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Must installed Ambushes be rezzed to be effective? Also, timing of rezzing Ambushes vs. Bank Job.

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#1 Cripe



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Posted 20 March 2013 - 06:06 AM

From the online rulebook pdf, page 6, "Cards in remote servers are active if rezzed and inactive if unrezzed."  As such when you install an ambush (e.g. Ghost Branch) in a remote server, does it have to be rezzed to have an effect on the runner when they access it?  I suspect yes, but want to confirm this.

If the answer from above is "yes", then how do Ambushes work vs. Bank Job.  Again based on the online rulebook pdf, page 33, Step 4 allows the runner to decide whether to continue the run after passing the last piece of ice.  If he does, then the corp can choose to rez any ambush in Step 4.1.  In Step 4.2 (or possibly 4.3) the Bank Job should allow the runner to choose to not access cards in a remote facility normally but rather remove bits from Bank Job.

Effectively, since the Bank Job decision can be made after the runner has rezzed ambush assets, it will allow the runner to run with much more impunity.  Add also gain 8 bits in the process.  Or only gain 7 bits and always be able to 'forgo' accessing installed ambushes to instead take zero bits off of a Bank Job with only 1 bit left on it.

It seems odd that one card (Bank Job) could completely nullify an entire class of cards (all installed ambushes).  I would like to verify that I am interpreting the rules correctly before I try to pull this on someone.



#2 Clearbeard



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Posted 20 March 2013 - 06:34 AM

Ambushes are a prime example of the Golden Rule.  They all have text that occurs "when accessed" and, as such, do not have to be rezzed to do their mischief.  In game terms the unrezzed ambush is still inactive though, which could be relevant if there are ever unique ambush cards.  As for Bank Job, the runner decides whether to take credits or access cards first, so if he chooses to access the ambush, he'll get hit.