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Untouchables and the Waaagh Field

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#1 BlaxicanX



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Posted 29 January 2013 - 12:28 AM

Hello again fellas, 


we have an Untouchable in our group and will be fighting orks soon. I know that Untouchables by nature disrupt psychic phenomena, and the in-game rules for this represented by the negative modifier to psychic attacks in the Untouchable's WPB. But how does this work against an Ork's Waaagh field? Does it straight-up shut it down whenever an Ork is in the Untouchable's field? Some of my party believe a Waaagh field is so strong and intuitive that the Untouchable's powers don't affect it at all.


So, hoping to get this cleared up before we play Saturday. :)

Thanks in advance, guys. 

#2 Hakaisha



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Posted 26 February 2013 - 08:49 AM

untouchables can't be affected by the warp, and they create a field much like the Jokaerian Field, any physcic power too close too the untouchable stops working, untouchables can fist fight greater daemons and expect to go out winning. but things dropping boulders will work.


the Orcs Waaagh field won't affect the untouchable, and if he goes in close combat with the ork, they lose the advantage of the waaagh field