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  2. Raddus and Blockade Run

    Not that I see or am familiar with. There is, of course, on pg 10 SETUP: "Choose Objective: The first player looks at all three of his opponent’s objective cards and chooses one to be the objective for the game." And on pg 8 OBJECTIVES CARDS: "During the “Choose Objective” step of setup, the first player looks at his opponent’s objective cards and chooses one of those cards. The chosen card becomes the objective for the game; the unchosen objective cards and the first player’s objective cards are not used this game." Not sure either of those is gonna be terribly helpful.
  3. Doesn’t seem to have another 3rd, so do we make one side 3 players with 2 fleets and one with 2 players and 3 fleets or just the 2v2?
  4. Sovereign & Tarkin - what else do I take?

    I’m not sold on Sovereign. It feels like a 4pt fix for an already overpriced 38pt Admiral. Thrawn for 10pts less and they are dials, not tokens!
  5. Accretion in Game design and X-Wing

    X-wing has been in "mild landfill mode" with every single successive release. Power creep is a thing. I think this is 80% the designers accidentally introducing power creep (game balance is very hard), and 20% trying to make sure the new stuff is really good. It has simultaneously demotivated me from wanting to play the stock game, and motivated me to fix it on my own. This is definitely what we will be doing for X-wing Community Mod. Squad builder support is on its way soon(tm).
  6. Happy Friday

    Captain Rex: when you activate, you may discard this card to discard all of your raid tokens. 3 pts. None of those Mandos are getting past Rex... At least not for one turn.
  7. Triumphant Despair

    One from a Star Wars game I GM was: Heroes throw grenade into the bridge of the imperial ship; roll ends up being a couple of sucesses double triumph and single despair. Player activates blast and critical with the triumphs killing the minions on the bridge... despair effect they also hit the console controlling the artificial gravity deactivating it. Safe to say chaos ensued.
  8. Taking Notes & Outside Material

    Having a decloak remind sounds like outside material to me. If you allow that then its a slippery slope of "reminder" notes and you end up with a board of notes that slows down the game and makes it look like crap. If you can have a decloack reminder then you can have a "use this focus on defense only" reminder or a "if you want to shoot backwards with the sf then only use 2 dice forward" reminder. Now having it written on your body as a permanent reminder is probably different as it does not slow down the game or clutter up the board. It is a minor infraction and as a TO i have no way to really remove a mark on someone's hand, by the same token however if you had a big sheet of reminders on a piece of paper that you read every turn I would definitely ask you to put that away because it violates the outside materials statement and slows everything down. Basically when I am TOing please do not put me in a situation to deal with this, don't write **** on your hands. If your opponent complains it puts me in a horrible spot because I cant scrub off your pen marks and I don't want to kick you out for that so what can I do? As a TO if you allow people to write notes on their hands then they could conceivably write down a 20pt checklist of things for every turn. Not only would that slow down the game it would clearly be against the rules.
  9. Strategic Advisor
  10. "Harpooned !" and TLT

    This is exactly how I interpreted this. You are hit by TLT before the dice are cancelled therefore the harpooned condition happens after taking 1 damage from TLT but before the dice are cancelled. Nothing to do with initiative, which would be hugely unfair.
  11. Strategic Advisor

    I think you're missing what's being discussed here. It's not the timing at all. It's whether, if the ship with StA has activated, StA can or cannot be used to pass the player's next (or subsequent) turn. Example: Rebel player has a Liberty with StA, and an MC80. Imperial player has two ISDs. Under green, this activation sequence is possible: Liberty ISD pass ISD MC80 Under blue, the above would not be legal, because by the time the Rebel's second turn arrives, the Liberty cannot be chosen to be activated and therefore StA could not trigger. So no, the result is not the same at all.
  12. Kung Fu Genesys Setting

    You're missing out Moon of Dalo, I just pledged and it's a very fine supplement - almost the perfect tool for me to get an "Into The Badlands" game running
  13. Happy Friday

    Okay do you mean to give a Y-wing pilot to another ship or to give a Y-wing a new pilot? Well I guess Dutch could be good in a K-wing. So there is a Y-wing Pilot in another ship. As for Other pilots in Y-wings, Miranda could be nice but really I would like Sarco Plank (in a rebel Y-wing of course). Think of it a Y-wing with 4 agility would make me laugh, it would take a stress though but yeah hit that throttle.
  14. Accretion in Game design and X-Wing

    Go for virtual cards. This is a miniature game, anyway, not a card game. Dials can be fixed with titles as @hawk32 said. Costs can finally change to rebalance pilots and upgrades. Abilities can be rewritten to fix unintended interactions and incorporate errata. If FFG fears that people will buy fewer ships because they no longer need to buy them just for the cards, keep the rule that all physical cards need to be present during a match, but their printed text and cost is overridden by the virtual card. The physical cards act basically as proof of purchase, while the TOs could hand each player their squad list printed (reflecting the virtual cards' text and cost) for quick reference during matches. It would make it closer to how it works in videogames, making rebalancing faster and cheaper for FFG (no need to sent them to print in China). Also, you wouldn't need an electronic device to play the miniature game if you don't want to. You still have the printed cards and the errata to play as you do today.
  15. Is the Acklay over stat-ed?

