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Pre-Painted Mini's

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Posted 30 December 2013 - 06:29 PM

I was extatic to find a pack of pre painted plastici mini's for Adventurers: Pyramid Of Horus for sale at my FLGS for $40.  My eyes won't let me paint so I have been sending minis out to be painted at $20 a mini.  So, instead of spending $220 to have the 11 mini's painted, I got them for $40.


Same thing with Tannhauser - the game was priced about $10 than average, but it came with 10 pre painted minis, saving me $200 in painting.


Bottom line is...I love this.  I only have so much discretionary income.  If I spend $200 to have minis painted, that is $200 I won't be spending on Fantasy Flight games.  So, if you start doing more pre-painted minis, I will give you guys more money!!!  (How's that for incentive, hehe.)


What do others think?  Maybe if enough people ask for pre-painted minis, we will see them a bit more often.



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