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  2. I've had a play with this concept and this is my current refinement of the list to my tastes. The Gozanti has Tua/ECM because the force multiplier if BCC is worth protecting and it will need to be near the fight for BCC to work. I initially had Mauler, like you, but @Coldhands suggestion of Valentine's seems to make more sense with all those bombers and without Intel to reposition Mauler. Added Demo title because it's just too good to miss. I've not tried fit a bid as I think this list works just fine as first or second. You cold also fit insidious in there if you weren't bothered about a bid at all. QGGGz Ruthless Bombers (397/400) =============================== Quasar Fire II-class Cruiser-Carrier (61 + 41) + Admiral Motti (24) + Agent Kallus (3) + Ruthless Strategists (4) + Flight Controllers (6) + Boosted Comms (4) Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer (62 + 19) + Ruthless Strategists (4) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Demolisher (10) Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer (62 + 9) + Ruthless Strategists (4) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 + 17) + Minister Tua (2) + Bomber Command Center (8) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) Valen Rudor (13) 10 x Tie Bomber Squadron (9) Fighter Ambush Superior Positions Precision Strike
  3. I agree, but it would make a difference to me if I need to spend 100 EUR for hotel or 200 EUR for hotel ( because only Hilton left for example ) =) This is why I'm trying to book now ... 6 months in advance lol Also I want to learn about the tournament structure - Day 1 Saturday - Day 2 on Sunday. What time starts Day 2? Where is the cut? ( Top32 / top 16 ) because need to appropriately schedule flight back
  4. Glade you are enjoying the game you created. But this is a Beta of the core system that does not work fine if you have to house rule it. The objective of a Beta is to find the issues with the game and fix them. By changing the rule then telling FFG that their version works you are not helping anyone.
  5. His blaster has the inaccurate 1 quality, which adds a setback to all combat checks.
  6. I find what you call 'optimal' is subjective. The lists out there that have won tournaments are of all variety and types and can be seen as 'optimal' or 'suboptimal' based on your experience and perspective.
  7. Since the first update, the difference in TN alteration between Center and Provoke has been toned down though. Provoke still has a higher hurdle to pass, but when contestants start rolling 4+ successes on any roll, things even out. What Provoke really lacks is a secondary effect like what Center has... actually, not that "secondary"; I feel that the Ring guesswork and Strife dumping is the main purpose of Center and the TN increase is but a side bonus (and combined with Battle in the Mind, that's a guaranteed 3 free Strife on a slower opponent).
  8. Seriously. The TIE Caravan is just awful, the Reaper is neat looking. I wanna see the Reaper as a large base with green turns, and 2 crew slots. Gimme a ship that can finally mount Hux usefully, and can tote Palp on a base that can actually meaningfully engage the enemy and doesn't cost 50+ points. 2/2/4/2, maybe, with green 1 turns, white 2s, red 3s, a stop, no turnaround. And ship it with a title that adds a third crew slot and a bomb slot, and is also open to the Striker.
  9. I quite like the idea of a Hera X-wing squadron. Also, sorry; I should have made this clearer from the start. The purpose of the thread is to discuss potential named aces, with abilities that fit lore wise, for existing ships. Within those parameters, it’s all fair game (and “fitting lore wise” is obviously subjective.) Otherwise, the mere existence of X-wing means we’re saturated with a dozen new starfighter suggestions, which draws the squadron haters, who rightfully have a problem with adding Starvipers to the game etc... I absolutely won’t argue that TIE punishers are cool and could fill a niche, but that warrants a separate discussion.
  10. Lol I never thought of them as the a-team but that is kind of a way you can look at them. I’ve never watched the leverage series but I’ll have to check it out to see what you mean. As for how they met, the chiss former imperial was an brought into the empire by her aunt and hoping to launch her career preasured a general name caulifore who ran covert bounty hunter teams for the empire to place her in charge of one of his teams, he gave her the ability to create one. she recruited the archanian offshoot who had developed a reputation as a Jedi killer after settling a score with an archanian former Jedi who he hated simply because he was an archanian. She also recruited the former police droid after he had also gained a reputation following a situation where he broke protocol and killed a large portion of the gangs in his sector, at which point he started self modifying himself into an Assassin droid. Their boss hated them because they never brought anyone in alive which made thier missions to retrieve potential force sensitives or potential rebels a failure, everyone was always conveniently disintegrated. So when he had an opportunity to scrape goat them for a major offense he did so, stranding them on a planet where they could be picked off by bombardment. Fortunately they met the fourth member of their crew on the planet, the clone soldier who was trying to turn his life around after so much hardship, and trying to do so by becoming an honest freight captain. He was also wanted by the empire though for other reason, and as soon he was seen with them he was conveniently attached to their crimes they were originally accused, so now they all travel together trying to keep living their lives and staying one step ahead of the empire while (and ok right here is the point that I really realize that we have actually created the space a team and I don’t know how none of us realized it) they help people along the way, although the helping others part is usually inadvertent.
  11. Paint... highlights... on it. With a dark grey, probably followed up by a mid grey and maybe a white, depending on how shiny you want it to look. Just painting single flat colours doesn't look very good, and the usual ways of adding depth (i.e. washes) don't work on black. See e.g. this ship for a (not brilliantly executed) example.
