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RL house rules?

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Posted 22 January 2014 - 07:30 AM

hello everyone


ok here is my question: what do you think about Richard Launius house rules set?for all those that dont know what i am talking about, its a set of rules that it is included in the rule section of arkham horror in this site.


i am really interested in those rules, that should make the game tougher for me and my group.the reason for it is that we won the first 2 games by the 6 sealed gate rule, and i can say that we controlled the situation in both games.we played against Ithaqua and Sothoth.i know that this is a very small sample of games but this actually the very first time we played a co- op game, so i was expecting the game will kick our a, sometimes before we could win any. i know we may be lucky, we probably are but if you had any experience with those rules,pls give me your thoughts.i prefer to use them and get crashed than beating the game again next time ,because the people i play with unfortunately  start losing interest because they believe the game is not that difficult.

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Posted 22 January 2014 - 08:22 AM

The game is honestly too easy after some plays with the core set only and after getting the basics (different frequencies for gates to appear and so on). Best thing to fix the difficulty: get Dunwich Horror.


As for Launius houserules... debated to death countless times on this forum; instead of starting a completely new topic (again) it's easier for you to find some good answers simply by searching the forum. The latest discussion is here: http://community.fan...us-house-rules/ (which is on pag 2 of the actual incarnation of the forum)


Hope this helps :)

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