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"That Star Wars Feeling" question

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Posted 05 March 2013 - 12:12 AM





I was reading the examples in the article on the EotE front page, the examples in the image, And I'm confused.

Example 1 seems fine…. 

A net of 1 success and 2 advantage. (3 success, 2 failures, 2 advantage, 1 disadvantage)

and it says, "your quick shot strikes the stormtrooper, leaving a smoking hole in his armor. You think you'll have no trouble sliding behind cover as he reels from the hit"

But example 2 is confusing…

It shows 1 net success and 2 disadvantage (2 success, 1 failure, 1 advantage, 3 disadvantage)

But the text makes it like he wasn't hit at all.

"Your shot penetrates the foliage concealing the stormtrooper, but only grazes him. he remains difficult for you to see and hit, and you aren't sure where his next shot will come from. 

One net success on both results so it would be the same damage. So why is one 'a smoking hole in the armor' and the other 'only grazes'? Does the advantage/disadvantage affect wounds? 

Hopefully, this isn't from the final book because it's kinda confusing.


(accidentally originally posted this in the beta section)

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Posted 05 March 2013 - 04:54 AM

It's narrative license. The first shot hit with advantages. It was a good hit with some extra (bonus die or whatever the advantages are spent on). The second was a hit, but with disadvantages. Maybe an extra setback die next round or something. But it all comes down to how it is described by the GM and players.

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