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  2. This is really the problem with the Junk Droid at the moment. It was errata'ed to work (at all, the initial wording on the Tinkerers made the list pretty much unviable) It now appears the list is too efficient, and it's hard to point out exactly what can be done to make it balanced against the other meta.
  3. Both of these are spot on. But also, if you do have rebel Nym/Miranda, you can block off that middle (right where their lines intersect) real quick with a bomb and leave it there, forcing your opponent into rocks.
  4. Well, I think the complaint is that there is not much to read that isn't one (irony duly noted). Furthermore, topics like "Does X-Wing Need a Rotation" pose interesting ideas to help out with the long-term survival of the game, so I think they have some validity. "Hate for Netlisting" is a personal query, so I would let that slide. "Wiping Imps" is just troll-baiting, and "Doubling Ship Stats" goes back to "the game is broken and I know how to fix it" so yeah, that's the garbage we are talking about. OTOH, the Start New Topic button is a great idea for adding good content.
  5. Would it have killed ffg to explain this in a FAQ file?
  6. All your declarations were wrong (and are still wrong even now, is 3 really so hard to count to?) but your point still remains. Sure. Whatever. So you don't take the resultant effect into account at all? Every possible card, combo, and interaction is equally corrected so long as one element of it is targetable by Rend? Here's my idea for a new support: Superlaser, Cost 0, "Exhaust this support. You win the game." Perfectly fine because logic means you wouldn't see it as a problem, right? Just in case the sarcasm was too complex, let's try the obvious, 2-seconds-of-consideration answer: The lockout stops you from playing Rend.
  7. I personally think Na'asiyah has a definite eastern look which was intended by the art direction, and which I think is great, I mean, her coolness alone is the main reason to try this hero (haven't had much success myself). As for Númenorean blood in Umbar, it's definitely there, but consider that it was mostly among the nobility, as well as that by the third millenium of the Third Age, Umbar was moslty populated by Haradrim. You can see that by looking at lots of the art depicting corsairs (Haradrim Pirate from FOTW and Serpent's Blade come to mind.) If Na'asiyah herself has any Númenorean blood, I think it's very faint.
  8. I hate Netlisting, I don't care if others do it though. Building a list is a big part of the fun for me. Figuring out a good counter to the meta is a lot of fun for me. I have always been a Dash Rendar fan since 1996, so I have used him for the basis of most of my lists. (I most likely would despite of how good he is in the actual games, I like the fluff. I currently fly a 59 point Dash with Expertise and Lando.) But recently I have enjoyed flying 3 snap/juke Green Squadron and Jess with R2-F2. Fly what you want as long as you are having fun. And to me, creative lists are a big chunk of fun.
  9. While you are correct that there are many threads whose title gives away the salt contained within, I find that there's a significant number of discussion that ends up bleeding into other threads.
  10. I'm curious, yes. Transparency is better, I agree. I hadn't heard about the byes until day two and I'll bet I am not the only one that hadn't known. I'm only posting the things I know about and not crucifying them based on speculation. I'll wait for facts before collecting my torch and pitchfork.
  11. If we didn't have generics we couldn't have triple contracted scouts. Also, generics have been point efficient jousters and blockers in the past with 4BZ and TIE swarms. Also, TLT carriers with 4 Y-Wings or Aggressors. So there is use for generics. Also, for non-tournament >100 point lists generics are simpler to handle for epic games.
  12. I'm not seeing it in podbean yet... Edit --- Oh it appears that podbean was using the soundcload feed that got phased out
  13. It's better than Expose, because you can combo it a LOT more usefully - it only takes one action to activate, not one every round, and doesn't penalise agility. If it just said 'you cannot spend target locks during this attack' and was primary only, it would be fine.
