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Obligatory newbie questions and thoughts on this game

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#1 Lilikin



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 06:07 AM

I apologies I am still getting used to the language of this game so maybe using generic terms


Played my first game of this last night after getting it for Christmas last year from my wife and TBH thinking she dropped the ball by buying me a card game.  (I love big fat Ameritrash board games and didn't fancy it originally)


Having said that after this week looking for a game to play on skype with my Brothers and having this I gave it a try last night.


Firstly I love the theme and i really do feel like you are doing what it says on the tin with respect too being a runner feels like hacking and the corp does feel like you are trying to defend yourself etc etc etc.


I still wish there was more and wouldn't mind more theme though.


So here are my questions and I apologies for them before hand.


1.   can I install ice before installing something as preparation for something juicy (Like that overzealous secretary card which was a good laugh) and by extension if I score a card can I install something else into that same server and keep the ice protecting the previous thing? 


2. When the runner gets access to my R&D or HQ and picks up an objective card do they score it then or do they need too pay the cost first, in Credits?



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#2 CommissarFeesh



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 06:27 AM

1) Yes and yes. A server with just ICE is an empty server, ready for you to install assets/agendas in.

2) No, the runner does not need to pay to steal agendas (unless a card specifically says otherwise, such as Fetal AI or Red Herrings).
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