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  2. Are we just devolving this into a "share Carrie Fisher" pics and stories? Because if so....
  3. I pulled off a +296 modifier the other day. I was the Dragon Rider. Due to a glitch in the Digital Edition I couldn't get through the Portal of Power. (No, I didn't have a Warlock Quest.) I had to keep running around until I could change the terrain on the Portal. In my running around I collected 37 dragon scales. I also had the Dragon Amulet (all scales match your opponent) and the Dragon Talon (all scales add 2). I then encountered four enemies on a single space in the Dragon Tower. 37 * 2 * 4 = 296
  4. Disagree. There are plenty of Prequel era ships to make complete factions for both the Republic and CIS. Especially if you draw from the EU, both new and non-canon. And clearly this whole game wouldn't exist if we stuck to only canon material. A huge chunk of the existing ships are from non-canon sources. Just drawing from the movies themselves, Republic: Arc-170, LAAT, Z-95s, Y-wing, Naboo Starfighter, V-wing, Delta-7 Aethersprite, ETA-2 Actis CIS: Nantex-class Starfighter, Sheathipede, Vulture Droid, Droid Tri-fighter, Hyena-class Bomber, Belbullab-22 Starfighter Throw in some Republic Only titles for the Z-95s, ARC-170s, and Y-wings and you've got a lot of good flavor. Droid fighters could be fun places to play with new game mechanics. 3-4 different titles for the same ship for different combat roles would be interesting.
  5. In the past couple of years, it's become easier to find printing services for custom mousepads larger than 3x3 feet. However most printers don't seem to offer a standard size between 3 and 4 feet wide, so a 4x4 foot play area might be a good one to think about because that's a standard size offered by both Inked Gaming (for US customers) and DeepCut Studio (Europe). And in that case, I'd probably try to set the trench diagonally.
  6. Part of me almost thinks Harmonize's effect would have made more sense as a Unicorn card. Maybe call it something else, like "Wild Chase" as it represents sending one of your characters away and enticing one of your opponent's characters to leave the conflict to chase after them.
  7. The spell Marked for Glory works with the event Lottery, right? I mean, you could theoretically wind up with 12 gold, right? I can't think of any reason why not. It's like hitting the multiplier with the Powerball. But let's go really big. You have the Totem Staff from the Dungeon, which lets you hold one more spell than your max, giving you four spells. You cast Marked for Glory, then Spell Call, then Marked for Glory. When you cast Marked for Glory the second time you use the Scribe to discard your fourth spell, and then you cast Marked for Glory a third time. That's a total of four spells cast, which you can do because that's how many you started the round with. And then you use the Gift of the Wild quest reward to add an additional three to your total. By my calculations, you could roll a base 6, add 6 three times (or 18), and then add another three. That's a roll of 27 from a 1d6. And, heck, if you're the Gambler you could reduce the odds and increase the total still more by however many fate you have. Am I wrong on this? It seems excessive, but, again, I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't be permissible.
  8. Agreed. Strife bookkeeping has been consistently the millstone around the neck of the system for us. Everything else we have managed to work with, around of, or change in way we prefer. Strife has consistently sucked the fun out of the game for us.
  9. Did we know about the mc75 variant names and dice config before? So the armored cruiser is 3 blue two black front. The mark II cruiser is three black two blue front. Cant see any other differences yet, might be in the upgrade slots.
  10. Very quick question, please. C3PO says he cannot attack. The command card Improvised Weapons gives a special action enabling an attack. Is that a legal option for C3PO? Cheers
  11. This came up shortly after Embrace the Void was spoiled, and I can confirm it's already been dev ruled as completely legit...and player ruled totally evil.
  12. I believe you remarked on the role of void points snowballing on success earlier, and that as a result, it's better game design to have void points bring parties to the middle. It sounds like this isn't your experience with xp for players who fail to engage. I'm surprised there's no feedback loop from getting less xp to being less involved in the gameplay.
  13. I haven't been playing lots of games, but I play consistently with one of my friends. I got the core set when it came out so I've been buying the expansions/packs and playing them as they come out. Yes, it means you start with less options and you won't see as many of the cards in play, but you can always replay the campaign with new investigators and access to all the cards while you're waiting for the new campaign to come out. That's what we did with Dunwich while waiting for Carcosa to release. To me, experiencing the story is far more important than having access to all the cards from the start and there are plenty of cards at this point to build good decks with.
