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Talisman City expansion the pet called Whiskers

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Posted 18 February 2013 - 05:55 AM

Question to gamers OK here was my charc. the Spy  http://cf.geekdo-ima...c1524016_md.jpg And I picked up this pet Whiskers of all pets. which allowed me to "Whenever you encounter a space with instructions to draw 1 or more Adventure cards, you may draw 1 extra Adventure card and place it in that space."


MY QUESTION since I'm a SPY can I not take a look ANY time within my TURN to peek at the TOP of any DECK!!!!"


Also Whiskers QUESTION is that I draw 1 or more adventure cards to I have to call out. I'm going to grab 1 more card BEFORE I look at the first one - so I must commit to 2 cards UP FRONT? OR can I look at the first one adventure card and then whiskers will let me grab a 2nd one