  12. "Your six is clear, Slugger," he informs the gunner, checking first to be certain. CT-5472 weaves his way forward, blasters blazing. When Slugger opens up with the cannon, the Gunslinger spies where their opponents have ducked behind cover, and waits for them to reemerge. Whenever the enemy clones pop out to fire, he is ready for them, keeping them pinned down with well-placed shots. The tactic appears to be working- too well, as they are not presenting a target, and he can't land any solid hits.
  13. The TN is set and revealed (Step 2-4) after the Approach is selected (Step 2-3). So the player first picks the Approach, then the GM tells him the TN for that specific Approach. The variable TNs are obviously not revealed because they are set for different Approaches and thus are "not in the game" so to speak.
  14. I agree, Dodonna could probably use a bit of a bump in price also. Im a little worried about the cost of Thrawn but we will have to see.
  15. Thanks but What do you mean by highlight?
  16. I'd fully expect that to be how AP5 gets played, though maybe with R4D6 or M9G8 depending on the dial. He's goign to be a super cheap source of extra actions and stress clearance and it's gonna be nice.
  17. That's the one. It's better than the random POs, but I'm still not a fan of the Objective system in the vanilla game. But again, that's a question of taste. We use a version that we altered quite a bit to suit what we wanted the game to be, and after quite a lot of test runs, we were very satisfied with it. I could send you our version if you're interested.
  18. For Every Ace there is a generic. Also, if you read my post, you could see the Ace version. Or are we Just throwing in random pilot names, and me pointing out a hole in the Imperial armada(lack of heavy bombers) is hijacking? Cmon, get lost.
  19. It's because Fantasy Flight doesn't have the rights to sell it in the App Store. 😂 -ryanjamal
  20. Bolded text, nuff said. AP5 trades the stress on the target for two on him. ap5 with inspiring recruit and an r2 astro may well be worth it, if nothing else than to be a Schrodinger's biggs so he doesn't get left to force multiply the rest of the lists damage with extra actions..... and only 17 points
  21. This has now become my favourite Waiqar build. It's great to only have to set three command tools I've tried it with Master Crafted Weapons + Combat Ingenuity on the Worms and taking Close Quarters Targeting instead of Combat Ingenuity on the Archers. As so far I mostly run into Weaponmaster, Shield Wall, Golem Spearstars + splash of Kari, cav and archers/crossbows. Holding this unit in check is where the 6 Worms with MCW+CI shine. The Death Knights are the best. I love the flexibility they get from the +1 Charge on either the low ini moves, or that late ini 9 move. You can wait out a lot of other units and almost always get a late charge in if you know they'll be moving towards you.
  22. Ah, I see. I've had it happen
  23. Literally clarified in the post you quoted: within a level of the priority list, cannot trumps can or may. So Captured TIE wins because it says 'cannot'.
  24. Sorry; badly written - "Theoretically" because it requires her taking 4 uncancelled from a single attack (because she must have had a shield token left at the start of the attack), rather than because the rules don't support it. I've always seen her lose shields before being killed.
  25. Or just a Rank 6 Kitsuki, which covers all investigation skills at rank 5 but not necessarily able to use those skills outside of an investigation. And yes, distinctions are also useful tools - giving yourself a distinction in a subset of a skill, or a skill-that-doesn't-exist goes a long way to allowing each player to make up 'custom skills' if they feel there's a problem; a unicorn having 'superlative horseman' would be the same. I'm pretty much the same. I'm open to some debate, but I seem to be stricter than a lot of people on this forum seem to be used to with their GMs; the approach picks your ring, and 'I search a room I don't know for a thing I don't know is there' does not fall under 'recall' or 'analyse' regardless of the fact that you really want to use earth or air because it's a better stat. Exactly so. The GM picks the ring based on the player's narrative description, with the proviso that the GM is at liberty to say "stop being a nitwit and fishing for using a totally inappropriate ring because it's higher" when, as you say, they're basically asking to stab someone with courtesy. The recommendation is that a general search should be survey (water) plus environment-specific skill, which, to be honest, I rather like. So Survey/Labour makes sense when you're 'searching' a building or a farm or anything that a worker could be expected to know their way around. It's not that you're disassembling everything atom by atom. The reason - to me, anyway - that it isn't that is the TN0 rule: If you are taking precisely as long as you need to (from hours to days) and are prepared to disassemble everything in the room in a slow, methodical fashion after the fashion of an archeological dig, then the difficulty of 'finding object X' is functionally speaking TN0. You will find it, it's just a question of wasted time, so I say " the end of the day..." and tell you what you've found. Note that this does mean that, say, the fleeing criminal has another day's head start It also means you won't necessarily understand what you've found - that's where the Analyse/Theorise checks will come in Where there's a harder check it's going to be because of time pressure, or the fact that you're just getting a brief inspection. Government makes sense if you're searching a government building or, probably more appropriately you're 'searching' a body of government knowledge - something like a criminal records check or searching a whole body of clan treaties to find a clause or loophole you might be able to use to your advantage. Agreed. Of course, the setting dictating it will likely mean that it may instead turn into survival-spam, or commerce-spam, but at least a magistrate campaign will reward a variety of skills rather than just must-max-spot-as-soon-as-possible and a character who's not a kitsuki might match Holmes-san in his specific field of expertise (commerce, or diplomacy, or whatever), even in an investigate mission.
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