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We need a new Expansion for Runewars!!Come take my money!

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#1 Ne84



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Posted 13 September 2013 - 12:03 AM

Hey FFG,please release a new expansion for this epic game,4 factions is not as epic enough.


I love this game so much and even solo 1v1 overnight.A new expansion with 2 more faction would be great.As i really really love the faction ORCS,and every new units in Rune Age especially Lizard Rider is fantastic and so attractive to me,while the War machine and Digging machine of Dwarves also a great idea become a figure in Runewars for players to against each others!


Unfortunately still can't see anywhere a news of above will release, the waiting is really painful for me and  for the ppl who love this game.

I'm not asking to expand the game to 5-6 players,although it would be more epic,but at least more factions for players to choose. ORCS & DWARVES CANNOT BE MISSED IN THIS FANTASY

Of cox may include something new like more tactic cards,new facilities,may be one more new command card to replace or add,a few new map titles with new landscape(like when you cross that border u will lose some units / some type of units cannot enter that title etc..),a new rare & powerful resources that can only gather from new facilities or city or map that like trade goods in TI3 that can be trade or purchase units,buy cards or somethings,new way to victory etc..


No matter what would be include in the new expansion finally,please at least give us some light officially that FFG is planning/doing the new expansion to pacify the painful of waiting.

#2 Lilikin



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Posted 20 October 2013 - 12:44 PM

I would say they probably wont but hey look at TI3, i would love 5-6 players and a couple of new races but would much prefer more rune questing stuff. Making the middle ground more important than it currently is.
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