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  2. Now I found a better image, here is the new version of my Partisan title: Helps the U-Wing too, and doesn't block the much needed X-Wing fix.
  3. The odds are not great, being an FFG Sunday. But, with PAX and BGG.con on, at least odds exist.
  4. The “fanbase” part is what I think is the worst. You see, constructive criticism is always welcome, or even critics from people that care enough to write you or address you directly regarding some fiction. But the forums are a pretty big and open place, and a lot of times you see people just disregarding your work without giving it a second thought. We all have seen those “My clan is portrayed under a bad light and/or my favorite character is not an uber bad@ss in total control of the situation in this piece of fiction, so this is s@#t” people. Just saying that being willing to navigate the forums knowing that you can face those people talking bad about your job takes some courage
  5. The trouble with Whisper is that she melts to TLT fire - especially 2 or more of them like in a Nym/Miranda list, and also to PS 10+ turrets. This is similarly true for QD - and QD can easily melt in a round of concentrated fire from many lists. It makes it pretty essential t have an ace that has Autothrusters and repositioning capability as the wingman. For the moment, you're relegated to either Soontir or Carnor for this role, but Kylo will soon be a possibility. The Inquisitor is simply too slow with his 1-speed greens. I prefer Carnor myself, because he's incredibly disruptive to a lot of builds, so here's my current build: Rear Admiral Chiraneau (64) VT-49 Decimator (46), Veteran Instincts (1), Kylo Ren (3), Emperor Palpatine (8), Dauntless (2), Engine Upgrade (4) Carnor Jax (35) TIE Interceptor (26), Push the Limit (3), Royal Guard TIE (0), Autothrusters (2), Shield Upgrade (4) Totalling 99 points. RAC is fairly standard, with EU to flesh out the points. Carnor is standard, with a shield upgrade, again to flesh out points. When Kylo comes out it'll translate into the following: Rear Admiral Chiraneau (58) VT-49 Decimator (46), Veteran Instincts (1), Mara Jade (3), Emperor Palpatine (8) Kylo Ren (42) TIE Silencer (35), Veteran Instincts (1), Fire-Control System (2), Sensor Cluster (2), Autothrusters (2) RAC is a little more barebones, but maintains his core functionality. Kylo is where things get interesting. Assuming he's got the standard arc-dodger dial, he should have no problems dodging most arcs and maintaining range 3. With FCS he has decent offensive firepower, and sensor cluster gives him excellent control over how much damage he takes.
  6. a) The Partisan paint scheme is amazing b) We all aspire the chew the scenery as thoroughly as Forest Whittaker did in Rogue One.
  7. For L5r you also can get some cool impressions out of Drifters, Niho, Sengokuku Basara, Samurai Shamploo, Brave 10, Samurai 7 Gintama, Red Cliff, The emperor and the assasin, the curse of the golden flower, Hero, Konfuzius (yes there is a Konfucious movie), House of flying daggers. Crouching Tiger hidden Dragon and new Dragon gate Inn. if you go for the more larger than life and magical aspect of L5r. There are also some nice drama scenes in some of these movies.
  8. Why so certain?
  9. It’s kind of hard to explain, but the way the con let everyone into the hall (later than expected already) meant that it could take someone an extra 20-30 minutes to get to the registration line.
  10. Problem is - we've already been given some of the figures. According to From Star Wars To Indiana Jones, the Executor's tower is roughly the same size as a regular ISD's. According to Complete Locations, this bridge size corresponds to 285m. And according to Star Wars Technical Commentaries, the Executor prop has been measured by David West Reynolds, and the bridge tower is 4.2cm wide and the Executor prop itself is 277cm long. Lucasfilm itself gives the length of the Executor prop as 282 cm long. If 4.2 cm = 285m, then 277cm = 18796m, and 282 cm = 19136m. Presumably, the 19000m exactly figure, was a compromise between those two. The idea that the smallest created ISD prop was exactly to scale with the Executor's prop is an interesting one - but perhaps not completely supported. It requires a significantly smaller Executor bridge than ISD bridge. I've seen a case made, that the Executor's bridge tower was a lot bigger than the ISD bridge tower - some 357m wide - producing an Executor that's over 23.5 km long. While I don't accept that case - the 13.5 km Executor with bridge tower only 205m wide, seems to me excessively small. It would reduce the size of "regular Star Destroyers" to a ludicrously small 1150m long. You couldn't comfortably fit a 150m corvette (the most recent size given for it - it's bounced back and forth between 126m and 150m) in the hangar bay of a Star Destroyer that small.
  11. Monk appears to be the most useful of the traits that the Seals give. I was kind of expecting Tattooed once I heard that the Crab had Berserker.
  12. I assume there will be one or two more releases after Wave 7. But maybe only in the next two years. Then FFG will drop Armada for sure. Meanwhile X-Wing will get 6-10 new expansions.
  13. I would much more prefer Strain. In my experience, Strife tends to be somewhat... counterproductive if not downright silly.
