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Ascension - Lift error in damage scaling?

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#1 LaughingCorpse2



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Posted 09 March 2013 - 12:59 PM

ok so in the Dark heresy game im currently running i have a inquisitor with lift and im just wondering if im understanding this power correctly

on Psy 6 with 2 power wells gives 6D10 +2 +WP of - i dont know what his WP is off the top of my head but for the sake of this calculation lets say 5- gives an average of 38?  lift is threshold 14.

so that is an average of 24 over bleed, which on the hurl sub-use of lift gives a bonus 12 damage and 2 additional attacks?

with a WP50 and as an inquistor with Unatural WPX2 thats 100kg lifting capacity so throwing people as it doesnt say it cant be used on people only objects which could include people yes?

that gives 2D10 +32 Pen0

so my question is is it supposed to be so high, even a blood thirster only has 31 damage reduction and this is on a Lv1 ascended power?

#2 FieserMoep



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Posted 09 March 2013 - 06:29 PM

1st: Bloodthirsters "weight" a lot more, at least their mortal hull does. We are talking about tons here.

2nd: Ascention is broken, especaily its Psy-Powers. The problem is that its based upon the original Dark Heresy Psy-Powers that have been written without keeping Unnatural-Characteristics and Psy-Rating over 6 in mind. Especialy the Unnatural-Willpower is an absolute Game-Breaker for it works as a strict force multiplier on all these Powers that are balanced for a Willpower bonus around 7-8 at maximum. But suddenly it becomes 14 or 16 or even more and this screws everything. And the example of your Psy-Power is laughable… there are much more Powers that are seriously more broken than that. I made a calculation where a min-maxed perfect rolled psyker has a theoretical maximum of 750+ damage per round. The second best damage i was able to evaluate with an also perfect rolled and min-maxed character was around 250+(Now with Lathe-Worlds sourcebook a bit more). Both characters had been given 10 dice rolls of 10s for their Damage or Power roll though. This resulted in the ability of the psyker to theoretically kill 3 greater deamons (100 wounds) per turn. If you take an averagy psyker that mainly improves his psy-abilites and is no utter munchkin he is able to deal 100+ damage per turn at ease even without ascention. This is making toast out of any climatic boss encounter. Literaly the only thing that might work against such a PC is a Servant of Khorne + Collar but even then the "passive" Psy-Powers can kill such an individual, you just have to throw somethign at them. A Thirster might be to heavy to throw but hey, WPx10kg thats around 140kg, if you have Flesh Like Iron or a Friendly strong enough companion, you can carry around an exactly 140kg heavy block of adamantium to throw at people. Now you have to pass a BS Check (Unnatural Aim for the LuLz) and throw the massive adamantium(maybe you can even sanctify this solid metal?^^) with your force push. That will be 2d10+28 without any overbleed, and if a psyker is forced to take such a desperate action, hell, give them all dices you have enough talents to prevent the most bad things at that xp level.

And what did we get now? Exactly, a roughly 100 years old psyker that carrys a 140kg heavy cube of sanctified adamantion on his back just for the possibility he has to throw it at someone because his 5 other insta-kill abilities might not work, everything RAW (Maybe without the sanctified^^) and the reason why ppl hate Ascention.

Though… did I forgot to mention how a psyker can alone cause an exterminatus and even survive it while he is on planet? Rules as written too.^^

#3 LaughingCorpse2



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Posted 10 March 2013 - 02:14 AM

erm i wasnt actually taking about throwing the Blood thirster i was just using it as a reference damage threshold, but thanks.