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  2. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    Fellow sympathies on this. I've encountered the list archetype twice, but haven't played one that went that hardcore on the bid to ensure second.
  3. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    I think this is a bit harsh.
  4. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    @geek19 has all the fleet lists, will get them to @Baltanok in a day or two. 3rd was one of our Fair Game guys, he's good with old school Ackbar gun lines and breaks the conga well, which often catches people by surprise. The TRCs are an unconventional choice, but in the current environment with generally more small ships and squadrons attacking at closer ranges, he makes it work. It's also got a ludicrous seventeen point bid.
  5. Would this have been more interesting?

    Exactly, even could show some FDR/Churchill like meeting between the New Republic's Councillor and the Imperial Remnant's emperor. It would at least likely shock some people and create the feeling of mistrust that they are still using an emperor, or it could have someone like Mas Ameda as the emperor which would just show how far the Empire had come since the fall of Palpatine.
  6. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    Great last game, @Church14. I just wish I had gone with the least risky move and let a speed zero Yavaris try to survive 5 reds. It would have given me 3rd place assuming the odds bore out. Thank you for showing me how I made people feel all day with my own FCT shenanigans. Double Peltas forever!
  7. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    Not sure about 4th place, but third was 2xComms net flotilla and 3xAFmk2Bs with Gunnery Team and TRC. Ackbar list. To second Snipafist: Tourney was run well and they brought in a solid breakfast and lunch. When food from lunch ran low, they went and got more
  8. When you mean Miranda, why not say Miranda?

    So what you are saying is that isn't Miranda that is the problem but TLT? Guess I can't argue with that.
  9. I know its a heretical thing to say but i actually think clusters are pretty good at present considering most imperial fleets i face these days rely on marek jendon as pretty much their only serious bomber. For big ships clusters are a bit too much of a trade off but for mc30s and cr90s (maybe arquitens) i think they are worth it.
  10. Games and Things Regionals report!

    Game 6
  11. Games and Things Regionals report!

    Game 5
  12. Games and Things Regionals report!

    Game 4
  13. Games and Things Regionals report!

    Game 3
  14. Games and Things Regionals report!

    Game 2
  15. Games and Things Regionals report!

    Game 1
  16. I just got back home from an awesome day of X-Wing at Games and Stuff Glen Burnie, MD Regionals! I met cool people, played some great challenging games against opponents with varied and interesting lists and had loads of fun. After 6 games played from 10AM to 8 PM, I wound up 3-3. Here’s the list I flew: Th Last Jedi Falcon and Poe (97) Chewbacca (56) - YT-1300 Predator (3), Rey (2), R2-D2 (4), Millennium Falcon (1), Engine Upgrade (4) Poe Dameron (41) - T-70 X-Wing Veteran Instincts (1), BB-8 (2), Advanced Optics (2), Black One (1), Autothrusters (2) As you can tell, this list is not top tier, but from the first time I played it at a store tournament and won 2 games with it, I fell in love. It’s thematic, it features the coolest ship in the galaxy, and my Perfect Poe Dameron. Chewie is a dang tank who can eat a Poon for breakfast, and Poe danced around the board (when I didn’t mess up!). The 3 point bid ensured that Poe always went last, and honestly I don’t know what I’d change. R2-D2 Poe is just too dull for me and lord knows I tried out many variants on Vassal but kept coming back to the theme. Theme, that’s what I loved about this list: every time I thought about putting C-3PO instead of R2-D2 on the Falcon I was like “But 3-PO was not in the Falcon over Crait!” It just didn’t feel right. Putting BB8 on Poe was the total right choice for me, thanks for helping me with my decision @gennataos! I’m going to forget nearly everyone’s names so please don’t hold it against me but here goes:
  17. Critique my first Raddus list please

    Yes they can. Both effects are "at the start of the round", and so after you jump in the Profun it is still "start of the round", and you kick out the HH. I could reduce the EL to ACM, ditch the Hardened Bulkheads, and drop Garel's Honor for a naked transport, but my bid would drop to 4. Not bad in the often low-bid meta of my area and, seemingly, online, but I'd like a tiny bit more cushion to the bid, and I don't like the idea of stripping the 75 much :-/ It's a tough one.
  18. Order of Modifiers (non-dice)

    It also obviously depends on the other words surrounding the modifier such as "before" "after" or "when".
  19. When you mean Miranda, why not say Miranda?

    This is what I was trying to say, 1 shield for an opportunity for extra damage is a fair trade. But adding in TLT just makes it a no brainer. With TLT there virtually isnt a cost to adding the extra red die. But as Jeff stated in his OP, fix the actual issue, not paintbrush the entire chassis.
  20. Hey, Can anyone provide a link to the designer’s ruling on Nekrovirus ground forces not counting towards fleet supply when used as ships? This caused a disagreement in our last game.
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