  14. The deltas can stay in the fight for longer but the gunboat alpha is way stronger. With LRS, Linked and focus it's not unusual to get 4 hits with the HLC, while the deltas will top at 3. Of course the deltas will be able to fire more often, but in these times of high mitigation it's possible that being able to remove a ship early on gives the win. Regardless of that, a TIE/x7 Delta costs exactly the same than a Linked HLC XG-1 Nu with LRS, that is an interesting choice. I need to try a Lightning Reflexes Rho with the same configuration because, even if it's 3 points more expensive than the Delta, perhaps it can do that double alpha strike that can help removing one rival ship from the table in the second round of combat, and it lets it fire before all PS 1-3 ships.
  15. It is very much like 4th Edition but with special dice and some homebrew rules slapped onto it. Note that both changes touch things that were heavily discussed in 4th Edition, like more sensible Raises (Opportunity), better Skills (doh), social combat, School advancement changes (a little lopsided, because the common idea was making every School 5-Ranks, but hey...), better Kata/Kiho integration, "Social Kata", etc. Even the Strife/Unmasking system feels like a typical doughnut steel homebrew unique rule while the rest (Giri/Ninjo, I'm looking at you) might as well not exist.
  16. I believe that Tsukune thinks that to herself while negotiating the manners surrounding the funeral.
  17. I have seen a friend of mine run this recently and he's kicking butt with it, although I haven't played against it. Auzituck Gunship: •Lowhhrick (35) Expertise (4) Breach Specialist (1) Tactician (2) Auzituck Gunship: Wookie Liberator (33) Expertise (4) Tactician (2) Breach Specialist (1) ARC-170: •Braylen Stram (32) Alliance Overhaul (0) Gunner (5) •R3-A2 (2) Total: 100/100 To avoid getting out maneuvered, he spends the first few rounds fortressing and then opens up, if it works, it's brutal.
  18. Partisans could arguably be a third Rebel faction. Are there any nice logos for them?
  19. Today
  20. RAC/Whisper was one of the first lists I had thought of. I'm pretty used to flying RAC/QD and I think by adding in a tactician and rebel captive to the list, I'll be able to neutralize the expertise and PTL crowd pretty well. I just worry about either one of them having to eat 3 or 4 torpedos in a single round from the swarms. Sometimes you just can't get into range 1 / bump / get out of arc of all the shots. I'm also a little unsure of a RAC build that would be good both against high agi, low HP ships and low agi, high HP ships. Any ideas there?
  21. Yeah, that was a poor job with a poor source. But I have a better version planed EDIT: here we go:
  22. And you sir, are forcing my hand on this:
  23. Why only two GG*? This looks like defeatism. You shall report to the nearest ISB office. *Glorious Gunboat
  24. Regarding Vader and other cards that feel like they've been mis-costed or now have mere appropriate mechanics available: I don't know how FFG usually deal with these issues, or if they do at all, but I have the impression that they don't like doing things like outright errata-ing (is that a verb?) cards. Instead preferring to do things like release updates that make the overcodted card cheaper (TIE Advanced from X-Wing, if I understand correctly). Is there any precedent for them just issuing a replacement card alongside the original? For example, just a new Luke, or Vader, or Han card. They don't need to deal with any of the issues of errata and the confusion that can bring, they just sell a new squadron pack with the new cards in. The new Han Solo movie might be a good prompt to do that, with the original Millennium Falcon model. You could still choose to use either card, but one is an effective replacement for the original, without them having to remove anything. That might be a solution for anything that you can't modify with upgrade cards to 'fix'. I suppose, the new ISD refits sort of fit this replacement card solution, except they're 'new' variant s, rather than alternate ones.
  25. Well, lets see: Phoenix have very 'build around me' 5 costers; with their cardpool being somewhat unfocused without them I think they are probably the most likely to be run. Lion probably doesn't strictly need them; at the same time they've got so many ways to abuse them I don't see why you wouldn't - Spiritcaller, Charge etc. Crane and Scorpion both feel like they are big political beatsticks. They basically help you win Pol challenges, or help you get more out of them. I think you could certainly build decks without them. I haven't played Unicorn yet, but their champion seems similar; the main question there is whether they need the high Mil strength more than the other clans, or whether she's not worth the high cost. Crab feels similar for Mil, though obviously Hisada also comes with an ability that does something outside of the challenge he is in. Again, I'm sure decks could be built without him. Dragon likes their Voltrons, the question is whether their champion is the best Voltron they can play. I dislike Dragon, so I don't really know enough to have an opinion on that one.
  26. "You'll see" is pretty much the Story Team catchphrase. I can tell you, based upon some personal interactions I've had with Shawn Carman (who was the story lead pretty much the entire time I was involved in the CCG), Robert Denton, Chris Hand, and and Maxime Lemaire that they generally put a brave face on it, but the carping from the fanbase, if persistent and grating enough, can get under their skin pretty badly. So, y'know, fellow commenters, let's all have a care... (I have been quite, quite guilty of this in my time, so...)
  27. People who advocate that partisans are scum are straight up wrong. There is no other way to put it. They are citizens who rebel against the system. They wish to destroy the empire. They are not out for the money and the fame. They don't care about being rich or having power. They care about destroying tyranny the legitimate government. Fighting dirty and using every available tool does not make you scum. They are desperate rebels. They are not pirates with a goal. It baffles me how can people go through this much mental gymnastics to make something happen, and not realize that they are trying too hard.
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