    The cave could be an abandoned mining facility. And the Characters find some J-7B Beamdrills and are "brave" enough to go melee. It has breach 1 but is more mining equipment than a heavy weapon. Or the cave is a smuggler hideout and they find some crates with Kelvarek "Dissuader" Pistols. The pistol's acid damage bypasses soak, and you do not need to hand out heavy/vehicle weapons.
  16. What to buy

    This was my assumption. Same with the varient minis. But some will disagree or be skeptical until the product hits shelves. Totally on board with you.
  17. "I've never" anonymous

    I've never lost using Thweek
  18. Strategic Advisor

  19. Preparing for Nymiranda

    “After you reveal and execute a maneuver, if you did not overlap a ship, you may discard 1 of your equipped [bomb] Upgrade cards without the “action:” header to drop the corresponding bomb token.” That's from the FAQ. You spend your EM token if available and that gives you a bomb to drop (or launch, unfortunately). No need to spend both.
  20. Q lightsaber mod

    Currently not, who knows what the Mystic book will bring with the Alchemist
  21. First Attempt at a Board and Terrain

    Very awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  22. I don’t get why peeps don’t like Tie Punishers

    ^THIS^ TIE Punishers are designed to be better bombers without really fixing the problem that TIE Bomber had that kept them terrible. Sadly the only thing that fixed torpedo bombers is well stuff that never really transferred over to TIE Bombers and TIE Punishers. Torpedoes sucked until Wave 8 when Jumpmasters came out, unfortunately Jumpmasters were better as torpedo boats than Bombers and Punishers. Likewise Bombs sucked until Wave 10 with the Scurrg came out, but again the Scurrg became a better bomber than TIE Bombers and TIE Punishers. TIE Punishers were poorly designed, TIE Bombers can be understandably bad because it was still early in the game and all the mechanics of the flight path system and the dice were not as thoroughly analyzed as they are now. But TIE Punishers, the devs should have known better.
  23. If it matters, here's the email in its entirety: Hi Jimmy, A focused trandoshan hunter declares an attack on an elite stormtrooper who only has taken 4 damage and is within 3 spaces. The eST's player decides to not negate the surge damage, does the attack still resolve (ie- is the trandoshan still focused)? Are attack / defense dice still rolled? Once the figure is defeated from “Relentless” the attack ends, so dice are not rolled. However, the attack still “resolved” so the Focus would be discarded. ------------------------------------------------ You can only shoot doors that have health specified in the Mission's Description, correct? Yes. -------------------------------------------------- The Grand Inquisitor can only cleave something with his Lightsaber throw that is within the range rolled, correct? But, there is some question to that based on the rules. Cleave says: The chosen figure or object must be an eligible target. For example, for a melee attack (without Reach), the chosen figure must be adjacent to the attacker. An Eligible Target is defined as: For a ranged attack (O), an eligible target is any hostile figure within line of sight of the attacker. So, going by that, anything in the Inquisitor's LoS is eligible for his Cleave from Lightsaber throw. The only thing I see in the rules that may limit it is that if an attack doesn't have the range, then it misses, but cleave isn't an Attack- but it is part of the attack. We don’t answer questions regarding new releases until 30 days after their release in order to ensure clarity and consistency. I’m fairly certain that the answer to your question can be found in the rulesheet for The Grand Inquisitor, which was not yet released at the time of receiving this question. But, if you still have concerns, please feel free to let me know and I can clarify things once that 30-day time period has elapsed. ------------------------------------------------------------------ If you take control of your opponents large figure (ie- Nexu) and it somehow is killed while you are controlling it (ie- maybe Han Solo) and it was carrying a token- who would decide in which space the token is placed? That figure’s player would still decided where the token was placed. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks! Paul Winchester Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games
  24. Melee viability?

    Powered armour doesn't allow you to go over 6 brawn and doesn't add to soak. You need cybernetics for that, so gotta lose a limb and be vulnerable to ion. Other than that, yeah wookiee maurauders are hella deadly. Once they're through the maurader tree they're goin to hit like a truck made up of lesser trucks and have enough soak to stop most attacks. I haven't picked up the class myself because it lacks a force rsting and I suspect my GM would suffer a stroke trying to balance encounters if I did. I now see you already said the stuff about brawn and cebernetics. That should teach me to read before i post.
  25. Do you remember who it was from?
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