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Benefits of a Ratling crew

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#21 Fresnel



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Posted 25 November 2012 - 04:31 AM

Ymmv but I don't find either the brain-poisoning or the moron-selection ideas very plausible and there is no fluff-support for either.

Currently WH40K has Ogryns in a comic-relief 'Dumb as Rocks' role. Obviously a GM can change that in his game - but some players will not like this.

As I said, I think the only hope is that GW see a marketing opportunity in opening up Ogre Kingdoms models to WH40K armies (with conversion kits too). This would require a canon shift - which GW would do if they saw money in it. As a player of the TT WH40K game, I can imagine expanding the IG range for Ogryns and even a Feral Ogyrn ally list as a concept that has potential. 

N.B. Ogre Kingdoms still has Ogres as comic of course - just in more than a 'one-note' way.


#22 Braddoc



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Posted 30 November 2012 - 02:00 PM

For the OP, I didn't noticed it, but a Ratling crew could also give a bonus to the acquisition roll when you'Re at a space station; all the black market going and leaving, surely the word got around that good ol' Captain X's the leader of the runts who brought up all those nice illigal things (or others) all sneaky like into port.

As for Only War, Weapon sepcialist with the sniper rifle as the regimental basic weapon.  Use your comrade's skill, especially the "your attack counts as pining" one.  Everyone passed on that one.

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