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Thoughts on the City expansion.

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#21 kolorek



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Posted 09 July 2013 - 12:49 PM


Dear adventure seekers,

I see a solution of realesing an update to City expansion that goes back to the talisman 2nd edition.
All it would take is an errata and\or a extra deck of cards with adequate proportion of event/stranger cards called:

"The city guards"

Anyone remember the carefew-like "police" wandering around the city (read: the city card deck) and surprising you with immediate law enforcement or strength 10 combat etc?

The ERRATA would be similar to a list of commandments/laws being enforced whenever illegal actions are taken. I would love for someone to bring up the actual rule book script from 2nd edition but it went sth like:

1. It's illegal to engage in any kind of combat. Anyone caught - irespectively offender or defender will be prosecuted.
2. Magic is illegal. Anyone using any sort of magic (incl. casting spells) is commiting a crime.
3. Trade is illegal (any form of non taxed merchandise is treated as mischief against the city"'s economy )
4. It is not permitted to stay within the city walls for : vampire, Minotaur, troll, ... Add as necessary.

With the Blood moon expansion we could make it illegal to be a lycanthrope in the city or even walk around the city at night illegal!

More importantly - the gameplay would go like this:
Whenever one of the above rules was broken - you commit crime and that equals to having to draw a card (or roll a die) with a chance of the city guards catching you red handed.
And that equates to :

- Go To Jail
- Losing all your equipment
- followers abandon you
- lose gold unless using gold to bail out from jail/ bribe guards - maybe even bailing out Followers 1gold ea.

Also someone in this thread already mentioned a city gate guard which was present on the 2nd edition expansion board for the City and you had to roll a die to determine if you can get in!

I would love to bring most of this back - revamped and enhanced to fit 4th edition playability.

This way - the city remains a safer place as per description, full of potential to develop your caracters and become rich or an owner of goodies and at the same time you are bound by the system any step you take - you may be labeled a criminal and suffer consequences)

In second edition it stopped many from rushing to the city hall to become the Sheriff
Or Royal Champion. And of course - the wanted for bounty posters applied to specific caracters !!!
Imagine the alchemist trying his trading sell/buy/sell scheme or spell cycling now:)

I can't wait to hear your opinion.

Salute !
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#22 Foreshadow



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Posted 09 July 2013 - 10:15 PM

I have the City and I love it. I like how they changed it from 2e Talisman. I like how the Bounties work, the trinkets like the Potions, the reworking of the spaces, the removing of the 'laws', the ridding of the King and basically how the board is done is now it should have been done. I don't see a way to 'heal' in the City as a shop option, but that is good. You can go to the village for that. I really like it, and I hear the Leprechaun is a bad character. Really, you take any character you want and each time I hit a 6 don't think I won't go to the City. I loved doing that in 2e and since you can do that now in 4e, and I suppose I can go to Highland too since they are all in the same region all the better. That is what makes Talisman fun. Each character has a little perk and I enjoy that one. Plus the 'powerful' options like the Battle Axe there is a limit of how many you get. I can always print more cards up via my Strange Eon if I truly wanted another one of a few of these cards like those from the Purchase deck, but so far I see no need.


Money characters need a bit of a perk. I read money was basically useless somewhere on this forum? Really, well you play whatever you want and I'll play the Merchant and go to the City, and do some shopping.


I really like how the board is redesigned and can't wait to actually try it out, but after playing 4e and 2e I can tell how many of these little tweaks will probably enhance the game play.


Thank you FFG for the great job.


P.S. back in 2e when we played with the City and Dungeon, instead of porting to the crown of command you roll that die at the end and consult a chart similar to the one they have listed. The only difference is you can go on the otherside of the Portal of Power (ie  your past it, and now in the Inner Region), so you need to have that Talisman. The other choices port you to some place in the Outer or Middle Region, and whatever you roll on the die is the amount of Gold you get. What else do you get from going into the Dungeon but a horde of Gold to then go to the City.


I'll create a similar little house rule tweak for the new dungeon, might tweak the gold reward a bit.

#23 TieDefender



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Posted 27 August 2013 - 03:53 PM

We play with the city, dungeon and all the small sets and have found its lessened the play time of the game from 1.5 hrs to 1 hour.

There is still the luck factor of acquiring gold and landing on the right spaces but the game generally plays out on the main board for the first bit then trying to acquire a warhorse or something nice in the city to take in the dungeon then more towards the endgame.

Take too long playing around in the city and your going to be left behind when your opponent is powering up in the dungeon or your going for the coc.

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 06:24 AM

Mostly agree here, the City can move the game faster. But we tend to make *a night of it* and we're only two players, so they last quite a bit longer, which we enjoy.  We're playing sometime this weekend and have an extra day for US Labor Day holiday, so we're looking forward to it.


 The City does help move the game forward. We also play with all expansions, including the Dragon, but we modify a little so that scales don't start littering around from the beginning.  (Dragon scales only start being pulled "after" the first time a player encounters a dragon/any dragon, anywhere.)


 I have wondered about how other players feel about scales with the City. At first it seemed scales wouldn't litter there, but I should have known better. If you are in the City too long, you will find scales popping up in the shops and other spaces of the City.  Playing by the rules means you may not have access to buying goods/services when the right scale is in the wrong space.

  At least that's what I'm encountering. How do other players treat Dragon scales in the City?

#25 zealot12



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Posted 17 September 2013 - 04:55 AM

I posted a very simple variant that powers down gold-geared characters and negates abusive, cherry-picking shopping, while allowing you to plan your purchases in advance.Let me know what you think


1)In the beginning of the game, create an item offer for each of the Shop decks in the City:

Take the top card from each and every City shop deck, and place it faceup on the corresponding shop.

2)Any player who wishes to buy an item at a shop must buy the one on display.You may not buy more than one item per shopping visit, regardless of the instructions on the shop.

3)When you've finished the transaction, flip the next card in the corresponding deck faceup and put it on display at the shop.

4)Adventure cards in the City that target Shop items are tweaked in accordance to what's on display at the various shops.

For instance, rolling high on the Wishing Well may only net you one of the items on display at the shops, not any item of your choice form the deck.

5)Exception to 4: Broken items like Broken Armor can be discarded at the Armory to net you the item at a reduced cost, regardless of what's on display at the moment.

But if Full Plate is on display at the moment of cashing in the Broken Armor, you get the Full Plate from the display, and then change the item offer at the Armory.

6) To avoid needless clutter and confusion, objects ditched at shops are discarded instead.

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