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The Blue Wizards Have Arrived!

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#21 legolas18



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Posted 20 February 2013 - 11:14 AM

Thanks for the comments! 

Wild Orc: I made this guy so hard because he's supposed to be a rampaging orc, and he wouldn't really care what your threat was before he started attacking.  But I might make him less harsh on the engagement cost after playing with him in the scenario a few times… Maybe a 27 or something.

Easterling Chieftain: The main reason for this guy's forced ability has to do with his shadow effect.  If you happen to draw him regularly, then he won't be too much of a problem other than his high stats, but if you draw him as a shadow card, then all the enemies get +1 attack, which could prove deadly.  But yes, I meant for his ability to be for only Easterling enemies, so I'll change that. 

Endless Plains: I agree that this one is very difficult.  I will fear it every time it pops up.  But if you're on an open plain, then your enemies are going to have a big advantage to you because they can see you and attack you better.  Still, I think after a few times of playing with it, I'll decide whether it needs something to compensate for it's bad effects, such as more victory points, or maybe a reponse like "After Endless Plains leaves play, all players may draw one card" or  something like that.

The point of this quest isn't really to be able to fight all the enemies.  You pretty much get ambushed, and so you have two options: Run away, or try to fight them.  So I've included a pretty cool effect, where on the second stage of the quest the enemies are gathering together, planning to attack.  But in that same time, you have the option of running away.  The locations that you explore during stage two go into your victory display instead of the discard pile, even if they don't have any victory points.  And then on the last stage, all the enemies attack. But, if you have 5 (not a decided number yet) locations in your victory display, then you've succesfully run away from the enemy without having to fight them. If you don't, then you'll have to fight all the enemies until their are none left in play. The second is harder, but there's a reward at the end of some treasure cards if you go this way…

I'll try to post more cards later.  And maybe you'll see some player cards in there as well to help deal with the so numerous enemies….

Playing an intense scenario, on the last stage, right when you notice you've been playing with two Bofurs the whole time.

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 12:04 PM

Ok. That sounds interesting. So you can manage as long as you can keep alive and explore those locations. Hmmm… Not bad at all! Allso now I got that Easterling chilftain better. The shadow effet is actually good! Have to read these more properly.

Remainds me about a little bit of one of those Hobbit scenarios, but a with a twist. Good job!