  14. 20 probably just seemed like a ridiculous yet simple number. If it was 23 we would all be asking "why?" And would indicate an exact formula. My guess is they just picked a suitable number. It's coming around to being a decent looking book
  15. Someone has to risk anti-pursuit lasers and pull the block straw.
  16. Wasn't being serious.
  17. RAC is also 50%+ of your list, which gives you at most 2 harpoons on the other ships (which would have to be cheap bombers or TAPs or non-TLT aggressors). I don't think the Empire has the easiest time with crits for Harpoon, that definitely goes to the 3 dice missile carrying scum. Deadeye scurrgs with harpoon are nasty so far the couple times I've tested them, even deadeye Vaksai title Khiraxz are great for getting harpoons off and triggering the condition. I do think Harpoons will reduce the number of Fairship Rebels, which is good for RAClo lists. On the other hand, I don't think they'll be as bad for quad TLT or triple jumpmasters, two other lists that are kinda rough for RAClo. Using Palpatine for a crit is probably the better "sure thing" crit for Empire, or Vader with ATC. I do agree that they seem to be clear power creep. I can't see any time I would rather have a concussion missile than a harpoon, maybe against one opponent ship if I'm running a lot of ships?
  18. Thank you for this great resource! Not all of my players have access to OggDude's program, and I'm the only one with all the books to boot. I think this will be extremely useful for them finding interesting gear that isn't just guns and armor!
  19. I dont understand the complaints. Its not like the topics are "Let's discuss round 0 placement strategies" then you click on it and someone is complaining about Dengar being OP. They are usually titled something like "FFG can we please nerf the jumpmaster already." It's like walking through a mall to get to Mrs. Fields Cookies and complaining about all the clothing stores. Just dont walk in. Simply dont read the fix/nerf/hate threads. They are easy to avoid. Hate for net listing??? So close to wiping Imps out of game! Does X-wing need a rotation? What if we doubled all ship stats. Not exactly difficult to detect. After that you can weed through the Nostradamus threads (aka predict this card, or this ship, or what will this ability be). They dont provide any valuable information, but can be fun to dilly dally in and post your thoughts, but ultimately, just a waste a time. Then you have your advertisement threads for Podcasts, or custom cards, etc. to skip if thats not your thing. After that you have narrowed down your threads to gander in that may have information you want. In the end, if the forum doesnt have a topic you are interested in, click that Start New Topic button.
  20. R7-T1 is Awesome on a Y-Wing with a turret. Otherwise it is garbage. I used to fly him with Dutch Vander and an Ion Cannon turret way back when. Arc dodging Y-Wing awesomeness!
  21. I never saw this thread, and all of the links are now dead.
  22. Gunboat says hi.
  23. Here's the sequence of rules that matter here: pg 14, Play a Card From Hand: Before a player plays a card, they should first check to see if there are any play restrictions on the card. If there are, and those conditions are not met, then the card cannot be played. pg 21, Play Restrictions: Play restrictions sometimes appear on a card and are marked by the word “only.” A player cannot play the card unless the play restriction is met. pg 21: Spotting: Some cards require a player to spot a specific game element in order to use its ability...If a player is not able to spot the required element, then the card does nothing. So: Play restrictions stop you from playing the card. Play restrictions are identified by "only". Spotting does not include "only", so it's not a play restriction. Spotting is required to use the ability, not play it, and spotting even tells you that if you can't, then the card does nothing - not that you can't play it. Throw that on your clipboard and amaze your friends
  24. My point remains regardless, there are a good number of cards that people have spent great amounts of energies calling for bans or Errata. So far there have been two cards that people have complained about that have been changed. Why is Sabine/Running Interference being considered for this list? If Rend has fixed Holocron and Force Speed then surely that logic means you wouldn't see Sabine as a problem as there are cards that avoid the lockout effect.
  25. Create a Ion Cannon Blast that travels across the map in a straight line once per turn.... the map can be divided into grid like segments, allow the rebel player to make a choice before the first activation phase, simlar to how a dial is set, after the movement phase, the rebel player uses the ion cannon blast, any imperial ship caught in that straight line, obtains max ion tokens (2?) to send it forward 1, and cannot do anything else that turn, the ion cannon blast wont do damage this way though! for balance.... I dont remember the rest of the mission details though, but thematically this would help
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