  14. I ve organized 2 epic tournaments, the most recent one last month. I had to stick to 250 min rounds 300 points to finish 3 games in a day. By the end of the second match everyone was too exhausted already for the last round. 250 mins are not enough usually to see the big sticks go down in flames, but its enough to decide the winner. By that time most 3 point epic ships were with 1 section crippled and 2 point ships destroyed.
  15. Peg to Peg would be harder than simply measuring from closest point to closest point. I've seen situations where it's close, but a laser always solves the question. Get one, never have a problem again.
  16. You must deal damage in order to apply conditions via keyword abilities (Weaken, Focus, Stun, Bleed). So if the attacker has 3 damage and the defender has 4 blocks, it is impossible to apply Weaken via a Weaken surge. You should make sure to use the correct terminology so you don't get confused. Attack dice have Damage and Surges. Defense dice have Blocks, Evades (cancels surges), and Dodge (complete miss of the attack).
  17. Paint/project caddy (tool box, tackle box, etc.) for dragging your stuff around. I use a small(ish) thing from one of the big box craft places. There's enough room for 14 (25mm base, humanish size) miniatures in the top tray, tools and brushes in another portion of the top tray, and room for a couple dozen paints in the bottom.
  18. Yeah, but the Invisible man thing is totally different from how a hypothetical invisibility cloaking field would work. He was invisible because there was no pigment in his body. Which still actually wasn't internally consistent because in that case he still would have been visible because the water in his cells would still refract light. So he would have been "Jello-man" not the "invisible man". We see things because light bounces off them and reflects into our eyes. An object can still be hit by light and not be seen if the light never returns to a viewers eyes(or other sensors). What a cloaked ship would actually be like is that the bubble of the cloak effect would simply trap all light, and likely other forms of energy as well, which entered the field. Any light reflecting off the objects inside the field would get reflected back inside the bubble, eventually getting turned into heat and ceasing to be light anymore. The result would be a completely invisible object, but one which would be able to see objects outside of the bubble. Because as mentioned light could enter the bubble and be detected by the crew's eyes and sensors on the ship. The ship would of course only be able to maintain the clock so long as you would eventually heat the ship up to dangerous levels and would need to decloak to vent excess heat. A cloak like this would of course leave a "visible" area. The area of the cloak would appear completely black, no light would penetrate from one side to the other, so it might be "visible" against the backdrop of a planet or star, but that would only work if you were looking right at it when it was silhouetted against the backdrop, where it would appear as a black blob. This however could be solved by a more advanced field which would bend some of the light which hit the surface of the field around it and sending it out again from the opposite side of the field, exactly as if it never was bent at all. Even only a portion of light would be needed to really sell the effect, while still allowing the cloaked craft to see. It would see a slightly dimmer amount of light, but see it they still would.
  19. @erlucius90 I took your ideas and my ideas and mashed them up into an actual Skirmish Attachment card: So instead of the whip and the wrist rocket, Boba gets an extra attack per activation provided he sacrifices some of his movement. With those two attacks, you can choose to use the SURGE: Recover 2 DMG on one or both of them.
  20. So first, I'm not to original poster so the only question I asked you was if you have a source. Second, I disagree with your assessment of the unkillability of an Avenger. (more on that later) Third, I don't advocate nerfing the interpretation (or text) of ANY card because of its insanely good synergy with ANY title. Fourth, i'm all for being a good sport, but it's hard for me to be that good sport when the person on the other side of the table is the one with the card that I'm trying to convince them of the less effective use of. It just makes me look opportunistic in my interpretations of the rules. Sure, if I run the boarding parties then I should play as the nice guy (though my local meta disagrees with your interpretation) but as I said earlier, I don't even own the card. I don't scoff at Avengers, but I also don't sweat them. I bid for second place and the objective the gets chosen more than any other one I offer is Superior Positions. I almost always know where my opponent is set up and am more than willing to set my primary command ship as far away from them as possible. The plan is to make sure they don't get within range. It's possible to have that happen. It's also possible to kill them before they get to you, or at least before they get close enough to the sip they want to use it on. Fine, use it on my Yavaris. My MC80 is still alive and you just blew your wad on a smaller ship that you were probably going to kill with just your battery armament anyway. More importantly I set the temrs of when it was you so it's not nearly as demoralizing when it happens. See, it's a funny thing. People often feel like if they don't use a discard card then they wasted it and their list is ineffective. So, you give them a less optimal target. round turn 3 or 4 they're gonna use that boarding party on the first thing they can, because if they don't then that's a bunch of points down the drain. Now, that's not gonna work at top tables, sure, but I don't swim in those waters and it's just find in the middle where I live.
