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A-Wing, the other white meat!?

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 07:49 AM

Duraham said:

I view the Awing as a playable Ywing without ion cannons, which most players are actually considering right now, mainly due to the low cost that allows you to sneak in one additional ship into your build. There are other considerations though.


Awings are pretty much flying the same arcs as regular TIE fighters (just with different colours), and without speed 1 movements (no, the hard turn doesnt count), it can be rather tricky for the Awing to stay close with your slower Xwing and Ywing to continue to benefit from the group bonuses that Rebels generally enjoy and make use of. You can try this by tossing a TIE fighter into your Rebel squad and see how it works out in the middle of a fight (yes, go try out a mixed squad). Flying at that kind of speeds also restricts the Awing's abilities and potential, and on top of that, the named Awing pilots have abilities that do not really work well with the rest of your squad, ie. they tend to be rather selfish standalone effects like what you get from the imperials. 


long story short, would I run it in my squad? That would depend on what I expect to get out of them. Based on Crynyd's ability, the Awing is supposed to zip around at 4-5 speeds and try to catch opponents at range 1 to make up for its 2 attack dice, then get out, turn around, and get another pass. You could also have it dogfight like a regular TIE, and with an entire row of green speed 2 maneuvers, it's not that bad in that aspect either, but do not expect it to last long if you do that due to it having the same stats as a normal TIE, but with an additional shield/hp. The regular Xwing is still more versatile and still remains as a core in most rebel builds, simply due to the pilot effects and the amount of upgrades you can put on them to customize them to various specific roles. With the Awing, you can try, but it doesn't offer the kind of "teamwork based" play that the rebels excel at.

The A-wing has way more potential than a Y-wing, it is more manueverable, more options for secondary weapon upgrades, although no Ion cannon, and the fact that you can get one with an elite upgrade that would either cost the same or even cheaper than dutch is pretty sweet. I am just going to agree to disagree on this one, lol. 

That is a good idea to use I tie fighter for testing, way easier then have to print of the movement template for the A-wing and junk. Personally if I ever run a A-wing with biggs he will be swarming them taking some of the heat off. The other synergy ones are mostly range one and two, not limited, unless you are going with swarm tactics, which in my opinion got a little less shiny with all of the new options. I can keep my A-wing within that range the vast majority of the time. Plus the X-wing movement isnt crazy different, and most Y-wings are on Ion duty these days, so I hope that wont be an issue.

I do agree that the upgrades that look the best for the A-wing right now are not exactly encouraging symmetry, haha, but that just means they will either be support, which seams to be the way most people want it :P, or they will be the target of the bonuses. I want to try out the latter and see what happens :)