread, this is a great discussion to have. Setting up a table is really an art unto itself. I strive for fire lanes of varying lengths and an asymmetrical table that doesn't necessarily favor one side, but makes selection of table side interesting. Maybe one side has a marginally better sniper nest, but the other side has marginally safer routes from some part of the deployment zone to the mid-field. Of course, this assumes you're not using the competitive placement rules. On paper, I'm not really a fan of those rules, but I won't knock them too hard until I've tried them. I think Infinity is a great comparison due to the emphasis on objective play. Both of these games want to have enough terrain that units can maneuver toward objectives without being immediately annihilated. Although Legion can get away with a little less terrain. Having played Legion on a variety of table densities, I think the denser tables have led to far more interesting and engaging games. There are lots of decision points about how and where to create the engagements. On low-density tables the decision points were basically "ok, which one do I shoot now?", leading to the dice playing the game more than the players... In my experience, I really think the vast majority of the 25% recommendation needs to be LOS-blocking terrain of varying heights with a sprinkling of area terrain. Toss in some barricades and other scatter in addition to that 25%.
  10. BVRCH

    Corran only a 5!!!

    Whilst I don't agree with the rest of your thoughts on Hera or Rebels, she does also get schooled by Fenn. I used to think she should be a 6 as well but thinking about that 5 is probably fair. If Luke and Norra are 5's, Hera should be a 5 too.
  11. Animewarsdude

    Old factions vs New factions

    Hopefully we will get a sculpt similar to this if they do add it.
  12. HolySorcerer

    Corran only a 5!!!

    Better fight than anything from the loathesome prequels.
  13. Contrapulator

    Are you playing with enough terrain?

    This also goes for anyone saying how Fleet Troopers will die before getting a shot off because they're only range 2. As for myself, I'm working on laser cutting some terrain designed for Infinity. I'd also like to make some trees and such for light cover, but it's pretty daunting.
  14. MajorJuggler

    X-wing 2.0 points estimation MathyWing2.33

    The efficiency depends on the PS-adjusted value. Chewie / Leebo was a pretty golden standard for what should be a "good" efficiency for a turret, and it was around 80% after considering PS. Going the last step to figure out how much shooting first helps is a pretty big deal to getting the model fine-tuned. I'm reporting both the PS-agnostic numbers, as well as the PS-adjusted numbers. The latter are almost always higher, since the PS-adjusted values are normalized to the lowly PS1 TIE. Chewie / Leebo were probably around 75% in PS-agnostic efficiency, but I'm too lazy to look up the numbers right now. :-) The new "bowtie" turret arcs are unique because we have never had that mechanic before, so it'll be interesting to see what their target efficiency should be. Without a gunner crew to turn it into a legit 360 turret like 1e, the target efficiency will have to be >80%, since by definition it's inferior to a 360 turret. By the way, I think you might be the only other person I know who is actually calculating jousting values! Which is pretty cool. To get all the levels of details I think you'll need something more complicated than a spreadsheet, but it's a good start!
  15. Drasnighta

    Using Engineering points

    Neither. It means if you, for example, had Eng 3, spent a token and a dial, gained a total of 5 points, and then spent 4 (2x2) on 2 raused shields.... that one excess point is lost - it will not carry over for the next time you do an Eng command SO if the next time, the next round, you did another eng command, this time with just a dial at eng 3, you would gain 3 fresh points.... but any you don’t spend right away are gone.
  16. lyinggod

    My own take on GM sheets

    it takes a big animal to know when they are write 😆
  17. Dengar5

    X-wing 2.0 points estimation MathyWing2.33

    I have a turret ratio variable to match turret efficiency to jouster efficiency. I want the final % efficiency list should be comparable across all ships. Readability is important. You are correct about 80% turret efficiency. I would say 1.0 turrets only needed 75% even. I have bypassed using fire duty cycle as a variable. For the Lancer I'm guessing it will have to hit 87% before applying the turret ratio. I think its mobile arc is vastly different from a true 360 arc. For the double arc turrets, their ratio is a much more conservative 80% equivalency to 100%.
  18. TallGiraffe

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    So what makes the Mk I more star wars looking?
  19. thecactusman17

    Most Effective Low Bid Fleet?

    Firepower that doesn't kill is worthless. Focus on goals that you want to accomplish, then build towards those goals. That dictates if a bid is worth investing in or not. If a bid is worth investing in, invest as hard as you can until your goals are no longer being met. Then add points back in. When you have a defined goal, you'll find that your fleet almost chooses itself.
  20. Help us out fellow X-Wing Players, We the community get to decide the ships our Top 8 will be forced to play with in the finals This years Theme is "The Other Guys" PS 6 & 7 ships The bonus is all the 8's & 9's don't get to play Vote here https://www.w-up.com.au/ausopen/#vote
  21. Today
  22. Zrob314

    Are you playing with enough terrain?

    Holy crap this was eye opening. Allright, the picture below is an average amount of terrain I use in a game (on the green mat) The mat is only 3 square feet. A 3x6 800 point game should be using 4.5 square feet of terrain. I've only been using 2/3 of the terrain I should be using. This picture includes: Bunker (Battle Kiwi) 2 Landing pad stands (Battle Kiwi) 2 plasma generators (Battle Kiwi) Shield Generator/Turbolaser stand (Battle Kiwi) Scatter terrain (Battle Kiwi) 6 Barricades (FFG) 3 Moisture Vaparators (Imperial Terrain) 7 cargo containers (various type) (Imperial Terrain) 4 types of cargo pallet (Imperial Terrain) Golan Arms Turret (Imperial Terrain) Power Generator (Thingaverse) Scatter Crates (dunno bought them for IA)
  23. RStan

    Creating B-Wing art: "Enemy ships in Sector 47!"

    All your work is awesome and now you're doing a B-Wing which makes me super excited to see the process and result!
  24. citruscannon

    Creating B-Wing art: "Enemy ships in Sector 47!"

    updated with first pass of colour blocking. will probably refine the blocking a bit more, because its in space there's a lot of very soft transitions in the background, but the foreground has lots of hard edges so getting the balance is trickier I'm finding?
  25. They could always kidnap my dog and hold it for ransom. We have already seen that they added the wave 1 goodies in special bags into the conversion kits. They already have some kind of plan and means to exicute on the upgrade path.
  26. impspy

    Old factions vs New factions

    TIE Droid now that we have calculate. TIE Avenger now that the Silencer is in its own faction. My personal wish, the TIE Hunter.
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