  21. No argument, just a discussion. Some games I have played it could have gone either way if closest to closest was over an obstacle. I like Armada's dot, it's clearly defined point on where to measure, cuts out all ambiguities. There doesn't have to be a right or wrong, just a thought whether it would be easier or not.
  22. So who's guessing this bad boy will bring the 'fortressing' tactic to the rebel side?
  23. Posting a price comparison between Legion and Heroclix is invalid because Heroclix is s blind buy booster. Heroclix is the CCG version of a miniatures game. With few exceptions you have no idea what you will get in that $17 booster. Most of it will be stuff you do not want. You will have to buy a large amount of boosters to get the stuff you do want. That is why the price point is cheaper, not just the model quality. The purchase method of the game ensures you have to make superfluous purchases before you get what you want. Legion you buy exactly what you want. There is a limited cushion in pricing for expected superfluous purchases. And yes a quality comparison between Legion and Heroclix is absurd. Heroclix models are garbage, with few exceptions. Some can't even hold their own pose because they bend at room temperature. There is very little detail in many of the models, particularly facial features. And they can't even say they color in the lines.
  24. On the contrary, there are quite a chemical diferences. One is a stimulant, the other an analgesic to start with...
  25. Agreed. There are problems with the skill list. In my opinion the lack of a dedicated Search/Spot/Investigation skill is not one one of them considering how broad (in general) the current skill list is supposed to be. And it's not like the concept of pairing Perception (or whatever Trait you wanted to consider) with any skill is new to L5R. No group I know of hardlinked traits to skills in such inflexible manner, particularly groups that started playing in 1st Edition when new skill kept getting introduced in the Clan splats... For me to roll Perception+Kenjutsu was a perfectly fine way to get clues from a body as was Perception+Anatomy, Perception+Ichi-Miru, Perception+Authopsy or Perception+Investigation.
  26. I admit, this is how my thought went when you wrote your first response to me: Why ask a question when you're just going to dismiss the answer and state that FFG needs to answer it?. Just go and ask FFG and wait for the Answer. So, I am sorry if I sounded snippy.... And continue to sound snippy.. Its not my intention, its just... Rules are written in a certain way, I read them a certain way, and I'm sorry I can't provide a straight rules answer to you... So I have to rely on anecdotes. Otherwise, there is no point in answering the question, because there was no point in asking the question of us. Anecdotally: The only reliable counter to the tactic is going first, having Activation advantage, and having fast ships that are never caught where it can be used... Avenger+BT is one of the sickest, hardest hitting combinations there is, and no amount of squadrons stops it. It hurts it a little beforehand, but doesn't slow it down. And what you propose, effectively, gives the Avenger+BT combination to every ship which equips Boarding Teams. You cannot Slow-roll effectively against an ISD with Boarding Teams. They are Speed 3. They will catch you. Quickly. The only other counter is to run an MSU list so you don't have a ship worth it on. I would consider, first and foremost this: Forums are here for consensus and majority, as we cannot provide official responses. We've tried. When it comes to "non official responses", I am sorry if I toot my own horn when I say I'm up there with most of them... In the spirit of principle, as you said: Why do you think every response to this question, which has been asked multiple times, has been in the negative? Be a Good Sport, and don't run it that way. If its a casual game, then whatever, work it out with your opponent... But anyone who demands it be run in the most damaging way possible is not playing as a good sport. (in my opinion, which, as stated, is rarely humble) But at the end of the day, it would be nice if we had clarification, for sure. We're waiting for it.
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