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Knight Help

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#1 Goreaxe



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Posted 14 February 2014 - 05:48 PM

Hey everyone, just hoping to get some clarification on my knight class.  I'm playing as Syndrael and hoping to take advantage of her hero ability: If you have not moved during this turn, you recover 2 fatigue at the end of your turn.  We are playing the Labyrinth of Ruin campaign.


1) Some abilities such as Oath of Honor seem to act like a teleport, where others such as Advance actually say move.  Does this mean some abilities don't actually count as moving for Syndrael's hero ability?


2) Can you Oath of Honor through monsters?


3) Can you use the ability Advance if you kill a monster with Guard?


4) Can an overlord play a trap card during abilities such as Oath of Honor, Advance, or Stalwart?


5) I'm playing with a Beastmaster and a Thief.  I was planning on building my character as a little offensive pinball.  My first choice is Advance, followed up by Guard and then probably Inspiration.  Any knight players have any tips or suggestions?


6) Is sword and board vs 2 hander usually decided by what drops in the store or is it a lot better to focus on 2 hander if I'm playing more offensive?

#2 BenOverlord



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Posted 14 February 2014 - 07:28 PM

Unfortunately Syndrael is a bad knight.  If you leave the space you started in you do trigger hero ability as you have moved and a knight needs to use melee weapons to be affective.   Would have been better as the beast master as the she can use ranged weapons.  If OL would let you I would swap those two around. 


1) anytime you moved out of starting space you cannot trigger your ability

2) Yes.  That is a very good ability.

3) Yes.  Its an excellent combo

4) some but not tripwire.  Pit trap would work on those.

5) Would get oath of honor and advance early.  Also I think you might have issues without having a healer or sorts.  OL should punish you really bad for that oversight.

6) 2hander is better offense but in large part it is based on what comes up.

#3 Whitewing



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Posted 14 February 2014 - 10:24 PM

All of the above answers are correct.


For answer 5 though, without a healer, I would suggest getting defend ASAP, especially if you can get your hands on some armor like chainmail. Not having a healer is going to hurt you pretty much no matter what though.


For answer 6, two handers tend to have better abilities so they are usually a better weapon, but having a shield can be a huge boon if you are having trouble surviving, especially if you can get Shield of the Dark God or something. As the knight, I tend to focus on living and protecting teammates rather than dishing out as much damage as possible, using the abilities to position myself to protect allies. Without a healer, you'll want to focus on surviving, as the wolf familiar won't die and the beastmaster is a solid damage dealer (the thief will help too). If you take all offensive abilities, you can expect to probably get squished a lot.


Syndrael is a decent knight despite the above answer, mainly because her heroic feat is spectacular, and there will be times where you'll want to sit still to be in position to defend allies or hold a choke point or something. Every hero is going to want to move frequently.

#4 Goreaxe



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 10:36 AM

Thanks for the feedback guys.  As a side note, we aren't completely without a healer as we do have Serena running around with us.  I'm not sure if she will be there every quest or not tho.  I did think of another question however, is the wolf a hero?  Am I able to use the wolf to perform my Oath of Honor action?

#5 PlainWhiteBread



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Posted 15 February 2014 - 11:17 AM

The Beastmaster's wolf is counted as a figure, but is not a hero.

#6 Steve-O



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 07:30 PM

The Beastmaster's wolf is counted as a figure, but is not a hero.


Actually, all familiars that are treated as figures are treated as hero figures.  See the "Familiars Treated as Figures" section in the core rulebook, page 18.


Also, compare the wording on the Wolf to the wording on the Reanimate card, which also says "figure" without specifying "hero figure."