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Trapped in White Harbor

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 08:51 AM

I mentioned in a previous post that I played as Stark for the first time last night. I was met with this very frustrating scenerio: 

I had a ship in the Shivering Sea, and a ship (eventually 2) in the port at White Harbor. My Baratheon opponent had a ship in The Narrow Sea. I kept trying to move my ships from the port in the Narrow, but I kept getting it taken away by a raid order. I could have used a march order in both the port and The Shivering Sea, and sacrifice one order so I could move. BUT, Baratheon was being supported by ships in Shipbreaker Bay, and since Land can't support Sea, I really needed support from my Shivering Sea Ship (or the ships in port, if I moved the other ship). 

This Stalemate scenerio continued throughout the game since Baratheon was higher than me on the Iron Throne track. 

How could I have handled this situation to control the Narrow Sea? If I play Stark, I feel like this scencerio can come up again. Thank you.