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The End?

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#41 Lynata



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Posted 31 May 2013 - 01:26 PM

Hmmh, all of that sounds rather sensible, unfortunately.

Other game systems were able to "get away" with releasing supplements anew (hah, we only need to look as far as the "parental franchise"), but it could easily be argued that FFG's 40k RPGs are not big enough to warrant this risk. Part of the reluctance by side of the playerbase might also come from expecting to have to buy the same rather high amount of books; it might be less of a problem if we'd be talking "only" two or three supplements per game line …

This may sound very negative now, but perhaps that's why we will never see a version 2.0 - or at least not within the next ten years or so. Regardless of which direction they'd take, the designers would essentially be trapped between the two hard places of "not different enough" and "too different", with the playerbase being split itself, thus lowering the amount of potential customers even further.

#42 johnnype



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Posted 13 June 2013 - 07:21 PM

I'm not optimistic for a second edition of DH or a consolidation of the 40K RPG game lines. I don't have any special insight other than the D6 generation podcast (#122) where Tim Huckelbery and Sam Stewart (from FFG) spoke about the upcoming Star Wars RPG and implied that they (FFG) like the way they've handled the releases of the 40K games and plan to do the same with SW.

Ugh. I give up…

I'm a fan of the games but purely as a reader of the material. I haven't had the opportunity to play in a long time. Just as well I suppose. The more I read the games (I own over 90% of the 40K material FFG has published) and the more I read about the games here and on other message boards the less appealing it becomes in large part because of the occasional janky or unbalanced rule but mostly because of the incompatibility of it all. 

I'll stick with the novels for now if for no other reason than that is all I have time for. That said, can someone wake me up when a second edition is anounced? No. Published? I can't stand all the waiting. Don't worry, I won't hold my breath. 

PS: by contrast GW released WH40K 5th edition in 2008. 6th edition was released last year. You know what else was released in 2008? Dark Heresy. 

PPS: Craig Gallant (from the D6 Generation Podcast) mumbled something on the latest episode about a "super secret project" that he's working on for, I think, FFG, though it could be for one of the other game companies he's been writing for.

But that's just me talking nonsense.